reproduce by seed ?

Will the Camelot Foxglove reproduce ? (I'm interested in long term self-seeding)
Genus Digitalis
Species purpurea
Variety Camelot Hybrid


Rapides Parish Louisiana trees and shrubs horticulture over 4 years ago

Meal Preparation

I know a man whose wife just passed away. He does not know how to cook and do other necessary things around his home. Are you aware of any homemaker classes/programs that may assist this man?


Lebanon County Pennsylvania over 4 years ago

I need a fern recommendation and purchase location for the following: 30' by...

I need a fern recommendation and purchase location for the following: 30' by 10' slighly slopped drainage area next to my house and neighbor's five mature cedar trees, thus pine needles. It is shades and gets the house and back yard rain during any rain fall. I would like the ferns to reproduce over time, be greeen in cold months if possible, christmas fern, and not be over three/four feet tall. Thanks for help.


Knox County Tennessee trees and shrubs horticulture over 4 years ago


My six years old daughter is (Autistic) and i think she will not do well at school, Where I can find an (IEP) for her ? either private or public service


Outside United States parenting over 4 years ago

Type of Plant

Do you know what type of plant this is. I have these growing in my yard and do not know what they are. I would love to know if I can eat them or not. We have not touched them and will not until we know what they are. Is there any way you know by looking at a picture? A lot of the green things are orange now. I can also say when they first start growing they have like this paper thing around it which makes it look like a pine cone kind of.



Polk County Oregon plant identification horticulture over 4 years ago

What bug is this? Friend or Foe?

Hi, I found this bug on the outside of an orange yeast bucket last night as I was spreading yeast for slugs. I first thought it was a crane fly, because of long legs and long thin body. Approx 3/4"-1" x 1/8"-1/4", with brownish lacey transparent wings, and colorful body, I wonder if it is a hanging fly or something else. Can you recommend a good PNW bug book to help id these type of critters? Looked at two N Am field guides tonight, and showed pic to four staff at a good local nursery to no avail. Is it a beneficial or bad guy?




Washington County Oregon insect identification over 4 years ago

bug bites

I am getting eaten alive in my home. I have had hundreds of bites. They swell up over a 1/2 high, and are as big as quarters. They itch and burn. I am the only one in the house getting bitten. We have pets, and they DO have fleas, but I am pretty sure it is not fleas biting me. They are biting literally from my toes to my head, mostly on arms and legs. We have treated with every product on the market, and I have tried every over the counter medicine I could, (and some prescriptions) to no avail. I have never seen a bug on me, and have apple cider traps, glue traps, and other traps thru out the house. I am not catching much. We clean and vacuum at least every three days, wash bedding, (ours and the animals) and I am still getting bit! How do I find out what is biting me? I am up for just about anything! Thank you in advance. (can you say experiments? anyone?)hehe just trying to make light of a horrible experience.



Williamson County Texas insect issues entomology bug bites over 4 years ago

My tall phlox plants are established plants and are beautiful each year, this...

My tall phlox plants are established plants and are beautiful each year, this year although they have mildue they have no buds or flowers this year. Can you tell me what may be wrong?


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I want to plant some blackberries. Is it hard in cedar hill? $


Dallas County Texas fruits and vegetables horticulture over 4 years ago

Maple Tree

I found this bug on my maple tree this afternoon. When you look close at it, it looks like it is sticking a needle into the bark of the tree. I also noticed about a dozen .25" holes in the surrounding area on the tree. If it is harmful to my tree what can I do to protect it?


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