Reduction in grasshopper population

A student recently asked me why the grasshopper population appears to have dropped off significantly in the last 15-20 years here in Oregon. As an urban gardener, I had not noticed any change, since I have rarely seen ANY grasshoppers in my yard. Can you please a) confirm whether his observation is accurate and if so, b) provide a reason? Thank you in advance.


Marion County OR almost 5 years ago

Soil prepation for grass where large tree stood

A 60 foot Spruce fell during Sandy. The stump was ground. I now have a 20 foot in diameter area in my lawn with the chipped remains. How should I prepare the area to grow grass?


Somerset County NJ lawns and turf soil and fertility issues disasters urban and community forestry horticulture almost 5 years ago

What's this?

Please tell me the organism in the enclosed image! I am puzzled by it found in the water basin of Kitchen.



OUTSIDEUS almost 5 years ago

Moss yard

We live on the Oregon Coast. Our front yard is turning to moss. Should we let it go to moss or keep trying to beat it back and try to help the grass grow? Is it wrong to have a moss yard?!


Lane County OR almost 5 years ago

texas x kentucky hybrid vs. turf type tall fescue

We lost our Kentucky bluegrass to neucrotice ring 2 years. ago. Since then we have torn out all the grass, about 6" of the dirt, and brought in 4-6" of new topsoil. It has been sitting there since last fall and we are now ready to put in a turf. We have a wonderfully, landscaped yard and still want a pretty turf that has the appearance of a KBG. However we live in the hot, dry prairie of Pueblo West. The temperatures hover around 100 degrees and even more, and often windy conditions. (we did landscape 13 years ago before the drought). We are also on voluntary water restrictions meaning we pay more per gallon over a certain amount used. Our turf area is approximately 5000 sq. ft. My question is: Is there a better turf to use between turf type tall fescue and texas x hybrid? They both tout they are more drought resistant. What about disease resistant with the Texas x hybrid? I don't see much information about that. We do like the idea of sod as opposed to seeding which would favor Texas x hybrid. I look forward to your advice. This is the 2nd time I have posted this question. I did not receive a response the first time. I appreciate your time. Barb


Pueblo County CO lawns and turf horticulture almost 5 years ago

unidentified cocoon

I have a small vineyard 10 miles west of Wilsonville. This winter I have seen a few of these big cocoons. They are big, about a inch long and one half inch wide. They also are the same color of their surroundings. By this I mean it is a chameleon. This is the first year I have seen them. Can you tell me what this is?


Clackamas County OR insect management almost 5 years ago

Spring lawn watering

When should I start watering my lawn in Redmond, OR? and turning on the sprinklers. We are new to the area and not sure when to start the sprinklers.


Deschutes County OR lawns and turf almost 5 years ago

Common plants that give you allergies

Hi, folks: My name is Greg Hanberg and I work at the Grants Pass Daily Courier. I'm working up a story for our Home and Garden April issue that addresses common plants that give you allergies (and plants you could substitute). I know a lot of plants grow "in the wild" but I'm wondering about others that we might plant that could be pesky to our health. Grasses, weeds, trees, etc. You can e-mail me a reply (that I could quote you on, hopefully) or we can set up a phone interview. Either works. Thanks so much.


Josephine County OR human health almost 5 years ago

companion plants

I grow the following in my three 4X8 raised beds: tomatoes (lots), kale and collards, pole beans, cucumbers. Should I avoid planting any of these vegies together? I read totally contradictory info online when I look up "companion planting". Frustrating! I do try to rotate as best I can from year to year. Thanks.


Multnomah County OR almost 5 years ago

rearing from egg to adult

A queen I captured laid an egg but she ecaped. Is it possible to raise an ant egg by yourself. And if so, how?


Cobb County GA almost 5 years ago

spider roots

I have rased beds and I have spider roosts in soil comming from trees aboiut 10 to15 feet away. I have removed all the soil, Is there anything I can put on the ground before I retun the soil?


Fremont County CO vegetable gardening almost 5 years ago

garden prep

I have a field that has been full of weeds in the past and I would like to start gardening there. I plan on bringing in some top soil but wondered if I should put something like a pre emergent on the ground first.


Davis County UT urban integrated pest management weed control almost 5 years ago

Oak tree sprouts

How can we get rid of all the oak tree sprouts? With the over abundance of acorns this year, our yard is starting to look like an oak tree farm instead of st. Augustine grass. HELP! Is there a safe and easy way to get rid of them.


Fort Bend County TX lawns and turf oaks almost 5 years ago

pre-emergent weed killer for my turf grass

I am going to over seed and top dress (with compost) this spring but first I want to kill the weeds. Can you recommend a pre-emergent weed kill for my turf grass? Also how long after application do I need to wait before seeding? Also what is the best seed mix to use?

Thank you
Dick Gillet


Arapahoe County CO lawns and turf horticulture almost 5 years ago

Fashion Storyboard Entry Form

How can I get an entry form for the fashion storyboard competition? I have been all over the websites and I cannot locate it.


Ellis County TX youth 4-h texas 4-h almost 5 years ago

soil testing

Hi! Just wondering if you know of anywhere in the portland area that I can get my soil tested for free? Even if it's only the PH, that's better than nothing. I can't afford to pay for a professional test at this time. Thanks!


Multnomah County OR almost 5 years ago

Termites in Palms

My brother has two large California palms. He recently noticed termite tunnels on the outer bark along the lower 3-4 feet of the trunks. Upon closer inspection, we saw that the bark was loosening, and we found termite grubs underneath it. A Google search provided two contradictory solutions. One solution was to kill the termites by injecting the trees with pesticide and treating a trench around the base of the tree. The other solution said palms naturally shed their lower bark and we shouldn't worry.


Pima County AZ trees and shrubs insect issues tree health horticulture almost 5 years ago

Small bush that will do well on the west side of the house next to a stone...

Small bush that will do well on the west side of the house next to a stone front that
Gets and stay hot.


Phillips County CO trees and shrubs landscape design horticulture almost 5 years ago

When to fertilize trees and shrubs

I live in the Rockies at 9,000ft. I consulted my local extension service publications and found them contradictory so I am a little lost. For example, states that "Fall fertilizer applications are not generally recommended." But states "Fertilize before July or after the leaves have dropped in the fall so the plant is able to harden-off properly for the fall." Which is correct? My trees are aspens, maples, and my shrubs are lilacs and snowball bushes. Thanks.


Summit County CO trees and shrubs almost 5 years ago

Tomato growing

What is the best determinate tomato to plant in West Jordan?


Salt Lake County UT fruits and vegetables tomatoes horticulture almost 5 years ago

Ash Borer

How can I tell what kind of borers my ash tree has? I've had several tree companies out and am being told some conflicting information. One company wants to treat the tree in both the spring and late summer, while the other 2 are just recommending the spring. How can I determine which is correct?


Arapahoe County CO trees and shrubs almost 5 years ago

Have the crawlers in pinon needle scales already crawled this year?

I have noticed the dying of the needles on several pinons in my yard and in those of my mother in law. I have identified the culprits to be pinon needle scales. The black "beans" are on the needles are these last years? or have the crawlers already hatched for this year. So i
I need to know if I can still treat the pinons this year and hopefully stop the damage. I have removed some branches and hard water sprayed those left. There are still black "beans" present, but no webbing or egg masses.


Bernalillo County NM forestry trees and shrubs disease issues forestry horticulture horticulture almost 5 years ago

Rabbits for 4-H

My daughters want to do rabbits for 4-H. This our first year in rabbits, and I know there are stipulations for doing them. They are not purebred, and they are only 7 weeks old. Now we do have a buck that we purchased last year. He is a San Juan. We also purchased a doe, which we believe is a Dutch. We would like to know which ones we can bring, if any at all.


Huron County OH 4-h rabbits almost 5 years ago

grass type

1. What type of grass has extensive surface runners and comes out in clumps when raked with a bow rake to remove thatch?
2. Can overseeding with a more desirable grass type succeed? If so, should it be perennial ryegrass, fine fescue, or a combination? If not, are there any methods to reduce/eradicate this type of grass from a lawn short of spraying the whole lawn with glyphosate and starting fresh?


Lane County OR lawns and turf lawn care almost 5 years ago

magnesium sulfate

A neighbor uses magnesium sulfate on his calla lilies each spring and they stand taller (and possibly longer) than mine. How much mag. sulfate should I use per square foot? Can I use too much? If so, what plant appearance would indicate too much (or too little)?

What other home landscape plants are often improved in our soils by adding mag. sul., and about how much per sq ft?


Lane County OR gardening almost 5 years ago

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