1st time pruning of 5 year old Pear tree

Does OSU have some literature on pruning Pear trees? At some point I really need to do some pruning. I've heard early spring is the right time (past and gone now). I also need information on spraying as our fruit gets wormy (probably too late now for that as well. What does Oregon extention service have to help me?


Washington County Oregon almost 5 years ago

Old Apple Tree

I have an old apple tree that was slated to be cut down. It is full of blossoms. As to ask for a reprive. Only been in this house a few months so I don't know what variaty of apples. It is full of bees right now so I know I should not spray it.
So: Waht should I do?
What should I use to spray it?
When Should I spray it?
Thanks for any help.
Take Care, Allen Russell


Monroe County Michigan apples pesticides almost 5 years ago

eco lawn

I planted the seeds from Tom Cook's eco lawn in Sept. in Albany. My question is that when I look closely at the individual plants I can't tell what is old grass, unwanted weeds, 'weeds' that are part of the lawn. I took photos of all the plants in question and took them down to Nichol's Nursury to see if I should be pulling any of those particulars out and they said every single one was needed to be pulled out (which is basically 90% of what is growing). I am wondering if they made a mistake. Is there someone there that can help me with this as I don't want to 'weed' my entire lawn. Thank you so much for your time and help!


Oregon lawns and turf almost 5 years ago

Invasive vine

What is this invasive vine? No thorns, evergreen in central Texas, single heart-shaped leaf about 2 to 3 inches in diameter, alternating on stem. Spreads by deep root system. Covers ground in a dense mat and will smother bushes. Looks similar to English ivy but no rootlets or adhesive feet. Very drought tolerant and seems to come up in flower beds. Resistant to Round-Up.



Williamson County Texas almost 5 years ago

How can I safely treat algae in a 1/4 acre 12 ft deep water-table pond. I...

How can I safely treat algae in a 1/4 acre 12 ft deep water-table pond. I have never used chemicals, only colorant. I have one windmill-driven aerator that does not seem to be helping alot. Each year seems worse. Would bacteria help?


Lucas County Ohio algae pond almost 5 years ago

weed identification

Can you identify the weed in the attached picture and provide a method of control? It is spread throughout my lawn. Thank you.



Currituck County North Carolina lawns and turf weeds horticulture almost 5 years ago

vegatable garden

I got my soil tested from you guys I have three options 24-0-16 or 15-0-10 fertilizers or 3-0-2 organic fertilizer if I cant find these three option can I use milorganite or can I use milorganite anyway to save money thank you


Wayne County Michigan almost 5 years ago


when can I trim and shape my arborvitae' they are rather spindly and I want to try to get them a litte more busy
how do I trim them
THANK you so much your all your help!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hennepin County Minnesota shrubs ornamental horticulture arborvitae horticulture almost 5 years ago

Bloom-Proof Honey Crisp Apple Tree

I have a Honey Crisp Apple tree purchased from Nature Hills Nursery in the spring of 2009. It has been growing nicely in my garden here in Ann Arbor, Michigan ever since. It grows about 6-8 inches every year and seems to be flourishing, except that it never blooms. It doesn't even try. Something doesn't seem right. What would cause this?


Washtenaw County Michigan apples almost 5 years ago

I would like to ask on the available online courses. A few years ago I did...

I would like to ask on the available online courses. A few years ago I did the SAMMIE course, which has been helpful in my career. I am interested in the community, health, food and environment fields



Outside United States osu online course sammie almost 5 years ago

germination of violet tree seeds.

I have a purple violet tree and want to grow some more.It has the seed pods hanging on it now.What do I do with them to prepare them for planting?


Guadalupe County Texas trees and shrubs horticulture almost 5 years ago

pond repair

Hi, My large stock pond is not holding water. Can you recommend someone in the Bastrop/ Elgin area who might come and help me assess and repair our pond?


Bastrop County Texas natural resources pond management almost 5 years ago

raspberry soil

I noticed that your soil test kits have a separate check-off for soil for raspberries. I am thinking of making a raised bed for growing raspberries. What kind of soil do I need for raspberies?


Oakland County Michigan almost 5 years ago

honey crisp apple tree

I have a honey crisp apple tree which blossomed a little in the first two years after it was planted, but has had absolutely no blossoms the last two years. What can I do to get it to blossom?


Barry County Michigan apples home apple production fruit fruit trees apple plant health care almost 5 years ago

dropping branches

I have a Norfolk pine that has been dropping branches to the point that there are only 3 levels of branches on a very bare 3.5 foot trunk. What can I do to correct this problem? The tree is at least 15 years old.



Jefferson County Colorado trees and shrubs almost 5 years ago

Something is eating my fig leaves

Can you tell me what is eating my fig leaves, and what I should do? Thank you.



Washington County Oregon horticulture almost 5 years ago

when to stake a tree

Yesterday I planted two Himalayan birches in my front yard in Portland. Both are almost 11 feet tall with trunks about 1.25 to 1.5 inches in diameter. The root balls were 16 inches wide and 12 inches high. Do you recommend staking the trees? It was fairly windy today 5/13/13 and both held up ok.


Multnomah County Oregon trees and shrubs almost 5 years ago

planting & tending to new fruit trees

I read many different theories about how much water to give new apple and pear trees. We just planted them today, and was told to mix soil half and half with tree & shrub fertile soil mix, which we did. Then I was told I should not have done that. Can you please give me some advice? We have trenched around it, but then read to mound the dirt. We packed it, and then was told we should have left it loose! I am very confused as to what to do! How often should we water them?
I live on the OK/Texas border.


Bryan County Oklahoma fruit trees horticulture almost 5 years ago

Why don't my Impatiens Seeds Germinate?

Why don't my impatiens seeds germinate?


Prince George's County Maryland flowers impatiens impatiens downy mildew almost 5 years ago

invasive grass

Last year we moved onto a new property for us. We used the garden space used by previos renter. There is an invassive grass in the garden. It took over, it was the most pitifull garden ever. So we sprayed round up in the fall, and again 2X this spring, tilled 2x and yet the roots to this grass are plentifull. How do I deal with this?


Multnomah County Oregon weed issues horticulture almost 5 years ago


Please advise me by brand name what fertilizer will give me desired results for increasing my vegetables gardens Potassium, adding zero Phosporus and zero Magnesium and increasing my garden's Nitrogen. My MSU soil test is A49ZZ5. Have 12-12-12; Miracle Grow Plant Food is 24-8-16 has Phosphorus which soil test indicated is above optimimum Would the Miracle Grow work Plant food if sprayed on top of the soil then tilled into the soil...have never ever sprayed Miracle Grow onto the soil but onto the plants themselves. Help! Thank You!


Washtenaw County Michigan almost 5 years ago

Spring aeration for new grass


I seeded (drill/hydro) my lawn in late May last year. The clay soil in our area (Fargo, ND) has become very compacted and the heat last summer left the lawn thin.

Would I be wise to aerate this spring and over seed? Is the grass to young to do so?

Thank you!


Cass County North Dakota lawns and turf grass seeding aerating horticulture almost 5 years ago

Blue Spruce Phomopsis

Is there anyway to Stop the destruction of approximately 30 spruce trees to this diseases. 30 years old. Beautiful border trees. I live in MA and nobody seems to understand what to do. Two licenced arborist told me the trees were crowded?????? It looks like bluish green lichens on the lower branches that are dying. It appears from the online pictures this is Phomopsis


Middlesex County Massachusetts tree diseases horticulture almost 5 years ago

injured baby pig

Our baby pig was injured by its mom accidentally. We took to vety who put in stitches but no one knew if the pig could safely be returned to its mom and littermates. We do not want the baby to be harmed further.


St. Lawrence County New York swine almost 5 years ago

Small Round Yellow Leaves on Hydrangea

My hydrangea has new normal smooth green leaves, but lower on the same stems are small rounded yellowish-white leaves. So far no blooms. Is this a sign of a disease?

Last summer, this plant had only two deep pink flowers. The preceding year, the leaves were beautiful, but there were no flowers. What do I need to do? I have three new hydrangea plants, I don't want them to become diseased. One white, one pink, the other blue. What do I need to do to the soil to keep the colors as they are?


Kanawha County West Virginia trees and shrubs disease issues horticulture almost 5 years ago

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