My hostas have bloomed and the petals have fallen off. Is it wise to cut off...

My hostas have bloomed and the petals have fallen off. Is it wise to cut off the spikes(stems)that remain. They look so unsightly!


Hennepin County Minnesota hostas over 4 years ago

How to tell when it is time to remove a catalpa tree?

Our 11-year old catalpa only grew leaves on the bottom branch this summer. (Last summer the leaves were not as big as usual but we hoped it was just a bad year.) We were going to remove the tree but recently it has had new growth on the main branch - how can you tell if it is recovering or if that is just a dying gasp as a neighbor/gardener suggested. Thanks for any advice.



Denver County Colorado trees and shrubs over 4 years ago

Thanks for your very useful page on preserving trees during construction by...

Thanks for your very useful page on preserving trees during construction by Gary Johnson ( Can you tell me how tolerant SYCAMORE trees are to having roots cut outside the drip line? We just found a root pushing up our basement and really want to keep the tree. Thanks, Matt


Washtenaw County Michigan trees and shrubs tree roots over 4 years ago

My arborvitae, which is about 12 ft tall, appears to be being eaten from the...

My arborvitae, which is about 12 ft tall, appears to be being eaten from the top down. There is no debris at the bottom of the tree, the surrounding trees don't seem to have this (as of yet). At first it was just a foot, now it is about 4 ft or more. I took a sample into Bachman's and they just noticed it was brittle dry, yet I had pulled it off just hours before. There was a birds nest in the tree which I removed; did not notice anything on the nest. Nothing noticeable on the tree itself. Very concerned.


Hennepin County Minnesota over 4 years ago

Kinnikinnick fungal disease

What sprays will help control fungal disease in kinnikinnick? I know the problem is created by the trapped moisture and lack of air flow under the dense growth (24 years old)that has grown 2 feet tall. This is an extensive area (over 5000 SF) on a steep bank that I can't effectively prune easily.


Marion County Oregon disease issues horticulture over 4 years ago

Blue Spruce not well

Attached are pictures from a Blue Spruce that is not thriving. It is form a neighborhood of about 30 trees and most are suffering. Some branches are fine but others have very little growth with needles dying off toward the trunk. It also has big white, puff like, webs. Can you tell me what is causing all these do look so bad? Is there a treatment for it? We would hate to lose these trees. Thank You.


Bluespruce_linda1_300x300%2523 Bluespruce_linda2_300x300%2523 Bluespruce_linda3_300x300%2523

Emmet County Michigan trees and shrubs blue spruce over 4 years ago

What time of year do you plant rhubarb plants?

What time of year do you plant rhubarb plants?


Kandiyohi County Minnesota rhubarb over 4 years ago

Root eaters

I pulled one of my rutabagas today and found that there are larva eating the root. They were white with little black tips at the head. I had also found green caterpillars and earwigs in the rutabaga bed. I am wondering if these are earwig larva or something else? What can I do to keep them from eating the roots? I am trying to keep my garden organic. Thanks for any help!


Deschutes County Oregon insect issues horticulture over 4 years ago

Lawn Weed and Feed

Is now a good time to apply Weed and Feed Fertilizer? I normally would apply it in the early summer, however this year ,and last, have been abnormal years. It was very dry last fall and I did apply a late application of fertilizer in early November. I did not fertilize this spring as it was very dry in April and May. June was a monsoon, nearly 13 inches of rain. July very dry, about 1.5 inches of rain. The grass last fall suffered a lot and a lot did not come back. I broadcast seed last fall late in November hoping it would lay there and germinate this spring. It did pretty well considering the weather. Now it is suffering from a lot of weed pressure. Not dandelions but all kinds of weeds I don't know what are. We just had about 3.00 inches of rain this week. I feel I should do something about the weeds. Weed and Feed or spray with a Weed-Be Gone product and fertilize in late September? There is a good stand of grass in most places. I would appreciate your opinion. Darrel Smith


Sac County Iowa over 4 years ago


I have Canby's Aster in my meadow. I don't want it. If I dig up or separate the roots from the top of the plant, will that kill this off? I really don't want an herbicide, unless that is the only solution. Just how pernicious is this "weed"? Is it hard to kill? Thank you for your time on my behalf.


Wayne County Utah lawns and turf weed issues over 4 years ago

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