In my immediate neighborhood, we seem to have a snake infestation, I saw 2,...

In my immediate neighborhood, we seem to have a snake infestation, I saw 2, next door saw 2 all this weekend. What can we do to prevent them from coming into our small yards. There is a large creek approx. 1/5 mile away. Thanks so much


Talbot County Maryland wildlife snakes almost 5 years ago

Lawn Weed Identifaction

Could you please help me in trying to Identify a specific weed that I have growing in my lawn and flower beds and how I may be able to get rid of it?
Thank You


Weeds_002_300x300%2523 Weeds_001_300x300%2523

Suffolk County New York weed issues creeping charlie glechoma hederacea horticulture almost 5 years ago

Drip irrigation soaker hose

I attended David Whiting's Twilight Series talk and put together sprinkler tubing, backflow protector, pressure regulator and timer that comes a faucet near my garden. I laid the sprinkler tubing in the main pathway between my raised beds - I have 7 of them, ranging between 4 X16 to 3X10. I cut the main sprinkler tubing in 3 places and attached to each of those 3 connections 2 soaker hoses connected to each other. So I had a little wasted water where the soaker hoses spanned beds.
But my main problem was soaker hoses breaking. This year, I need to decide between buying more sprinkler tubing and putting in emitters for each plant or buying more soaker hose since my soakers were not new last year and maybe it blew because it was old. Emitters would work for plants like tomatoes but soakers would be easier. And for the plants like beans, I don't know think it would make sense to run a little drip line to each plant would it?
Anyhow, hoping you will comment on whether soaker is always going to blow or if you think new ones would work in this setup, or whether you would recommend a combo of soaker and emitters or something else?
Thanks, Cathy


Larimer County Colorado fruits and vegetables almost 5 years ago


Looks as though tree is dying. Leaves are turning brown. Tree did flower and does have some berries. Tree is about 6' tall. One tree is located in yard near a pond and the other near the deck of home. Can you determine what is happening to tree? I am sorry if pictures are blurry. They are perfectly clear until I attach them.


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Alpena County Michigan trees and shrubs almost 5 years ago

Apache Plume

Where can I get Apache Plume. I have hunted the home improvement and gardening stores and I have not been able to find it. I also tried to find somewhere that I could order it online and not luck there either. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
Beckey Smith


El Paso County Colorado trees and shrubs almost 5 years ago

leaf curl and bacterial rot resistant stonefruit

I have just moved to a new house a few miles from my old one. At my last house I had trouble with severe leaf curl yearly and eventually bacterial canker on the trunk only slightly improved by dormant spraying. Are there any recommended lists from MSU for resistant trees. I am specifically looking for a flavorful freestone peach for fresh eating and canning. I am not worried about shelf life in a store because our large family will either eat them up or can them. Also a nectarine. Any new cultivars coming out of MSU that are really promising? I am looking to start up a small orchard at our new house. Also any recommended apricots or plums that do well in the Fraser MI area?


Macomb County Michigan fruit trees almost 5 years ago

I installed two packages 3 weeks ago and have been feeding them with a front...

I installed two packages 3 weeks ago and have been feeding them with a front feeder(mason jar). How long should I do this?


Knox County Tennessee almost 5 years ago

bird mites on humans

Hello...I have bird mites on me and have been very diligent about washing my linens, clothes, hair and skin with a variety of soaps, oils and sprays. This all began when I started itching on June 2, 2013. The biggest problem is getting them out of my hair. I have used tea tree oil, selsun blue, vinegar and T/Gel shampoo by Neutrogena. I have less than before, but can't ever seem to get them all. Please, can you help? Linda


Orange County California almost 5 years ago

Austree Leaf dropping

We have 4 Rocky Mountain Austrees. One of them has a problem with a lot of leaves dropping in the last two days and it is only June. What can be causing this?
We live in Paradox, CO - the west end of Montrose County.


Montrose County Colorado trees and shrubs almost 5 years ago

squash bugs

What is it in squash plants that attracts squash bugs to the squash plant? Is it a plant ferramone of some sort? Can you tell me specifically what organic chemical compound that is in the plant that attracts the squash bug. If not, can you direct me to someone who might know the answer to this question.


Salt Lake County Utah almost 5 years ago

What are these?

Winged insects, appear to be attracted to white surfaces. Found them in my house this morning. They are also along the outside the house (near a grill which I used last night), the back door and back window (which are both near a garbage can).


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Harris County Texas insect identification almost 5 years ago

Wisteria in Denver?

Hi. I'd really like to have a wisteria vine. I live in NW Denver. Although not common, I do see them growing here. Can you give me any advice for success - how much sun, where to plant, how to care for it during the winter, best type for our area? Thanks so much.


Denver County Colorado trees and shrubs almost 5 years ago

It looks like one of my spinach plants has "bolted". I don't know...

It looks like one of my spinach plants has "bolted". I don't know much about this, so I'm interested in learning what I can do to prevent this from happening with my other plants. Should I have harvested the greens sooner?



Prince George's County Maryland vegetables spinach bolted almost 5 years ago

making soil more acidic for blue berries.

Will adding liquid horse manure help to make my soil more acidic in my blue berry patch. Is there a better way? Thanks.


Nicollet County Minnesota fruits and vegetables blueberries horticulture almost 5 years ago

Tiny worms in Iris rhizome

I just dug up my Iris's to move them and the tuber is full of tiny holes about the size of a pencil tip with white worms inside that are only about a centimeter in length. The damage nor the worm look like anything I have found for the iris borer. Could you tell me what it is and how to treat it?
I should add that we bought the home with the Iris there already, so I dont think they have been touched in 15 years at least.
Thank you!


Hampshire County Massachusetts insect issues horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials almost 5 years ago

Name of flower

Can you please tell me what kind of plant this is? I'm attaching a picture.



Morrow County Ohio horticulture almost 5 years ago

Skeleton-leaf bursage

I need an effective control for skeleton-leaf bursage. It has taken over my vegetable garden patch. No organic controls do a thing for it, except make it grow better. I sprayed a version of Roundup (which allows you to plant 3 days after spraying) which was like spraying water on it. What can I use that will kill it? If it keeps the garden from being used for a year, so be it! Sylvia Bales, Hillsdale, Wyoming


Laramie County Wyoming almost 5 years ago

Good day, I have a type of bean growing in the yard. Would appreciate if...

Good day, I have a type of bean growing in the yard. Would appreciate if someone would identify the variety and say if it is edible. Not sure the picture was attached. Thanks much



Outside United States beans almost 5 years ago

Canning bethlehem penn

canning est bethlehem penn


Montgomery County Pennsylvania almost 5 years ago

I am third grade teacher and my curriculum is geography and around the world....

I am third grade teacher and my curriculum is geography and around the world. I am not a gardener, but I would like to try a classroom garden. Is there a way you could give me some ideas or plants I could grow for each continent. I live in Arizona so that would obviously limit some of my options. Thanks so much


Pima County Arizona almost 5 years ago

Madrone fungus info denied ?

I'm trying to get info on Botryosphaeria dothidea for my dying madrones at I get "Access Denied". Why? Why would info on saving sick trees be denied?


Nevada County California almost 5 years ago

Spider identification

Hi- I live in Andover and was alarmed to find this large spider in a sheltered spot on my house (see attached picture). I figure it's either a yellow sac spider or a brown recluse. I know we're not supposed to have brown recluse spiders here, but the size and markings seem closer to that than a yellow sac, and there are people who swear they exist in MA. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!



Essex County Massachusetts spiders spider identification almost 5 years ago

why are all my mugo pines dying?

We bought mugo pines from a nursery 14 years ago that were already about 3-4 feet tall and round, so I'm not sure how old they were then. they have done beautiful until this last year. Now we have lost 5 mugos this past year. the needles start to yellow and then go to brown. I don't see any signs of pests/insects. The only thing I question is that approximately every 2 weeks we fill their basin with water and I have read about clay rotting. I can't believe our soil could be that bad or that there is that much water sitting.I struggle with that with our extreme dry conditions.The mugos die fast; from the first signs to nearly all brown in a month. Our mugos are big and beautiful and seem to be going fast. We had 3 next to each other that all died at exactly the same time and very fast. We have never fertilized. We live in the heat and dry conditions of Pueblo West. Any help is appreciated. Our biggest one, probably 6" feet both ways, is now showing the first signs of yellowing needles. Maybe something to spray or fertilize? Barb


Pueblo County Colorado trees and shrubs almost 5 years ago


do clematis need darkness at night? i have mine on the lamp post and it grows pretty well, but it does'nt seem to flower towards the top where the light source is. (i have it on a dusk to dawn sensor). Thanks


St. Louis County Missouri horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials almost 5 years ago

Buttonbush (Cephalanthus occidentalis) exposure

What kind of light is best for a Buttonbush (Cephalanthus occidentalis)? I found three different suggestions (see below).

The Texas Native Plants Database,, states "Exposure: sun, partial sun, shade"

The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center website,, states "Light Requirement: Part Shade , Shade"

The Plant Fact Sheet on the USDA Plants database,, states "Buttonbush is best adapted to shorelines and swamps with saturated soil and full sunlight."

Thank you for your help.

George Barnstone


Harris County Texas gardening almost 5 years ago

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