horse behaviour

My 2year old cob is eating his field mates tails :-) ,the owners are not happy , what can we do please help thanks Ann :-)


OUTSIDEUS over 4 years ago

planting garlic

I am getting prepared to plant my garlic in Oct/Nov. I have lots of space around my blueberry plants. Would they do ok together? Someone told me my blueberries may taste like garlic!! Is that possible?


Coos County OR blueberries vegetable gardening horticulture over 4 years ago

Bind weed erradication

Is there any herbicide on the market that kills bind weed so that it doesn't come back?


Douglas County OR weed issues weed management horticulture over 4 years ago


How to feed my tomatoes


over 4 years ago

Woodpecker Problem

A woodpecker is attacking my chimney's siding causing damage and won't go away.
What can I do:
- to remove the attraction?
- to remove the bird?
- to keep it from coming back?
p.s. - please do not share my email address publicly.


Jefferson County CO wildlife damage management over 4 years ago

Growing Rice in Portland, OR

What varieties of rice mature before the end of the grow season in the Portland, Oregon area?


Clackamas County OR rice horticulture over 4 years ago

Turn a lawn into a meadow

We have a large lawn and would like to turn much of it into a prairie and/or meadow. Where can I find instructions to do that and the best plant mixed to use for this area. We're in Norwalk, IA 50211.


Warren County IA over 4 years ago

What is wrong with this Sweet Gum Tree

My neighbors Sweet Gum Tree is dropping dead leaves all over my yard and the tree trunks are turning green. Could someone please tell me what is going on with this tree.


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Orange County FL over 4 years ago

Pickling grapes with wine

I have several recipes for pickling grapes using white wine vinegar or just white vinegar. Is is possible to substitute all or part of the vinegar with red wine (finished pH 3.79)?


Yamhill County OR home food preservation over 4 years ago

poultry anatomy and physiology

What is the function of uropygyod?


poultry over 4 years ago

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