Tree or shrub to protect from afternoon sun -small root system

I recently had to remove a Bradbury pear and a live oak from west side of house/yard because their root systems were cracking our pool. Living in San Antonio, we need something that is appropriate for this climate. I'd like something that would grow to at least 15-20 feet to give us a little relief from the Western sun. Evergreen would be nice so we wouldn't have to deal with shedding or dropped leaves. Would appreciate any suggestions.


Bexar County Texas trees and shrubs landscape design horticulture over 4 years ago

Blue Berry Chilling Hours

Hello again, I have attached some figures below from a data logger. The manufacture can not help me to work out the Chilling hours between the dates on the data. I am surprised since they created the device and the soft ware. can you help me work it out please, thank you.

S/N 611356

Type TGU-4500

Description Cal Run

Property Temperature

Logging Started 12 Sep 2012 09:19:05

Logging Ended 22 Feb 2013 15:49:00

Logging Duration 163 days 6 hours 29 minutes 54 seconds
Offload Operator Laurence Tree

Trigger Start No

Start Delay 0 second

Interval 15 minutes

Stop Mode When full

Run Id 6zkr kjc1 poq1
Last Calibrated 7 Apr 2011
Calibration Agency Manufacturer
Offload Time 24 Mar 2013 15:53:04
Number of Readings 15675
Stop Reason Still Logging

Logging Mode Minutes Mode
Statistics Start Time 14 Nov 2012 20:03:11

Statistics End Time 22 Feb 2013 15:49:00

Minimum Reading -3.6 °C

Maximum Reading 28.4 °C

Average Reading 6.4 °C

Mean Kinetic Temperature 7.3 °C
Time above 1.7 °C 86 days 18 hours 48 seconds

Area above 1.7 °C 11791.2 °C hour
Time below 1.7 °C 13 days 1 hour 45 minutes
Area below 1.7 °C 537.4 °C hour

Time above 7.2 °C 45 days 15 hours 30 minutes 48 seconds
Area above 7.2 °C 2774.9 °C hour

Time below 7.2 °C 54 days 4 hours 15 minutes
Area below 7.2 °C 4697.8 °C hour


Outside United States blueberries blueberry production over 4 years ago


What is the best way to harvest and store rutabaga? Is it better to leave them until after the first light (like around 25-32 degrees F) frost?


Clackamas County Oregon fruits and vegetables over 4 years ago

saving my older lilac bushes

I must move my lilac bushes .They are very old . Also it is winter here in the mountains (ca) where I live. Is there any way I can save them ? My father planted them 30 + years ago. They were my mothers favorite flower. As you can see, I am very sentijmental and would very much appreciate your suggestion.

they were my mothers favorite flower


Plumas County California trees and shrubs horticulture over 4 years ago

I have been gardening for years, and always rotate crops. I did not realize...

I have been gardening for years, and always rotate crops. I did not realize that the things I am growing are all kinda in the same family, so I am probably not really rotating! I grow potatoes, peppers, cukes, tomatoes, and musk melon. Any suggestions what would work best as far as rotating?


Fillmore County Minnesota vegetable gardening over 4 years ago

christmas trees

i live in waco, texas, and was wondering where i can buy bulk christmas tree saplings, and what varities grow best in my area?


McLennan County Texas trees and shrubs commercial horticulture horticulture over 4 years ago

I am growing geraniums from seed for my second year

Last year some of them looked like they got a fungus. I tried to cut off the leaves that were affected and throw them, most of them survived, but did not bloom until July. Do I need to use a fungicide and fertilizer for them, and if so what do you recommend? Thanks for your help!


Fillmore County Minnesota seed starting mix geraniums over 4 years ago

Use of Amaze pre emergent

I just moved into an older home and there was a long narrow flower bed bordering the sidewalk and filled with rock. We removed the rocks and planted daffodils and tulip bulbs about 2 weeks ago. Can I use Amaze pre-emergent now to keep out weeds and grass or do I need to wait until the bulbs are out of the ground and established?


Collin County Texas over 4 years ago

Will a Manchurian bush apricot zone 3-8 produce well in redwood co. Minn....

Will a Manchurian bush apricot zone 3-8 produce well in redwood co. Minn. Also is a Saskatoon blueberry a good replacement for real blueberry .I don't have any luck growing them.


Redwood County Minnesota over 4 years ago

what type of grass or cover crop

I have a large space in my back yard where we did have a garden.The soil is rich and stays moist as we are on the way to Falls lake.I have plowed up the garden and wonder what best to seed it with. Something will grow ,I think, even if i do nothing- What seed combo would be best. basically we just cut it as needed..Thanks, Lewis kaye


Wake County North Carolina lawns and turf horticulture over 4 years ago

Greenish/black patches have appeared on many of the trunks of several ash...

Greenish/black patches have appeared on many of the trunks of several ash clumps in my garden. The trunks are mature and stand about 30ft high. Looking closely the patches are made up of small black dots. Is this something I need to be wary of? and what is it?. Is it treatable?



Outside United States forestry trees and shrubs tree health plant pathology over 4 years ago

Planting a grazing pasture

I have a bout 100 acres in Buffalo, Texas .I have about a 6 acre pasture that I am wanting to plant for grazing cattle and need advice on what to plant, when to plant, how to plant, and when to fertilize. I was thinking about planting coastal.



Leon County Texas pastures and forages rangelands over 4 years ago


Can swine contract worms in the winter?


Livingston County Michigan swine over 4 years ago

planting an apple orchard

I'm planting a low density, low-input, cider-apple orchard of 550 semi-standard trees (bud.118) in the Spring of 2015 which I hope to manage organically. I've read the tree fruit production guide. I can't figure out the best way to plant the trees--or more precisely, dig the holes. I've heard that augers are not so great. Are there companies that do this kind of work? If not, what's the best practice for making the holes? Our soil is quite rocky with heavy clay. Thank you very much.


Susquehanna County Pennsylvania trees and shrubs orchard over 4 years ago

Who gets my stuff program

How do I get the info presented at the recent program "Who Gets My Good Stuff" and learn what was presented. Friends told me it was in Sublette County recently. I'm sorry I missed the program and would like to attend if there is a next series or obtain the printed information available.


Sublette County Wyoming over 4 years ago

This insect lived in our bathroom (shower) window for more than four months

We gave it ample opportunities to leave, but it never did. It stayed in the same general area - a small corner, but moved around, and seemed to benefit from our shower steam. It had plenty of natural light during the day from the window. We could not figure out what it was eating, but guessed it was something very tiny available around the drafty window. When we went out of town for 10 days, we left a small bowl of water, but do not know if it used the water.
FURTHER DESCRIPTION: This insect had no wings. It had a skinny "neck" and barely distinguishable head, and antennae that arched up and over gracefully, almost like a cartoon character of a bug. There was nothing threatening-looking (mouth, stinger, etc.). It had 6 legs. Its back was stiff and brown, and its underbelly was bright green.
DETAIL: Under the hard layer of its brown back, there were shapes that looked like two sunflower seeds under the surface - as if you were to place two sunflower seeds about 2 millimeters apart with their points facing. You may be able to see this in the full-body photo. This bug had quite a personality, as it would rest dormant most of the time, but when we entered the bathroom for a shower, it would "perk up," move around, and even position itself to peer around the corner and look at us.

NOTE: We tried to identify this insect on our own. We have not been able to find an exact match, nor has either of us ever seen (or notice) an example of it in the past. It seems to be a "woods" or "forest" bug, but this is just a guess (based on both of our childhoods being spent in rural areas). ...Thank you for your help!


Img_0004_300x300%2523 Img_0001_300x300%2523

Los Angeles County California insects urban integrated pest management over 4 years ago

Large Window Well Solution

I am working on a project with a difficult element. It has a large 12 x 12 window well that is pretty deep at 9 feet. The well walls are made up of windows on 3 sides looking into a stairwell and basement. The fourth wall is planned to be rock faced. I am looking for any suggestions for plants that will do well with little to no maintenance, maximum shade and low water. I've thought about vines planted from the base of the well or ground covers that could hang down in to the well. I've also considered designing small planters that extend out of the rock wall. Any suggestions and comments would be welcomed.


Weld County Colorado sustainable gardening and landscaping over 4 years ago

Will lasagna gardening work well on hard red clay mixed with stones?

I am considering putting a vegetable garden on a gentle slope, facing east, in full sun, that at present is pretty much solid quack grass and tansy. I am thinking of layering wet cardboard over mowed stubble in the spring, digging a barrier around the edge and adding wet leaves and ammonia nitrogen, plus any other organic material I can get. Would hairy vetch work as cover crop to break up the clay soil, or should I entomb the clay under cardboard and plan on planting only into the organic layers? I am new to Minnesota; formerly gardened in sandy loam in northern Michigan, zone 5.


St. Louis County Minnesota home gardening soil amendments over 4 years ago

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

Will the extreme cold we have experienced this winter kill off the stink bugs?


Baltimore County Maryland stinkbugs brown marmorated stinkbugs over 4 years ago

Hi, is there a clover club my 5 1/2 year old daughter could join? We live in...

Hi, is there a clover club my 5 1/2 year old daughter could join? We live in Belcamp and she attends Church Creek Elementary.


Harford County Maryland youth 4-h over 4 years ago

Best forestry practices

I recently purchased 13 acres just east of Sisters, on the south edge of Whychus Creek canyon. The property is well-treed, with a mix of juniper and ponderosa (maybe about a 60-40 mix). I'm wanting to drastically thin the juniper. I have several reasons for wanting to undertake this: environmental (junipers out-compete Ponderosa and native grasses for resources); health (I an some other members of my family are allergic to juniper); aesthetic (I think that ponderosas look gorgeous, while junipers--except for the older ones--look scraggly by comparison), and fire safety. As I undertake the thinning, I want to make sure I'm doing more good than harm, environmentally. Here's what little I know already: it's good to leave the old growth junipers in place, as they provide valuable habitat. (Besides which, I would feel like the Grinch if I cut any of those down.) Is there anything else I can be doing as I thin these to provide habitat? (For example, maybe leaving some snags, or leaving brush piles? If so, could you provide details about how best to do those things, or any other things I could do that would be helpful?) Also, is it environmentally optimal to take ALL the young junipers out, or to leave a few? Will thinning on hillside lead to erosion? (Most of the land is flat or gently sloping, but a couple of the acres slope steeply toward the canyon.) Many thanks!


Deschutes County Oregon forestry over 4 years ago

Feliciana peach tree

Can the Feliciana Peach Tree be grown in the lower Rio Grande Valley and how many chill hours are required for it to produce fruit?


Cameron County Texas peaches peach horticulture over 4 years ago

Purple corn from the Andes

Can we grow purple corn from the Andes (Peru) in Colorado? Do you know if there is any research to see if we can cultivate this corn here? It seems to have great nutritional values and antioxidants. Peruvians make a drink "chicha" that is really refreshing and it is deep purple (probably that's where the antioxidants come from) .


Douglas County Colorado fruits and vegetables over 4 years ago

Vinegar for weed control on cranberry farm

I'm submitting this question on behalf of one of our local cranberry growers. He's heard people mention using vinegar for weed control and would like to know more about how that is done and how effective it is.


Coos County Oregon weed issues cranberries horticulture over 4 years ago

How much room do espaliered fruit tree roots need?

I want to espalier a couple peach trees as a screen along a 3' high ledge. How far must I plant from the edge to prevent the roots from growing out into open air?


Marshall County Iowa peach trees espalier apple tree over 4 years ago

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