Does Iron chlorosis kill a tree?

Our autumn blaze maple tree's leaves turned from green to yellow last summer. We learned it was probably suffering from iron chlorosis. We gave it chelated iron in the soil around the tree last fall. This spring we treated again, but the leaves remain yellow and curling up brown at the ends of branches. How often should we keep reapplying the chelated iron? And is there hope for this tree's survival? Anything else we should do?


Boulder County CO trees and shrubs over 4 years ago

Trees with Pine Beetle Black Scale

We have nearly twelve trees dying from Pine Beetle Black Scale. After we cut them down, can we give the wood away or will the wood infect the trees on other people's property? No hurry, we are not cutting down the first two or three until fall. Julio Escamilla


Klamath County OR forestry over 4 years ago

Tomato leaves

There are tiny black bugs eating holes in my tomato plant leaves. They look like fleas, about same size and shape. I found them last night all over the plants. I took a photo this morning early, but the bugs Were not evident at that time. Photo shows the damage. I don't know if I can salvage my plants or not. Please advise. Thanks



Multnomah County OR fruits and vegetables tomatoes horticulture over 4 years ago

Attached is a picture taken yesterday (June 3) of a red bud clump/tree I...

Attached is a picture taken yesterday (June 3) of a red bud clump/tree I bought from Gerten's last year. As you can see, it is doing very poorly. There were no flowers, and the leaves and suckers only began appearing in the last two weeks. My best guess is that the tree is all but dead, that the leaves and suckers are just its last gasp, and they the tree will either die this summer or fail to come up next fall. What do you think and what is your recommendation. Gerten's guaranteed it for five years. Should I just ask them to replace it, or should I wait and see what happens? Thanks for your advice.



Hennepin County MN over 4 years ago

Deer Flies

I live in Mississippi, and when I ride after work (6-8 pm) we are constantly fighting flies 5 to 10 at a time like dive bombers. It is impossible to ride with the horse constantly fighting flies. Is there a time of day when it is best to ride when these flies are asleep or do you know of any kind of repellent that is affective against them.



Hinds County MS horses flies over 4 years ago


biting mites in home, I have searched everywhere including county vector control. Direction to assistance would be amazing help


San Diego County CA insect issues insects mites over 4 years ago

Is there a recipe for using the small, tart Calamonda oranges to make...

Is there a recipe for using the small, tart Calamonda oranges to make anything? Some years ago before my tree produced fruit, I saw a column in an Orlando newspaper about using them for marmalade. Would you have such a recipe?


Cuyahoga County OH oranges recipes over 4 years ago



Can you tell me where I can get ORGANIC, pure propolis from a beekeeper and how to tincture it?

It has to be a CLEAN source because it will be used internally in a tincture prescribed for immune system stimulation.

I need to find it and begin the tincturing process as soon as possible.

Thanks so much!


Denver County CO organic production beekeeping over 4 years ago

I have a four-year-old sugar maple tree. Several of the arms are leafless,...

I have a four-year-old sugar maple tree. Several of the arms are leafless, yet some have wonderful groups of leaves. What's the matter with my tree



Hennepin County MN over 4 years ago

I would like to put a hedge of some sort between my neighbors yard, and mine....

I would like to put a hedge of some sort between my neighbors yard, and mine. The problem is, that it is prone to being very soggy. I live in Rogers, MN and have clay soil. What would you recommend planting there?


Hennepin County MN over 4 years ago

Composting horse manure

Can you give me any advice or ideas on how to best compost horse manure? We have kept it covered and in a block container but it does seem to be a very slow process. Thank You


Lane County OR compost over 4 years ago

Hi, my husband and I are U of M grads, and we love and miss Minnesota! We are...

Hi, my husband and I are U of M grads, and we love and miss Minnesota! We are hoping you can help us with our apple scab problem. We have a professional service spray our 3 apple trees now, but we really would like to find an organic product. I have been reading studies on the internet that have used potassium bicarbonate and neem oil. Are these effective, and can we buy the product somewhere? Are there other organic sprays out there? Any info you have on this issue would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.


DuPage County IL trees and shrubs horticulture over 4 years ago

The townhouse complex where I live hires people to trim all trees and shrubs...

The townhouse complex where I live hires people to trim all trees and shrubs in the middle of the summer. I have 2 barberry bushes that they have prune. 3 years in a row and each time they grow these very long branches very rapidly. I'M not informed when they are coming so I can't stop them from trimming. this has made the bushes quite unsightly and I'm wondering what I can do to get them back in shape. I hope I'm home when they come this year so I can stop them.


Ramsey County MN over 4 years ago

Greenspire linden problem

Last year our two lindens (planted 14 years ago) were seriously attacked by aphids. One seemed to come back OK; the second didn't fare very well. This year the healthier tree seems fine, but the second tree has sparse and small leaves and many leafless branches. Is there a remedy?


Cache County UT over 4 years ago

"june bugs"

june bugs are on my azaleas what do i treat them with? upon closer inspection the june bugs are swarming to mate. will leave them alone.


Jefferson County AL trees and shrubs garden pests horticulture over 4 years ago

branch die back on Dawn Redwood

I have an approx. 15 year old Dawn Redwood and this spring a few lower branches were dead. I did think too much of it given the hard winter. Then several branches that started to leaf died off, and now many more branches that were almost fully leafed have died. Most are in a triangle on the north side of the tree but now some on the other sides are wilting. I can see nothing unusual about the bark. no signs of insect damage or broken/weeping patches. The leafed out branches look a little more sparse than usual. I have two smaller redwoods nearby with neither of them showing any damage. The damage is extensive 30 to 40% of the tree. I live in the country and thought that roundup on nearby land could be an issue but prevailing winds would have hit the Southwest side the most. HELP. I am afraid I am going to end up with a 40 foot pole instead of my beautiful tree.


Monroe County MI trees and shrubs over 4 years ago

Japanese Maple Problem

I just purchase a Japanese Maple, I transported it in my car and when I got home I noticed one side that was right up against the window had wilted. I planted it in my yard with plenty of top soil and 4" of mulch on top. The wilted side began to dry out and progressively is spreading towards the center of the tree. What can I do to carefully treat my tree. -Thank you!


Ingham County MI over 4 years ago

High magnesium in lawn

MSU test results show that my lawn samples had very high magnesium levels. From reading, I learned that this could be he cause of the hard soil and poor grass roots in this area. How can I decrease the magnesium level?


DuPage County IL over 4 years ago

What are the large swathes of yellow plants growing now in areas of ohio? I...

What are the large swathes of yellow plants growing now in areas of ohio? I saw them several years ago from an airplane. Also in May


OH over 4 years ago

dairy cattle

What is the biggest course of failure of artificial insemination on dairy cattle?


MD over 4 years ago

My apple tree is sick!

My Granny Smith Apple tree had loads of great blossoms this spring (it normally fruits every other year) and grew little fruits about the size of olive pits to olives and then, in the last week and a half, some (but not all) of the leaves are just dying ... and it seems to be on every branch. Does this sound familiar?


Denver County CO over 4 years ago

Two Residences on Farm

My Father owns and lives on 80 acres of land which we farm for a living. There is currently a residence on the property, but we would like to build a second residence to better accommodate my wife and children. The township laws prevent more than one dwelling place on a property and would like us to subdivide. We would prefer not to subdivide, as this is one farm, and fences/roads/utilities would run through the division. 1 Is there any provision in right to farm or elsewhere that permits related families to build two houses on an agricultural property? 2 We requested a variance from the township but they never responded. I wanted to consult before trying again 3 I was told by a surveyor that if there were ever two dwellings on the property than we could build a second dwelling as well. When we looked at the deeds we found the property had been divided into two 40 acre plots, with a requirement in the deed for the owners to build and dwell. The properties were later recombined. 4 I don't know of any multiple dwelling properties in our township. However we live in Amish country, and there are many two or more family farms in the broader area


Newaygo County MI over 4 years ago

What is growing in my field

We have a farm field behind us that for years was grass seed and the past 4 has been wheat. This year they tilled and planted something else and it sure isn't wheat. Mini matter what he plants it's usually has more weeds in it then other neighboring fields so I'm hoping this is something more than a weed. It's a mass of yellow maybe knee high or so.



Lane County OR over 4 years ago

What is this?

There is a large white sack hanging from a dead sequoia tree in my yard. It's about 3/4 the size of a baseball, attached are some photos. One friend thought it might be a 'Luna Moth'? and some think it might be spiders.



Multnomah County OR over 4 years ago

I have a tree that has yet to produce leaves. (June 4th). It has buds but...

I have a tree that has yet to produce leaves. (June 4th). It has buds but they are not popping out. There is a split at the bottom of the tree and some branches have their bark stripped of of them. I think it is an Ash tree. I just bought the house this winter, so I am not sure of the past. I have attached a couple of pictures to help in the discription. Was wondering how I know if the emerald Ash Bores might have infested the tree or what it might be.



Washington County MN over 4 years ago

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