Right now I have about 1/4 acre of disturbed ground from building, that did not get seeded before the summer, we thought it would fill in withthefieldgrasses that surround it, but it really only filled in wfoxtails...I've kept them mowed short, but want to prepare the area for lawn grass this fall. Please advise: how/when to kill what is there now (predominantly foxtails), what to do to soil preplanting, what grass you'd suggest, and when to plant.



Jackson County Oregon lawns and turf over 4 years ago

My tomato plants in the raised bed are leggy and their leaves are slim and...

My tomato plants in the raised bed are leggy and their leaves are slim and small. They have some fruits but not that many. I also plant some of the same kinds in pots and they don't have this problem. I wonder if it's something about the soil or how I water them. I filled my raised bed with bulk-truckload gardening soil, plus some aged horse manure. The gardening soil was said to be a combination of 50% top soil, 25% compost! and a few other things including sand. Could you please advise what went wrong and if there is anything I can do to fix it. Thank you very much!



Hennepin County Minnesota over 4 years ago

brown spots on arborvitae

Dear Sir/Madam, I have about 10 arborvitae trees (?) (evergreens that are ~10 feet tall) growing along my driveway pretty close to each other forming a “natural fence”. A couple months ago one of the trees started to develop brown spot somewhere in the middle, while other part of the tree remained healthy. This dry spot is growing and seems to be contagious – neighbor trees started to develop brownish spots. Pictures are attached. Would you please advise how to save the trees? Thank you in advance, Maxim Soloviev



New Castle County Delaware trees and shrubs evergreens arborvitae over 4 years ago

Can you identify whether this is a fungus on my plum tree?

I have a fungus (I presume) that has taken over a plum tree in my yard. I have attached a picture of it. Can you identify it and let me know how to get rid of it and its effect on the fruit?



Montgomery County Virginia plum diseases lrk over 4 years ago

eradicate invasive, domestic Morning Glory plants

How to eradicate invasive, domestic Morning Glory plants

The plants are encroaching from a neighboring yard. To date, I’ve tried digging, cutting, Round Up, boiling water, and a solution of salt and vinegar, but the plants still thrive.

The Morning Glory destroyed 80-year old camellia and rhododendron plants, and there is no end in sight. Can you suggest a method of permanently eradicating this unwanted interloper? I hope my neighbor loses his hair.


Sacramento County California weed issues invasive species invasive plants horticulture over 4 years ago

Some of my neighbors seal coat their drive every couple years -- should we be...

Some of my neighbors seal coat their drive every couple years -- should we be doing that, too, or will it harm yards/plants? What are the pros and cons?


Hennepin County Minnesota driveways over 4 years ago

composting windfall apricots and apples

Is it safe to compost apricots and apples, or can the pits and seeds contaminate the soil with cyanide which will later be taken up by vegetables?


Davis County Utah composting over 4 years ago

Hi! My black-eyed Susans have PURPLE spots and splotches on them. This is...

Hi! My black-eyed Susans have PURPLE spots and splotches on them. This is new. The flowers have been fine for two or three years. I live in the New York Hudson Valley area, and lately we've had numerous rain storms, leaving a muddy garden. I took a photo of a leaf with a snail. I don't think the snail is the problem. Thank you for your advice.



Dutchess County New York master gardener program over 4 years ago

We ate some organic fruit and then put the seeds into our potting mix....

We ate some organic fruit and then put the seeds into our potting mix. Something sprouted, but we're not sure what it is. Can anyone tell us what plant this is? We ate quite a lot of fruit, including melons, water melons, cherries, apricots, blueberries, and a bunch more. Please let us know if you recognize the leaves and the seed :) Thank you, Mari



Maricopa County Arizona fruits and vegetables fruit plant identification horticulture over 4 years ago


We live west of Sanger and our property is covered in grasshoppers. They are decimating our vegetable garden and roses, and their feces are covering our patio and pool. I've seen at least three different types. We've treated the yard and garden with bug be gone, sevin, and, in some areas, tempo, but they just move to the trees or a whole new wave comes in. Is there anything we can do?


Denton County Texas integrated pest management insect issues over 4 years ago

dead wood in the yard

I have been trimming my pfitzers and other trees in my large yard for the first time in many, many years. I have piles of dead wood. My back yard is about 80 feet deep. I have this idea to dispose of this dead wood by piling it up at the back of my yard for it to go back to dirt over many years. Is this a good idea? Will it cause problems? like habitat for nuisance animals or whatever. Any suggestions on best methods to dispose of dead wood. I think I can't afford to rent a wood chipper. Thank you.



Jefferson County Colorado over 4 years ago

Help! This weed has suddenly appeared in my garden/grass and it's taking over...

Help! This weed has suddenly appeared in my garden/grass and it's taking over my yard! What's the best way to get rid of it? It's hard to get the root out when trying to dig it up.



Hennepin County Minnesota weed id over 4 years ago

Possible White Rot on Apple Trees

I have 2 3yr old, semi-dwarf apple trees (one jonagold, one spartan). This is the first year that I didn't cut back the fruit b/c I was hoping to strengthen the scaffolding of the trees. I just noticed some medium brown circles on many of the apples on each tree. When I look at images online, they appear to be White Rot. Are there any organic controls for White Rot? I'd really like to avoid using chemicals if I can. Thanks! Amy



Multnomah County Oregon fruits and vegetables over 4 years ago

Ongoing fear by my horses .

I need to know if there is a way to detect the sound that is used by neighbors across the road to scare my senior horses. This has been ongoing by one form or another. Local authorities are of no help. The guilty are friends with an elected official. Can you help me? My Liberty is now 33 years old and is becoming feeble due to the constant fear of simply grazing in her pasture. The rescue mare in my care is 22 years old and she too is hesitant now to enter pasture unless I am present. This cruelty has been ongoing for several years.


Fulton County Georgia horses horse behavior over 4 years ago

Why are the female blossoms of my butternut squash turning brown and dying before opening?

(Zone 9a Houston) The female flowers on my butternut squash vine haven't opened and seem to be dying. The garden has received lots of rain recently and is in full sun. The plant appears healthy otherwise-- no spots on the leaves or anything. I treat it once weekly with Neem oil at night as a preventative measure. I used potting soil and fertilized four weeks ago with emulsified fish.



Harris County Texas fruits and vegetables horticulture over 4 years ago

Proper Disposal of Bamboo Roots

We are attempting to erradicate bamboo in the back yard of a property we own. The bamboo shoots have been cut off and disposed of. The roots have been dug up, and now we need to know how to properly dispose of them.


New Castle County Delaware invasive species invasive plants bamboo invasive bamboo over 4 years ago

I am concerned that some of my shrubs have been suffering from root rot....

I am concerned that some of my shrubs have been suffering from root rot. Several years ago we lost three dwarf lilac shrubs to phytophthera root rot (as confirmed by the extension at OSU). We removed them and their surrounding soil, and amended the soil as recommended and planted ornamental grass in the shrubs' place. Now, in a different part of our garden, we are experience die back on a new set of lilacs which is reminiscent of the die back we had on our former ones (the new plantings are about 30 feet from the old lilac plantings). One of our viburnum bushes is experiencing die back as well (it is planted about 20 feet from the current lilacs and about 10-15 feet from the old lilac plantings; the viburnum were in place at the time of our previous root rot infestation and have not had any problems with die back until this year). The company we use to chemically treat the landscape for disease prevention claims that is it not root rot, but I am not convinced and am concerned about the remaining landscape. We have some dwarf burning bushes growing near the viburnum and lilac bushes, and I have a Cleveland pear that grows in between the current lilac shrubs and viburnum, and also near the old root rot infestation. Is there any way to test for root rot w/o removing the entire shrubs? If root rot is indeed the problem, is there a chance that is could affect and/or kill my Cleveland pear and burning bushes. I'm willing to sacrifice the affected shrubs, but want to do everything possible to save the tree and burning bushes. I do not have pictures of the shrubs at this moment, but am happy to send them upon request. Any answers or advice you can give me is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time. Amber Koppenhofer


Franklin County Ohio over 4 years ago

tip blight

After spraying an arborvitae bush for tip blight how long should the process be for recovery and should I cut off damage branches.


Lincoln County South Dakota trees and shrubs disease issues arborvitae over 4 years ago

Aspen suckers

When we bought our house and decided on trees, we specifically did not plant aspen or cottonwood. But, our neighbor did plant aspen. Now we have suckers coming up in our grass and rock and flower bed. How do I get rid of these unsightly "weeds"? They are ruining the look and our enjoyment of our yard.


Adams County Colorado trees and shrubs over 4 years ago

Fertilizing young confiners

We have a newly planted windbreak of arbrovitae, norway spruce and white pine. We were wondering if and when we need to fertizlize them, what kind, and how often.


Benton County Iowa over 4 years ago

Discolored "paprika" yarrow

I have a "paprika" (red) yarrow plant that does not produce the red blooms. It is planted under a large maple tree but gets a lot of sun from the west. What would help it get the red color? Could it be a lack of nutrients since it is close to the tree. It seems to grow well and spreads, just doesn't have the color in the flowers. The flowers are mostly beige. Only one stem has a red flower on it. The other 20 or so stems have beige flowers.


Warrick County Indiana yarrow flowering flower color horticulture over 4 years ago

Vegetable Garden Weed Control

Dear Sir,
Please suggest a weed control program for a vegetable garden. Herbicides, Pre emergents to be used prior to planting and during the growth period.?. Annual and perinnels weeds have been a big problem this year.
Malcolm Lillard
Collin Co. Texas 75009


Collin County Texas over 4 years ago

What type of frog is this?

Found on my fence... We typically only see small green frogs and then bull frogs by the pond.

Edit: Are these it's eggs?! They were found later on the lip of a large pot that has tropical plants in it. The color and texture is so similar to the frogs skin.


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Linn County Iowa over 4 years ago

Would you know what this insect is?

I am "hoping" this is not a bed bug or a flea. It is approx 1mm long, black and has 2 antennae and I believe 4 legs. 3 have been found in my house. This one was in the tub and the photo taken when it had been wet. Sorry the photo quality isn't wonderful, but its a very tiny bug. I tried to increase clarity some and have one more view that shows the antennae better. I've looked online and am not sure.I'm hoping you know without going to any trouble. Thank you so much!!



Hot Springs County Wyoming over 4 years ago

when to apply herbicide for redstem filaree

Hello again! I have an outbreak of redstem filaree, but it looks like the plants have already gone to seed and are dying. When can I apply a herbicide? Also, we have many toads on our property. Is there any herbicide effective on filaree that would be less harmful to these animals? Thanks again for being so helpful!


Larimer County Colorado weeds over 4 years ago

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