Is this a scam?

A citizen brought an advertisement into the office for "The Original Canada Green" Sprouts and covers Super-fast.....Just 10 days. "Yours at last!! Beautiful Grass that Stays Green Year-Round, from FLorida to Alaska! "Quickly carpets 1000 square feet just $19.95". What should I tell this older gentleman?


Macomb County Michigan lawns and turf over 4 years ago

Peach tree disease or pest

The two photos below show a gelatinous mass that has developed at the base of one of my two peach trees. It started last year and I cleaned it up, dug up and removed the soil around the base of the tree. I then put gravel all around the base of the tree to discourage development of larvae in the soil. The tree produced a huge amount of peaches as usual which I thinned out but nearly all were infected with what I think is plum curculio. The gelatinous mass has recently reappeared at the base of the tree. What is this? Is it related to the plum curculio infestation? How do I get rid of it?


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Montgomery County Maryland fruit peach peach tree borer possible plum curculio over 4 years ago

Lawn Care Reseeding

I was told the best time to reseed bare spots is late September. Well, I missed that opportunity and wondering if I can reseed the bare spots this week of March 15 to March 21. or should I wait for warmer weather in April or May. Now the ground is moist and the snow has just about disappeared on the lawn. Thank ou kindly for advice.


Howard County Maryland lawns and turf seeding bare spots over 4 years ago

Immature apple trees

I am going to be planting 100 trees that have a diameter of 1/2 inch and are about two years old... How do I protect besides a fence? Is there other reliable options? This will be in Laurence MI


Kalamazoo County Michigan over 4 years ago

Land values

The Dakota pipeline is going through my land in Calhoun county. They have made me a per acre offer. Can you tell me what property values per acre are currently going for in the county. Thank you / Mark Davidson


Calhoun County Iowa over 4 years ago

I do not have a pesticide license but am pursuing one. I will be taking the...

I do not have a pesticide license but am pursuing one. I will be taking the exam on the 24th. Do I need to schedule for a 3 hr pesticide course as well? Dave


Huron County Ohio pesticide safety horticulture over 4 years ago

Navel orange tree only produces small fruit

My young navel orange tree produces lots of fruit but all the oranges are only about 1 1/2 inch in diameter when they mature. What could be causing this?


Fort Bend County Texas trees and shrubs horticulture over 4 years ago

Are these brwn recluses?

Is there an email I can send the pics of spiders in question to?


El Paso County Colorado over 4 years ago

I am considering skipping planting my glads this spring. I would like to save...

I am considering skipping planting my glads this spring. I would like to save them for planting the following year. I currently store them in a cool room in my basement. Will this work, or do they have to be planted every growing season?


Lackawanna County Pennsylvania bulbs over 4 years ago

Possible arsenic/toxins in garden soil surrounded by landscape timbers

We have had these timbers surrounding our garden for 18 years. We are just now concerned about the possibility of there being arsenic or other toxins in our soil because of this. How can we have our soil tested to make sure our vegetables will not be toxic? Are there any do it yourself kits available? Are there any local companies that would come out and test it for us for a reasonable cost?


El Paso County Colorado soil and fertility issues over 4 years ago

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