What to plant by a pond at 7,800 ft. elevation

My kids have built a large pond by their cabin near Smith Morehouse Reservoir. They like the look of "tall cattail like" grasses around the pond. Aren't most of those pretty invasive, hence not a good idea? Or, since they do have trout in the pond, would they be a positive. The river runs aIong the property as well. I'd appreciate your feedback and some plant suggestions. Thanks


Utah over 4 years ago

Unusual spot on banana

Hello! About a month ago I noticed that one of my bananas had an unusual gash-type rotten-looking spot on it. I am terrified of spiders, so I realize I'm probably overreacting. I have come to conclusion that I will only feel OK once and expert has seen it and verified that it is normal spot that never harbored any spiders.



Cook County Illinois over 4 years ago

Weed control

This is my first year of gardening in Central Oregon. I am from South Central Alaska and everyone uses "corn gluten" for weed control. I have spoken to many a MG here and several stores and no one has heard of it, uses it, or sells it. It is completely natural and stops weed seed from germinating. Do you know why no one would be using it in this part of the country? Thanks


Multnomah County Oregon weed issues horticulture over 4 years ago

nonconforming strutures

Home is on a corner lot,it does not meet road set backs. It was built before zoning or. went into effect. There is an attached deck on a side with 10ft. set backs, can you put an awning over a doorwall on that deck? The lot line for set backs is 40ft. from the deck. Thank You also its Lincoln Twsp. Who has final interpretation of MI. zoning or. and can you direct me to them with a phone number.


Clare County Michigan over 4 years ago

Genetically Enigeneeered Foods

Are they safe to use? Are they necessary to meet world food demands?


Lucas County Ohio over 4 years ago

Mature Cedars suddenly turning brown

We just moved onto a property with two ceaders, planted about 10 feet from each other, one with about an 8 inch diameter trunk and the other with a 12 inch diameter trunk at the base. They looked great until a few weeks ago, when the foliage began turning brown. It has gotten rapidly worse. I can't think of anything we have done that would have impacted the trees. The soil doesn't seem waterlogged. It seems odd that they would die shortly after we moved in (4 months ago), and that it is happening so suddenly. I am hoping maybe you can help troubleshoot what the problem might be, and if I can save these trees. There is some kind of bug on the underside of all the leaves, and even the green leaves look sick.


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Marion County Oregon over 4 years ago


I have several azaleas in my yard and have had a problem with them the last 2 summers. It looks much worse now. I am ready to take them out and replace them. (Not a big problem because I never liked the color anyway!!) My concern is whether my new plants will also become infected. Attached are photos I took this AM. Can you identify what is attaching them and let me know what precautions I need to take before I replant and if other plants in my yard are at risk. It appears I can only add one photo. I'm including a close-up. Let me know if you need others Thanks so much,



Marion County Oregon trees and shrubs diagnosis of plant problems horticulture over 4 years ago

wood eating insect

Something is eating our wood sub-floor. What is it and how do I get rid of it?



Presque Isle County Michigan insect issues over 4 years ago

Spinosad spray and poultry

In response to a question I asked here last year, 2 spring spinosad sprayings were recommended to control plum curculio which was damaging my apple fruits. Some of my apple trees are in an area where free range egg-laying ducks graze. Is it safe for the ducks to use the spray in these areas if they are penned until the spray dries? They likely will ingest some of the over-spray as they root around in the mulch and grass beneath and around the trees. I note spinosad is approved for veterinary use in poultry:


Harford County Maryland fruit apple trees plum curculio spinosad toxicity to poultry over 4 years ago

I am looking to start a program at Lakeland College in Plymouth, Wi. How has...

I am looking to start a program at Lakeland College in Plymouth, Wi. How has this college has benefited from growing their own food economically, promotion of good health, and socially (bringing the college and community together)?


Sheboygan County Wisconsin local food food systems urban gardening community food systems local food accessibility over 4 years ago

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