Salinity problems

What is the best way to water flower beds and vegtable garden when your well water has 305 ppm of sodium ? With drip Irrigation or deep overhead watering ? I know mulching helps hold moisture but cannot mulch everywhere. Does the salt accummulate everywhere or will the mulch help hold it ? I grow many daylilies and many other flowers but having trouble getting seedlings started. I mulch with county brush recycling if possible. Also have barnyard compost for humus but this might add still more salt. Soil drains well in most areas.Loamy silt in garden. Wide varierty in other beds.


TX irrigation and water management horticulture over 4 years ago

Unwanted Yucca plants.

How do I kill yucca plants that I can't dig up? I bought my first house. Its in north irwin. I dug up a few yucca plants to put in other nicer plants. I stopped digging when I realized they went under the house and sidewalk. Months later many more sprouted in that location. Mr Z. that works in the gardening dept. at lowes, greenburg said to ask you for help. He said I need serious root killer, and if I tried to do it myself I would most likely kill my wifes roses.


Westmoreland County PA agave and yucca horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials over 4 years ago

Ok to plant roses, lavender at this time of the year?

Hi there,

would it be advisable to sow seeds of lavender, or plant roses at this time of the year in my new garden bed?


Montgomery County MD flowers roses and lavender planting over 4 years ago

Cockroach Nymph

How do I find out what type of Cockroach I found? It's in the nymph stage and i haven't seen anything like it on the internet. It's about 1/4 inch long. Posted pix of top and underside of it.


Top_of_roach_300x300%2523 Underside_of_roach_300x300%2523

James City County VA over 4 years ago

Crepe Mertle Care

How shoud I prune a Crepe Mertle?


Alexandria VA pruning pruning crape myrtle horticulture over 4 years ago

Fringe Trees Care

How should I prune a fringe tree?


Alexandria VA over 4 years ago

A wasp's nest is inside the umbrella on my picnic table. The umbrella is...

A wasp's nest is inside the umbrella on my picnic table. The umbrella is closed. I am afraid of doing anything about it. I don't want to spray or kill the wasps. What can I do?


Prince George's County MD pest control wasps over 4 years ago

Found Concord grape vine on property

Hello...we are about to clear overgrown portion of yard on Cape Cod and found a Concord grape vine! I'm very excited about this but how do I go about saving/ pruning it? Found only a few grapes on it and have never smelled it so I'm thinking it's not producing. It's very large and I'd love to save it....any ideas? Thank you for any help!


Barnstable County MA grapes viticulture horticulture over 4 years ago

Florida Fern Caterpillar

I bought a sm. Boston fern and brought it into the house where I have two huge beautiful (3ft.) Boston ferns. The other day I noticed they had worms and looked them up on the internet. They are the Florida Fern Caterpillar. I am not familiar with the insecticides listed and am afraid to use anything in fear of loosing them. Can you suggest something to use on them that is sold in normal stores?

Thank you!!

Cindy Wright


Isabella County MI master gardener fern florida fern caterpillar over 4 years ago

Hi. I have a magnolia shrub / tree that I planted 4 years ago. It's about 8ft...

Hi. I have a magnolia shrub / tree that I planted 4 years ago. It's about 8ft tall now. This summer, I have had my new growth curl. I can't see a fungus on the leaves that can be wiped off, or washed off. Only in the last few days have these curled leaves started getting brown in the area that they have curled. My neighbor has had similar curl on his hydrangea, peach & redbud. I do not see this on any of my other trees or shrubs. My neighbor has just used some random fungicide that he has at home. But it comes back. I would rather get rid of it, and know what I am treating for. Could you please let me know what I need to treat with, how long. And is there anything I need to do so that this doesn't spread to other trees & shrubs.



St. Mary's County MD trees and shrubs magnolia abiotics new growth curling over 4 years ago

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