I have a number of Crepe Myrtles in my yard. They took a long time to leaf...

I have a number of Crepe Myrtles in my yard. They took a long time to leaf this season and some of them have what appears to be dead wood in them or have not leafed at all. Was there a problem with the growing season and should I leave them to do whatever or should they be pruned back. Most are about 8' tall. My second question is I have 2 x 5-way apple trees that were planted this spring. In the last week ALL the leaves have disappeared. It appears that they were eaten. They still have the center vein from the leaf, but nothing else. First what would defoliate the trees that quickly? Second will they survive without leaves with the grow time they have gotten this season?


Frederick County Maryland trees and shrubs fruit shrubs over 4 years ago

These trees below are up on our WI property. They have sweet berries with no...

These trees below are up on our WI property. They have sweet berries with no pits (8 small seeds or so). I suspect it to be a Serviceberry but wanted to make sure. They are quite good and we have many of them.



Wisconsin trees and shrubs over 4 years ago

How do I establish a price for sale of topsoil from farmland?

I have been contacted by a business owner (excavator/landscaper) who wants to purchase the topsoil from approximately two acres of farmland I own. The land is located between woods and cultivated fields but has lain fallow for many years. I would appreciate any guidance you might offer about how to establish a price for the topsoil.


Alpena County Michigan topsoil dja farmland over 4 years ago

Cyclamen/ Broad Mite..outdoor Organic garden

Hello, I have an infestation of what I believe to be mites. It was first observed on my over wintered Larkspur, Plants were compacted, distorted and starting to turn black. I removed the affected plants and disposed of them. I have also been spraying Blue Dawn dish soap, with all this rain I am certain it is washing away too quickly. Other plants severely effected are snapdragon, cleome, tomato (one Variety), I am also seeing some impact on the zinnias, Borage and peppers. I recently planted a 50ft double row of strawberries next to this area and have been spraying them too, there are a few plants affected in that bed. What can I do to make sure that they do not overwinter? I intend to continue the insecticidal soap for now. Is there any crop I can plant in the affected or near the affect spaces to discourage their proliferation? Or fall maintenance tips? Please help!


Centre County Pennsylvania insect issues mites horticulture over 4 years ago

Corn tasseling early

My corn is only 2-4 feet tall, no ears in sight, but tassels at the top are already out and falling off. What caused this? I planted them in three sisters barrels and in potting soil with compost, later fertilized with blood meal. Leaves looked green and healthy the whole time. All the other plants (beans, edamame, pickling cukes, and squashes I planted around them are doing great.


Boulder County Colorado fruits and vegetables over 4 years ago

Hood River Cherry Tree

I am looking for a fruit tree for my yard. Recently ate some "hood river" cherries -yum! Is this a type of cherry or just the region where it came from? If it's a type, does it seem likely it would grow well in Southwest Eugene, OR? And would I need more than one?


Lane County Oregon fruits and vegetables over 4 years ago

Bush Identification

I have a bush that is about ten feet tall and gets pale pink flowers in the spring and orange berries in the summer.I was wondering what type of plant this is. There are dead branches mixed with healthy ones and I wanted to know whether anything can be done to help this problem. I have included photos below.


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Plymouth County Iowa plant identification horticulture over 4 years ago

We have a townhome with vinyl siding and recently discovered a lot of honey...

We have a townhome with vinyl siding and recently discovered a lot of honey bees going in and out of a spot where the siding overlaps the concrete blocks. Is there are way to protect our small grandchildren coming to visit this week without killing the bees by spraying wasp and hornet killer behind the siding?


Dakota County Minnesota over 4 years ago

Figs in Pennsylvania

I have found 3 plants that have the attached fruit growing on them. When ripe, this fruit is squishy and sweet smelling with a very sweet taste. The leaves on the plant have 5 lobes. The plants are approximately 1 foot tall. The fruit is on it's own stem as are the leaves. I can provide pictures of the plants and the fruits on the plants. These are growing in the woods. Sadly a co-worker cut the fruit in half with a scissors. Is this a wild fig?



Lancaster County Pennsylvania trees and shrubs over 4 years ago

Anormal Growth

This year all my tomatoes are displaying an unusual growth pattern. There leaves look all deformed, some of them turning into ball shapes. They are planted in a container that has Fertiloam Potting Mix. There are some that are planted in the back yard in normal soil that are doing the same thing. They all came from the same Nursery. They are all stunted. What is happening?



Delta County Colorado fruits and vegetables over 4 years ago

Ponds and range

Would like to know how to kill cat tails out of a pond and what to spray cactus to kill .


Tarrant County Texas pond and water gardens herbicides horticulture over 4 years ago

What are these tiny bugs invading my yard and home?

What are these small insects all over my yard, concrete and coming into the home hiding under things or on things like my cutting board etc.



Linn County Oregon insect issues over 4 years ago

I had my yard regraded am and now left with hard, sticky, slick, red clay. I...

I had my yard regraded am and now left with hard, sticky, slick, red clay. I would like to have grass again, but am not sure how proceed. Should I add topsoil first? If so, how much, what type, and should I till it into the clay or have it rest on top of the clay. Also, is there a particular species of grass that would be better with this soil? Would sod have a better chance than seed? Thank you!


Montgomery County Maryland lawns and turf renovation over 4 years ago

Cherry Tree problem

Many yellow leaves dropping. A few with tiny holes. A couple of tiny, tiny yellow spiders. Not many. Some branches with spider webs & brown curled leaves.

Question: Do you think application of "Summer compost tea root enhancer" will save my tree?

My brother, Paul Sullivan, asked you. This is the response he forwarded to me:

Here's the response to your question:

Yellowing and browning of leaves can indicate many different things from environmental problems such as too little or too much water, spider mites or disease. This summer we have been seeing lots of cherry shot hole disease which can cause leaf yellowing but you would also see small holes in the leaves. Also cherry leaf spot disease, which also has been reported, causes premature leaf drop. So it is difficult to pinpoint the cause just from the information you provide. Your sister can send a question to:
and an expert from her area will answer it for her.



Wayne County Michigan cherry trees over 4 years ago

Measure 15-119 - GMO Ban in Jackson County

How is Measure 15-119 (The GMO Ban) being implemented in Jackson County? The bill states that GMO crops must be harvested, destroyed or removed from Jackson County 12 months after the bill's passage. We are a quarter of the way through that 12 month period, what kind of work is being done to ensure the bill's effectiveness?


Marion County Oregon over 4 years ago

My kale has a lot of holes in the leaves. Loosely round in shape. on the...

My kale has a lot of holes in the leaves. Loosely round in shape. on the underside of the kale are lots and lots of round yellow, greenish round balls which are very small-probably eggs, I am thinking. What is your diagnosis and how can I treat it next year?


Pipestone County Minnesota over 4 years ago

Bug bite

My son just got bit by this insect. It was in his shoe and bit him when he put it on. He said it stung like a bee. It bled a tiny bit and got white and swollen about the size of a nickel and red around that. I want to make sure it's not poisonous. Anyone know what it is?



El Paso County Colorado insect issues over 4 years ago

Invaded by Japanese Stilt Grass. What are my options

Invaded by Japanese Stilt Grass. What are my options


Montgomery County Maryland invasive stilt grass over 4 years ago

I planted a black bamboo in my garden a couple of years ago. It has several...

I planted a black bamboo in my garden a couple of years ago. It has several healthy canes but they are not standing erect. Do they have to be staked? My neighbor has ordinary bamboo in his yard. The canes of that bamboo are not limp. Is there something different about the canes of the black bamboo?


Montgomery County Maryland ornamental grass invasive over 4 years ago

clover and grass in my periwinkle

My front landscape embankment has periwinkle planted in it. It is growing well but has lots of stray grass, clover and weeds. Is there something I can put on it so the grass, clover, and weeds are eliminated without hurting the periwinkle? We put preen on in the spring but there is still lots of clover and grass. Can you please recommend a product that is easy to apply.


Dscn0069_300x300%2523 Dscn0070_300x300%2523

Franklin County Pennsylvania weed issues horticulture over 4 years ago

Dry Wood Termites

I have had dry wood termites swarming in my house this summer. What is the minimum amount of time the termites have been living in my house, given that they are swarming?


Harris County Texas integrated pest management over 4 years ago

Crocosmia Timing

We have a beautiful bed of Crocosmia. They are just about to the end of their blooming, and it's time to cut them back. We are wondering what we can plant in that same bed that will come into bloom as the crocosmia are dying back. Thank you!!


Lane County Oregon pruning horticulture over 4 years ago

We have a 20 year-old Sugar Maple in our front yard that is showing some...

We have a 20 year-old Sugar Maple in our front yard that is showing some early leaf color and has some black spots in places on the trunk. It also has some girding problems at the soil level. It also has some keystone around the perimeter, that measures about 8 x 8 feet. After doing some on-line research, it would seem the tree is in decline. We're not sure who to call to see if it can be saved or not. We think it may be too late. Who would you recommend? We live in Maple Grove, MN. Yes, we have clay soil. :(


Hennepin County Minnesota over 4 years ago

What type of material should I use to fill between paver stone?

A couple of years back my wife and I replaced a landscaped wall that was built with a nice mix of stone. We repurposed the stone to be used as ground cover under our deck, nothing grew there but weeds and the stone ended up looking very nice. We had a contractor make sure the grading was draining away from the building and added a subbase of ~ 3" of class 5 material. We then configured the stone and filled the gaps with sand. We thought the class five and sand would blend in time and get hard but it didn't happen. When it rains the sand in the gaps gets pushed around and looks bad. Our thought now is to to find a poduct to pour into the voids (liquid or grainular) that would harden but yet stand up to expansion and contraction associated with Minnesota winters We went to the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum and saw a least three different materials used on stone walking paths and are hoping to learn what these products are or if there is other advice/pruducts best suited for our purpose. Attached are some photos showing existing conditions Thanks in advnce for any help you may offer


Photo_1_300x300%2523 Photo_2_300x300%2523 Photo_3_300x300%2523

Hennepin County Minnesota paver sand over 4 years ago

Am I able to register on Sunday for the preservation class?

Am I able to register on Sunday for the preservation class?


Montgomery County Maryland over 4 years ago

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