Hello, Can you tell me what type of plant this is? Is it a weed or a flower?...

Hello, Can you tell me what type of plant this is? Is it a weed or a flower? I do not remember planting anything like this.



Baltimore Maryland plant id almost 5 years ago

Bindweed out of control!

We live off the Cathie Fromme Prairie in SW Fort Collins. Our landscape is inundated with bindweed (Canadian Thistle and probably other noxious weeds too). I have heard that once the problem is present there isn't much you can do. Any advice, we have young kids so would prefer to avoid anything too toxic. We also have new plantings we need to work around so no mass killings. I am trying to get a jump start on the problem this season before it gets any more out of hand.
Thanks for your help it is much needed!


Larimer County Colorado weeds almost 5 years ago

Soil PH for vegetables

I have a soil PH of 7.6 in loamy sand that I think I need to bring down to grow pumpkins and/or watermelons. I have some epsoma soil acidifier which is 18% free sulfur and 12% gypsum (the gypsum from my research is worthless I think). How much of this stuff do I need to apply at 7-8" depth to lower the soil PH to an acceptable level (which I assume is around 6.0 - 6.8). The planting area is about 200 square feet.


Wayne County Michigan almost 5 years ago

Sheep grazing

Do you have any programs for using sheep for weed control?


Bexar County Texas weed management sheep almost 5 years ago


I have planted carving pumpkins and the leaves are beginning to turn yellow and brittle. I am watering them in the pm with a small drip system sprinkler for 1 1/2 hours. Is this correct or a problem. Do they need more water or a different time of day


Jackson County Oregon almost 5 years ago

Proper watering

I have planted the following vegetables together,tomatoes,strawberries,brussel sprouts,pattypan squash,bell peppers,and pickling cucumbers and I am trying to determine the proper amount of water they need. Right now I am watering in the am by auto sprinkler for 20 min and again at night for 20 min. Is this an appropriate amount of water for these plants?


Jackson County Oregon almost 5 years ago

tips on writing sop's for opening of carry out restaurant

I would like to know if someone could help me with writing out my S O P's for a carry out restaurant?


Michigan almost 5 years ago

Peach tree mulch

I am wondering what would be the best type of wood mulch for a small 3 acre peach orchard to suppress weeds, promote root growth, and retain water? Aspen? Pine? Is pallet mulch acceptable? Cedar seems to mat down too much. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.


Mesa County Colorado trees and shrubs almost 5 years ago

Recently have noticed quite a few bee carcasses in front of hive, and bees...

Recently have noticed quite a few bee carcasses in front of hive, and bees trying to remove them. Some of the dead bees appear to be hollowed out, only the outer body remaining. also some of the bees are acting strangely, lying around not flyong away etc. it has been either raining or cold for a few weeks so havent been able to look into hive. any suggestions? thanks, mimi


Cook County Illinois almost 5 years ago

how to rid yellow nutsedge in vegetable garden?

ive searched the web for many solutions end have been trying different things for several seasons. it keeps coming back. other than removing 12 inches of soil is there any selective herbicide safe to use in a vegetable garden against this most difficult sedge? ive seen mixed instructions on the use of halosulfuron(Sandea) or sedgehammer? can i kill it permanently with something and replant? any, any any help would be appreciated. or should i just give up?



Wayne County Michigan weed issues almost 5 years ago

what to do?

there are the tiny black spots on the undersides of my azaelia shrub leaves. how can i treat them? shrubs otherwise seem fine.


Clackamas County Oregon almost 5 years ago

edible grape leaves

I have 3 betas and 3 concord seedless grape vines - are the leaves okay to eat? If so, what is the nutritional value? I would like to make dolmathes and smoothies with them. Thank you!


Boulder County Colorado food safety viticulture almost 5 years ago

flower plum tree

I don't know the exact name of this tree. You see them all over Denver and Larimer County; vivid pink or white flowers, very small non edible fruit. I've lived in this house for 4 summers and had lots of flowers around Memorial Day. So far, there are no flowers this year. Do these trees skip a season from time to time? Thanks, Valerie Brown, Littleton, Colorado 303-948-3705


Jefferson County Colorado trees and shrubs almost 5 years ago

Hazelnuts in Texas

I've noticed that a lot of Hazelnuts are grown in Oregon. Is there any reason that Hazelnuts can't be grown in Texas? In particular the Falls county area. I researched this and can't find much documentation on this.


Falls County Texas hazelnuts almost 5 years ago

Lower yellow leaves on all my cucubits

My squashs, cucumbers and etc in the cucubit family I took out of my greenhouse and went to transplant in our high tunnel hoophouse. The hoophouse was just finished and the plants were really ready to be transplanted. I watered really well and also drip irrigated the area where I went to put them. I did notice the trays that the plants were in did not have holes in them like the rest of my vegetables. I'm wondering if they got too much water. The leaves are not sticky, no black spots, no bugs. All look good except the bottom leaves are turning yellow. We are certified USDA organic so I can not use alot of different things. The only thing I can think of is too much water. I'm thinking it is a transpiration problem. Need another opinion. Please tell me what you think.


Kent County Michigan vegetables almost 5 years ago

Can I feed my pigs raw potatoes?

Hello, can I feed my pigs raw potatoes? I have heard mixed information on this. If they can not eat them raw, is it possible to give them cooked potatoes? Thank you, Doug


Erie County New York swine swine nutrition almost 5 years ago

I have found many spiders inside and outside of my home. The spider resembles...

I have found many spiders inside and outside of my home. The spider resembles a brown widow, but no hourglass. The color and on the abdomen is slightly different from one on a brown widow. This spider also makes a web and egg sac look exactly like a black widow. The pic I'm sending is not an exact look a like of mine. The body structure is the same. The abdomen is more like a light blackish color with whitish markings, and again no hour glass. Please help me identify it.



Jefferson County New York almost 5 years ago

Composting worms

I have a pile of dirt and grass. Could I just add water and worms and cover it to convert it into compost?


El Paso County Colorado almost 5 years ago

seed preperation

I know in the wild trillium seeds are planted by ants, how can I do this without ants?


Oregon horticulture almost 5 years ago

Beneficial Garden bugs

Do you have any info on the top 5 or 10 beneficial garden bugs for Michigan.


Ottawa County Michigan almost 5 years ago

dehydrating slilghtly damaged peaches

From Santa Barbara, CA, which may have fog as well as heat. A large proportion of my 'Pride' peaches have some areas of rot or damage, but are basically good elsewhere. One has to peel and cut. The open sections don't seem to be good candidates for dipping.

Options?: Process without dipping and briefly freeze after drying. Store dried fruit in fridge. Don't dehydrate; cook. Maybe later make fruit leather? What would you do? I don't like to waste what's healthy and tasty! Lesley


Santa Barbara County California fruits and vegetables food processing home food preservation horticulture almost 5 years ago

what is the safest way to rid my horse pasture of buttercups, without harming...

what is the safest way to rid my horse pasture of buttercups, without harming my horses?


Frederick County Maryland almost 5 years ago

Need help with tree identification

Hi -- this volunteer sprout has nearly become a tree. Nothing else I have looks like it, and my tree identification books had failed to confirm what it is. The closest I'm getting is "mountain ash." Do you have any idea what this tree is? Thanks



Montgomery County Virginia almost 5 years ago

Apple trees do not form blossoms

I have two apple trees - Harrelson and Sweet Sixteen neither of which will get blossoms. I have only had one apple in 7 years of growing these trees. Any advice would be welcome. I had the soil tested and the report came back fine. Thanks


Custer County South Dakota trees and shrubs fruits and vegetables apples horticulture almost 5 years ago

Silver gray grass spot

I have a certain spot on my lawn that turns silver gray and dies each year. I replaced the turf last fall and it is happening again. Is this a fungus? Or an insect? I've tried several options with no luck. It is now June 1 and only gets bigger throughout the summer. Any ideas?


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Arapahoe County Colorado lawns and turf almost 5 years ago

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