squash bugs

Good morning! I am a Community Garden Leader at the Bradley Garden on Denver. Last season we had an infestation of squash bugs throughout the garden. Is there anything we need to do this year to prevent a recurrence? Should we not plant any squash, or are there other preventative measures we can use? We are an organic garden.


Denver County Colorado fruits and vegetables over 4 years ago

Controlling grass burs in and around vineyards

What pre-emergent herbicides are safe in and near vineyards to control grass burs (sand burs)?


McLennan County Texas weed issues horticulture over 4 years ago

Good Morning, Can you tell me what is the difference (in this day and age) is...

Good Morning, Can you tell me what is the difference (in this day and age) is between a cultivar and a hybrid? In the MG Handbook glossary, I can see where "human selection" (cultivar) and "cross between different genetically lines" (hybrid) is pretty much the same when striving for certain plant traits. Thanks Joe DiGiovanni (HC MG 2010)


Prince George's County Maryland cultivar definition hybrid definition horticulture over 4 years ago

recommended storage times for fresh and frozen meats, vegs, various dairy products

I would like some guide lines on the recommended retention times for keeping various foods such as veggies, meats, dairy products in a fridge as well as how long those products may be kept frozen. Our church kitchen rescues food from various sources for use in a soup kitchen and homeless shelter where we provide meals and food to those in need. We want to develop and establish some guidelines for the kitchen volunteer teams to follow using your recommendations. Any publications from your department and/or other food safety experts would be appreciated. My name is Evans Shearon - my cell is 302-841-3071 - my email address is noted below. Thank You


Sussex County Delaware food safety food over 4 years ago

On the lane going to my house there is a very old tree with thick ropes of...

On the lane going to my house there is a very old tree with thick ropes of poison ivy. How do get rid of the poison ivy??


Prince George's County Maryland poison ivy vines over 4 years ago

What are the different benefits of using manure compost vs. non animal...

What are the different benefits of using manure compost vs. non animal compost. I am a member of a community garden plot. We are trying to decide as a group to purchase bulk compost or manure compost this year.


Hennepin County Minnesota over 4 years ago

Microscopic bugs

I set up a raised bed inside a greenhouse in September 2013. I planted some beans and peas last week and now I'm seeing lots of small light brown piles. Upon closer inspection the piles are microscopic bugs. How can I find out what they are and if they're good or bad? They are so small I had to use a microscope to see them. They look like translucent beetles with hairy legs. Thanks, Mark Furlong


Polk County Oregon insect issues horticulture over 4 years ago

Farming ginseng in California

I am interested in starting a ginseng farm here in California. I will be traveling to Korea this fall season to do some hunting and to learn more from my uncle, my family has been ginseng experts for 4 generations so it's time I take my childhood experiences and put them to use. I would like to prospect and possibly lease or buy some land in California that can sustain a ginseng crop in a wild grown setting. I would like to spend some time traveling around and taking soil samples then having it analyzed for proper conditions to grow on.

Thank You


El Dorado County California small farm issues ginseng over 4 years ago

Last year, my 8th grade environmental science classes and I planted a...

Last year, my 8th grade environmental science classes and I planted a butterfly friendly garden on our school grounds. However, I am not that great of a gardener and I'm not sure how I should care for it this year to maximize my milkweed growth. I'm interested in having a master gardener come out to help (I have heard that they will do volunteer hours), or suggest what I can add to the garden this year to make it even better and more successful. Any way you could get me in touch with someone who might be willing to help?


Anoka County Minnesota over 4 years ago

Lilac Bush

I have some lilac bushes that need some older, larger canes thinned out. Can this be done now or closer to spring?


Lee County Iowa over 4 years ago


I am in Southern California. Have black ants all over my floor, contertops and in my cupboards. Was gone for a week and they got out of control. They don't seem to go after sugar and I know they come from outside after a rain. They are black I have used white chalk, baby powder and ajax. Had an exterminator but didn't seem to make a difference. Although that was 2 months ago.


Los Angeles County California urban integrated pest management over 4 years ago

Where to buy

I see that OSU provides tomatoes and other plants specifically intended for planting in the Pacific North West. Where can I buy these? I am especially interested in the Legend tomatoes.


Lane County Oregon fruits and vegetables horticulture over 4 years ago

Grass in my ground cover

Is there anything I can safely apply to a ground cover such as myrtle to kill the uninvited grass that is growing in the bed without hurting the myrtle? Hand-weeding is not an option for this area.


Champaign County Illinois horticulture over 4 years ago

pruning Japanese maple tree

Given the harsh winter we have had and still are when is the best time to prune a Japanese maple? Presently I can't get to it because of all the snow around the area where it is growing


Oakland County Michigan over 4 years ago


Hello,I am looking to fill an internship around Austin, San Marcos, or Bryan/ College Station Area. The internship I am looking to fill is one within the agriculture field. I am so broad in the area of agriculture because I am having a extremely hard time finding a paid internship in around any of these areas. I am currently in college pursuing a double major in agriculture and environmental biology and am also a veteran of the Marine Corps. If anyone can guide me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Texas over 4 years ago

best grass seed

What is the best grass seed to cover irrigated lawn in El Paso's
lower valley? Mature pecan trees shade large but not all of the
lawn area. Many potential weeds, vinca, crab and Johnson grass
come in with the irrigation water. HELP!!!


El Paso County Texas lawns and turf horticulture over 4 years ago

This is sort of generic -- do you have any experience with fire ants? We now...

This is sort of generic -- do you have any experience with fire ants? We now have them here in the Islands. I am quite involved doing bonsai and want to provide information to my fellow bonsai-ists.


Honolulu County Hawaii over 4 years ago

Garden (soil) fertilization

My garden has been decreasing in productivity for the past several years. Is there a fertilizer that you could recommend to replace the nutrients? If so, how and when can I apply it? Do I till it in at this point or apply after planting?
Also, is it too late to prune (top) my mulberry tree? Thanks for your help.


Weber County Utah soil and fertility issues gardening horticulture over 4 years ago

How to home cure corned beef

I am looking for the recipe for making home made corned beef


Lane County Oregon home food preservation food preparation over 4 years ago

carpenter ants :P ..a LOT of

looking for ways to control/repel carpenter ants indoors and outdoor perimeter of house. house is lg, custom wood build. Empty for approx 7 yrs prior to purchase. Washougal area. From MT and ants are just an occasional, sm problem there due to climate, thx much


Clark County Washington urban integrated pest management over 4 years ago

Swine production

I would like to know a little history on swine production in Guthrie County. Specifically in 1964: how many hogs were raised by how many producers. Also, I'd like the most recent figures, perhaps 2012 or 2013: how many hogs were raised by how many producers. Thank you for your help.


Guthrie County Iowa swine over 4 years ago

What is the name of this tree

Trying to find the type of tree so I can track down the location of the picture. the picture was taken in feb.



Cook County Illinois over 4 years ago

Help With Irrigation Pump Switch Wiring

I need some help with how to set up the float switch wiring so that I can use one pump to feed two separate holding tanks. Each tank is equipped with an electric float switch. The float switch is the (tilt) type that will turn the pump on when the tank level drops to a specific level, and turn off when the tank is full. I want to feed both tanks from a single well. I gravity feed the water from the tanks to two separate water dispensing piping systems. I will manually valve in and out the piping feeding the tanks so I can control which tank is being fed. I just need to know how to set up the float valve wiring circuits so I can open the breaker (kill the power) to the float switch in the tank I do not want filled. I've attached a scan of the sketch of the tank arrangement I'm trying to achieve. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Dale Spencer



Berrien County Michigan irrigation and water management engineering agricultural engineering over 4 years ago

Ugly hillside scars

I live in Perry Park, Larkspur, CO. When roads were put in, on the upside of hills, exposed dirt remained and erodes. Can you recommend a ground cover, vines, or other plantings that would look better as well as stop erosion? We have lots of deer so any greenery must be deer resistant as well as drought tolerant.



Douglas County Colorado trees and shrubs sustainable gardening and landscaping horticulture over 4 years ago

Mint Oil Extraction

Hello, is there a way to extract the oil out of mint leaves?

Thanks so much!


Jefferson County Colorado food processing over 4 years ago

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