Unknown plant

Can you identify this plant? We have several growing in our yard.


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Josephine County OR horticulture over 4 years ago

replanting daffodils

I need to transplant 100 daffodil bulbs. How should this be done?


Wayne County MI over 4 years ago

Skip laurel at my home in Cockeysville, Baltimore County. Just noticed about...

Skip laurel at my home in Cockeysville, Baltimore County. Just noticed about 10 caterpillars on one leaf of one of my skip laurel bushes. There is a big hole in that leaf. I have about 35 skip laurel bushes. Is this a problem. Do I need to get rid of the caterpillars and if I do how do I do it. Also have cherry laurel--are they also susceptible to these caterpillars. Thank you for your kind response.


Baltimore County MD shrubs insect identification cherry laurel over 4 years ago

Soil water retention

What is the effect of cow manure on soil water retention and field capacity water content?


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OUTSIDEUS soil and fertility issues soil manure soil moisture over 4 years ago

mesquite tree bark damage

The bark on my Mesquite tree is pealing away. I am assuming it is some kind of insect. Do you know what kind of insect it may be and what I can use to get rid of them.


Pima County AZ trees and shrubs insect issues disease issues horticulture over 4 years ago

Cutting aspen roots

I am placing paver stone in my back yard and am attempting to level the ground. I have two separate roots about 2 inches in diameter that I need to cut. Will cutting one root kill the tree or will it obtain water from the other roots feeding it?


Douglas County CO trees and shrubs over 4 years ago

reveille lawn turning brown

I have had a reveille lawn installed about four years ago. It has taken me awhile to dial in the fertilization percentages. This year lawn was doing great with all the moisture this spring. Now grass is browning up and I am not sure what to do? I have been watering long and infrequent.


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Jefferson County CO lawns and turf over 4 years ago

My Achillea millefolium 'Sawa Sawa' Yarrow has the droops!

I purchased a small yarrow (Achillea) plant from a master gardener in Md. at a mother's day community affair. I planted it as she instructed me -- in the sun, and last year and this year it started to grow fine, but then got very large and toppled over on all four sides, leaving a gaping opening in the middle of the plant. See picture. Last year I cut it back but then it just barely did anything after that. I was hoping this year would be better, but again it came up, grew beautifully, and then just did another funnel shape "slump" and now looks like a mound of mush. Please tell me what to do. I thinned it out last year but it didn't help this year. It is well-watered but not over watered.



Carroll County MD horticulture over 4 years ago

lawn with large ant hill

We have an ant hill in our front lawn and our driveway. We have wondered if there is a big ant hill under our driveway crack. It is causing the lawn to die and we question the driveway foundation becoming destroyed over time. My husband has sprayed OTC products that temporarily fix the problem.

I have seen suggestions of sugar & borax; cornmeal; boiling water. Do these work or are they a temporary fix.

What do you recommend?


Jefferson County CO insect issues over 4 years ago

crape myrtle food

What do you recommend to use as feed for 24"-36" crape myrtle I'm trying to grow?
just gave them (3ea) some good watering plus used some nutria star food for crape myrtles. I checked them this morn and they have butted new leaves so it looks like
I'm on the right path. Just wondered maybe you had some other plant food you'd
recommend. Good day to all. Roberto


Nueces County TX crape myrtles over 4 years ago

Blueberry leaves turning red.

I have a two-year-old planting of four types of blueberries containing 750 plants. All of a sudden in the last few days the leaves on all plants have turned red. New growth starts out green and healthy-looking but the leaves begin turning right away. I've been amending the sandy soil with sulfur for several years, the last time being last fall at the rate of about 550 lbs. per acre. The soil pH had edged up near 6.0 from around 5.2 when I planted two years ago. This spring each plant received 4 oz. of ammonium sulfate applied through bark mulch at bud formation and I plan to apply the same amount again in a week or so. Our weather has been all over the map from hot and dry to freezing (frost last two nights) and the berries are just now blossoming. I'm at my wit's end and need some advice as to how to proceed. Thanks


Iosco County MI blueberries blueberry production blueberry diseases over 4 years ago

at home drip irrigation: questions!

I have 3 questions about the initial setup of the irrigation system at my house (this is for an above ground drip line setup starting from an outdoor faucet, and including a timer):

1) On the CSU extension page, it says that for an outdoor faucet, the order for head assembly is: backflow preventer, filter, and then pressure regulator. Where would an automatic hose timer fit into this set-up? Do I just install the timer first in the setup and then put this whole series of items after the timer, or does the timer go 'in between' some of the listed parts? (e.g. Is it backflow preventer first, then timer, then filter, then psi regulator? Or some other configuration?)

2) Is there a rule of thumb about when to just use drip lines with emitter holes vs. when to additionally use various bubblers/sprinkler-tops/pop-ups/emitter spouts? Related: Are emitter holes on drip line tubing sufficient to water perennials, or are emitter spouts (or bubblers, etc.) additionally recommended for each plant? (I saw the part of the CSU extension webpage which talked about using two 0.5 GPH spouts for each perennial, but I am not understanding why the emitter holes are not sufficient for delivering water to each plant - and if they are too small to deliver the correct amount of water, then what are the emitter holes for? Is the idea that emitter holes on their own do provide a water drip, but that this would only be enough for really small plants so we need to supplement the emitter holes with actual emitter spouts for larger plants and shrubs?).

3) If I use tubing with emitter holes every 12inches, can I also put a sprinkler emitter at the end - will there be enough pressure to power the sprinkler emitter given the holes in the tubing every 12 inches?

Thanks! - Sarah


Douglas County CO irrigation and water management drip irrigation horticulture over 4 years ago


We cut down some trees in our yard and have some sawdust (not mulch, but finer). Is that good to add to soil?


Jefferson County CO mulch over 4 years ago

The lower branches off of the larger branches of my red maple have no leaves...

The lower branches off of the larger branches of my red maple have no leaves this spring. What would be the "bud" is dry. I see no signs of caterpillars. I did lime my yard in early spring. Could this be the cause?


Calvert County MD over 4 years ago

What is this species of caterpillar?

Hi! I wanted to know what species of caterpillar this is? I live in England, Hertfordshire and found this little guy casually on the pavement in my street (not really near any greenery). I've given him bramble which he's been eating fine.


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OUTSIDEUS insect issues over 4 years ago

Exterminationg wild chock cherries

How do I exterminate wild choke cherries?


Washtenaw County MI weed issues over 4 years ago

All arborvaite in our area have browned

All of the arborvaite in our neighborhood haves rust color, not the entire bush, but a good portion. I thought it was just mine, but as I see them in other parts of town, they are all brown. What caused this this spring, and, if they have some green will they survive, or will they need to be replaced? I hate to lose them as they are beautiful. What can I do to help them?


Adams County CO trees and shrubs over 4 years ago

I had Roughstalk Bluegrass that I killed last year. I put down Scott's KBG...

I had Roughstalk Bluegrass that I killed last year. I put down Scott's KBG seeds in the fall. I have notice this grass appearing in areas that I put down the KBG. It kind of looks like perennial ryegrass or orchard grass. (I pulled it out of the ground and it was cut 1 day earlier). Can you tell me what type of grass it is? If it is a grass weed, what would be the best way to get rid of it.


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Monmouth County NJ lawns and turf weed issues turf and grass horticulture over 4 years ago

Missed Quality Assurance Date

I live in Morrow County and missed my daughter's quality assurance (QA) date. Where can I take her to complete one so she can show?


Morrow County OH 4-h over 4 years ago

dog feces in planting soil

Here is my dilemma: I had asked my husband to clear the grass from a small (4'x8') area in our backyard for a vegetable bed. We enclosed the area in railroad ties about 6 inches high, and my plan was to work through the soil that was already there and remove rocks, etc., then mix in enriched soil and manure, and fill it to the top of the railing. While I was working through the existing dirt, I came upon dog feces. We do have a dog, so I didn't think much of it, got rid of it, and proceeded to add soil and manure and begin mixing it together with the original soil. However, I kept coming across more and more pieces of dog poop (I kept stepping in it as I worked the soil.) It turns out my husband, after clearing the grass in the area, had then buried about a weeks' worth of dog poop he'd gathered from the lawn that day. He buried it about 4 inches deep. He thought it would eventually decompose and be good for the soil, which of course I know is not true of dog feces. At that point I stopped working the soil and got as much of the intact pieces of poop out as I could but I have no doubt that at least some is still in there, either mixed into the soil or solid pieces. If I add more soil on top, 6-10 inches deep, and don't mix it in with the current layer, will it be safe to plant vegetables in? Or is the soil unusable?


Delta County MI fruits and vegetables over 4 years ago

Hi, We have flowering cherry tree that has dead leaves throughout. It looks...

Hi, We have flowering cherry tree that has dead leaves throughout. It looks to be newer growth that has died, comprising about 10% of the tree. Any thoughts on what is causing this and what we can do about it? Many thanks for any assistance.


Baltimore County MD cherry trees flowering cherry trees over 4 years ago

I just attended the Sherwood Garden Tulip Dig in Baltimore and now have 40...

I just attended the Sherwood Garden Tulip Dig in Baltimore and now have 40 freshly dug up tulip bulbs. Now what? I have planted store bought Tulip bulbs in the past but these fresh ones have roots and stems still attached. Should I immediately replant them? If not, how do I store them until the fall? Should I cut the stems (some dried out, some still green with seed heads[?]) and roots off? Also there are multiple sections to the bulbs, some of which have fallen off. When it's time to plant do I plant the entire multi-section bulb? Help please!


Baltimore County MD flower over 4 years ago

Beetle help.

We have a little over seven acres with pine and cottonwood trees on it. Unfortunately several of them seem to be dying. The wife says she saw black beetles in the trees. Do i just cut down the dead trees and hope the beetles dont kill anymore. I guess my question is what do I do?


Linn County OR forestry over 4 years ago

Air temps at 36F and Enviroweather dew point at 37F. Could I have sprayed a...

Air temps at 36F and Enviroweather dew point at 37F. Could I have sprayed a fungicide without fear of causing frost damage? Would this small amout of water caused a drop in temperatures similar to what would happen if I turned on frost protection sprinklers?


Van Buren County MI blueberry production frost protection over 4 years ago

Over fertilization of plants

I think we have over fertilized our transplanted veggies. the leaves are curling, some are burned, and there is white salt like deposits on others. Can you advise what we should do?


Douglas County OR fruits and vegetables soil and fertility issues horticulture over 4 years ago

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