how to stop flys from coming into house. I live in a delopement near a farm. Regular size fly


Sussex County Delaware household pests pests flies over 4 years ago

What is eating my Sunflowers?

We're from Selbyville and we had a pest that ate 60 something Sunflower plants overnight, but left the vein in the plant (it only ate the green leaves). It left all of the other plants in the garden! We looked on the plant but there were no visible bugs. Do you have any idea what could have done this?


Sussex County Delaware garden pests sunflowers pests nuisance wildlife over 4 years ago

Browning leaves on hydrangeas

We planted 3 Endless Summer Hydrangeas on June 15. They are watered with drip irrigation. They are about 2 feet tall.

Last week when the temperatures got into the high 90's we started to notice browning leaves. Some of them continue to brown, and we've noticed black areas on the leaves before they turn brown. See attached.

Any suggestions on what the problem might be and how it might be fixed?


2013-hydrangea-0002_300x300%2523 2013-hydrangea-0001_300x300%2523

Oakland County Michigan flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials over 4 years ago


I am interested in learning about 4H and how to get my 3 children involved (11, 7, 7). I live in Carter Lake, IA. Unfortunately I am unable to easily find the information I am looking for online. Thank you for your help. Dawn Lusk


Pottawattamie County Iowa over 4 years ago

prevention of corn worms

What do i use to prevent worms in our corn. I need to know brand names and how much to use and when to use it. thanks, Joyce


Rio Grande County Colorado fruits and vegetables over 4 years ago

Pruning a Young Japanese Flowering Cherry Kwanzan Tree

Dear Tree Expert,
Our tree is about 2-3 years old. Not sure how old when purchased, but was planted in Spring 2011. It has never been pruned. Using my textbook from HORT 100, I have pruned 4-5 branches from the tree. One was the lowest sitting branch; the rest were competing branches. I read that for every 10' of tree height, scaffold branches should be spaced 6" apart. The tree is about 10' tall. However, it seems like the tree is too young to space scaffold branches 6" apart. If I were to do that, I wouldn't have many branches left. I've attached pictures to give an idea of the problem. In the middle of the tree, there is a cluster of branches. These are not co-dominant trunks. There is a main trunk that grows beyond this cluster. In fact, the trunk split into two branches - so I DID have a co-dominant trunk further up - but I removed one this year. What should I do about the cluster of branches in the middle of the tree? Should I wait until the tree matures another 1-2 years? Even so, how should I many branches should I remove?


P1040471_300x300%2523 P1040472_300x300%2523 P1040475_300x300%2523

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Skinless or slimy cucumbers for pickling

Hi! We went to a farmer's market on Wednesday and bought a box of pickling/canning cucumbers. When washing them yesterday many were somewhat slimy, with the skins partially washing off. Is it safe to can these?


Multnomah County Oregon home food preservation over 4 years ago

Pollination of Female Hardy Kiwi

We have a healthy mature female Hardy Kiwi and plan to purchase a male this Fall in order to get fruit; but understand it could take up to 3 years for the male to mature to pollinate our female tree. I have been told there might be a place with the Oregon State Extension to get some male pollination for next Spring: Actinidia arguta or Actinidia deliciosa. Can you please help me locate a source? Thank you, Larry Burgess ( 503-695-3525.


Multnomah County Oregon fruit trees horticulture over 4 years ago

Schip laurel problems

Hello! I have several 5 ft. Schip Laurel. All flowered in the spring and have produced berries, but their leaves are now yellowing and dropping. One plant has lost about 80% of it's leaves, yet I see new bud growth on branches. They've been established 1 1/2 years and I have not watered them much during all the rain we've had. When it doesn't rain for several days I will water them when I turn on the lawn irrigation system. No pests are evident. Do you have any ideas or suggestions? Thanks for any advice you can provide.


Kent County Delaware plants cherry laurel schip laurel over 4 years ago

White coneflower problems...

I have white coneflowers that have started out beautifully but now I see very small insects within the cones. Some of the flowers don't fully develop and and the petals have small brown spots or markings on them. Part of one of my plants is actually just dying and I can't figure out why...could it be thrips? These are only second season plants having just installed this new raised garden last year...any suggestions? I enjoy attracting the bees and hummingbirds to this bed so I want to be careful about the use of insecticides. Thanx


Douglas County Colorado flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials over 4 years ago

Alder Infestation

Our alder's leavs are getting eaten alive by 3/4 in black cetepede/caterpillar like bugs.



Multnomah County Oregon over 4 years ago

Fungus gnats hovering around a person's head.

I had two houseplants infested with fungus gnats. After putting all plants outside, there were about 50 of these hanging around the ceilings. I vacuumed them up, put two samples on a microscope and confirmed they are fungus gnats (from an online diagram).

The problem is that a few of these are hovering around my son's head and driving him crazy. We've tried lice treatment to no avail. We can call an exterminator, but I don't see many of the gnats around, and I don't know that they can help with my son's issue. Can you help or refer me?


Worcester County Massachusetts insects houseplants over 4 years ago

brush control

Is it too late in the season to use crossbow on gooseberry bushes? 7/26/13. Also is it safe to spray crossbow in pastures with livestock present? Thank you. Victor Fencl


Howard County Iowa over 4 years ago

Hi, This weed is plaguing my terrace, and as I eliminate it, I want to know...

Hi, This weed is plaguing my terrace, and as I eliminate it, I want to know what it could be. The deer nibble the tops off sometimes but it can grow to two feet.



Harford County Maryland weeds over 4 years ago

Posting for Researchers & Students

I am a contributor for Ask an Expert. How/where do I post an inquiry for a commercial operation that is looking for researchers and students to work at their facility.


Outside United States over 4 years ago

Crabgrass - Yuck!

How do you effectively get rid of crabgrass?


Fairfax County Virginia lawns and turf crabgrass crabgrass herbicide over 4 years ago

Do you know what these moths are (see attached picture) and if they are...

Do you know what these moths are (see attached picture) and if they are harmful to my tree? They have been sitting on a maple tree in my front yard all morning, moving slowly around the trunk. I have never seen any like this before. They are about 5 inches across. They seem to be mating and perhaps laying eggs (though I haven't seen any).



Montgomery County Maryland insect identification over 4 years ago




Jefferson County Oregon trees and shrubs horticulture over 4 years ago

I just noticed this morning bagworms on my pyramid arborvitae they seem to...

I just noticed this morning bagworms on my pyramid arborvitae they seem to have hatch what can I do now?


Champaign County Ohio horticulture over 4 years ago

Protecting Elderberry fruit

Wondering if you have any suggestions regarding protecting elderberry fruit. We have 4 varieties in our backyard. My wife uses the blooms to make "saft" a concentrate used to make flavored drinks in Sweden. We also have a lot of berries that are just starting to ripen. In the past I've used black netting to protect them from birds, but it doesn't do much good, occasionally traps a chipmunk, and pulls a lot of the berries off when you remove it. So I've thought about wrapping each berry cluster with something, but can't figure out what to use that would be economical. I've heard that the footies that are used at women's shoe stores can be used to protect fruit in the home orchard, but that wouldn't work with elderberry clusters. Do you think they need to be exposed to sunlight? Would a paper or plastic bag be bad? (I assume so). Only idea I can come up with is tearing up a lightweight sheet and wrapping the clusters.


Allegheny County Pennsylvania fruit trees horticulture over 4 years ago

american bittersweet Hermantown MN

What is eating the green berries off of my bittersweet vine mid-season and how do I get rid of whatever the pest is? all my clusters are diminished....


Bittersweet1_300x300%2523 Bittersweet2_300x300%2523

St. Louis County Minnesota insect issues horticulture over 4 years ago


Hello, I've discovered a big batch of snails in my perennial garden. Never have heard of snails in Colorado. This garden was left untended for several years as this home was a rental for several years. How can I get rid of these slimy things?


Jefferson County Colorado flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials over 4 years ago

White Powder substance

Is this white powder on my leaves of lime tree dangerous and what can I do to protect my tree


Victoria County Texas citrus over 4 years ago

Norway Spruce trees

My trees are 10 years old and the tops are turning brown and curling over. Is this a disease or an insect and what must I do to save my trees?


Iosco County Michigan trees and shrubs over 4 years ago

Found a strange beetle

I found a beetle in out yard - after searching the net it looks like pictures of a wood borer called a red legged buprestis rufipes but maps with the pictures don't show it here in PA. Is this a harmful insect? I caught it and have it in a cup - this looks most like it:


Bucks County Pennsylvania insect issues over 4 years ago

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