Dying Oregon Blue trees

On a hillside neabove my pool, I had planted three Oregon Blue Trees. For an unknown reason, two tress have died, but the third appears to be thriving. My landscaper has no idea what is happening. When the first one died, we replaced it in the same spot, and the replacement died within a year. I was hoping to get some help before I replant another species there. Is such help available?


Northampton County Pennsylvania trees and shrubs horticulture over 4 years ago

Do you know where we get our rabbit's ear tattooed?

Do you know where we get our rabbit's ear tattooed?


Lorain County Ohio over 4 years ago

Hops Yard

I am establishing an area for a hops yard. It is sandy soil with a moss like overgrowth. I am planning on cultivating the hops in rows. Do I need to give attention to the soil conditions outside of the rows in which the hops will be growing? The moss cover and lack of weeds seems to be something to try and maintain outside the cultivated rows.


Muskegon County Michigan over 4 years ago

Holly Disease Issues

Our holly tree is at least 25 years old and maybe 20-30 feet tall. We live about 300 yards from the ocean. Many of the leaves now have white and some have black splotches. But many of the leaves are fine. This happened sometime over the winter, maybe related to Hurricane Sandy - although nothing else was damaged. No pesticide, no fertilizer, the tree has just taken care of itself over all these years. It is windy, but it always has been. The soil is sandy, but it always has been. Because we are so close to the ocean I guess there is some salt in the air, but it always has been. Picture attached. Thanks for your help.



New York disease issues horticulture over 4 years ago

Rhododendron borer

( FYI..I live on Cape Cod) Is it possible to use 'Tanglefoot' on the branches of Rhodys (under the lower ones with boring evidence)?? I'm trying to think of a alternative to chemicals. Thankyou for your help!! Heather


Barnstable County Massachusetts horticulture over 4 years ago

How to get rid of Carpenter ants

I have had carpenter ants for several years. Tonight I saw many flying ants and one that was over an inch long. I can capture some to make sure that they are carpenter ants, if needed. What are your suggestions? I would prefer to not use poisons, if possible.


Washington County Oregon insect issues over 4 years ago

Exactly what qualifies as a "shady area?

How do you define a shady area? Can there be some sun at certain times of the day. Same question for sunny area. How many hours of sun must an area have to be considered sunny? This is for the Bend area.

Thank you for answering my first question.

Dolores Ellis


Deschutes County Oregon over 4 years ago

Leaf Deformation on Tree Lilac

We have a JapaneseTree Lilac and for at least a couple of years have had trouble with something that causes leaf curl and leaf deformation. Looking at the leafs with a 10X loupe, I can't see any bugs, but the problem really looks like some sort of bug. The tree's planted in soil with a 7.8 pH, but the tree lilacs are supposed to be tolerant up to a pH of 8.0. It's possible it's soil-related, but I'm still leaning toward a bug of some type.



Montrose County Colorado tree diseases japanese lilac trees over 4 years ago

Move a Mountain Laurel

The people who owned our home previously planted a mountain laurel in the front yard...exactly where a drive way used to be. We would like to take back the drive way and would like to move the mountain laurel to our backyard. We have heard Mountain Laurel's are fickle, so are wondering what is the best way to ensure a successful transplant of the tree. What time of year, best way to prep the transplant location, etc...Any guidance would be appreciated.


Travis County Texas horticulture over 4 years ago


I've just heard about hugelkulture. A form of permaculture where wood products are covered with soil, compost, etc creating a mound to plant on.
I live in Lefthand Canyon at about 6500 ft. Most of the wood products available are pine and spruce. Would you recommend this technique at my location?


Boulder County Colorado trees and shrubs over 4 years ago

Gorgeous Double Orange/Apricot Variegated Rhododendron, Azalea or Camellia? Tree Mystery

What is the name of this gorgeous deciduous "tree"? It's leaves and bud characteristics are rhododendron and the double flowers (like an azalea or camellia) are drop dead gorgeous? I cannot find it anywhere online. It is about 12 feet tall now.


Flowers-on-tree_300x300%2523 Front-tree_300x300%2523

Riverside County California perennial flowers horticulture over 4 years ago

Red flowering dogwood - why would it bloom on just one side. We have had it...

Red flowering dogwood - why would it bloom on just one side. We have had it for two years


Washington County Maryland over 4 years ago

crabgrass in willamette valley

does crabgrass grow in the northern Willamette valley, what does it look like and the best way to control it


Washington County Oregon weed issues horticulture over 4 years ago

I am trying to find information on endophyte infected fescue grass and where...

I am trying to find information on endophyte infected fescue grass and where I could go to find out if my pasture for my horse may have it. Do you know?


Franklin County Ohio over 4 years ago

Bulb harvesting equipment

I work with the shellfish industry and we are converting bulb harvesters to clam harvesters. I am looking for new or used bulb harvesting equipment (non-pto) anywhere in the US. This means trying to find areas of the US where they are used or have been used. Can anyone help?


Pacific County Washington shellfish aquaculture horticulture over 4 years ago

New blueberry plants- no growth yet.

I planted some bare root blueberries 8-9 days ago, and there are still no outward signs of life. When I prune them, there is green on the inside, though. Should I be concerned? How long is normal for blueberries to break dormancy? Thanks.



Carroll County Maryland blueberries no growth over 4 years ago

Dolomite lime

I have a new 32 sq ft (8 x 4 ft) raised garden bed that I built into the ground (I dug up the sod). I have already added 3 (2.8 cu ft) bags of organic compost and I plan on adding some EB Stone SureStart to help amend the soil. I just bought a bag of dolomite lime and am curious about how much to use. So my questions are: How much lime do I use and are all these amendments ok?


Multnomah County Oregon soil and fertility issues soil soil ph horticulture over 4 years ago

Bugs vs. Cat

I have a question. I have lots of bugs in my house, but I am nervous about using most pesticides because I have an indoor cat, and I don't want to use anything that would be harmful to him.

My friend told me that there is a new bug spray out based on sunflower seed oil that is deadly to arthropods (spiders, insects, etc.)but harmless to vertebrates; but he did not know what brand names it was sold under. Can you help?


Kanawha County West Virginia insect issues over 4 years ago


How do I keep weeds away after I pull them? There is a creek in my back yard that runs into the Columbia River as well as my neighbors chickens and ducks eat in my front yard, so I am afraid to use harsh chemicals to keep weeds away. Is there a chemical or brand that will be the safest to use or is there any organic way to keep away the weeds? I have a couple acres so I dont have time to weed constantly. Thanks!


Columbia County Oregon weed issues horticulture over 4 years ago

Kokanee Salmon Run

My friend told me he went to the river that dumps into Porcupine Reservoir and, during certain weeks of the year, there is a big influx of Kokanee salmon that run up the river.

I'm trying to find out when they go and when's the best time to see them... any ideas?


Cache County Utah over 4 years ago

Riverside Rhubarb

I've been searching for Riverside Giant rhubarb, and cannot find it. Does anyone know where I can find rhizome starters for this cultivar of rhubarb? Thanks in advanced for your help.


Oldham County Kentucky horticulture over 4 years ago

Citrus trees

Why are my citrus trees dropping fruit? I only planted them this year I have a Meyer Lemon, a grapefruit and a orange too, do I need to purchase another set of these trees?


Harris County Texas trees and shrubs fruits and vegetables horticulture over 4 years ago

Raised beds

Why do my raised beds not stay moist? I got my "garden mix" from Copelands in Grants Pass, and have to water them daily in order for the soil to stay moist. Is this normal?


Josephine County Oregon gardening horticulture over 4 years ago

Sub Surface Irrigation Systems

I'm looking for information about sub surface irrigation systems for residential properties. Are there vendors in the Denver Metro area who install these types of systems in residences? How do they compare to standard sprinkler systems in terms of effectiveness, durability, maintenance and cost?
Thank you


Colorado lawns and turf over 4 years ago

My neighbor and I have heavily wooded lots. In one area the maple trees are...

My neighbor and I have heavily wooded lots. In one area the maple trees are dying rapidly. Do you have idea what could be causing it. It has been over the last couple years. Thanks, Bill


Delaware County Ohio over 4 years ago

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