I have two Mesabi cherry trees currently. They are small and were planted...

I have two Mesabi cherry trees currently. They are small and were planted last year. We tried to find Montmorency cherry trees, but have been unable to find them at any nursery. We live on the border of zone 3 and 4. Montmorency cherry trees are known for their health benefits. I saw them at Lowe's or Walmart a few years back, but have not seen them since. I've also heard of Evans Bali and Sweet Cherry Pie cherry trees. Out of all three (Montmorency, SCP and Evans Bali, which are the best for fresh eating? sweetest flavor? ones with most health benefits (melatonin, antioxidants, which do the best in Minnesota? We'd love to plant 2-3 more cherry trees this spring. We enjoyed the Montmorency cherries in Door County. They were delicious. They say they are hardy for zone 4, but I can't find them. Are Evans Bali and/or SCP trees just as sweet and flavorful? Thanks so much!!


Mille Lacs County MN cherry trees over 4 years ago

Flower names

Can you please give me the names if these two flowers


Img_0609_1_300x300%2523 Img_0011_300x300%2523

Marion County FL plant identification horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials over 4 years ago

Land Division Question

What is the difference and the pros/cons of an easement vs. a flag lot when reviewing a land split? How should a Zoning Administrator decide which is the better option?


Muskegon County MI over 4 years ago

Trumpet vine

We purchased a home last yr that had a huge overgrown trumpet vine. My hubby cut it down to about 8" above ground. It is now the 3rd week of May and to shows no new growth. Did he kill it?


Boulder County CO flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials over 4 years ago

Weed Killer

I was going to buy PREEM to kill my weeds, but decided against it because it was harmful to pets...I have a lot little neighbors cats and dogs so don't want them to get into it. Please suggest something else I can use to kill my weeds but not my plants... Thanks..


Hardin County IA over 4 years ago

cover crops

I am turning a lawn into a garden bed and want to intersperse cover crops with my vegetables. I have clay soil, have put down a cardboard barrier, lime, and about 4 inches of compost. What do you recommend for summer cover crops? Preferably that don't invite the all of the neighborhood deer over for dinner every night. Thank you.


Clatsop County OR cover crops horticulture over 4 years ago

ant identification

in my immaculately clean house (honest), a few small ants have shown up on the floor. how can i identify them to learn how to deter or eradicate them?



Outagamie County WI urban integrated pest management over 4 years ago

Trying to identify a flowering shurb

I was given a flowering shrub that was said to be a Crape Myrtle but doesn't look like any crape myrtle I've ever seen and blooms in Spring and not Summer to late Summer like other Crape Myrtles I know of.



York County PA trees and shrubs horticulture over 4 years ago

I noticed my Euonymus was slowing becoming more transparent, and upon closer...

I noticed my Euonymus was slowing becoming more transparent, and upon closer inspection found a number of leaf notchers eating away at my bushes. What can I do to get rid of them before they completely defoliate my bushes and how can I help my bushes recover?


Fairfax County VA shrubs euonymus euonymus leafnotcher over 4 years ago

Organic Grass Fed Beef Advice

I am a PSU alumni, BA 1988. My family and I own a 150 acre farm in NE Pennsylvania. The farm is currently not productive but was a functioning Dairy Farm until 1977. We have 120 acres of grassland on the farm plus a barn, tractor, some implements. A local Dairy farmer approached us about planing Corn and Soybeans as feed for his Dairy cattle. He would prepare the fields via Brush Hog (already done), application of Roundup Vegetation Killer, Fertilizer, plant, etc. This request came out of the blue. Concurrently, for the past five years, I have been contemplating bringing the farm out of retirement primarily as an Organic, Grass Fed Beef Operation. I am trying to learn more about economics and mechanics of raising grass fed cattle in NE PA. I have capital to invest in this operation. I need to have a general chat about this. I also need to understand the pros and cons of converting a field into a 'row crop' field as the dairy farmer wants to do. Obviously I understand the organic / non-organic implications of his approach. What I don't understand is how hard it would be to convert a field that has been row cropped back to a grass field for grazing. Is this possible? Would the soil density be too soft after row cropping. I am willing to pay for a consultation if this is an option. My question is time sensitive: we have to let the local Dairy Farmer know if he can proceed by this weekend (Saturday May 17, 2014). Thanks for any advice and expertise. Dante, Salt Lake City Utah


Lackawanna County PA over 4 years ago

So many red stem, green leafs and tiny pink flowers

What is this?



Multnomah County OR plant identification over 4 years ago

Raspberry Help

I m getting ready to do a raspberry trellis and some plants at my family's homestead and I realized that there are some that are nearby. Literally 20 feet from this area that we are creating. Couple questions. 1) Memory serves - they are NOT wild but merely not mainitained . . are they safe to mix in with new? 2) I think I know how to trasplant but wanted to connect to an authority. you can call me at 814 937 1563


Blair County PA fruits and vegetables fruits and berries raspberries over 4 years ago

My silver(I believe) maple has not budded yet. Is this unusual or are they...

My silver(I believe) maple has not budded yet. Is this unusual or are they late bloomers?


Washington County MN over 4 years ago

Fruit trees damaged by cold

Five of my newly (about ten months)planted fruit trees were Killed by the last winter weather. We were going to uproot them but we find new branches growing from the base of the stem. What should we do? We are in Georgetown,TX.


Williamson County TX trees and shrubs horticulture over 4 years ago


We are cheese and yogurt manufacturers that need to develop a HACCP Plan. Can you assist? Thanks!


Loudoun County VA over 4 years ago

long term storage for ghee?

Looking for an oil product for my long term storage food supply. The best I have found was olive oil with a 2 year eat-by-date. Recently I read about ghee (?clarified butter?) and it was compared to honey as for its long term shelf life? Can you comment on this?


DuPage County IL food safety over 4 years ago

hi I work at the u of mn but live in Hudson, wi. I am interested in the...

hi I work at the u of mn but live in Hudson, wi. I am interested in the program.Are there master gardeners from my neck of the woods?


St. Croix County WI master gardener program over 4 years ago

Bean inoculation

Do I need to inoculate my bush bean seeds? My garden soil is all right, but could use the added nitrogen from having the beans fix it in the soil.What do you think?Thank you.Anne Jones


Grayson County TX fruits and vegetables horticulture over 4 years ago

Weed control

Our Borough is considering using a store grade i.e. Round-up Scotts etc. for weed control instead of commercial grade products. Does that require an application license?


Westmoreland County PA pesticide certification pesticide education horticulture over 4 years ago

Moss balls on live oak tree

Are these moss balls harmful to my live oak?? What is the proper name of these balls. Is there a link where I can learn more
on how to prevent their spreading on my tree??


Bexar County TX trees and shrubs horticulture over 4 years ago

Snake ID

Can you please tell me what type of snake this is and if it is poisonous



Cherokee County GA over 4 years ago

Bug & Snake Identification

Can you please identify the bug and the snake in the attached photos and tell me what steps I can take to get rid of the bugs. Thanks



Cherokee County GA over 4 years ago

Aged Cheese

Hello, Is it safe to make aged cheese from unpasteurized, raw milk?


Washington County OR food safety over 4 years ago

What common annuals and perennials are favored /eaten by rabbits or squirrels in the Metro area, or, generally, which common plants are NOT eaten by critters? Thank you!

What common annuals and perennials are favored/eaten by rabbits or squirrels in Metro area? Or, in general which common plants are not eaten by critters?


Hennepin County MN rabbits over 4 years ago

I am reseeding an existing lawn that had some excessive moss. The area did...

I am reseeding an existing lawn that had some excessive moss. The area did not get enough sun. I have trimmed the trees and will aerate extensively. Do I need to remove the moss or will the aeration take care of it and in essence act like a mulch


Hennepin County MN moss moss in lawn over 4 years ago

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