Number of hours below 45 degrees

I read that blueberries require >/= 800 hours below 45 degrees F during dormant season to do well - I live in North Bend/Coos Bay (Broadway & Newmark)and would like to grow blueberries in a pot on my balcony. Do you know how many hours we have below 45 degrees during the "winter" here? Thank you for your time - my research has been inconclusive and it is my understanding that our zone is 9a, higher than most (all?) blueberries are rated.


Coos County OR blueberry production over 4 years ago

Cat Tail problem

I have a very large irrigation pond which is being over run with cat tails. I've tried burning them, but they come back with a vengence! How do I kill these plants without harming the water?


Pueblo County CO integrated pest management irrigation and water management aquatic weed control pond management over 4 years ago

Hello, I asked a question earlier about my garden's vining plants leaves...

Hello, I asked a question earlier about my garden's vining plants leaves turning brown and your answer said it could be a disease or a pest. Then I remembered the bugs I saw and I was able to find a picture of them online...they were squashbugs. So that is apparently my problem. We have four 4x4 raised beds that we grow our garden in so I can't really move to new ground, I can only rotate the crops a little. So my question is what all should I do to control the squashbugs that will come back this year? I tried looking it up but the sites were not all that helpful, most wanted to sell you their product. So if you could let me know what I should do and when I should start I would be extremely grateful.


Morrow County OH over 4 years ago

Hi - We have a new (small) Katahdin sheep operation in Moraine, and our first...

Hi - We have a new (small) Katahdin sheep operation in Moraine, and our first lambs were born last week on the 14th (triplets to one single ewe). They're still in the lambing pen with their mother, and the other 3 Katahdins are in the adjacent pen to keep mom company. All have been confined to the barn since the births, since this is where these pens are located. We are considering letting mother, babies, and the other three outside into their outdoor pen during daylight hours after this weekend but we also have a family of hawks (I believe they are Red-Tails) living at the far edge of our field. Would these hawks represent a threat to the lambs? They have almost doubled in size already and are about 8-10 lbs now. If the hawks are a danger, what would be an effective deterrent? Removing the birds is not an option for us.



Montgomery County OH over 4 years ago

Hello, Last year we had something attack our vining plants like pumpkin and...

Hello, Last year we had something attack our vining plants like pumpkin and gourd, etc. The leaves turned brown and shriveled up. What should we start spraying with early on to keep this from happening again?


Morrow County OH pumpkin vine over 4 years ago

Fencing for cattle

I have heard some about a fencing technique called a "swing fence". Can you give me more information on the design of this fencing method?


Vernon Parish LA small farm issues cattle over 4 years ago

elm trees in Northwest

Will elm tree harm the native wildlife if planted elm tree in this location Portland Oregon?


Multnomah County OR trees and shrubs elm over 4 years ago

Handling of breast milk

If breast milk has been frozen, then thawed in the refrigerator, is it ok to freeze it again or must it be discarded? If it is ok to freeze it again, what is the timeframe it must be frozen again before it spoils in the refrigerator?


IL food safety human nutrition food preservation child care health and safety over 4 years ago

Removing aspen trees and roots

What is the best way to remove aspen trees and their roots? I am concerned about the roots sending up an army of volunteers after removing the three trees.


Boulder County CO trees and shrubs over 4 years ago

mesh in my lawn burning out lawn mowers

had lawn reseeded and mesh netting was laid down also. no grass came up only weeds. nevertheless the weeds needed to cut. what can i do to avoid getting mesh in the blades of my mower and destroying another one? should I put more dirt on top of what's there in hopes of not running into any more of this mesh crap? I need solutions that will work...I have no clue on how to fix this! Mary W. p.s. the yard looks like a field.I did not put this seed down nor the mesh a septic company did that.


Oakland County MI lawns and turf horticulture over 4 years ago

pickling herring

Do you have a booklet or an easy recipe for pickling herring? I have all these fresh herring and I don't want them to go to waste. Is there a risk of botulism like there is in canning?


OR food safety seafood safety over 4 years ago

St. Helens Summer Lunch Program

I come with hat in hand with hopes that by chance you might be interested in participating in our summer lunch program? In Vernonia the Master Gardeners host a weekly activity that is really amazing. Anything would be so appreciated by our staff and especially so for the children in the community we serve. If there is no persons able to volunteer services perhaps someone might be willing to point us in the right direction? Thank you, Misty


Columbia County OR horticulture over 4 years ago


Hi, I live in Denver. Last fall I planted quite a few daffodil bulbs and I am beginning to see the green leaf tips poking up. Many of the tips are brown, although the majority of the leaves are green and none look too poorly. I have checked the soil moisture and it is fine but most of the bulbs are against a south facing wall and it is much warmer there than surrounding areas. Are the brown tips indicative of a problem? Is there anything I can or should do? Thanks so much!


Denver County CO horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials over 4 years ago

New Lawn

We would like to install a new back yard lawn and are wondering what type we should get. The lawn will be partly in full sun and partly in full shade from a big tree and partly in sun and shade. We would like to water as little as possible. Looks are not that important but it needs to hold up to extensive use from our three kids. Although we would like to not break the bank, we are considering installing sod since it apparently is much quicker to get to a stage where we can use it. At this stage we are still open for any suggestions you may have.

If you can suggest something I would also very much appreciate it if you could tell us where we can get the necessary supplies.

I had one installer who quoted me Kentucky Blue Grass but I am not sure if this is the right choice for our dry summers.

We are located in Boulder.

Thanks for any suggestions!


Boulder County CO lawns and turf over 4 years ago

Hops In Texas

I am considering growing organic hops in Texas. Has any research been done with regards to hops? I have been doing some reading and have learned that they don't do well below the 30 or 35th latitudes. Most commercial hops are grown in the Yakima Valley in Washington State and the Willamette Valley in Oregon. I'm not a fan of "you cant grow that here". I'm wondering if they told the grape growers that as well. Any information you can supply will be much appreciated.


Burleson County TX hops production over 4 years ago

Where can I purchase honey bees within the state of Michigan.

I have a client who is a beekeeper wanting to purchase honey bees and is looking for a legitimate person to purchase them from. Do you know of anyone?


Alpena County MI honey bees over 4 years ago

Oregon State's Stance

Hi, I'm curious to know what Oregon State's official stance is on the safety and acceptability of genetically modified produce and cereal crops.


Jackson County OR horticulture over 4 years ago

passed thru animal pesticide in green waste

i recently read a article in the mother earth news of land applied chemicals as well as bagged feed feed to animals making the manure unusable for organic fertizler in gardens


Sheridan County WY over 4 years ago

pasture-raised rabbit

How do rabbits react to electric poultry netting?


Lane County OR rabbit 4-h small animals over 4 years ago

How can I reduce the ph of my soil? I have been using sulfur as directed by...

How can I reduce the ph of my soil? I have been using sulfur as directed by my soil sample instruction for 3 years and no progress.


Pickaway County OH over 4 years ago


Qualified Agricultural Property Exemption. Does this mean that I am paying agricultural taxes, or do I need to apply for it ? Thank you, Denis


Kent County MI over 4 years ago

Sticky gum on my nectarine fruit


I live in Houston, Tx, and for the past several years, the fruit on my nectarine tree have consistently been damaged by a clear, very sticky gum that forms on the surface of the fruit. The fruit seem to stop maturing after the appearance of the gum and eventually shrivel and fall off. This gum appears *only* on the fruit, and does not appear anywhere else on the tree (such as the trunk or branches). I've attached a picture of a shriveled nectarine with the clear gum on it. Do you know what is causing this, and how to prevent or treat it? Thanks!

Patrick Walsh



Harris County TX fruit trees over 4 years ago

Evergreen shrubs

I am looking for small to medium size evergreen shrubs for my backyard flower beds. I would like to use them as a backdrop to perennials and annuals.


Josephine County OR landscape design over 4 years ago

Beef Calf Health Question

We have a young heifer that we bought a couple of months ago at the Eugene Livestock Auction. She is about 250 lbs. I noticed several weeks ago that she often walks with her tail slightly elevated. I have been watching her but she seems healthy and has continued eating at normal levels. I was worried that perhaps she was scouring but that appears normal as well. A couple of days ago I noticed that she was attemping to pee, but it was just barely dribbling out. I thought perhaps I just caught the tail end of the activity, (no pun intended). Today, however, she was doing the same thing outside the barn just before we fed them. She then came in the barn, lifted her tail again, but only a small amount of urine trickeled out. We have had cattle for many years now and I have never seen a calf with this issue before.


Linn County OR livestock beef over 4 years ago

calcium bentonite and mycorriza fungi amendments

I have three seperate questions on soil amendments. 1-What affect would calcium bentonite have on a neutral clay soil? 2-Azomite is a rock dust from Utah which has 65 minerals. What can I substitute for it since I can't find it in Crossville.3-Are Mychorrizal fungi additives, a good soil amendment?Denise


Cumberland County TN soil and fertility issues soil amendments over 4 years ago

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