Pond Care

I finally retired last year and my wife and I moved north as we have always planned on. We bought a house on 15 acres and the property has a 3/4 acre pond. We loved the thought of raising fish and the grandkids could have so much fun there. The only problem is that I know nothing about pond care and have a small budget for care. Do you have any resources to help with learning where I stand with my pond and where to move forward?


Clare County Michigan freshwater aquaculture recreational pond management over 4 years ago

radon mystery

I have installed a a sub-slab radon mitigation system. When I tested if the fan was drawing from below the slab I got a very weak to non-existent pressure; when I immediately opened the door to my basement the draw became very strong. I'm puzzled to why this is.


Montgomery County Maryland engineering home energy new home design and construction healthy homes radon over 4 years ago

Lawn Dead Spots

Our client has spots in her lawn that are dying. The area seemed overly healthy last year, but when the snow melted, the areas are now dead. some of the tufts seem greenish-gray. They are large and irregular shaped. Some of the area is near the drive, but not right against it. Some of the spots are where snow had been piled, but other spots were not.
Is there a general solution, or further information or tests?


Chippewa County Michigan lawns and turf over 4 years ago

can yacon grow vertically

I have some yacon plants Can I grow them in tires or a coffee bag like I grow potatos and sweet potatoes? Will they produce tubers all the way up the stem as I mound them with mulch?


Benton County Oregon fruits and vegetables horticulture over 4 years ago

Lawn weeds :(

HI all,

I have 2 issues I have been fighting for a while now, I believe I have a weed called Nut Sedge in my lawn (mostly in the backyard). I have heard that using a pre-emergent doesn't work for this weed is this true? if so how can I get rid of it. Also I have attached a pic of a very off dead spot in my lawn, I am not sure how to get rid of it. Thanks SO much for your help!!


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Weld County Colorado lawns and turf over 4 years ago

Can you identify this invasive vine?

An invasive vine has appeared this spring in the wilderness conservation area behind our home. It has incredibly rapid growth and is trying to expand its territory to our area and trees. It is not Kudzu but seems to have the same behavior of enveloping a host tree. I am concerned that it may decimate the wilderness conservation area if it cannot be stopped. Any help is appreciated.


Invasive_vines_300x300%2523 Air_photo_where_vines_are_noted_300x300%2523

Pinellas County Florida weed management urban forestry invasive weeds over 4 years ago

Fireblight on Roses?

As members of the Rosaceae family, are roses susceptible to fireblight?

A landscape contractor told me the roses in a large, recently acquired, rose garden have fireblight. I think the damage is caused by the recent cold weather and lack of protection. The mulch had been removed just prior to the cold weather. There is some blackening on some plants, and other signs I associate with winter die-back. There has been no pruning on the roses since last summer, however the person pruning them was untrained. Additionally, the roses were previously covered in vines and in poor health due to years of neglect.


Img_0157_300x300%2523 Img_0158_300x300%2523

Denver County Colorado rose black spot over 4 years ago

Please identify this.

We are thinking this is Yellow Rocket. Please let me know if we are correct. If not, what is it? It has yellow flowers, about 1 foot tall at this time, leaves are somewhat pointed, smaller leaves have a distinct point.


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Alpena County Michigan weed issues over 4 years ago

Winter daphne

Can I plant a winter daphne in May? Will it do ok?


Oregon horticulture over 4 years ago

Choke Cherry branch fell, Hole in tree

Can the hole be covered with something to save the tree. When it rains, it will hold water and rot. Tree is now blooming.


Washtenaw County Michigan over 4 years ago

tx. for fruit flies

We have the spotted wing drosophila fly in our berries. what is the treatment for them? How often do you spray for them? When do you spray? We are organic ?


Johnson County Iowa over 4 years ago

plum curculio on pear trees

Would a band of tanglefoot, painted on the trunk of a pear tree, be an effective control for plum curculio?

Do you have any comments on the effectiveness of kaolin clay products like "Surround" from Gardens Alive for controlling curculio or other fruit tree pests?


Waushara County Wisconsin over 4 years ago

smoke and soot damage from fire

Last night my daughter had a kitchen fire in her apartment that left smoke and soot damage. The smoke smell has permeated her clothes and all her belongings. Is there any home remedy for laundering, or must all the clothing get professional dry cleaning? What about leather shoes and handbags?


Rockland County New York disasters clean-up and recovery after the fire disaster disaster recovery over 4 years ago

Grubs & Thatch

Our client wants to treat for grubs and thatch his lawn.

- Which should be done first?

- What is the best control for grubs?


Chippewa County Michigan lawns and turf over 4 years ago

Live Oak pruning

How often should live oak trees be thinned or receive a major pruning? Major pruning or thinning 2 years ago to 50 year old + trees. Arborist advised 3 to 5 years before needed again. Shoots or suckers are good to promote nutrients to the branches. Worried about wind damage or hurricane damage.


Harris County Texas trees and shrubs horticulture over 4 years ago

Lilac bush won't bloom

Bush starts to bloom, but they turn dark and die. What can I do?


Morrow County Ohio trees and shrubs horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials over 4 years ago

artificial sweeteners

Is it possible that new artificial sweeteners are fooling honey bees into bringing back sweet but non-caloric "food" to their colony?


North Carolina bee health bees beekeeping over 4 years ago

fish spoiled despite vacuum packing

I own a consumer-grade vacuum packer. Last summer I purchased 50# of salmon fillets and vacuum packed them in portioned sizes. Trouble is, a number of the packages were "spoiled" when opened 6-9 months later -- inedibly fishy smelling. This seemed to be most common with tail sections, though not sure if that is just coincidence. The salmon was purchased directly from a wholesaler and very fresh smelling when packed.

Can you tell where I went wrong, based on this story? Some fellow chefs said I should have "cleaned" the skin side with a vinegar rinse to cut down on bacteria.


Multnomah County Oregon food safety food preservation over 4 years ago

Strawberry Wisdom

Live in Garden City. Want to plant some everbearing strawberries that will grow here and a location to buy them.

All help appreciated.



Rich County Utah gardening strawberries over 4 years ago

How Do I Test Soil pH?

We're thinking of planting some blueberry bushes but read the soil must have pH of 5.5-6.5. How do we test soil pH? Thanks


Ingham County Michigan blueberries soils blueberry soils horticulture over 4 years ago

Does Revive Help?

In view of the coming summer drought conditions here in Colorado I am wondering if there is anything I can do to help my bluegrass lawn thrive. Revive is a product that claims to make a difference. Has it been shown to be effective in objective evaluation? Also, are there home-made remedies that help better or equally. I've wondered about detergent solution.


Jefferson County Colorado lawns and turf lawn fertilizer over 4 years ago

The past two summers, I have had a grub infestation on my front lawn. What is...

The past two summers, I have had a grub infestation on my front lawn. What is the best treatment and timing to get rid of them? Thanks. Paul


Montgomery County Maryland lawns and turf grub control timing grub control over 4 years ago

Multiflora rose problem

I have about 4 acres of property, 1.5 of which is wooded and completely filled with multiflora rose and Japanese honeysuckle. These plants have taken over and choking out native plants I am trying to preserve, such as may apple. I would like to clear this invasive stuff, allow the trees and other native plants to grow, and make the wooded area attractive and accessible for walking. Do you have any advice or help available?


Lancaster County Pennsylvania invasive plants horticulture over 4 years ago




Redwood County Minnesota over 4 years ago

Missing Bees

Hi, I live in Cedar Mill, Oregon, a rapidly developing area that is quickly losing its meadows and such. One thing I've noticed this spring is a lack of honeybees and bumble bees. There are usually gobs of them out by this time of year, but I have seen almost none in my yard, and almost as few on my worksite (Springville Elementary School, which is literally next to a big field of red clover in bloom right now). What I want to know is this--is there a way I can artificially pollinate the 40 feet of cane berries and blueberries in my backyard?

I did use an organic rosemary/thyme derivative around the edges of my house in February as a deterrent to ants and spiders, but the berry rows are all at least 12 feet away from the house. Did I inadvertently disturb the bees?

My yard is already full of a diverse and bee/butterfly friendly mix of flowering plants and shrubs. Is there anything else I can do to lure them back? Thanks so much, Terresa Cornelius


Washington County Oregon blueberries bees pollination over 4 years ago

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