I am trying to figure out what type of grass/grassy weed this is invading a residential customers bermuda and I have no idea what to tell him it is. I also need to know what it is, so that I can treat it and eliminate it....if possible. It seems to be growing in the lower lying areas with poor drainage. I have had a couple of fellow professionals tell me......"Hmmmm...fescue?".....after scratching their heads for 20 minutes. But its not, I dont believe it would have made it through the heat for this long. I treated it with a combination of Certainty and Celsuis herbicides.....didnt seem to phase it. Thank you for your help!!


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Tarrant County TX plant identification horticulture over 4 years ago

Dawn Redwood, approximately 10 years old, 30 ft tall, I have two of these in...

Dawn Redwood, approximately 10 years old, 30 ft tall, I have two of these in my back yard and they are both affected. It was first noticed about a month ago. They both live in full sun on a slight embankment. My lawn was sprayed once earlier this year for weeds but the trees have never had any fertilizer or pesticide.



York County PA trees and shrubs urban forestry tree health horticulture over 4 years ago

Burr Oak Issues

We maintain commerical properties throughout DFW and came across this burr oak. This is in Plano, TX. The tree sits in a small island in a parking lot, with mulch at the base and the remainder of the island is bermuda turfgrass. There are about 3 others that appear to be suffering in the same manner at this particular location. Any ideas? Solutions? Thank you!!


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Collin County TX over 4 years ago

What is this plant, and what is on it?

This plant is on my lake shore in Cass County. I used to have lots of black-eyed Susans, but this year they look like something has infested them (or replaced them??).



Cass County MN lrk oxeye over 4 years ago

Hi, we recently bought a small farm in QAC. When bush hogging the pastures we...

Hi, we recently bought a small farm in QAC. When bush hogging the pastures we found several steeple jumps. They look like they have been in the field a while as some was quite damaged, however, it appears there may be some useable jumps and hardware. Please let me know how to contact the 4-H to see if someone may like to have this. . Thank you, Pam



Queen Anne's County MD over 4 years ago

My Stella d'oro day lilies are not producing as many flowers as in past year....

My Stella d'oro day lilies are not producing as many flowers as in past year. I fed them late spring with Osmocote. We have had an abundance of rain this summer, about 6 inches above normal rainfall. Could this be the problem? Should I try feeding with liquid like Miracle Grow? Is it too late for additional feeding? Thanks.


Berkshire County MA horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials over 4 years ago

Ash tree defoliation

My 25 year-old ash tree started dropping entire compound leaves for the first time in June. There is occasional browning at the edges but the vast majority of the dropped compound leaves appear completely normal. There is no honeydew. A tree company applied a systemic insecticide three weeks ago (~July 20) by pouring it on the ground around the base of the trunk. The tree continues to defoliate. It is 1/3 to 1/2 defoliated, principally on the north side. Other than losing so many leaves the tree appears completely normal. No evidence of bore holes or an unusual amount of insects on it. Thank you for your help!


Larimer County CO trees and shrubs over 4 years ago

Question About a grape problem 8-11-14

Hi, Last year my wife and I planted two grape vines in our backyard, one is a Concord grape, the other a Reisling. Both years the grapes are dying back before they become ripe. Last year we did nothing and none of the grapes survived. This year we tried several things and the Concord grapes seem to be holding up, but the Reisling grapes have pretty much all died back. We are hoping someone might be able to give us some idea of what is going on and if there is anything we can do to get some healthy, mature grapes - if not this year, then possibly next year and the following years. This year both grape vines have been treated with: Daconil fungicide and disease control (sprayed three times beginning with leaf break in early spring), hydrated lime (to increase available calcium), and Imidacloprid (Bayer systemic insect control). A few recent pictures are enclosed. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.



Montgomery County PA over 4 years ago

Hawaiian Horse

Building a house in Hawaii County in a residentail area zoned R7.5 on 2.5 acres of land. I want to have a horse. Can I? Also, does it matter if it will be a Therapy Animal to be used for owner of the property? Lastly, how many animals can I have on property?


Hawaii County HI over 4 years ago

Recommend a Good Shade Tree: clay soil and full sun

My new patio faces a northwesterly direction and I get full hot sun in the late afternoon/early evening. Please recommend a disease resistant shade tree that will grow relatively fast, tolerates wind (I have an open field behind me) and that deer don't really like (unless starving). How far away from my patio do I need to plant it?


Oakland County MI trees and shrubs tree selection over 4 years ago

Multiple wounds and bugs in my Autumn Blaze Maple

Hi, we planted a 7.5' Autumn Blaze Maple nine years ago, and we have had some trouble with it this year. A few months ago I found a wound on the lowest branch that I had thought was my child hitting the branch and damaging it (see attached), but I'm not so sure anymore. The wound became hollow and had earwigs living in it, so I cut away the exterior bark, got rid of the earwigs, and now it's healing (see attached).

Today I found a vertical crack in the bark that earwigs are living in, and I'm concerned there's a bigger problem here (see attached pic). You can see the green center of the tree behind the bark in the pic, as well as an earwig in the bark just below the green.

It's a beautiful tree that provides important shade for our family. Any guidance you could provide would be greatly appreciated.




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Utah County UT trees and shrubs over 4 years ago

How can we eliminate yellowjackets inside a wall of our house?

We recently discovered that we have a yellowjacket nest inside a wall of our house. The insects are entering through a small hole where vinyl siding wraps around an adjoining soffit. We can hear a faint clicking noise inside the house next to the wall opposite their entrance. Can you give us some advice on how best to eliminate these yellowjackets?


Carroll County MD yellow jackets lrk over 4 years ago

Yellow Jacket

I live in Corvallis; is there someone here who will come and get yellow jacket nests and use them for their venom? If not, what is the best approach for getting rid of an in-ground nest?


Benton County OR over 4 years ago

Flat black interior paint selection

I will be painting a dedicated home theater room.

The drywall is textured with a medium heavy orange peel finish.

The plan calls for a dead flat black on all of the ceiling area and some painted cabinets.

In a low light setting this gives the illusion of the ceiling fading from view and makes the room feel topless or open.

I have done some tests with latex enamel flat black and found that every speck of dust in the room seems to gravitate to the surface and stick like glue when you try to dust it off.

Wiping it with a damp cloth only makes it worse.

Is there some alternative solution here without adding a sheen to the paint?

Can I have a black that will not reflect all of the light from a movie screen and still not collect dust?

Thank you for your help.

David B.


Pierce County WA housing new home design and construction home interiors over 4 years ago

What kind of snake is this?

Can you identify the snake from the two pictures below? I saw it in my backyard in Rochester, New York. It had bitten into a frog. It was over 3 feet long.


Photo_1_300x300%2523 Photo_2_300x300%2523

Monroe County NY over 4 years ago

pine mulch

I read that folks down south gather up pine needles and sell them as pine straw to be used as mulch.
Could pine cone be used as mulch in my raspberry patch? I have lots of pine cones, and lots of weeds in the raspberries.
Thank you


Thomas County KS sustainable gardening and landscaping horticulture over 4 years ago

Concerned about water in basement

Our water heater cracked and died and spilled 15-20 gallons of water (our plumber estimates) in the hallway and bedroom across from the utility room where it was housed. He loaned us a vac that sucked some out but that too died . We are also borrowing his commercial fan to air it out for what he recommends the next three days. We are running the AC Fan continuously to also dry it out. We only vacuumed the wet spots - do we need to do the whole bedroom and go beyond the wet spots in the hallway? What can we do right now to prevent any mold happening?


Cass County ND floods mildew and mold control over 4 years ago

Dead branches on blueberries

WE have several different brands of blueberry bushes. Most are doing well ,except for the Chippewa's..They seem to have a lot of dead branches. Are we doing something wrong, or are they not suited for southern New Hampshire?


Rockingham County NH blueberries blueberry production horticulture over 4 years ago

Our bushes are dying and after treating several times, they are not...

Our bushes are dying and after treating several times, they are not recovering. We have this white powdery residue all over the branches and the plants appear to be dying from the inside and then going out to the leaves.



Anne Arundel County MD insect identification over 4 years ago

Have our our robins and wrens already left?

We live in a rural area and have noticed that we no longer have robins, we have had as many as 15 wrens, but now they're gone too. Isn't it early for the birds to be migrating?


Grundy County IA over 4 years ago

Arborvitae tree eaten by bag worms

I cut off all the brown crunchy area. Only branches left but still seem alive. Will it regrow?


Beaver County PA trees and shrubs insect issues horticulture over 4 years ago

How often does this fir tree make pinecones?

How often does this fir tree make pinecones?



Baltimore County MD trees and shrubs over 4 years ago

Red Oak dropping leaves


My Red Oak tree has started dropping clumps of dead leaves. The problem started in the crown about 8 weeks ago, and was dropping clumps of green leaves, now it is dropping clumps of brown leaves as well as green. It is also dropping sap from the places where the leaves drop. The tree is starting to look really thin, and the problem is definitely getting worse. Swingle said it had kermes scale, and treated it, but I think this is a different problem, and I fear we will lose this tree. Any help you can give in diagnosis and / or treatment is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,



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Jefferson County CO trees and shrubs over 4 years ago

How I can clean/sanitize a pickling crock that was kept outside?

I recently purchased a pickling crock that was kept outside and exposed to the weather and other exposures. I was wondering how I can clean/sanitize the crock? Also, there were weights (kept indoors). How should I clean/sanitize them to prevent them from absorbing a cleaner?


Hamilton County OH food safety lrk over 4 years ago

Identity of this plant

Hi, We started noticing this plant becoming more pervasive over the past 3 years in the forest around our cabin in Pine Grove, Schuylkill County. It has thorns and a very thin stem. This year it is climbing around grape vines. This is the first year I'm seeing berries on the plants. What is this thorny plant?


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Schuylkill County PA wildflowers and native plants horticulture over 4 years ago

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