We have 2 huge, 50 yr old maple trees side by side. They have been perfectly...

We have 2 huge, 50 yr old maple trees side by side. They have been perfectly healthy until this summer. Now both trees have the vast majority of their leaves dying...wilted and dry on outer edges. Another maple of the same kind about 50 feet away looks to be fine. We don't want to loose these 2 magnificent tress. Can you help us identify the problem and suggest a treatment? Many thanks!



Calvert County Maryland about 4 years ago


Ornamental cherry tree is ill can u identify the problem



Lackawanna County Pennsylvania trees and shrubs about 4 years ago

I make beef jerky in my food dehydrator. I have seen on a website that food...

I make beef jerky in my food dehydrator. I have seen on a website that food dehydrators do not raise the temperature enough for the meat to be safely preserved and that it should be done in an oven. Your input would certainly be appreciated as I have a nice dehydrator with nine trays. I have used it previously without problems. Thank you. Gary Swenson


Franklin County Ohio home food preservation about 4 years ago

Baby Oak trrees

Several oak trees have appeared in our lawn. Most have four or five true leaves and are about 6-8 inches tall. Is now a good time to put them in pots? Or should I wait until they lose their leaves? I can put wire screening around them in the lawn to protect them from deer and the mower, but most are not in places where I want oak trees. They are probably red oak or pin oaks, if that helps any. Thank you.


Somerset County New Jersey about 4 years ago

mature shrub die off

I have several wax myrtle and red flowering currents shrubs that have recently developed dead branches. These mature shrubs appeared to survive the severe late winter/early spring weather without damage, but seem to be dying now. They are in a sprinklered garden area, so it is not lack of water that is affecting them - they are sprinklered twice a day at 4 a.m. and 7 a.m. for 10 to 15 minutes.


Lane County Oregon trees and shrubs about 4 years ago

Identification Needed, Please!

If possible, could someone please tell me what kind of plant this is?

I bought it at a festival in Lisle during the Fourth of July weekend. I forgot to ask the person running the booth what kind of plant it was because she was busy with other customers. It was on a table with other succulents and cacti. The plant is mostly green with a red edge. The leaves have "teeth" on the edges. It is very small.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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DuPage County Illinois about 4 years ago

Blossoms, no fruit

We have always grown vegetables in the ground or raised beds, but moved here too late in the season to prepare either of those and have planted tomatoes, zucchini, yellow squash and cucumbers in pots. We have never done that before and are having problems developing fruit. The blossoms are beautiful, but once they close, they wither and fall off. I have seen bees, but not many. Also, I opened one fallen blossom that looked especially nasty and found an earwig in there. I have attached pictures of the squash blossom open and closed (1 and 2) and a good zucchini blossom (3). Is this problem common with vegetables grown in pots? Is it too late to save this crop? Thank you


Garden_001_300x300%2523 Garden_002_300x300%2523 Garden_003_300x300%2523

Larimer County Colorado about 4 years ago

Are these baby lady bugs?

We found these little bugs on our tomatoes this morning. Would you tell us what they are please? Thank you!



Marion County Oregon insects insect management about 4 years ago


Curious about the age of a huge white oak on our rural property in Appomattox County I followed the instructions given on this website The circumference of this tree is 153". So did the following calculations: Diameter = 153” DIVIDED BY 3.14 (pi) = 48.7 48.7 x 5 = 243.5 This tree has been in the yard of a house maybe a 100 feet from a stream-fed pond since the 1930's when the house and pond were built. How close can the estimate of 243 years old be? How much younger b/c of the stream and pond and less competition since the 1930's? I would be so grateful for a reply. Maurine Harrison, Wilwood Farm, Appomattox, VA



Appomattox County Virginia about 4 years ago

Beet Greens

My beet greens have all turned brown and dying back. The weather the last week has been hot 80-90s. Is this due to the heat?


Deschutes County Oregon vegetables about 4 years ago

I have runoff seeping into foundation and basement from ground level....

I have runoff seeping into foundation and basement from ground level. Basement is damp; cinderblock has huge, horizontal cracks, and backyard has occasional puddles and flooding. Where is best place to get information about a remedy for this problem?


Howard County Maryland drainage erosion miscellaneous about 4 years ago

Brown spots

I have brown spots showing up in my lawn almost overnight. I have applied Actinovate and an insecticide without any noticeable results. I'd like to get a soil plug tested but not sure as to how and where to send it.


Lane County Oregon lawns and turf about 4 years ago

Hi, My friend found this egg sac (??) attached to a Vitis leaf in her yard in...

Hi, My friend found this egg sac (??) attached to a Vitis leaf in her yard in Inver Grove Heights. I have not yet seen it in person, and the photo is a little blurry (I've asked her to try and take a clearer photo), but I'm trying to help her identify it. She said it's definitely spiky, and it looked like a little ball of snow. When I google, I end up at the egg sac of the brown widow spider, but I don't think that occurs this far north. Any ideas? Again, I will work on getting more information and a better photo from my friend in the meantime...



Dakota County Minnesota spiders about 4 years ago


I have snapdragons that develop big buds only to end up with 3-5 holes bored down into them. I have never seen this. Life time resident. I have examined for bud worm..haven't seen a single life form. I have had thrips this year and aphids and have given them a nasty environment....over and over. Any ideas what these hole are from?? fyi...I have cut the plants back a third due to heat, this could help?

You will note tiny black granules in the photos. What might this be?? Poop?


Snapdragon_001_300x300%2523 Snapdragon_002_300x300%2523 Snapdragon_003_300x300%2523

Mesa County Colorado flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials about 4 years ago

Sudden spotty yard death

My yard was looking pretty good until about a month ago when it start to fade then turn brown and in some spots due. Some areas look dormant while others are clearly dead. Thanks for your help. I can be reached at or 303 981 5538.


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Broomfield County Colorado lawns and turf about 4 years ago

mexican primrose

I just wonder why my primrose blooms every year in June and by July it stops blooming no matter what I try?


Washoe County Nevada about 4 years ago

Zucchini Problem - Pest?

I'm seeing an issue with my zucchini plants that I've not seen in all the years I've grown them. This year I have two plants which are three feet in diameter; I planted them with a little Nutrimulch. As shown in the first picture, they are adjacent to each other a few feet apart. We have been getting good zucchini from both plants for the last 2&1/2 - 3 weeks. Both get the same amount of water and sun. Seemingly overnight, the plant on the left in the first picture seems to have wilted and mostly died. (It is hard to see, but a few leaves on the back side still look healthy, and there is a small, but healthy zucchini fruit still on there). About a week before this occurred, I noticed several fruit on the plant on the right (the healthy-looking plant) that look like the close-up in the second picture. Is this some kind of insect or other pest? Or is it a symptom of some other problem? Thank you!


Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523

Utah County Utah vegetables zucchini about 4 years ago

I have a black walnut tree in my backyard, that is cracking and dropping huge...

I have a black walnut tree in my backyard, that is cracking and dropping huge branches. It is not dead. There are a lot of black walnuts on the branches; could the weight cause the branches to break?


Butler County Ohio about 4 years ago


I am interested in growing growing peaches and pecan trees here in Arkansas. I hate to say this but the people up here are not that friendly and very little has been achieved. Anything from your department would be a wonderful help.( I was born and raised in Texas) My address is:
Mark Weaver
7198 Hwy. 392 W
Harrison, Ar, 72601


Boone County Arkansas stone fruit peaches fruit trees horticulture about 4 years ago

river birch trees

3 River birch trees losing leaves from tops of branches. Trees are low on iron so I will inject them but they look like they have some kind of insect problem. Outer edges of trees are going bald. Leaves are yellow.


Lincoln County South Dakota forestry insect issues urban forestry forest pests horticulture about 4 years ago

removing a paper wasp nest (LIVE)

I'm a contractor and have a problem on a job with a large paper wasp nest. I don't know how to safely remove it, or dispose of it. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Lebanon County Pennsylvania insect issues urban integrated pest management wasps about 4 years ago

I'm curious in knowing the exact measurement of the Eastern Carpenter Bee...

I'm curious in knowing the exact measurement of the Eastern Carpenter Bee hole. Is it 1/2" or 16mm like Wikopedia says?


Ohio bees carpenter bees about 4 years ago

I live in Edina and have a squirrel question. The bottom of the garage door...

I live in Edina and have a squirrel question. The bottom of the garage door has a weather strip that the squirrels love to eat. I do not know what the strip is made of, perhaps rubber. Today I was not happy to see a squirrel chewing on my car tire! Is there something lacking in their diet that I could buy? If I used a repellant what would be the safest for the squirrel? Thanks Mary


Hennepin County Minnesota about 4 years ago

ticks common in central VA

what is the most recent info on ticks and tick born illness in central VA?


Susan Markham


Henrico County Virginia household pests ticks about 4 years ago

invasive species?

I'm the gal is SW Portland, who is sending 3 photos of recent plants on my property--I've recently found huge patches of Robert's Geranium, and pulled LOTS of garlic mustard in the spring, a few splurge laurels last year, and I think knotweed. I know this picture is poor quality. If it isn't really clear, I'll try again in another lighting



Multnomah County Oregon weed issues horticulture about 4 years ago

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