No telltale sign on dead ponderosa pine

Having educated myself on the signs of bark beetle attack, no saw dust to pitch tubes, top, middle and bottom show no sign at all? Eric Breniman


Fresno County CA trees and shrubs horticulture about 4 years ago

Could you recommend anyone who could come to my home and inspect some...

Could you recommend anyone who could come to my home and inspect some Camellias for damage. Leafs started to brown and wilt last fall and I just took the plant cover off yesterday and every leaf is wilting and browning on the tips. The plant is one year old.


Baltimore County MD shrubs wilting camellia leaf browning about 4 years ago

Serviceberry shrubs and bears

Is it a good idea to plant serviceberry shrubs in a residential area in Roaring Fork Valley? We do get bears in the neighborhood sometimes. But I read a description that farm animals don't like them.

(Obviously, I'm pretty new to Colorado. From an East Coast city.)


Pitkin County CO trees and shrubs about 4 years ago

growing ostrich fern

Has anyone grown ostrich fern commercially. I would appreciate any information or contacts.


Flagler County FL trees and shrubs horticulture about 4 years ago

Exhaust Fan Condensation Drip

I have a small bathroom (8.5 ft Long, 5.5 ft Wide and 12.5 ft Tall) and I'm having a problem in the winter with water dripping down from the bathroom exhaust fan mostly in the winter when it's cold. The room is about 600 cubic ft and duct is less than 10 feet long so I got a 110 cfm fan. I first I thought the duct was too small so I replaced with a 4 inch as recommended by the fan but still drips. I checked insulation in attic and not wet so condensation is just making it up to fan and dripping back down. What can I do? The ceiling is tall and slanted so not sure. The original fan was loud but didn't have this problem. The fan was installed by a professional.


Sacramento County CA home ownership engineering home energy about 4 years ago

Can you determine whether this is an orange tree?

Can you verify that this is an orange tree or perhaps tangerine or mandarin? I was given it several years ago and it took a while to take off, but when it did, it really did. When it was given to me, the giver said it was an orange tree; now she recalls nothing about it. It bore fruit this year, and they look like tangerines maybe.



Clackamas County OR citrus tree identification lrk horticulture about 4 years ago

It's time to prune my apple and pear trees, which I do every spring. I've...

It's time to prune my apple and pear trees, which I do every spring. I've noticed that the stub or wound from last spring's pruning tends to produce 2 or 3 "water sprouts" the following summer. This means even more pruning the next year. Any suggestions on what I can do to minimize those growths? I try to prune as close to the main branch as I can get...


Washington County MN pruning trees water sprouts about 4 years ago

Soil temprature records for monroe,la

I want to find the soil temps for monroe for the last five years for the months fron feb to june. The USDA said to ask you. I am planting several new seed types for grazing and i need to findout when the actual soil temp stays above 50 degrees f. Thank's billy weeks


LA soil and fertility issues horticulture about 4 years ago

Best plants for landscaping a large culvert?

My husband and I (formerly from the Northeast US) purchased a house in town that has a large culvert/drainage ditch running through the middle of its backyard. I would really love to clean it up and landscape it as a large "rain garden." I am hoping you can recommend plants that would work best for our climate in Glen Ullin and this particular situation (usually dry on the sides of the ditch, but can become waterlogged if we get heavy rain). I would prefer to plant perennials, and would especially like to mix in some native plants! Thanks in advance!


Morton County ND landscaping horticulture about 4 years ago

When can I plant bare-root strawberries

At my 7,400-foot altitude, our average last-frost date is usually around the third week of May. My bare-root strawberries were just delivered. Should I plant them outside now in the cold (unfrozen, wet) ground? Should I store the roots somehow and wait for frost-free weather? Or should I plant them now in temporary pots indoors under artificial light, then transplant later?


El Paso County CO enjoy more fruits and vegetables about 4 years ago

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