Grifola frondosa in black oak

I am an amateur mushroom hunter, and for several years have annually picked a sizable hen of the woods from near a massive black oak. Recently, the oak suffered a massive collapse, with splintering of the trunk about 6 feet above ground. The splintered heartwood is streaked with while material. From what I have read, G.f. does cause a white rot, but involves the roots, not the wood of the trunk. I would appreciate a learned opinion on this.


Newaygo County Michigan trees and shrubs over 4 years ago

When to prune a pear espalier

Is the fall a good time to prune a pear espalier? Do you have any help for me?


Benton County Oregon pruning fruit trees pear trees horticulture over 4 years ago

Hello, I'd like to know if Purple Loosestrife is banned in Maryland. Thank you.

Hello, I'd like to know if Purple Loosestrife is banned in Maryland. Thank you.


Cecil County Maryland gardening invasive over 4 years ago

Fertilize blueberries

Should I fertilize my blueberries and add more sawdust mulch now, first of October?


Benton County Oregon blueberries fertilizer horticulture over 4 years ago

Red Oak and Maple dieback

I had a landowner come in with the branch in the picture. He commented that he was having leaves drop early in his hardwood lot. He said the damage seemed to be in pockets across his 65 acres. He seems also to have beech bark scale and a lot of woodpecker activity in his ash trees, but said he cannot find evidence of EAB. Seems he has a lot of issues, but if you can possible address the issue in the picture, I would much appreciate it. Since I have your eye, can I just say that this tool is a lifesaver for me, since the state chooses not to fund foresters for conservation districts? Most of the people who come to see me do not use computers, so I do this for them. Thanks!



Ottawa County Michigan trees and shrubs over 4 years ago

Weeping clay pots

My plants are on a covered cement deck. I've always had great luck with clay pots. All of the sudden last week, a large pot started dripping a rusty, watery substance. It's all around the top, and even though I wipe it clean, the next morning it's dripping again. Now the other pots are damp and dripping this rusty liquid. Will this hurt the ferns? These are not new pots. All of the pots are on plant stands, not on the cement.


Josephine County Oregon container gardening horticulture over 4 years ago

Identify vine, I found this a year ago, was a 20x20 foot area in the...

Identify vine, I found this a year ago, was a 20x20 foot area in the buckthorn. Never saw any flowers or fruit last fall or this spring. Area has expanded to 150x35 feet and appears to killing the buckthorn and other trees. Area it is in is next to a pine plantation and next to a old river bed. Is not dry, but gravel soil. Thank you. Dale Eggert



Swift County Minnesota over 4 years ago

I would like to plant a yellow birch in my Lino Lakes yard and would...

I would like to plant a yellow birch in my Lino Lakes yard and would appreciate any information and/or comments on this idea. Also do you know if the Mountain Ash is the tree with the little orange berries on them now? Is this also known as a service berry tree? Are these trees ok to plant here in MN?


Anoka County Minnesota over 4 years ago

Fall seeding

I am in Michigan and would like to know when is the best time in the Fall to seed my lawn and also fertilize it? Also, what are the best products to use or would be recommended? Thanks.


Wayne County Michigan lawns and turf over 4 years ago

First grade leaf/tree identifying field trip

I have a first grade class of 21 who would like to come to penn state for a fall leaf/tree identifying field trip. Who would I need to be in contact with to set this up? Thank you, Shanelle Shirey.


Centre County Pennsylvania over 4 years ago

Red potato spots

I sliced a recently dug red potato and found light brown spots all through the tuber. Is is still safe to eat?



Utah County Utah fruits and vegetables potatoes horticulture over 4 years ago

Clear pruning sealant

I have live oak trees that need to be pruned and sealed to prevent oak wilt, which is in my area. However, I don't like to use the asphalt based sealants as they are unsightly. Is there a clear sealant that is available? Can I use spray polyurathane? Thanks


Bexar County Texas trees and shrubs horticulture over 4 years ago

Pastured freezer pork pricing worksheet

I was sent the following link for freezer beef, and it was very helpful: Is there a comparable worksheet for pastured pork?


Clinton County Michigan beef cattle over 4 years ago

Material Content

How often is the content of material listed for online fabric stores not accurate? See attached description for wool fabric we bought that is not responding to the "bleach" test. Thank you.



Lewis County Idaho over 4 years ago

Is it too late to seed grass now.

I have an area to seed or sod. Is it too late in the year to seed. I could sod but would rather seed. If it is too late to seed can I sod?


Harris County Colorado over 4 years ago


How do I get rid of grassburs in my Bermuda lawn


Harris County Texas over 4 years ago

How to get rid of tree suckers in lawn

Two years ago I cut down a very large locust tree in my yard and had the trunk ground out. Ever since there have been little trees popping up ALL OVER the yard. Assuming they are roots searching for water. How can I get rid of these things? I have tried pulling them out root and all but we are talking every week for all summer but its not working. HELP!!!


Benton County Iowa suckers sucker control horticulture over 4 years ago

I have had a terribly busy September and didn't get some of my plants divided...

I have had a terribly busy September and didn't get some of my plants divided and moved as I planned. Specifically I was thinking of moving my peonies and a daylily. Is it too late now? Thank You


Ramsey County Minnesota perennials annuals horticulture over 4 years ago

Hi... I live near Kilborne and meet to find someone/someplace to process my 8...

Hi... I live near Kilborne and meet to find someone/someplace to process my 8 meat chickens. Have used Plucky's before, but really don't want to go that far. Thanks!


Delaware County Ohio over 4 years ago

How long should we bottle feed our bull calf and then how do we feed him?

Our Hereford bull calf has been on a bottle since birth. He was born 7/28/13, so is now 8 weeks old. The first bag of milk replacer was given 3 times/day. The second bag 2 times/day which we are still feeding him. Total daily milk totals 1 gal/day. He is also eating 16 ounces of Calf Manna (Manna Pro) per day as well as free-choice alfalfa.The directions on the Calf Manna say to feed beef calves 10% of the creep ration. What does that mean? Also how long should we feed him milk replacer and once he's done with that what should we feed him. He's housed inside a large, covered, open pen. He was a twin--other calf was also a bull calf. Could he be sterile? We are wanting to keep him as our herd bull. Thanks so much.


Benton County Oregon livestock over 4 years ago

Choosing trees

We are currently building a house on 3 acres near Steele. I am trying to decide which trees to plant in my front yard. I would love a few trees that have fabulous fall color and grow quickly, and also a few that will be nice, big sturdy trees. I was thinking about Red Maple and Quaking Aspen for the fall colors and Bur Oak for my sturdy ones but can't quite make up my mind. It seems like all varieties of trees have some sort of problem, whether that's extensive suckering or being prone to diseases. How do I make a decision? What works best here in ND for what I want out of a tree? Any help would be appreciated!


Kidder County North Dakota trees and shrubs landscape design horticulture over 4 years ago

Need unbiased info on natural gas and oil drilling solicitation

My parents have been approached by a natural gas/oil drilling company re: my parents contracting to allow the company to check if their property has drilling/mining potential. My questions are: Are the "oil" producers really striking oil in Michigan,or are they fracture mining?

The majority of residential wells provide sulfur water,does the sulfur presence pose greater contamination and health issues than present in areas with less sulfur water? If surrounding properties are contacting with the petroleum companies, would my parents' 50 acres be affected (water contamination, possible gas-leak emissions, etc) even if they chose not to lease their property? I personally am against mining or drilling the common land, but I am not a decision maker on this issue. I would, however appreciate and unbiased information that I would forward to my parents. I have personally witnessed the horrific effects of well "leaks" "accidental water contamination" and "not-confirmable or deniable" effects in Otsego, Crawford and Montmorency in the past decades and am concerned my family not receiving the "whole" story of the companies intentions. Your time and consideration on this issue is appreciated.


Lenawee County Michigan oil production oil and gas leasing over 4 years ago

why did the tops of my carrot plants turn brown and die in August?

why did the tops of my carrot plants turn brown and die in August?


Outside United States carrots horticulture over 4 years ago

nutritional value

Hi I have a small pasta company in Jacksonville OR and was wondering if you do the nutritional values to put on my packaging and what does it cost.


Jackson County Oregon food technology over 4 years ago

Are split peas a major crop in the Willamette Valley?

I was born with a condition requiring me to live on legumes. I prefer to buy local. Are split peas a money crop in Oregon?


Linn County Oregon vegetables over 4 years ago

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