Sticker burs have taken over my yard.

How can I get rid of what I call a sticker bur,they started growing since the drought three years ago.I started digging them up when we saw them but they are out of control,my yard is two acres.


Kerr County Texas grassbur over 4 years ago

Figs don't mature on 2 large trees

Hi, I live in Temple Texas and have 2 very large fig trees that are full of fruit. (one Celeste and one Brown turkey). Years before they mature with no problem but this year they are about 3/4 in size and just don't seem to want to mature? I cut the trees back each year while dormant, (Feb). I have fertilized them both with fruit tree spikes as well. The trees are very lush and beautiful but no ripened fruit? I'm hoping you can help?
thank you!


Bell County Texas figs over 4 years ago

Tall Fescue

My lawn appears to have a mix of fine fescue and rye grass (Slatington 18080} my yard is primarily in full sun and mostly on a slope with heavy dog traffic. I did plant 7 small maple trees(now 7'} to help shade the lawn in the future. My lawn does get very stressed and brown in areas in the heat of the summer that drives me nuts. Scotts is pointing me in the direction to overseed this fall with Tall Fescue do you think this is the way to go for me?


Lehigh County Pennsylvania lawns and turf over 4 years ago

Pacific Madrone problem

I have had a number of Pacific Madrones which I grew from seed die. Leaves droop, dry up, turn brown and fall off. The trees turn into sticks eventually, young ones and trees that were three or four years old. This is in Portland, Oregon. Thanks.


Multnomah County Oregon trees and shrubs over 4 years ago

Hello, in the past four or five days I have noticed what appears to be tiny...

Hello, in the past four or five days I have noticed what appears to be tiny black ants on my jalapeno plant in my raised garden bed. Specifically around the blossoms. I have another jalapeno plant that has been untouched, as well as herbs, etc also that have not been touched. When I see them I spray with a water hose to remove and follow up with a light mist of a cayenne lemon peel spray that I found on the Internet, but to no avail. Couldn't take a picture because they are too small.


Prince George's County Maryland pest control over 4 years ago

Tomato leaves rolling up

My tomato leaves are rolling up as if the plant is trying to avoid sunlight - no obvious pests observed - Got any Ideas

I live in The Dallas TX area and it has been over 100 for several days

I have another tomato plant of the same variety about two feet away that does not have rolled leaves. The subject plant also seems to have deformities on the main stem and the center is growing in a downward direction so it may be that i have a genetic defective plant.



Dallas County Texas fruits and vegetables tomatoes over 4 years ago

We have this rather invasive grass-like plant taking over in our wooded area....

We have this rather invasive grass-like plant taking over in our wooded area. Leaves resemble nandina. It's about a foot high but very vigorously spreading which worries me.



Anne Arundel County Maryland weeds over 4 years ago

Educational programs

I am a science teacher at Community Country Day school in Erie PA I was wondering if your group offer any educational programs for private and public school to participate in? I was at a professional development class last week and one of the teachers from Warren PA said that they had a master gardeners group come to their school and educate the students on how to grow plants from seeds.


Erie County Pennsylvania science education master gardener program over 4 years ago

My daughter is going to be seven years old. She really wants to learn to sew....

My daughter is going to be seven years old. She really wants to learn to sew. I was told 4H could be a program for her. How you we get involved?


Washington County Maryland over 4 years ago

Seedless watermelons

where can i obtain seed to be able to grow seedless watermelons in Northern Argentina?


Outside United States seeds watermelons horticulture over 4 years ago

overgrown tomato plants

I have let my tomato plants get too large and They have many many green tomatoes on them plus they are still blossoming and setting new tomatoes. I am in Bend and I know the new blossoms will never have edible tomatoes because the season is too short. At this point what can I do? Thank you for any help


Deschutes County Oregon fruits and vegetables horticulture over 4 years ago

frost damaged ash tree

My 15 yr old ash tree was frosted back twice and finally put out leaves in mid June, but several of the branches have only a few leaves and there a few branches that do not have leaves. What can I do to help this tree survive the winter?


Broomfield County Colorado trees and shrubs over 4 years ago

Extreme curl on mature tomato plants. Please help!

Half of my tomato plants have a disease or virus that I need help knowing what to do. The plants affected are Big Boy. I also have Celebrity,a cherry and grape tomato that do not seem to be affected, though in the same area.

I have attached pictures for you to see what the virus looks like. The plants grew great, bushy and tall and then the leaves became rolled up and 'crippled' like.

1. What is it?

2. How do I get rid of it?

3. do I need to remove the plants to save the healthy ones?

Thank you so much for any help you may be able to offer!

Scott Nelson


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Salt Lake County Utah tomatoes over 4 years ago

Can I get vegetable garden soil testing through the Montgomery County...

Can I get vegetable garden soil testing through the Montgomery County Extension office? How much? What does it test for?


Montgomery County Ohio gardening soil testing vegetable gardening over 4 years ago

Filbert trees that produce no nuts

Hi, We rec'd 4-5 filbert "starts" from neighbors (don't know the variety) whose trees seem fairly productive in general. They are now getting large (8-9 ft tall), but only one of them has produced nuts, and not too many at that. Most are not in the sunniest location; but it's certainly not full shade. Nearby Santiams produce well. They seem healthy and vigorous. What could be going on and what could we try to improve production? Thank you. (I could get photos if need be).


Skagit County Washington trees and shrubs fruits and vegetables orchard tree fruit production horticulture over 4 years ago

invasive perennial groundcover

I am trying to identify a ground cover so I can put it in our garden club plant sale. It has heart shaped leaves, color of leaf is green turning to red on the edge. grows to about 6 inches high



Montcalm County Michigan trees and shrubs wildflowers and native plants invasive species invasive plants groundcovers native perennials horticulture over 4 years ago

Small area, full shade and privacy please

I have a spot in my yard that has stumped my for years. The spot is located on the north side of my house and is FULL shade. The spot is located between a 6ft fence(north) and my patio(which has a lattice barrier and is to the south). The area is basically a 4ft x 11ft rectangle with no room to go but up. My goal for this area is to find something that will add additional privacy to our patio...whether it be a vine, shrub or trees. Our neighbors house is very close to ours and we both use our patios a lot. So it would have to be something that is tall, narrow and easily maintained because the spot would be hard to access one it fill in...HELP!


Arapahoe County Colorado sustainable gardening and landscaping over 4 years ago

Your directions for preserving seeds is to dry them and store on a shelf. ...

Your directions for preserving seeds is to dry them and store on a shelf. It's difficult to control temperature and humidity. Can they be kept in a refrigerator?


Clark County Washington seeds horticulture over 4 years ago


What is the best long term solution to trellising boysenberries? Yes we have to protect them from the deer also!


Lane County Oregon fruits and vegetables trellis and training systems over 4 years ago

Training a livestock guardian dog

Raising and training a livestock-guarding dog. Extens. Circ. 1238. Oregon State Extension Service. I live in the state of Washington and would greatly appreciate receiving your info on this subject. I have 2 almost year old guard dogs to protect my Boer meat goats. They have a tendency to sometimes chase the goats around in the barn. Thanks so much for your help!! Hannah


Stevens County Washington over 4 years ago

Steam canners

I am a professional scientist and a faculty member in the medical school of a state supported university. Therefore, I am concerned about the accuracy of scientific statements. Therefore, I am concerned about your statement on steam canners. ( It begins by saying that steam canners "...have been determined to be unsafe...". It goes on to say "Studies have concluded that: Atmospheric steam canners result in significantly lower product temperatures at the beginning and end of the scheduled process when compared to water-bath canning. Use of steam canners as instructed by the manufacturer would result in under processing and considerable economic spoilage." I would like to know the references of the studies to which your refer. I should also note that your statement differs from the USDA statement, which simply says that steam canners have not be sufficiently tested and therefore cannot be recommended. It does not say that they are known to under-process food or that they are known to be unsafe. It only says that steam canners have not been sufficiently investigated. By the way, I have no ax to grind. I am not associated with any company making or selling steam canners. I am not saying that steam canners are suitable for canning without spoilage, nor am I saying anything about whether they are safe. I am only concerned about scientific accuracy of your statement on steam canners.


Salt Lake County Utah home food preservation over 4 years ago

Moccasin or water snake?

I have just located a colony of snakes unlike those I have seen before. Clearly a water-loving snake. Viper-like head? They retreat rather than stand their ground. Have not seen an open mouth. Can supply other pictures.



New Castle County Delaware wildlife snakes northern water snake ponds and watergardens over 4 years ago

Spider identification

Can you help me identify this spider? It was in our house last night. Yucky!



Polk County Oregon insect issues over 4 years ago

what is responsible for the damage to this Japanese maple? The damage...

what is responsible for the damage to this Japanese maple? The damage occurred between June 12th and July 19th.



Baltimore County Maryland pest control over 4 years ago

Chicken stool testing?

2 of my 35 laying hens (chickens) have had chronic very watery stool all summer.
Does the Extension Office in Trinidad or elsewhere do chicken stool testing for this symptom?
May I send the sample by mail? (Trinidad is a 2.5 hr round trip for me.)
Can the test results include which wormer/antibacterial is recommended?

Thank you for being there.
Jim Hartzell


Las Animas County Colorado over 4 years ago

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