What breed is my horse?

I just took in a 3 and half yr old small under weight horse. The vet wrote down that she is a pinto which is a color not a breed so i want to know what breed she might be. She is really small for her age but idk if its because of her breed or if its caused by malnutrition?


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Tarrant County Texas over 4 years ago

English Laurels and fertilizer

My backyard border has 10 year old English Laurels, They are about 8 feet high but last year they began thinning in some areas and the leaves are looking a little yellow in places. Is this normal? Should I be doing something to treat the soil or treat them with a spray? In another part of the yard the laurel border looks more healthy. What could I try for soil or bush treatment? Thank you.


Washington County Oregon over 4 years ago

Bat Control

At the Community Federated Church in Thermopolis WY we have become a home to a seasonal bat population. We are wondering if your experts can help us discourage the return of the bats to our church this year. Are there any chemicals or electromagnet frequencies (outside the range of the human ear) that would be effective in encouraging their relocation?

Jim Kirsch



Hot Springs County Wyoming over 4 years ago

Are bees important in farming Levander der in Utah

Are bees important in farming Levander der in Utah


Salt Lake County Utah over 4 years ago

What do I need to do to be a volunteer for the Blue Ribbon Raisers. I am a...

What do I need to do to be a volunteer for the Blue Ribbon Raisers. I am a teacher and had my last background check four years ago. Peggy Smith is the advisor. Thank you Robert Sintobin Delta


Fulton County Ohio over 4 years ago

I am new to the Ohio Valley & I want to sign my children up for 4H. I...

I am new to the Ohio Valley & I want to sign my children up for 4H. I live in Powhatan Pt, OH. My kids are 14, 12, 10yrs old. Where do I go or who do I contact? Thank You,


Belmont County Ohio over 4 years ago

What are the weights of grass seeds

I work for Pacific Building Systems in Woodburn, OR and we are working on a couple projects and are trying to determine the weights (pounds per cubic foot) of various grass seeds to design a bulk storage facility. Do you happen to have some sort of summary of grass seed weights?


Marion County Oregon seeds grass seed varieties over 4 years ago

using residential gray water

Is there a way to use residential gray water from your house on your lawn or garden? Is a permit required to set up a system of separating and storing your own gray water, then using it?


Fremont County Wyoming over 4 years ago

pruning peach trees in rainy weather

will i introduce disease or harm my peach if i prune it during rainy weather.


Lane County Oregon plant disease fruit trees over 4 years ago

subsurface irrigation for lawn

I'd like recommendations on bluegrass sod cultivars that would be best adapted to subsurface irrigation for a new installation in Colorado Springs (6500' elev), as well as recommendations for soil prep, and subsurface pipe manufacturers that have been successful in Colorado. Any advice about how to have a successful lawn area that will be irrigated by a subsurface system would be helpful. Also, would Buffalo or Bluegramma thrive with subsurface irrigation?


El Paso County Colorado lawns and turf horticulture over 4 years ago

Spring & Summer Grazing

Is there a grass or legume or mix that I could plant to provide grazing after the march 15th deadline through October?


Randall County Texas pastures and forages over 4 years ago

I have fruit trees in my yard. I have apple, pear, peach and cherry trees....

I have fruit trees in my yard. I have apple, pear, peach and cherry trees. When is the best time to spray these trees so they aren't eaten by insects? And what is the best products to give my trees a fighting chance. I also have tent catapillars.


Erie County Ohio over 4 years ago

Fox Problem

I have a fox living in my backyard. At first, I was happy that it would keep rabbits away from my veggie garden, but it has become as much a problem as any rabbit. Anywhere I dig, the fox digs, so it digs up my garden and tree seedlings. I have tried an ultrasonic device to repel it, but that only worked for awhile. Any advice?


Larimer County Colorado wildlife damage management over 4 years ago

Elliot Gold

I am wondering where I find Elliot Gold apple trees to buy. Do you know if they are sold here in Utah County?


Utah County Utah apples horticulture over 4 years ago

Little Black Spiders

We have an infestation of little black spiders in our yard and garden. They are in the lawn and the wood chip paths. When we walk, they scatter in every direction, sometimes across my feet and legs. When I'm trying to work in the garden, they are running all over the place, startling me and frankly, grossing me out. I don't mind garden spiders that make webs and eat bad bugs. But these little black spiders that dash around the ground in the hundreds really bother me. I would like to get rid of them, preferably in a way that is safe for my garden food and for my kids and dog. Ideas or suggestions? We have plenty of other spiders too, including what I'm pretty sure are some huge Hobo spiders in the late Summer and Fall. We've found black widows. I don't have it out for all spiders, but with so many and some that are clearly not doing my garden any good, I would like to know how to control the population. Thank you! P.S. I had an infestation like this several years ago at another house. When I tried to mow, the spiders would run out of the lawn onto the patio in batches of hundreds. I went on a killing spree once with some spray poison and killed about 300, just on my small patio. They are prolific!


Lane County Oregon over 4 years ago

Insurance for Farmers Market

I would like to start participating in a local farmers market on a very small scale. I'm checking Farm Bureau for insurnace but it looks like the cost of insurance may exceed the revenue I'll get from selling the vegetables. Any ideas?


Pottawattamie County Iowa over 4 years ago

Seeding Dry Pasture for Small Acreage

Hello - I'm a homeowner on the Front range. I have roughly 4 acres of dry pasture near Sedalia Colorado, southwest of Denver and west of Castle Rock. What would you recommend as the "right" seed coverage for 4 total acres, assuming increments of 50lb bags of seed being use? In other words, how many bags do I need, and what mix/brand do you recommend, assuming even coverage? Additionally, understanding there is likely a high mortality rate without using Disk, nevertheless if I were to 1) harrow prior to laying seed 2) then lay seed 3) then re-harrow, do you think that is still worthwhile or is it simply not effective enough to get seed to take root? Many thanks for you opinion.


Douglas County Colorado pasture management over 4 years ago

home canning ?

Is there somewhere I can get the pressure gauge tested for a canner? A friend gave me a larger canner with a gauge and it hasn't been used for over 20 years. I want to make sure it is safe before wasting my time trying to can my garden produce using it.


Wayne County Iowa over 4 years ago

The bark on two trees in our yard appears to have been scraped off. It is...

The bark on two trees in our yard appears to have been scraped off. It is only on one sidw of the tree and thin shreds can be found around the base of the tree on that side. The shredding goes up about 20 feet. There are no apparent claw marks. Any ideas on what type of animal might cause this. I am attaching a picture. Regards, Ray Henry



Summit County Ohio over 4 years ago

I was just looking at the Healthy Finances section for Montgomery County and...

I was just looking at the Healthy Finances section for Montgomery County and saw some very interesting workshops/information. Unfortunately, they were all from 2011. Will this information be updated soon?


Montgomery County Ohio personal finance financial workshops 5countysolutionsosuedu over 4 years ago


How many chickens and ducks can you have for personal use in your backyard?


Pottawattamie County Iowa over 4 years ago

Notching a large tree root

We have a very large Cottonwood growing on our boulevard. One of its roots has lifted up a section of sidewalk which has to be replaced. What is the best way to notch the tree root (so the sidewalk can be poured flat) before pouring the sidewalk? We don't want to hurt the tree, but the city is requiring us to flatten out the sidewalk. Any advice?


Ward County North Dakota trees and shrubs tree roots horticulture over 4 years ago

Mulberry Bush

Can one save a mulberry bush if it has a split in the bush branches? If one can, then how can one repair it?


Kalkaska County Michigan trees and shrubs over 4 years ago

I am a junior high health teacher at Ss. Robert and William School in Euclid,...

I am a junior high health teacher at Ss. Robert and William School in Euclid, Ohio. One of the state standards is discussing babysitting. I know the 4H has a wonderful teaching packet on this subject. Is it possible to get one? Are there packets for the students? Thanks you in advance. Ellie McClusky


Cuyahoga County Ohio over 4 years ago

trees for a side walk strip

I was plaining on planting several Japanese Lilacs in my side walk strip, while looking for an inexpensive place to buy them online I wound up finding showier Lilac trees like the Katherine Havemeyer.

In an attempt to find out how they would fare in our alkaline soil - I wound up on extension service site and found a tree I like better than the tree I was researching. The extension service has listed the Chitalpa tree as an interesting but under used tree. It seems to be a relatively new hybrid and I can't find much about it.
Before planting them there are a few questions I need answered. First is it too invasive to have on a sidewalk strip. Next I'm near the mouth of a canyon so we often get some strong winds, does this present a problem for this tree. Finally this tree is listed as a zone 6 and as a zone 5 [same subspecies different retailers] are the winters here[zip 84043] too cold for this tree, or does this tree only do well in the southern part of the state?

Thanks so much for your time.


Utah County Utah urban forestry over 4 years ago

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