Overwhelmed with Stink Bugs

Would you by any chance know why we have so many stink bugs this year and how to get rid of them? Don't recall having this issue before.

J. Peterson


Williamson County TX integrated pest management insect issues over 4 years ago

I have 6 Juniper bushes displaying this same "browning". I have...

I have 6 Juniper bushes displaying this same "browning". I have never seen this before in 30 yrs. of having juniper. What can I do to save them. Thank you, Vernstrom Hagerstown



Washington County MD over 4 years ago

What is this insect?

I suddenly have a lot of these, particularly on the blue lake beans. Good or bad? If bad, what should I do?



Hood River County OR insect management over 4 years ago

Poison Hemlock in Carrot Patch

I've learned the difference in appearance between poison hemlock and carrots, and now see that there were a number of of well-developed poison hemlock plants in my crowded carrot patch from compost added this spring. All parts of poison hemlock are very poisonous. Even though I am pulling up all the hemlock, I'm wondering if there is any danger of toxins from the poison hemlock plants migrating through the soil and being absorbed by the carrots. In other words, do I have to throw out my carrots because hemlock was growing in their midst? I scoured the internet and found only one unofficial answer that said that the hemlock toxins don't migrate in the soil appreciably, so I could eat the carrots. It seems to me there are three things to consider: 1) whether or not hemlock actually secretes toxins into the soil, 2) residual dirt on the carrots (which can be handled by thorough scrubbing) and 3) the possibility that toxins actually are absorbed by the carrots.

If you say it is safe to eat the carrots, please give me a reference if you can.

Thanks, Jay Nunley, Sheridan, Oregon


Yamhill County OR weed issues over 4 years ago




Albany County WY over 4 years ago

brown rot vs fire blight

We have an apricot tree (mature tree, 10 plus years old) showing signs of disease this year, post blossom time (looked great during flowering). We have had several persons look at it, plus doing research ourselves, and the opinion is divided between brown rot and fire blight. Symptoms are: (a) clear, shiny ooze at branch joints; (b) twig and smaller branch withering; (c)young green fruit has small, reddish rusty spots. Is there any definitive way to tell what we have? We'd like to save the tree if possible, and brown rot seems to have at least a chance of success.


Manistee County MI over 4 years ago

extensive browning of one of my trees.

One of the trees (some sort of evergreen, though I don't know what exactly it is) on my property has suddenly turned brown on one (the north) side. I've never had any problems with this tree before this year. It gets plenty of water. The tree was put in when the house was built, so it is around 13 years old. Attached are pictures of the affected tree. Hope you can help. Thanks in advance.


Imag0140_300x300%2523 Imag0141_300x300%2523

Larimer County CO trees and shrubs over 4 years ago

What are these bugs and what can we do

We live in Gleneagle and have 1/2" skinny little black bugs on our house. The roll up in a ball and look like they are off white. Never seen them before Other people have them, too. Just wondering what they are and what can we do They have little markings down their middle. Creepy


El Paso County CO insect issues over 4 years ago

HELP...spreading weed/plant

Can you identify this weed/plant and possibly tell me the best way to kill it? It's spreading both in my grass and under a large bed of pine trees. A MSU rep at the Northville Farmers Market recommended I submit this. Thank You!



Wayne County MI weed issues over 4 years ago

landscaping for drought?

What type of grass is suitable for Northern Utah climate (South Weber) in these drought conditions? My lawn turns brown every summer now, and with water restrictions this will only get worse. It seems insane to keep watering it only to watch it dry up anyway. Any suggestions for a low maintenance, drought tolerant lawn? Can I seed it in over the existing lawn so it gradually replaces it?


Davis County UT over 4 years ago

Removing alias name on a credit report

How do you remove an alias name that is not yours permanently from the credit report that has been disputed, removed by the credit bureau, and then shows up back again the following year?

Background: This is a situation shared by a service member who has 3 brothers. Their SSNs are different by only one digit. Service member's brothers’ names show up on his report as aliases. He has actually gone through 2 iterations of disputing the incorrect information. Each time, the credit report agency removes it but then shows back up again the following year.


Bell County TX personal finance consumer credit credit reports over 4 years ago

Weltenensis begonia x sutherlandii plant

Where can I obtain one of these plants as I have looked every where. I would like to find the pink flowered form of B sutherlandii. There is not much information as it seems these plants have disappeared. The closest one I can find is in the dregei family,or possibly the Maple Leaf variety but they still do not look like the original plant. Maybe the "Culture Class" begonia. It seems over the years the true plant has been bred out. Thank you. Jean KCMO


Jackson County MO horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials over 4 years ago

Pines trees

There is something eating all the needles from our pine trees and then the branches are curling up. We were told to contact you and you would be able to help.


Adams County PA trees and shrubs horticulture over 4 years ago

Is there a begonia disease in Maryland this year. I was told by a landscaper...

Is there a begonia disease in Maryland this year. I was told by a landscaper that there was but can't find anything except an article about some mold. If there is something going around what should I treat it with. Our office has about $6,000 worth of begonia, red, white and pink, some green and red leaf. Thanks, Mike


Montgomery County MD gardening flower over 4 years ago

Rubber rings around trees

Are the rubber rings that you see in stores safe to put around trees so the mower doesn't hit the tree?


Chisago County MN trees and shrubs over 4 years ago

I planted this Kousa dogwood around 12-2-2012. It looked like it was doing...

I planted this Kousa dogwood around 12-2-2012. It looked like it was doing great thru ealy spring. But now it seems to have a lime green color and just doesn'nt seem to be healthy. It gets around 5 hours of afternoon sun each day. I'm not sure if it's a sun issue or nutrient issue...Your thoughts will be appreciated.



Frederick County MD trees and shrubs over 4 years ago

Is a top bar hive legal in Tennesse and if not, why?

Is a top bar hive legal in Tennesse and if not, why?


Knox County TN over 4 years ago

wave petunia seeds

Will the seeds being produced by my wave petunias also be of the wave variety?


Cobb County GA horticulture over 4 years ago

Outdoor Flower Garden's Water Requirements for Mostly Sandy Soil

Our township has a flower garden, with in-ground sprinklers (8" Rainbird popups). We took soil samples over the 180 sq. ft. garden and put in a jar, added water and let it settle out. The result showed that the soil is 70% sand and, due to the soil being right at the top of the retaining walls surrounding it, there is little chance to amend the soil with any compost for the time being, until the township has the resources to correct the problem.

1. All plants (flowers, shrubs, trees) need 1 - 1.5" of water/week. Has there been any research that indicates how that would change depending on the soil composition? For 70% sandy soil - would it be even more, given that the sand won't hold water? If so, how much more/week?

2. Not knowing how much water would come from the sprinklers, we started by asking the township to water for 20 minutes every day. I placed butter cups around the garden and found that one day's watering was 2 5/8", which is way too much water, especially if they are going to do it every day - that adds to the township's water bill. Is it better to water several times/week for a shorter amount of time (perhaps 5 minutes twice/week) or once/week for a longer period of time (such as 10 minutes)?

Frank Allen
Advanced Master Gardener


Wayne County MI over 4 years ago

hello. just planted new lawn the end of april. now i have these wide blade...

hello. just planted new lawn the end of april. now i have these wide blade grasses or weeds growing all over.i used a starter seed fertilizer with crabgrass prevention.i also sprayed ortho weed killer for lawns on the lawn twice in 3 weeks but it has no effect. could you please identify this grass or weed and tell me the best way to get rid of it. please see pictures. thank you very much, mike freeland not sure if pictures went through. if they didnt, please sent me an email address to send them to you.



Cecil County MD lawns and turf weeds over 4 years ago

sausage business startup legal

I would like to prepare and sell summer sausage. What are the legal requirements to get started?
From the research I've done, it appears that I'm not allowed to prepare my product in my own kitchen.
I have a restaurant that will allow me to prepare my product in their facility.
What do I need to do to be compliant?


Oakland County MI entrepreneurship food safety over 4 years ago

zucchini squash, or lack thereof

Last year and this, my zucchini plants seem to only be producing male flowers. Why? Also, I don't see a lot of evidence of stink bugs on my tomatoes, but some of them have a mottled appearance. Why?


Harris County TX gardening horticulture over 4 years ago

When should I remove the low tunnel I have over my summer squash?

When should I remove the low tunnel I have over my summer squash?


Frederick County MD vegetables over 4 years ago

Sugar maple limbs dying

I have a Sugar Maple in my yard that has several branches that are dying. I am concern that it may have Maple Wilt. Where can I get it tested.


Roanoke County VA over 4 years ago

male & female mesquite trees

A friend told me that there were male and female mesquite trees. She contended that the female mesquites were the ones with blooms and the trees that didn't have blooms were the male species. Can this be true? If so, then how do the blooms get fertilized allowing beans to be formed? Is it a case of the trees with blooms have both male and female blooms? If that's it, then, are the trees that don't produce blooms and beans 'sterile'?


Caldwell County TX mesquite over 4 years ago

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