I have a garden that had an ash tree on one end, about 15 foot away..What...

I have a garden that had an ash tree on one end, about 15 foot away..What ever I plant does well for a short period, and then becomes stunted..I am sure it is caused by tree roots using up the nutrients and water..In your best judgement, if I dig this out about 16'' deep, line it with plastic, not cutting the corners but folding them(seamless)and filling it back in to keep roots out..I know I will have to put a drain of sorts on 1 end so I don't drown the plants..Will this work and for how long. 2 years, 5 8,Thank you..


Macon County IL trees and shrubs horticulture over 4 years ago

Pests on plums

We noticed these insects on our plums several weeks ago; they are oval in shape, orange with black markings, and they were attached to the plum by one end (I assume laying eggs in the fruit?). Here is a photo of our plums now - with exoskeletons of said insects still attached, oozing "sap"; many of the fruit have split. What are the insects and how do we eradicate them in the least toxic way? Will they affect our apples? Thanks!



Multnomah County OR insect issues fruit trees over 4 years ago

We have an American elm with DED and are having it removed. Is it OK to use...

We have an American elm with DED and are having it removed. Is it OK to use the chips from it as mulch in our vegetable garden? There are no other American elms nearby. Thanks in advance for the information.


Greene County MO over 4 years ago

Red spotting on monstera

For the first time in 16 years I am seeing red mottling inside the leaves of my split-leaf Philo. It's not insects, so I don't know what it could be. I checked online, but found nothing. See photo thanks Diana Gale



Wasco County OR horticulture over 4 years ago

Need advice...

Hello - We are a retired couple that started organic gardening 4 years ago when we bought our retirement home. It's been going great so far, but this year a local crop farmer had an equipment malfunction and pesticide spewed over almost 1 1/2 acres. We lost everything!!! In fact, every time it rains we lose more. This includes our entire gardens, fruit trees, even the old lilac bushes - everything! Even though some of the foliage is still there on some plants, no vegetables or fruits. The farmer came and apologized and said an insurance adjuster would be by to look at all the damage. About 8-9 weeks into it (this all happened around June 10th), the adjuster finally came, treated us like we were idiots, then just left. Two weeks later we contacted him and he basically told us that we would just have to wait on him. We continued to tell him the time and effort we put into the soil for the past 4 years and all we have done so we would be completely organic. As of last week, he offered us a measly $1,000. Our itemized estimate to replace everything is over $10,000. We just wondered if there is anything you can help us with regarding knowing what damage this has done and how we can get back on track to organic gardening? We believe the chemical used was "Glyphosate". We are completely devastated at this point. We need to talk to someone that has more experience with organic gardening. Larry has a Master Gardening certificate (and was the ornamental gardener at the City of Kalamazoo for 20 years), but we don't know how detailed this is going to be to get our food back on track. Larry is a heart patient and also disabled from a spinal injury, so gardening is his life, truly and we live off the produce. The farmer has never returned to follow up, the insurance adjuster stopped calling, and we did talk to a lawyer that is going to send a letter to the insurance company to see if that would move the process. It's very expensive to secure a lawyer and not sure we are going to be able to afford it. If you have any advice for us, we would appreciate it so much!!! Thank you for listening to us vent and seek your opinion and any suggestions you have for us. Larry & Janna Hensley Phone: (269) 467-7382


St. Joseph County MI over 4 years ago

Dead Juniper tree

I have 2 acres in the east side of Tijeras NM with many mature Junipers and Pinion trees. One mature Juniper has turned brown in the last month, it is on a downward slop of the property and should get more moisture than other parts of the property. Are Junipers more prone to diseasae than Pinion? Many of the trees of both types show browning On some of the tips. Is that a drought sign?


Dead_juniper_300x300%2523 Brown_ends_1_300x300%2523 Brown_ends_2_300x300%2523

Bernalillo County NM forestry trees and shrubs disease issues horticulture over 4 years ago

ivy planting

I have ivy growing in bottles with water only. I have tried to plant them in soil but every time i did the leaves turned high yellow. How do i pot them in soil without them losing there color on the leaves.


LA trees and shrubs groundcovers horticulture over 4 years ago

Can I trim a Patmore ash tree now? The trunk is about 12". It seems to...

Can I trim a Patmore ash tree now? The trunk is about 12". It seems to be healthy now, but a few years ago there were less leaves and they were small, wrinkled and fell of easily. It is much better now. Maybe it got too dry then. Never saw any sign of the borer, but I thought I read that the Patmore doesn't suffer from the borer.


Anoka County MN pruning trees ash trees over 4 years ago

am sending a picture of a moth, do you know the name? I had one like this...

am sending a picture of a moth, do you know the name? I had one like this chase me around, and it look like a photo I saw of a hummingbird moth (?)


Anoka County MN over 4 years ago

Hello! I'm striking out in new territory--I've just purchased a showy...

Hello! I'm striking out in new territory--I've just purchased a showy ladyslipper. What can you tell me about it's preferred site and needs. I've got a pretty well established woodland garden and have a variety of places to situate it. My martagon lilies are very happy under the partial shade of a pine tree. What are your recommendations? Thank you so much!


Hennepin County MN wildflowers over 4 years ago

Tomato blight

My tomato plants have suddenly started to die from the botom up. first just the leaves ,but now all the tomatoes are developing a white rot from the stem. The zucchini squash leaves,that are growing next to the tomatoes are turning white,but the rest of the vegetables seem fine so far. Is there anyway to avoid this for next year? Something to do to the soil? We are baffled!!!



Westmoreland County PA vegetables vegetable diseases over 4 years ago

I was wondering how late you can plant a winter crop? We are currently...

I was wondering how late you can plant a winter crop? We are currently thinking to do a split planting as we have two separate gardens in one big gardening area. On about half of the land we are growing several different variety's of Pumpkins, and Blue Hubbard Squash and then on another part we have a food shelf garden, and then on another part we have a corn maze. So we are looking to plant the pumpkin side as soon as the second weekend of October and I'm not sure about the food shelf part. We probably don't need to do that area as this is the first year that's been there, but we have been growing pumpkins in roughly the same area every year for the past seven years (same area just different spots in the same space) and we have always been taking nutrients out of the soil and never putting any back except for what the vines and weeds deposit into the soil as they break down and as a result are pumpkin crop is taking a BIG hit this year. We have always had a problem with squash bugs but this year is the worst. This year we have started to be a little more proactive on the pumpkin side by adding grass clippings along side of all of the rows in the beginning but haven't continued with that on all of the rows throughout the season. We were thinking though of putting a winter crop of something to try and replenish the soil and try to keep some of the weeds down and maybe help with our squash bug problem. If we can plant a winter crop in October what would you recommended and would you recommend just planting it in one area or the whole patch and also in the spring before planting would we need to turn it into the soil or could we just leave it on top of the ground and just let it break down in to the soil? I don't know if this matters or not but originally the garden was a cow pasture but hasn't been used for such in a long time and was mostly just left to go to seed. Please feel free to call either email me or call me @ 651.730.8873 anytime after 10am or email me at


Washington County MN cover crops over 4 years ago

weeds in sand riding arena

we are fighting a losing battle with weeds in a sand riding arena 200'x250'. sand is approx 4" deep over the natural clay. We are having trouble with field bindweed, kochia, and some other viney thing with a red stem I can't ID. Occasional buffalo burr. It is too much area to hand weed. We have sprayed with roundup, but the weeds seem resistant, and again it is such a large area, all I have is a backpack sprayer, I don't know if it is a resistance issue or ineffective application. I have tried dragging them to death, Helped in some areas, but realistically, I cannot drag the arena every day indefinitely. What is the best option to at least control the weeds, preferably eradicate them? Can I rent a larger sprayer or hire someone to spray something more effective than the roundup?


Boulder County CO weeds over 4 years ago

What is wrong with my watermelon?

What is wrong with my watermelon?



Washington County MD over 4 years ago

Can you identify a caterpillar I found in my home's window well? It is...

Can you identify a caterpillar I found in my home's window well? It is grey-brown, over 3 inches long, half inch thick, has light green head and tail segment, appears to have 10-12 segments, has a short spiny growth on back near its tail, has two pair of similar spikes on its back near the head. It's just plain huge. Thanks.


Hennepin County MN caterpillar identification over 4 years ago

Transplanting Tall Phlox

Can Tall Phlox be transplanted in Fall in Eastern Nebraska (Omaha)?


Douglas County NE trees and shrubs horticulture over 4 years ago

Sound barrier

I have a house that backs up to interstates 35/80. Do you know what trees would be best to use as a sound barrier? Or what the best sound barrier would be?


Polk County IA over 4 years ago

Hello- I have a small vineyard, 75 vines, near West Concord, MN (60 miles...

Hello- I have a small vineyard, 75 vines, near West Concord, MN (60 miles south of Mpls). The vines, mostly Frontenac & Marquette, are not growing as vigoriously as normal and most of the leaves are a yellowish anemic color rather than bright green and they have brown spots and holes. The grapes look OK but I'm afraid the foliage is not healthy enough to ripen the fruit to maturity. I've attached pictures. Can you tell me what may be the issue and if it is better to drop the fruit now and avoid stress on the plant or if the damage is done and I should just wait and see if the fruit ripens? I tested the soil and it was a little low on N, but too much. Thank You! Jerry Lichtsinn 612-805-2078



Hennepin County MN viticulture over 4 years ago

I kind of re-did my lawn this spring with some black dirt and seeded...

I kind of re-did my lawn this spring with some black dirt and seeded it....Now after this time a lot of my yard is turning Yellow.....I do have underground sprinklers and pumps from the lake...So I dont know if im not fertilizing with the right mixture or not enough.....Maybe to much watering.....I dont have a clue.....


Sherburne County MN turf over 4 years ago

What is this?

I'm the president of a homeowners association. We have an issue with a homeowner who refuses to cut this down (it is a fire issue). I've had two landscapers look at it since I'm not an expert in this field, and both have said it is weeds growing wild. Can you tell me if this is a 'weed' or some sort of 'natural grass'? If it isn't a 'weed', can you give me the classification or specific name for this type of grass? Thank you for your quick response. Carrie Smith



Deschutes County OR horticulture over 4 years ago


one by one my boxwoods are dying. Can't see any bugs.Bushes turn yellow ,then justfade away. Would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you


Northampton County PA over 4 years ago

Japanese Beetles on Apple Tree

Is the fruit of apple trees infested with Japanese beetles safe to eat?


Scott County IA apples japanese beetles over 4 years ago

warped lid after water bath for beets

After canning some pickled beets yesterday, I water bathed them for the required time and noticed two lids with a little ripple in them. I hoped they would flatten out when cooled but this morning, there's still a warp towards the edge, although the vacuum is intact. Should I re-lid these two and water bath them again or not?


Lane County OR home food preservation over 4 years ago

Peony leaves shriveling and gold

We just planted our peonies this year in our backyard which is the east side of our house. It gets very hot out there and the peony leaves look terrible. The branches look ok, but there is no new growth. Do you think it's too hot for them?


Denver County CO flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials over 4 years ago

What kind of nest is this? Photographed in the lower level of the National...

What kind of nest is this? Photographed in the lower level of the National Archives facility in College Park, MD - surrounded by woods on University of MM property. There are a lot if them and I have additional photos but could only load one here.



Prince George's County MD insect identification mud dauber nest over 4 years ago

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