Oak filled with feed ing bees

What is causing our oak tree to be covered with, what appear to b, feeding bees. I have considered oak galls, mealy oak galls, oak aphids, an oak scale. What do we look for and do we need to worry about the tree?


Jackson County Oregon trees and shrubs insect issues over 4 years ago

Classroom resources

Hi there,

I am a 5th/6th teacher at Monkton Central and I am looking for resources for a local/pond ecology unit this fall. I recall from my days working in after school that Extension has kits and wondered if a kit might be available that fits our needs.

~Kate Gagner


Addison County Vermont pond aquaculture pond and water gardens over 4 years ago

Boomerang Program

Are there still resource materials for the Boomerang Program available or is access to them no longer possible because of lost funding? Our school is wanting to implement some renewed training and activity in social-emotional-character growth. We do character counts but many remember the positive effect the Boomerang program had in the area of personal growth and coping skills. Thanks - Jan George PAC Schools, Pocahontas, Iowa


Pocahontas County Iowa over 4 years ago

What can we do to prevent our butternut squash from being eaten. They have...

What can we do to prevent our butternut squash from being eaten. They have all been eaten on the top shortly after reaching a mature size, about 10-inches First seen about 3 weeks ago. Plants grown in full sun. Symptoms have not changed. Have successfully grown butternut squash here in past years. Although the soil tends to be dense, we worked a lot of compost into the soil before planting. We have used not pesticides or fertilizers.



Howard County Maryland vegetables squash butternut squash eaten by wildlife over 4 years ago

Unidentified Pest

I assume this guy on my Pole Beans is an adverse resident, but what is it and how do I treat for it? I found 2 on the underside of two different leaves. I have other plants in my garden as well; what other plants might this guy be attracted to? Any help is appreciated.


What_is_this_300x300%2523 What_is_this_2_300x300%2523

Grimes County Texas insect identification over 4 years ago

Caterpiller ID

Good morning, a gentleman brought in this interesting looking larvae, a bit dried but the photos turned out fairly well. Could you ID this one please, thanks! Andy Evans, MDNR Gaylord



Otsego County Michigan insect identification over 4 years ago

Is there a spider that looks like the Black Widow but with red dots on it's...

Is there a spider that looks like the Black Widow but with red dots on it's back? I have been living in Maryland for 9 years and until this year have never seen one. We have been in our current house for over a year and this year we have found 8 of these spiders with red dots on their back. For the most part they have been in turned over flower pots or sheds but we even had on on the inside wall of our pool and one with web and egg sac at the base of our umbrella. see attached pic - this one was found in it's web with an egg sac on the wheel well of my sons ride on vehicle that is stored in a shed. Thanks!



Carroll County Maryland insect identification spider id northern black widow spider over 4 years ago

License or certification to sell mushrooms.

Do I need to be licensed or certified to sell mushrooms? I have Shiitake, Wine Cap,
Lion's Mane and Oystershell Mushrooms. Domestic, not grown in the wild. If not,
I need to be able to show proof of not having to be certified or licensed. If I do, how
do I go about getting certified. Please let me know.


Black Hawk County Iowa food processing mushrooms over 4 years ago

Paradigm Shift with Airlift Pumps

Is there a way to save the seminar on my PC for offline viewing? I would love to watch it on my commute to work. Thanks, Lee Aquaponics: Paradigm Shift with Airlift Pumps Part 2


St. Tammany Parish Louisiana learn over 4 years ago

blackberry picking in Lane County in August

Are there places where I can pick blackberries or marion berries in August in Lane County? I am looking for u-pick farms or other areas where I can go berry picking. Thank you.


Lane County Oregon fruits and vegetables over 4 years ago

sick chickens

I am in need of help with my chickens. I have already contacted all the vets in powell/cody area and no seems to want to help or to know about chickens. I even offered to bring one in but they were not interested. I bought 14 chickens in Feb. this year. They are getting sick one by one. I don't know what to do. I bought 3 new books and combed the net for answers nothing is really specific enough. They have been free ranging and they are (3 now of the 14) are just laying in the nest and not getting up and they stopped producing eggs. I did check on egg binging or internal egg breakage but nothing noted. They still drink alittle water and food if I bring it to them. I put them on the ground to make them move and they immediately squat. I make them get up and then they start moving around walking, pecking on the ground, eating some, drinking very little, they groom immediately. But after a short while they are all back on the nest again. They ruffle their feathers out when you come near or when you put them around the others. I feel as though they have fevers when you pick them up or esp. when you do rectal exam. The first one (momma) got sick over 2 weeks ago and she is still alive and she will eat and drink if you bring it in front of her. Then the second (Babs) got sick a week later, now a third one has been staying down for 2 days. First one is losing weight more. They are all alert but appear weak and listless. The combs and wattels all look fine. I looked at stool and no worms visible. Oh I have some chicken dewormer that I got at Big R, Wazine 17, but I don't know how to calculate the amt to give since it says for 100 Chickens give 2 fluid ounces (60 ml) in 2 gal water. I have one of those 5 gallon metal fluid feeders like you get at Big R. I can get tetracycline at Big R too but same problems with dosage amounts for 14 chickens. Can you help me???? Please! please help me and my new baby's. This is my second time to have chickens in my life. I never had problems with sickness with the first 10 I had. I can take pictures too if need be. I know they are only chickens and I know you guys are really busy but please somebody take the time to help a gal who wants to be a ag girl/farmer soooo bad. Ohhh yeah I have Buffington's and they lay brown eggs if it matters to ya. And they have the best and largest home coop in the area, but they range free most of the day weather premitting. Thanks Crystal Allen in Powell 307-754-7190


Park County Wyoming over 4 years ago

How do I prepare newly excavated lot for best garden soil?

Building a house in west Erie, Colorado, Boulder County. Builder landscaped front yards, but side and back are just excavated with 'topsoil' but I understand it's clay. How can we best prepare for trees, veggie and perennial gardens? Should we bring in a truckload of horse manure? It's too expensive to buy bags of composted manure from the big box stores or nurseries. We built a home 25 years ago in Illinois and it took me ten years to get it in shape for a healthy garden.


Boulder County Colorado sustainable gardening and landscaping over 4 years ago

Food Production

Hello, I'm seeking to launch a food product and would like to get some guidance on production (namely preservation and packaging) and in the area of food science to help test various flavors and varieties. Do you have student resources or recommendations for where to begin? Thank you, Jodie Harris


District of Columbia County District of Columbia marketing over 4 years ago

What is this and where in my yard would it look and thrive best? Shade? Full...

What is this and where in my yard would it look and thrive best? Shade? Full sun?



Washington County Maryland flower hollyhock over 4 years ago

yellow jackets

We have yellow jackets infesting our birdhouses and don't want to use pesticide to get rid of them because the birds won't come back. We covered them with garbage bags and zip tied them so they can't escape, but after 7 days, they are still alive!! What do you suggest we do now and in the future???


Marion County Oregon urban integrated pest management bee health bees over 4 years ago

Looks like wild garlic

Which weed (noxious weed) is it that looks like wild garlic? But, has leaves that resemble grass blades? D you know the name? And, do you have pictures of the weed?


Delta County Colorado weeds over 4 years ago

drugstore beetle problem

In the spring I brought around drawings of the small bugs bothering us in our house in Malvern. I had looked at them under the microscope and made careful drawings, and your experts identified them as drugstore beetles. This seems right to me, as I see them represented on the internet. However, on the net the word is that they inhabit grains and foods in pantries, and the thing to do is to examine the pantry carefully and remove the areas where they are breeding. However, in my case they are nowhere near the pantry supplies, nor have I ever seen them there. They come through the windows (low to the ground) especially when there are interior lights on, and they come in, apparently, through a cellar wall near interior steps, as I find their bodies on those steps. Most of the beetles I find are dead, though a few can crawl or fly to get to a light. I need advice on how to defend against them, as it is clear the pantry search is not relevant. I will appreciate your advice very much indeed.


Chester County Pennsylvania integrated pest management insect issues insect management home integrated pest management over 4 years ago

where can I buy bee hive in Nashville ?

where can I buy bee hive in Nashville ?


Davidson County Tennessee over 4 years ago

Fertilizer cost

I would like to know the current value of one ton or pound of Phosphorus, as applied fertilizer, in ag flelds, in Southeast South Dakota. I can only get prices of the 18-46-0 of about $525-$595.
How do i accurately convert that to cost of P?
Thank You,


Minnehaha County South Dakota field crops soil and fertility issues fertilizer over 4 years ago

curling leaves on mock orange shrub

I have newly planted (6 weeks ago) mock orange shrubs. The leaves on the new growth are curling. I have a drip system that I have cut back to 5 minutes daily due to all the rain we have been having. Is this from too much water or might it be something else?


Douglas County Colorado shrubs over 4 years ago

Bermuda Grass Control

What is the best way to kill Bermuda Grass prior to over seeding in September? I have several patches in my front lawn which is primarily tall fescue. I also am getting patches of a tiny spreading grass that almost appears as green cotton that can be pulled out.


Chesterfield County Virginia over 4 years ago

Antimicrobial wash's or treatments for fruits and vegetables

I am a dietitian for a school district in Utah and my department was wondering about the uses of antimicrobial wash's or treatments for fruits and vegetables we serve to our student population? Is it effective, or necessary? Does a water and vinegar solution work as well? I feel that research is pretty varied on this topic but I was wondering if you had a stance or opinion on the subject. Thanks for your help!


Salt Lake County Utah food safety local food food systems urban gardening community food systems over 4 years ago

Talk about climate change

Hi there, my husband and I just relocated from San Diego, CA to the Detroit area. I considered myself a knowledgeable green thumb in my hometown, but have very little experience with the local flora here in Michigan. What would be some good resources (literary or otherwise) that would help me get up to speed on what to plant and when in this new climate?


Oakland County Michigan over 4 years ago


A member of our township asked me if he filed for a variance on his property for a garage that is not in compliance and the ZBA approved the variance, how long could he hold the variance before he put up the garage? He was wondering if he could get the variance and 1 or 2 years later put up the garage. I can't find anything in our Zoning Ordinance or on the Variance Application giving a time limit. Could you answer this for me?


Clare County Michigan over 4 years ago

Hibiscus Gall Midge

I live in Houston and for a week or so, my hibiscus seem to produce only tiny buds which turn yellow and fall off. I thought it was thrips until I read about the gall midge. I have been picking the buds off so not to let them hit the ground. I would prefer to use a natural predator if there is one, but if not, do you recommend a certain systemic to control them. I have quite a few hibiscus and they all seem to be doing this. In the picture the bottom bud is already turning yellow. HELP!

While I'm asking, what do you recommend for thrips?

Thanks in advance for your time.



Harris County Texas horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials over 4 years ago

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