Memosa tree wilt

Hi! I hope I am not intruding by writing here but I'm just not sure where to turn! We bought a Mimosa tree 6 years ago and it never did well. We let it grow until the trunk was about 5". The tree just kept getting uglier so we cut it down. When the root grew new babies we let them grow for a couple of years and the same thing happened. 14 feet away we planted a golden chain tree and it grew for a couple of years and the same thing happened to it. Between the two sick trees we planted a flowering almond bush it is now gone because of the same problems. Through internet research I am certain it have tree wilt. Now, we have no trees in places that are in desperate need of trees and I don't have a clue as to what to do or what to plant! Can you give me any ideas? Thanks! Barb Ward


Clackamas County Oregon plant disease about 4 years ago

Cheatgrass seed viability

I have been battling a cheatgrass infestation in my back field area. About 1 1/2 acres. The area used to have a lot of Orchard Grass and some Cheatgrass. Now it's mostly Cheatgrass with only occasional sprigs of Orchard.
It is mid June now and the grass and seeds have already turned brown, but haven't gotten to the purple stage yet. I read one of the Extension's papers on Cheatgrass and it talks about when the seeds turn purple at maturity.

My question is, are these brown seeds already viable or they only viable when they reach the purple stage?
Also, if I mow this now, am I just spreading the seeds and making things worse?

Parker, CO


Douglas County Colorado rangelands about 4 years ago

Ditch water seepage - Catlin Canal, Rocky Ford

We are redeveloping a multifamily apt. building in Rocky Ford. The Catlin Canal crossed our site on the south perimeter. Now that the canal is running we have very intense canal seepage and high groundwater. We have reviewed the water law and been given a few possible solutions, but the law is pretty specific about not diverting "down stream" and historical flows. There are more details, but is there someone that can advise us as to this situation, and possibly has already invented this wheel so that we can cut through the red tape and find a good solution?


Otero County Colorado ditch seepage about 4 years ago

HUGE moth in Denver- what is it?

I spotted this (not so) little guy on the patio behind our offices today. His wingspan in the position he was in when I took this picture was about 4". Any idea what he is?



Denver County Colorado insects about 4 years ago

Poplar Tree

My dad recently removed a large, dead poplar tree in his yard. After cutting it up, he split some of the larger pieces and found a 'cigar' shaped (about the same size and length also) stack of leaves in the center of one of the split pieces. The very first segment had a small circular cap from a leaf closing it up and was tightly rolled. The next segment also seems to have a cap. I am attaching a photo. We are wondering what it is and what caused it.



Marquette County Michigan trees and shrubs about 4 years ago

Peach Tree

This peach tree has the leaves curling up the leaves - do you know how the peach tree can be treated and is it harmful?



Michigan about 4 years ago

pressure treated lumber on veggie beds

It rains a lot here so I'd like to use some of the new (post 2003 non-CCA) treated or pressure treated lumber to create the raised veggie bed rather than the (much) more expensive and shorter lived cedar. Is it safe to do so? Is it acceptable for organic gardening? Would it be acceptable for organic if I line the sides with plastic? Thanks


Snohomish County Washington fruits and vegetables organic gardening horticulture about 4 years ago

Oystershell scales

Once treated by and expert (which I have done) will the scales fall off the aspen or do they stay on. Mine remain and I am wondering if the treatment worked or not. Thanks


Yellowstone County Montana about 4 years ago

Japanese Maple Bloodgood Tree

The leaves on a young Japanese Maple Bloodgood tree are developing brown spots and causing the leaves to turn brown like. The tree was planted this Spring. There are concerns that this tree may have some sort of a fungus and it could effect other maple trees in the area on the property. Should the homeowner be concerned about the other maple trees on the property? Also, what should the homeowner do to treat the Japanese Maple Bloodgood tree?


Dscf0668_300x300%2523 Dscf0679_300x300%2523 Dscf0675_300x300%2523

Kalkaska County Michigan trees and shrubs about 4 years ago


I have a dead pine in my yard that I think may have been intentionly poisoned by a neighbor. Is there any testing that could be done to determine if the was poisoned?
Thank You


Emmet County Michigan trees and shrubs pesticide safety about 4 years ago

Vanderwolf's Pyramid Limber Pine

Is the Vanderwolf's Pyramid Limber Pine a good tree to plant in Pueblo, CO? I have sandy soil and alot of sun where it will be planted, but wanted to know if the plant is good for my elevation, is it prone to disease, winter hardiness, etc.. Eric


Pueblo County Colorado trees and shrubs about 4 years ago

Last night I found a very large freshly shed snake skin in my basement . Im...

Last night I found a very large freshly shed snake skin in my basement . Im pretty sure its a rat snake mostly because I know they are common in this area and we have had a bad rodent problem over the last few years . My question is what to do about it . I was thinking about putting poison out for the rodents but I dont want to kill the snake if it eats a poisoned one . Im tempted to just leave it be as we havent seen a mouse since winter but the problem is we live in the basement apt. so we are a little skittish about it getting into our living area .



Baltimore Maryland wildlife snakes snake in basement about 4 years ago

limp tomato plant

I've recently re-potted two tomato plants that are now about 2'6" high each. I'm using potting soil that is about 60% organic compost. One of the plants is doing just fine. He went a little droopy for a day, but now he stands tall like before. The other one went limp and is still very limp. It has been two days since I've repotted (Father's Day), but she hasn't recovered. Can you assist? Thank you!



Arapahoe County Colorado fruits and vegetables about 4 years ago

Maple tree roots

Many years ago we unknowingly built a play area incorporating 2 large silver maples. The trees have a "container" box built around them about 2-3 feet high and filled with dirt. We are currently redoing the yard and have torn down the play area and started to remove the boxes around the 2 trees. We noticed a root growing above ground in the container box dirt. We have stopped removing the boxes because we do not want to harm our trees, do not know if other roots are showing. My question, is it okay to go ahead and remove the boxes and dirt from around the trees without harming them? We would like to have a flat area around the trees and put mulch to protect the roots. My trees are approximately 40-50 years old and very large. Thank you.


Adams County Colorado trees and shrubs about 4 years ago

gingko failure to thrive

My balled and burlapped gingko, has not thrived, after three years in the ground. Leaves are curled, half normal size, with no tip growth in three years. I am an expert tree planter. I removed the B and B when planted, water moderately, even saturated the roots with 0-10-10 fish fertilizer this spring. Do they take a long time to establish, or...?


Benton County Oregon horticulture about 4 years ago

Tiny Red & Black bugs eating up my sage, lavendar, and thyme....


I have tiny red & black bugs that have destroyed by herbs.....they are quite abundant and leave the leaves a dotted black when they are done.....What are they and how to treat?


Ramsey County Minnesota insect issues horticulture about 4 years ago

Pollinator Garden Webcast (1077) followup question

We are planning our pollinator garden - it is small space so is it better to have a wide variety of plants to support a wider pollinator selection or better to concentrate on a species provider plant system to support 1 or 2 pollinator species throughout its life cycle? These are children working to design the area and will also maintain it.


Elmore County Alabama about 4 years ago

Peach tree information

I bought a Peach Garnet Beauty tree at the wallmart nursery and on one tag it said dwarf, but the planting guide tag said 25' high and 25' wide. Is that possible? and do you know any thing about this variety of fruit for canning, eating? also some of the leaves are turning yellow and falling off like it was autumn already. could it be a disease?


Weber County Utah fruits and vegetables disease issues peaches horticulture about 4 years ago

transplant sword fern

I want to give some of my native sword fern plants to a friend. What is the best way to transplant them? I have ALL sizes on my property in ZigZag-elevation 1600' and mostly shade ( we are surrounded by huge cedar, fir, and large leaf maple trees.


Clackamas County Oregon about 4 years ago

insect identification

Can you identify this insect for me?



Lancaster County Pennsylvania insect issues entomology insect identification about 4 years ago

Pest Identification

We have some mites or something outside and I'm wondering who to contact to identify what they are. They appear late in the day and I only see them on flagstone around our outdoor kitchen/fireplace and the pool. They are yellowish-orange in color and move around very quickly. They are very tiny and are hard to see with the naked eye.
I have some video of them on YouTube although it's hard to see them since they move so fast. If you make the video full screen and make sure it's set to HD it's easier to see them.
If I need to try to capture some and send them somewhere I can try to do that. I live in Flower Mound, TX.

I have been told spider mites or chiggers but I read spider mites move fairly slow and that chiggers wouldn't be on warm/hot rocks in the afternoon.

Any help would be appreciated.

Jeff Rausch



Denton County Texas insect identification about 4 years ago

Can you identify these 2 lawn weeds and how to control them?

Please identify these two lawn weeds and how to control or get rid of them


P6170002_300x300%2523 P6170008_300x300%2523 P6170010_300x300%2523

Clare County Michigan lawns and turf weed issues about 4 years ago

safe weed killers

Hi, we planted new strawberries (June bearing) and want to overspray the plants for weeds. Is there a safe herbicide that can be used?
Thanks, Sharyl


Mecosta County Michigan fruits and vegetables about 4 years ago

I am being bombarded with drain flies I have tried everything to find the...

I am being bombarded with drain flies I have tried everything to find the source and cant--how can they be called drain flies if u spray them with water they dissolve- I have sprayed bug killer down my drains with bleach and hot water no luck---they r in my bathroom and a small bedroom-- I have called a xpert bug killer and he told me to do the same thing I am doing---help--b 4 I burn my house down---what am I missing here


Kent County Michigan pest control about 4 years ago

Our native Columbines have not bloomed for several years

I transplanted some Columbines from our yard to a part sun area several years ago. They form what appear to be seeds, but have not bloomed. Do you have any idea as to why this is?


Routt County Colorado wildflowers and native plants horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials about 4 years ago

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