These apples are from our golden delicious tree. We have lived here 25 years,...

These apples are from our golden delicious tree. We have lived here 25 years, and it was here when we bought the house. The quality of the apple is fine, very little worm damage. Apples are fine for cooking/freezing, etc. What is the problem with our apples and where can we get info on how to treat it? We would like to eliminate the black skins. Thanks so much! Lois & Bob



Mahoning County OH apples home apple production over 4 years ago

succulents in winter

My hens and chickens are in containers, and I live in Mt. Angel. Will they winter over, or do I need to do something special to save them?


Marion County OR container gardening horticulture over 4 years ago

fish consumption advisories

The DNR has been putting out advisories for years stating that catfish and carp from the saginaw bay and lake erie are not safe to eat in any amounts. This last week I was reading about commerical fishing in michigan. The article stated that catfish and carp from these waters were caught and sold for human consumption. So are these fish safe to eat? If not how are they allowed to be sold to the public for consumption? Thank You.


Barry County MI food safety marine fisheries over 4 years ago

1. What product should I use on buckthorn and aspen volunteers in my garden....

1. What product should I use on buckthorn and aspen volunteers in my garden. I dont want to ruin nearby apple trees or raspberries. 2. My Mt. Royal Plum tree is 15 years old and not producing much fruit. Is there a way to revive it or should I cut it down. 4. What is eating my carrots 4 inches below the surface. Gnawing a circle. Not a rodent.


St. Louis County MN fruit trees carrots buckthorn over 4 years ago

What time of year is best to prune a River Birch tree?

We have a River Birch tree in our front yard that is about 4 years old and doing very well. I would like to prune the bottom couple of feet of branches to make it easier to mow/etc. around the tree. When can I safely do the pruning? I have read very contradictory advice on-line about when to prune River Birch.


Ramsey County MN trees and shrubs river birch horticulture over 4 years ago




Iron County UT bees beekeeping over 4 years ago

I have a fairly newly installed rain garden. These mushrooms are appearing --...

I have a fairly newly installed rain garden. These mushrooms are appearing -- what are they (specifically) and what can you tell me about them? What do I need to do to control (manage/remove) them?



Howard County MD mulch mushrooms rain gardens over 4 years ago

lawn improvement

I have what I think is Bermuda grass in my lawn. It is close to the ground, thick and wiry and slow spreading. It spreads along the ground on a thick, vine like structure. The 'leaves' lay flat rather then stand up like a typical grass. A stray 'vine' will appear to be loose and easy to uproot but tugging on it quickly lets you know that isn't really the case. Evidently the plant has a complex root structure that seems very deep. Can you give me any advise on how to kill this plant so that I can grow real grass? Also, can you give some resources - suggested readings, websites, people to talk to - for reference to help me improve my lawn. I have been a faithful user of Scotts 4-Step program for many years but am about to give up on it.


New Castle County DE lawns and turf grass bermuda grass lawn improvement over 4 years ago

Are the ashes of a black walnut still toxic for gardening or is the juglone...

Are the ashes of a black walnut still toxic for gardening or is the juglone destroyed when burned? -Katherine


Washington County MN over 4 years ago

Garden fertilizing

Our soil sample for our garden showed a nitrogen level of "0". Should we put down some dry nitrogen now (26-0-0) if we can find it, and then again in the spring, or should we wait until spring to put any down ?


Coryell County TX soil and fertility issues horticulture over 4 years ago

Living Mulch

I have been reading about living mulch and am very interested. I live in Broomfield. What plants would you recommend to use for the living mulch (please give me several options, in case I have trouble finding them) AND when can I plant them? I would love to put some in now, but don't want the season/weather to doom my efforts.
Thank you very much.


Broomfield County CO mulch over 4 years ago

missing chickadees

We live in the Skyranch subdivision west of Jamestown. Since the deluge of September, we have not seen even one chickadee at our feeder. They used to be the prevalent bird. I posted this on our neighborhood qt, and someone at the Bar-K subdivision said that this is also the case at her feeder. Pygmy nuthatches are gone also. Did these birds get wiped out by the heavy rain? I have seen only one juvenile robin. Woodpeckers and jays are here.


Boulder County CO birds wildlife attracting birds over 4 years ago

Care of Chuck Hayes Gardenia

Care of Chuck Hayes Gardenia


Montgomery County MD shrubs gardenia over 4 years ago

St. Augustine Grass

I have a mixture of St. Augustine, Bermuda, some weeds and some Road Astor. I planted some rectangles of St. Augustine a year an a half on some spots where I removed Dallis grass.

The St. Aug is spreading nicely. I selective fertilized it this spring. I broadcast spread some 13-13-13 about Sept. 17th. As the grass dies this fall the Road Astor will begin to dominate (but I guess I have to live with that.)

What should I do to encourage the St. Augustine and discourage all the other stuff. I have a sprinkler system an an irrigation well along with a large yard, ~1 acre. I have some top soil but am pretty much on a hill top near Lake Weatherford (excellent drainage). Underlying soil is distributed rocky in a sandy, caliche gravel matrix.

Note: The bare spots in the foreground of the picture are not part of my lawn. Had to cross the street to take the picture so please ignore the bare spots.

Thanks in advance.



Parker County TX lawns and turf horticulture over 4 years ago

Fruit tree in Indonesia

I have a picture of a red fruit found on the Island of Komodo in Indonesia. The fruit's black seeds taste like peanuts. Can you help me identify the fruit or the tree?



OUTSIDEUS over 4 years ago

My sour cherry trees and apple trees have green or mossy looking growth on...

My sour cherry trees and apple trees have green or mossy looking growth on the branches. They are not near each other. The moss covered branches will wither and die, and easily break off. We have tried clearing larger trees around them to provide more sun. Pics are of cherry tree. What kind of disease do they have? And how do I treat them?


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Carlton County MN over 4 years ago

We would like to provide a companion apple tree for our mature red delicious...

We would like to provide a companion apple tree for our mature red delicious tree, which does not produce apples very often. The many crabapples we have always seem to be done blooming before the red delicious comes on. (but not this year- we had some overlap, and have half a tree of nice red delicious apples.) We're thinking we should try this route. Is red delicious considered an early, mid- or late-season bloomer? What varieties of apple or crabapple would match it for blooming season and pollination? Thanks. Bill and Jane


Rice County MN over 4 years ago

Freezing whole tomatoes

Is there any problem with tray packing whole washed tomatoes without blanching? It is so easy to preserve tomatoes this way. When I want to use a frozen tomato, I thaw it a little, and the skin slips right off.

As I have not found any information on this method, I want to know if there are any downsides?




Douglas County CO food safety over 4 years ago

propagating outdoor geraniums

I would like to propagate the outdoor geraniums from this summer. do I need to keep them in the house over the winter, for springtime, or will they survive in the greenhouse?? when do I do it? any other hints? Thanks, Dixie


Marion County OR plant propagation horticulture over 4 years ago

whit pine trees

What can be done to prevent the pine weevil from killing the terminal leader on white pines? Thanks


Luzerne County PA over 4 years ago

Buffalo Grass

I have a new lawn (8 mts. old) of buffalo grass. It has been invaded by various types of weeds. Since this is a new law, I have been using the manual process of weed control. I'm am having difficulity finding a weed killer that is specific to buffalo grass. I do not over water, and I have only fertilizer once, with a very weak fertilizer as perscribed. All that I have read about buffalo grass and weed killer, is to stay away from the ingredient dicamba, however, most weed killers contain this chemical. Can you help ?


Val Verde County TX lawns and turf lawn care over 4 years ago

Edible Landscaping

We want to incorporate edible landscaping into our property. We need to find resources catered to our area that can inform us what types of plants/trees are best, how/where/when to plant them, etc. We want to start with blueberries, blackberries and one or two fruit or nut trees. Any help you could give would be wonderful! Thanks


Cherokee County GA over 4 years ago

We have large yellow jackets...over 2 inches long. They are attracted to lite...

We have large yellow jackets...over 2 inches long. They are attracted to lite and fly at nite. They buzz loudly and seem to be aggressive if anyone walks near them, near a light. Are these European hornets? do we need to be concerned? I have read, on line, that Japanese hornets have also been released in the USA. I have lived here, in Lake County, for 66 years and never seen these super sized hornets until this year.


Lake County OH bees yellow jackets over 4 years ago

What are the little black bugs on window screens?

What are all of those little black bugs on my house window screens and what if anything I can do about it. This year is one of the worst. When I had fruit trees, I blamed it on them.


Washington County MD invasive stinkbugs brown marmorated stinkbugs over 4 years ago

random enforcement

i have been notified for violations to the Burt Township (Alger County) zoning ordinance. Many other homes in Burt Township have the same issues. Can the zoning administrator enforce the ordinance on me and not all others? The issues have been in place for more than 2 1/2 years without complaint from the neighbor or township. There is also a conflict of interest between me and the zoning administrator, as well as the zoning board of appeals chairperson. My shed is too close to the property line, a flower box is to close to the property line, a 4 by 5 roof above an entrance door is too close to the property line,


Alger County MI over 4 years ago

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