Feeding Whole Sugarcane without Tops to Dairy Cattle

We were feeding corn silage to our dairy cows. Once we ran out of corn silage, we shifted to feeding whole fine chopped sugarcane without tops to our cows. The cows are eating the same level of concentrates but overall milk yield is continuously declining. The cattle seems to like the sugarcane a lot and eat upto 16-20 kg as-fed per day (30% dry matter). Do we need to add any supplements in sugarcane to balance the ration. Any inputs on this would be very helpful.


Outside United States dairy cattle pastures and forages dairy nutrition almost 4 years ago

Hi, My name is Kenneth Yost and I live in Golden Valley. I have a stack of...

Hi, My name is Kenneth Yost and I live in Golden Valley. I have a stack of Honey Locust that was cut into boards and was stacked and stickered to dry. I am finding bored holes in the softer outer layers of the wood. The external evidence is a very fine sawdust on a few boards that I have brought in to work with. The holes are about 3 to 4 mm diameter and are entrances to tunnels. I have attached a picture (top and underside view) of one of the critters that dropped out of one of the boards. It would measure about 12 mm long. I can't find any pictures of wood boring insects that match. Could you please identify this insect and suggest a treatment? Thank you very much, Ken



Hennepin County Minnesota insects almost 4 years ago

Land management plan?

How can a land owner get assistance with a land management plan?


Outside United States almost 4 years ago

Hick's Yew

We live in Redmond and are considering Hick's Yew as part of our landscaping. Is it a suitable plant for our location? Any information you have on the plant would be appreciated.


Deschutes County Oregon trees and shrubs horticulture almost 4 years ago

Freeze Cluster flies

I have cluster flies...My doctor could not help me with them...If I freeze my home inside and out for 24 hours, will this kill all the cluster flies?


Outside United States almost 4 years ago

Square foot gardening

What is a good soil mix for this type of garden? The mix in Bartholomew's Square Ft Gardening is too expensive for our school garden. We just put in five 4x16 beds & one 4x8 bed.


Denton County Texas soil and fertility issues gardening horticulture almost 4 years ago

where to find heirloom chicken breeds?

Hi, We are interested in purchasing chicks from local 4H club members. Oregon has no such poultry farm, and it is a great opportunity for 4H members to help provide local access to heirloom breeds to the community. Can you provide information about how to contact local 4H heirloom chicken breeders?


Linn County Oregon 4-h and youth almost 4 years ago

Williamson County suggested garden varieties??

could we get a list of the suggested varieties for Williamson county??


Williamson County Texas fruits and vegetables gardening horticulture almost 4 years ago

Can you use Volck oil spray for black sooty mildew on crapemyrtle?

Can you use Volck oil spray for black sooty mildew on crapemyrtle, or what do you recommend?


Lake County Florida trees and shrubs disease issues crape myrtles almost 4 years ago

I have land to rent in Hartford, OH. And appreciate any help/advice you could...

I have land to rent in Hartford, OH. And appreciate any help/advice you could offer me. Thank you.


Beaufort County South Carolina farmland assessment almost 4 years ago

challenging high desert soil

We are high desert in New Mexico and our soil is alkaline caliche. What ground cover would you suggest? We are looking for a perennial that requires little water? maybe a verbena or legume?


Bernalillo County New Mexico horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials almost 4 years ago

Bark stripping Linden tree

The linden in front of our home is 40 years old. Winter has been long, frigid, and endless this year in the Midwest. It appears that some of the younger branches/ extremities of the tree have been stripped of bark. I suspect squirrels. We have an abundant supply of brown and gray species in our area. Many of the trees are canopy the streets. The neighborhood is over 100 years old. Will the linden be susceptible to disease if some of the branches are without bark?


Cook County Illinois trees and shrubs disease issues horticulture almost 4 years ago

grass wont grow where roots are.

What is the best grass for shaded areas, sunlight is getting through but i think the roots from the trees is surfising and choking the grass.



Outside United States lawns and turf sustainable gardening and landscaping horticulture almost 4 years ago

When are Maon bees active

When do the Mason bees typically hatch and when are they gone in Grayson County VA?


Grayson County Virginia almost 4 years ago

ِDear Expert Thank you for useful information in this site, I have a question...

ِDear Expert Thank you for useful information in this site, I have a question about organic-inorganic compound fertilizers, are they useful for landscape plants, especially conifer deciduous and flowering plants? and if so, when and how much can they be applied? and I also need some references for mineral needs of landscape plants.I appreciate your response.


Outside United States fertilizer landscape plants landscape horticulture almost 4 years ago

Mason Jar cakes

I see service wives cooking and sealing cakes in mason jars. The discussion is how safe is it sealing a hot cake right out of the oven? I would like to do this for a church bake sale. Thank you, Susan


Curry County Oregon home food preservation almost 4 years ago

Cold-Hardy Avocados

Hi. It has occurred to me as I've been looking into avocado tree varieties that areas of Texas seem to have a similar growing conditions to where I live in the central valley California, zone 9b. I've been searching for any variety or varieties that might endure an occasional winter where the temperature drops to around 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Texas also seems to get very hot during the summer as it does here.
I have been looking into varieties with the highest likelihood of flourishing in this area and it has been kind of exhausting- a lot of conflicting claims. Can you help me sort through the conflicting info on this? What are the most cold-hardy varieties available to your knowledge?

Thank you,

Zachary Farrell


San Joaquin County California trees and shrubs fruits and vegetables horticulture almost 4 years ago

Shade cloth for greenhouse

We just built a twin walled polycarbonate paneled 7 x 8 ft greenhouse. We are at 4400 ft in Klamath Falls. Greenhouse is in full sun. What density of shade cloth is recommended for use in this area & during what months? Do you recommend std shade cloth or reflective? Thanks!


Klamath County Oregon greenhouse horticulture almost 4 years ago

Healthy meadow grass

I built a house on 5 acres on Sanford Road in Eugene (located off Gimpl Hill Road, near Pine Grove). Our site is a similar to my understanding of a Willamette Valley Oak Savannah; clusters of oak and pine trees scattered around open meadows. The meadow grasses are thin, low growing, and lacking in color. I've been told that soils in our area of low pH, and I should annually add lime to the soil. I have not had a pH test to determine acidity. I would like to find other information to help me determine how to improve my grasses. I'm particularly interested in managing fertilizers for pet (dogs) health and well head protection.


Oregon soil and fertility issues native grasses almost 4 years ago

Juniper plant for herbal remedy

I'm trying to follow a recipe to create a chlorophyll cleanse which includes juniper. Which juniper plant is edible both leaves & berries?


Lane County Oregon juniper almost 4 years ago

Zinnia bulbs

I didn't think I needed to take out my zinnia bulbs, so I left them in the ground. Some of them seem OK, when today, I dug them up, but they need to be dried out. There are worms inside those bulbs and I wondered if there is a method to clean them so I can use them again after they are dry? Also, how do I know if they are any good?


Douglas County Oregon horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials almost 4 years ago

I've been vegetable gardening here in Monkton since 1986 and I've had a...

I've been vegetable gardening here in Monkton since 1986 and I've had a recurring problem with my tomatoes. They grow well but as soon as the plant starts to mature the lower leaves develop dark spots, turn yellow and fall off. After the main crop has finished, most of the vines have lost their leaves and the remaining tomatoes that develop are often scalded. I've tried just about every variety that's available but it doesn't seem to improve the situation. I've even moved them a considerable distance to new areas but that didn't help either. I've attached a photo of the vines in the late season showing the bare stems with only the fresh growth at the top still green. Can you identify the problem and make any recommendations to correct it?



Baltimore County Maryland tomatoes vegetables foliar diseases almost 4 years ago


What can I do to save my arborvitaes, they have dead branches on the bottom. They are 20" tall & 25 yrs old. I have 50 for a privacy fence. HELP


Berks County Pennsylvania horticulture almost 4 years ago

An animal made his home in our drain field. It looks as if a family has...

An animal made his home in our drain field. It looks as if a family has settled there. There are quite a few holes with a diameter of 5-7". We had a person from pest control who set out traps, but nothing was caught. We do not know what to do except contact another company and pay another $500 for nothing. What can we do?


Talbot County Maryland wildlife damage management wildlife almost 4 years ago

Pestacide and Herbacide Disposal

I have some liquied pestacides and herbacides that are old and no longer effective. Where or how can I dispose of them? I live in North Ogden.


Weber County Utah pesticide safety almost 4 years ago

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