Pinus flexilis

My Pinus flexilis is about 4 yrs old and now is completely brown top to bottom... Does this mean it is dead? I have kept it watered. Please advise. I am in zone 4 so cannot fertilize now.


Lake County South Dakota trees and shrubs disease issues pine trees horticulture almost 4 years ago

Perrenials over the Winter

Hi - at the end of the season I bought a few perennials (at Fred Meyer) I did not get planted before the freezing weather. I live in Oregon City. Is there a way I can keep them going over the winter and plant when there's a thaw? They are a cape fuschsia (phygelius), a cardinal flower (lobelia speciosa), and an ornamental oregeno (origanum rotundifolium). I have been keeping them close to the house and watered. Thanks!


Clackamas County Oregon horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials almost 4 years ago

How to find regulations on keeping bees

My family and I live on a .9 acre residential property in the Lutherville/Timonium area of Baltimore County. We are considering keeping honey bees on the property. What government restrictions and/or regulations or other considerations do we need to take into account before setting up the hive(s)?


Baltimore County Maryland beekeeping beneficial insects almost 4 years ago

staff orientation

Can two staff members work together at the same time, on one computer, to do the orientation? At this time, we have only one computer for the staff to use.


Montgomery County Pennsylvania computer literacy extension staff training almost 4 years ago

Have a large area with huge Junipers. Will be removing them and replanting....

Have a large area with huge Junipers. Will be removing them and replanting. Is grinding the bushes and using stump killer and option or must the roots be dug up?


Lexington County South Carolina almost 4 years ago

Master Canners Certification

Do you offer a Master Canners Certification course?


Cherokee County Texas food safety home food preservation almost 4 years ago


What is image quality? What are the factors affecting the image quality?


Outside United States technology photographs image almost 4 years ago

weed control in trees

I have 1-4 yr. elm & ceders with kochia a real bad problem. I want a preemerge to control them. I thought about yellow herb. sprayed just prior to snow to allow snow to cover & incorperate ??? What abaut atrazine?


Swisher County Texas trees and shrubs weed issues rangelands herbicides almost 4 years ago

Invasive species disposal

What is a correct way to dispose of common buckthorn and garlic mustard. We are an 167 acre condominium with a sizable amount of woodlands and lakes. Hoping to begin a project to take back the amount of our woodlands that have been overtaken by these invasive species.

Chairman—Grounds Committee


Wayne County Michigan invasive species almost 4 years ago

Ixora plants with black on leaves

We have several maui ixoras in our yard. Several of them have many leaves with a black dusty powder on them; almost looks like mud/dirt.I have attached a picture I took with my phone that may help. Can you offer any suggestions on what we should treat the plants with or should we bring in a sample? Thank you



Pinellas County Florida almost 4 years ago

I have a number of Clematis in my yard and they are all the type that bloom...

I have a number of Clematis in my yard and they are all the type that bloom on new growth. Two of them are on the south side of my white house and I do not know when it is safe to prune them back. Supposedly I should wait till March but last year one of them had buds by then and after pruning back, it did not really bloom much. I would like to prune much earlier but do not want to encourage new growth before we have very cold weather. Right now most of the leaves are brown but not all and it is very thick and lush. Any suggestions?


Talbot County Maryland flower vines clematis pruning almost 4 years ago

Can pomegranates be grown in Pennsylvania?

I have heard that there are varieties of pomegranates that will be productive in Pennsylvania. Do you have any information on what varieties and how to get started what type of soil etc.? Thanks in advance.


Lawrence County Pennsylvania trees and shrubs master gardener program pomegranate small fruit horticulture almost 4 years ago

Would spraying oil on citrus trees help before a frost?

In Galveston County we expect a light freeze in 4 or 5 days.
Will it do any good to spray now with neem or agricultural oil at this time?
By the way the citrus presentation by Dr. Monte Nesbitt was very impressive with excellent detail information.


Galveston County Texas trees and shrubs citrus horticulture almost 4 years ago

How damaging will it be to trim oak tree roots to level sidewalk?

I will be doing some sidewalk leveling where mature oaks have pushed up concrete to an unsafe point. Will have to trim some of the main roots - maybe 2-3 inches in parts. Will this hurt or kill the tree? Any preventative measures? Thanks.


Harris County Texas trees and shrubs horticulture almost 4 years ago

What's the latest in the research regarding the relationship between honey bees (apis) and BT?

Is apis still considered to be immune to BT? Is there any research regarding field bees bringing BT back into the hive? Thanks


Hamilton County Tennessee bee health honey bees bt almost 4 years ago

2 questions I had a couple squash plants turn yellow and die last year. Other...

2 questions I had a couple squash plants turn yellow and die last year. Other plants were un affected. Corn smut- is there anything to controll it. I planted corn for the first time in my garden so there should not have been any in the soil, but several had it.


Custer County South Dakota fruits and vegetables horticulture almost 4 years ago

We reseeded our lawn early in September and it took great. Because the voles...

We reseeded our lawn early in September and it took great. Because the voles are still actively tunneling throughout the yard my husband wants to get a lawn roller to crush these tunnels. It has been mowed a couple times and we have run the lawn tractor over it to blow leaves. It still is a nice green color. My concern is will we damage the new grass if we roll it throughout the winter?


St. Mary's County Maryland almost 4 years ago

Is there any harm in putting decorative holiday lights on pines and spruces?

Some people say that it dries the trees. Others say it's a fire hazard. What is your opinion?


Douglas County Colorado trees and shrubs spruce pines almost 4 years ago

Worm Species

What species of worms are native in the soils of Klickitat County especially in the area around Trout Lake, Husum, White Salmon and Snowden?


Klickitat County Washington wildlife habitat almost 4 years ago

Is this Rose Rosette?

Attached is a photo of one of 4 roses I have that are growing strangely. At first I thought it might be herbicide drift but it seems to fit the Rosette description I found on the internet and I've never seen it before. Is there anything I can do to save the plants or should I rip the infected plants out immediately before the other 26 plants get infected? Thanks, Rick Holcomb



Outside United States rose diseases rose rosette almost 4 years ago

Palm Tree

Two of our 20 year old palms have drooping/dead fronds and new growth seems to falling also. We live on the Waccamaw river in Conway. Is this a fungus or disease that can spread to the others? Is there anything we can do? Thank you



Horry County South Carolina trees and shrubs horticulture almost 4 years ago

Hi there, I read HGIC Center Director Jon's newsletter about "dumping...

Hi there, I read HGIC Center Director Jon's newsletter about "dumping bags of my neighbor’s leaves around a fig tree" and I just did the same thing last Sunday! :) Not only one fig tree but a few, as well as some other young fruit trees such as peaches, cherries, jujubes and a pomegranate tree. For some I used the net barrier to protect the deers from eating the barks/leaves to hold the leaves together, for others I used some leaf paper bags to hold the leaves around the tree bases. But I am not quite sure whether this is a good reliable way to winterize my young fruit trees. Before I used some brown papers wrapping around the tree bases then using some plastic wrapping around the outside, and the fig trees have been doing well that way. I want to confirm my current protection is enough from you experts before it's too late for the season, thinking we may have a very cold winter. Thank you! Marrianna


Montgomery County Maryland fruit fig winter protection almost 4 years ago

Suddenly I have an infestation of ground moles in my yard

What can be done to get rid of them or discourage them from tunneling in my yard?


Howard County Maryland wildlife moles almost 4 years ago

Is building a hoop house reasonable?

We are considering building a large hoop house to start seedlings in the spring. With the lack of sun during the winter and spring months... would we be wasting our time, money, and energy? Would we still need to use lights and heating mats?


Marion County Oregon greenhouse horticulture almost 4 years ago

Growth of new grass, then quick die off

I live on a lake, my soil is sandy. I have several larger areas where grass does not want to grow. I prep the soil, even removing the first few inches of existing soil, then add fresh top soil as well as some miracle grow. I water regularly and have don't cut too early with new growth. When I plant seed I get a good initial growth, but then just as quickly, the new growth becomes patchy, with brown grass and then complete die off shortly afterwards. I have planted grass many times with much success, however, not here in Michigan on a lake. Please help


Livingston County Michigan almost 4 years ago

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