Hibiscus plant

I've had a lovely potted hibiscus for about 6 years. It's 4' high. This year it got aphids. We've used an horticultural strength spray (my daughter is in landscaping) and also one purchased at a garden center to no avail. We have drenched it literally and they still survive. We tried to re-pot it but left some dirt around the roots. through all of this it still blooms. I put it outside until we can figure out how to get rid of the aphids. Any solution would be appreciated.


Cuyahoga County Ohio hibiscus aphids almost 4 years ago

Will impatiens be healthy in 2014

A client from from Macomb County and wants to know if the impatiens will be healthy to plant this year.

Denise Stambaugh


Macomb County Michigan flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials almost 4 years ago

Michgan Holly

My Holly bushes were getting to big so last summer I trimmed off some big branches. Now, I don't know if it is that or because of the severe winter we had (as I have seen other holly bushes recently at different locations with brown leaves and they had not been trimmed). My son's open house is this summer and I am really hoping that these holly bushes recover as they are right at the front of my house. Do you think they will recover and get new green leaves? I have never had this happen before. Thanks, Diann


Oakland County Michigan almost 4 years ago

Trees for hillside with poor soil

Our townhome complex backs on the Mariemont landslide site. The contractor in shoring up the hill had removed all forestation. We are in need of trees that would provide a visual barrier to the rear of the shopping plaza, as well as making the bare hillside more attractive. The soil is poor and access to water very limited. We are seeking advice on hardy tree plantings that could survive in such conditions. What would you recommend.


Hamilton County Ohio trees and shrubs soil stabilization almost 4 years ago

Pre-K Bully

What would you do, as a business owner, with a child that is physically hurting almost all of the other students at daycare. Keep dealing with the daily dilemma, ask the parents to seek intervention, or let the child go before another parent files suit against you.


Comal County Texas parenting child care early childhood learning environments texas child care health and safety people children almost 4 years ago

Fire ants in potted plants

I have. Lemon tree in a potted plant that has been invaded by fire ants. What is the best way to get rid of the ants without damaging my lemon tree?


Harris County Texas fire ants trees and shrubs citrus horticulture almost 4 years ago

Blue Spruce issues

I have several large blue spruce trees 30'+ tall and I live at about 6200 ft elev. SW of Pueblo, Co. These trees are about 35-40 years old. Some of the lower branches that normally drape to the ground are beginning to die. Maybe 2 to 4 ft up from the ground. Also some of the tops appear to be thin with needles falling or being blown off. These trees are adjacent to lawn watering areas so shouldn't be affected by drought. I live about 10 miles from the greenhorn mountains. Any thoughts on what may be the issue other than some type ips or pine beetle bug? If it's a bug they are probably dying and not much to be done at this point.


Pueblo County Colorado trees and shrubs almost 4 years ago

I have two dwarf crabapple trees in my yard, one in the front and the other...

I have two dwarf crabapple trees in my yard, one in the front and the other in the back yard. The tree in the back yard has a green-grey colored "moss" growing up the trunk and the “moss” is spreading along major branches as indicated in the attached photo.



Dakota County Minnesota horticulture almost 4 years ago

Rose winter damge

One of my hybrid tea roses seems to have been severely damaged by this past winter. All the branches seem to be dead. However, since the weather has warmed a bit, growth is occurring directly from the root joint right where it just breaks through the soil. Is this the rose reviving or is it likely to be growth from root stock which may in fact be a different variety of rose?


New Castle County Delaware roses tea rose hybrid tea rose hybrid plant almost 4 years ago


I have a trellised mature pyracantha growing up my garage wall. It has grown vigorously the past 8 years or so and I always have to trim it every year to keep it in from growing over the garage roof. But after this terribly cold winter, all the leaves are dead. However, when I cut a twig or branch there seems to be green cambium underneath the bark. But it doesn't have any leaf buds that I can see (now 3rd week in April). Do you think it will revive or should I cut it down? If it is savable, what steps should I take to save it?


New Castle County Delaware trees and shrubs plant disease landscape plants pyracantha dieback almost 4 years ago

Straw Bail Garden

I live in Freeport in Brazoria County renting a home. I would like to plant a garden but the cost of building a square foot garden isn't in our budget. I was planning on just using pots and planting a few tomatoes. I came across this website Many of the people who have left comments seem to be in the Northern United States. I am more curious if this method would work here in Texas. Thanks!


Brazoria County Texas gardening horticulture almost 4 years ago

Aspen Tree Death, Cedaredge Area

What must we do to better maintain our Aspen Trees? They appear to dying at a faster rate than ten years ago (2003-04) in the Cedaredge area at 6100 to 6500 feet altitude. Is it caused by ozone depletion, global warming, insects, or some disease? Can the trees be saved? Mark


Delta County Colorado trees and shrubs almost 4 years ago

My small raised bed is full of this white fungus or mold. It is just below...

My small raised bed is full of this white fungus or mold. It is just below the surface and goes downs at least a foot. In past years I have added compost to the soil, but this is the first time this has appeared. I cannot identify it, so I don't know if it is harmful, beneficial, or neither. I have been turning the soil and exposing the white material to try and dry it out. I would like to know what it is before I plant any vegetables. Thank You.



Montgomery County Maryland soil fungus in soil almost 4 years ago

Okame cherry tree is not flowering or leafing

This question concerns an ornamental cherry tree, an Okame, that is not yet flowering or leafing out. I live in Havertown, PA, and the other Okames on the street have already flowered and are now leafing out, but not mine (which is approximately 11 years old). The buds have remained small and a few show a hint of pink, but not many. Last year, after it flowered, I noticed that although it leafed out fully, the leaves were not as big as usual and they dropped off the tree earlier than usual, though still in the fall. Any thoughts on what is ailing the tree and what recourse there might be? Is it safe to plant another Okame nearby? If not, what is the waiting period? Is there somewhere that I can take a cutting from the tree for diagnosis? Please advise. Many thanks.


Delaware County Pennsylvania master gardener flowering cherry trees horticulture almost 4 years ago

This weed has taken over my Bermuda grass yard!

The weed in the attached photos is now covering my yard. It really gained momentum a few weeks after I used Scott's Weed n Feed in mid March. I thought it might be nut-grass but I'm unsure.

What should I use to gain back control of my Bermuda lawn in Frisco, TX?

Thank you! James Greer Class of '77


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Denton County Texas lawns and turf horticulture almost 4 years ago

We have Spring daffodils up about 4 inches. I read that they can tolerate...

We have Spring daffodils up about 4 inches. I read that they can tolerate snow and a light frost, but no specifics on temperatures. What is the lowest temperature that they can tolerate? Thanks, Kent


Douglas County Wisconsin horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials almost 4 years ago

boar selection

I'm Kathy Bottorff, the sec/tres of the Red Wattle Hog Association. I also write our newsletter. I'm currently looking for information on boar selection. Why its so important and what to look for. Boar selection on an heirloom pasture hog for small farmers can be quite different from larger commercial operations. Can you direct me to the proper materials or perhaps someone there would even consider writing an article for our newsletter.


Metcalfe County Kentucky swine pigs boar almost 4 years ago

I just purchased a tropical hibiscus and want to know if this plant is on a...

I just purchased a tropical hibiscus and want to know if this plant is on a deer's menu? Also, do deer eat "passion flowers"? Thanks for any help you provide.


Anne Arundel County Maryland wildlife flower deer damage to flowers almost 4 years ago

Control of Peach/Nectarine Leaf Curl in young trees

We just planted bare root nectarine and peach trees and I can already see that Leaf Curl is affecting them pretty badly. Is there a "natural" non-poisonous chemical way to minimize leaf curl? Any other ways to keep the young trees healthy from leaf curl?


Jackson County Oregon disease issues fruit trees horticulture almost 4 years ago

Holes in zinnias


I started my zinnias from seeds and they are growing nicely. Some of them have two sets of leaves and some have just one, all in all they are at different growth stages.

I noticed that many of the seedlings (if that is what they are called at this stage) have holes in the leaves.

Can you tell me what might be causing the holes? I read it could be aphids, snails and some other things. I read about some of the possible treatments. However, I don't want to treat them without knowing what may be causing the holes.

Can you help me with this and tell me how to treat the zinnias? I don't want to lose the flowers.

Thank you!


Harris County Texas horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials almost 4 years ago

Can you provide a recipe for vermicompost tea?

I sent a question to you maybe a week ago asking if you could provide a recipe to brew vermicompost tea and have not received a reply. I would be very appreciative if you could reply. I also would ask, being as I have sowed grass seed 4 weekends in a row and the later seeding is just sprouting, when should I mow the lawn for the first time?


Philadelphia County Pennsylvania lawns and turf master gardener vermicomposting vermicompost tea horticulture almost 4 years ago

Santa Rosa Plum Flowers

Our plums produced last season but had some worms. We sprayed with neem this spring. There are only a few flowers near the top of the older tree. There is no sign of more flowers to come. The leaves look fine. Any advise?


Warren County Ohio fruit almost 4 years ago

Treatment of Black Canker in Quaking Aspens

I live at 7200 feet in East Mts/Sandia Park. I have 13 Aspens and 4 have Black Canker. How do I treat this.


Bernalillo County New Mexico trees and shrubs disease issues horticulture almost 4 years ago

Mystery plant

Hello, it was suggested that I contact you all to see if you might be able to identify this plant. We bought our home a year ago, it came up last year and is back this spring. It is like nothing I have seen before. Hoping you can help. Thank you.



Lane County Oregon plant identification horticulture almost 4 years ago

Choosing a landscape company

Is there any way to find out if a landscape company has professional/academic REAL landscape education/training? I need to hire one immediately and the choices of companies out there are overwhelming, especially since I am doing a renovation of my yard since it has been poorly cared for by "professionals" already.


El Paso County Colorado sustainable gardening and landscaping almost 4 years ago

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