Llamas and oat hay

We have had 3 llamas die in the last 2 months. Is this caused from feeding oat hay with mold? Seller has sold hay as good hay for horses and cattle feed. Llama lost weight and died suddenly.


Umatilla County OR camelids llamas alpacas hay forage llamas over 4 years ago

Where can I bring in a soil sample from my property. I would like it tested...

Where can I bring in a soil sample from my property. I would like it tested so I know what my lawn needs for the spring.


Franklin County OH over 4 years ago

moss on trees

We have a lot of moss and we are going to spray our courtyard and deck. Can we spray our maple tree trunk? It is getting covered with moss? Will it hurt other plants?


Coos County OR over 4 years ago

Preserving ginger juice

I would like to learn more about ginger juice and whether it can be frozen for later use. I have found it to be extremely useful in treating the inflammation associated with fibromyalgia, but peeling and juicing the raw root can be very time-consuming. I would like to make a week or month's worth at a time, freezing in individual portions. Would you be able to direct me to resources on the use and preservation of ginger juice? Thank you.


Washington County OR home food preservation food preservation over 4 years ago

Does beekeeping qualify for Green Belt in TN?

Does beekeeping qualify for Green Belt in TN?


TN over 4 years ago

Umatila Marblehead Squash

Do you have any idea if seed is available for Umatilla Marblehead Squash. The NW plant disease book recommends planting it because it is resistant to curly top virus but can't find a source


Umatilla County OR vegetables horticulture over 4 years ago

Golden Shiner fry calculation methods

What is the most accurate and easiest method for calculating the number of Golden Shiner fry from the hatchery tank that are to be transported to the pond? Is there a mathematical formula to use to figure this number? For example: number of head per ounce? Do you know how many Golden Shiner fry head count there are per ounce?


Prairie County AR marine fisheries freshwater aquaculture over 4 years ago

Testing Soil Toxicity for Pet Safety

I live in Washington County Oregon (Beaverton-Aloha area) and would like to get my soil tested for health-safety and toxicity levels, before acquiring a new pet. Both my neighbor and I have questioned whether the long-term health problems of our various pets could be related to something in the soil. What are my options?


Washington County OR soil soil testing soil contamination over 4 years ago

california palm

We were moving a 18 year old califonia palm tree and broke it in half. Will it still grow if we plant the bottom half?


Yuma County AZ trees and shrubs tree health horticulture over 4 years ago


My small acreage is almost entirely sand and gravel. I have been stockpiling horse manure that I have amended with soil I had hauled in. About a 50 x 50 mix. The soil was mostly clay. This winter I dug a deep hole in the pile and have been adding all of our kitchen waste. I keep the hole covered and so far it has not frozen inside. When weather warms I will begin watering and mixing this pile with my skid steer loader. Our plan is to use this home made compost mix for cold frames and planter boxes. Any suggestions?


Albany County WY horticulture over 4 years ago

Seed tapes

I want to make seed tapes. What kind of glue should I use?


Larimer County CO horticulture over 4 years ago

Tree Pest Control

Is there a list of people who can help me with pest control for a cherry tree and few apple/pear trees?


Jackson County OR ipm horticulture over 4 years ago

Topping aborvitae?

Hi, I'm wanting to top some arborvitae, and am wondering if it is safe to do so in February or March.


Malheur County OR horticulture over 4 years ago

lichen problem

We have heavy lichen growth on our privit hedges and would like suggestions how to reduce/eliminate this problem.


Lane County OR lichen horticulture over 4 years ago

Pasture requirement in Custer county

To feed a cow/calf in the westcliffe area ( hermit/prairie)

thank you


Washoe County NV over 4 years ago

Odd orchid growing pattern

I have an orchid plant that is growing in an unusual way and I'm not sure quite what it needs or what to do with it. It has a long stem (22") and there's a shoot coming off of it that has a couple 'roots' and now a cluster of leaves. Should I snip that off and consider it a 'starter' for a new orchid plant? I haven't seen anything like it. I've attached a picture to help.




Hennepin County MN horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials over 4 years ago

Mulch from Russian Olives

Can Russian olive trees be used for mulch in a vegetable or flower garden? I have heard that Russian olives are poisonous. Thanks.


Jefferson County CO landscape design mulch horticulture over 4 years ago

anatomy of a chicken knee

I am developing a unit on joints and want to use a chicken's hind quarter for dissection. I am looking for a labeled diagram of the chicken knee with ligaments, tendons, and the cartilaginous patella. Do you know where I can find one, or do you have a copy of one?


Larimer County CO poultry over 4 years ago

safe moss prevention near vegetable field

We have a large garage that has a sloped roof upon which big trees shed needles. On this shady roof, moss grew for ten years. I've swept off the needles, scrubbed off the moss and now wish to treat the roof to prevent the moss from returning. My daughter will cultivate the field onto which the gutters drain, so she insists that I find a product which will not hinder her plants' growth or make her vegetables toxic. The landlord has provided a can of zinc sulfate monohydrate (one version of Moss Out) but the label warns not to let runoff contact plants. Another version of Moss Out contains ammoniate soap and fatty acids and there are other products that contain potassium soap and fatty acids. Some claim to be non-toxic to plants, but warn that they should not be used around edible plants. I've also been told to use straight vinegar. Lime has been mentioned, as has a biological fungicide called Actin Iron but I can't find any info on it -- I might have misspelled it. I've been warned not to nail zinc or copper strips. Maybe it's best to use nothing at all? BTW, my daughter-farmer is not striving for "organic" certification but, again, wants to avoid anything that will hurt either her plants or the marketability/edibility/flavor of her vegetables. We eagerly await your reply. a


Clark County WA pesticide safety herbicides moss removal over 4 years ago

Crepe Myrtle plants trimming? Proper way to trim. If you want trees or cut back lower for bushy ones

  1. Proper way to trim for trees, and proper way to shorten for more of a brushy effect?
  2. My departed Mom was a Master Gardener for ever it seems,


Gonzales County TX over 4 years ago

Rating of Portland weather

When it comes to gardening, is Portland considered a cold winter/weather area?


Multnomah County OR gardening over 4 years ago

Large Brown Areas in Grass

Last fall brown areas began appearing in by bluegrass and fescue lawns. I treated for grubs, but the areas became larger. I then treated for fungus, but it may have been too late in the season. What can I do to stop the spread of whatever this is and to help regenerate new grass in these areas especially as Spring is coming?


Bernalillo County NM lawns and turf lawn care horticulture over 4 years ago

refrigerator pickles at room temp

We brought up 2 jars of our refrigerator pickles from our extra fridge in the pump house. We put them on the kitchen counter and then for some dumb reason they sat there for 2 days or so before we realized they needed to be put in the fridge. I say throw them out, my husband says they should be okay and eat them. We put them in the fridge until we get advice. Are they safe?


Lane County OR over 4 years ago

Watering perennials in Denver?

I am planning to do some hand watering in my yard and garden today (Feb 16--expected high in upper 50s) but I am also afraid that sometimes winter watering "wakes" up perennials prematurely and they get frozen later in spring cold and snow. I just want some expert reassurance that I'm not doing the wrong thing!



Denver County CO over 4 years ago

Last year there was a dispute while the turkeys were being judged. The judge...

Last year there was a dispute while the turkeys were being judged. The judge said that there should be separate classes for meat turkeys and show turkeys. My son is putting together his poultry order for this year and we were wondering if there will be two classes for the turkeys or only a class for meat turkeys. Thanks


Butler County OH over 4 years ago

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