Pros and Cons of Having Children Close in Age

Hello, I had a mother recently ask me what are the pros and cons to having children so close in age. Her older is at least 13½ months and the one that follows is 11 months and she is 7 months pregnant with another one. As of right now the 11 months old is delayed because he refuses to walk and is not given the attention he needs. Also how can their behavior be a good thing and a bad thing? Any suggestions or recommendations I will gladly take. Thanks for your time.


Elkhart County IN about 4 years ago

Tree Belt watering

I have a shelter belt that is approximately 20 years old that I started from "twigs". I have russian olives, junipers, austrian & ponderosa pines, and green ash trees. They are on a drip system where I water about 7-10 days on and two weeks off all summer. My question is: Is this windbreak established to the point that I would no longer need to drip the trees? I am especially concerned about the pines, since they are 20-25 feet tall & I don't want to lose them. Thank you!!


Platte County WY about 4 years ago

square footage for youth cabins

The H Diamond W youth camp is ready to build cabins at our lodge. We need to know what is the square footage per youth for sleeping facilities in Wyoming? Is there a state statue on this or not?


WY housing regulations camps about 4 years ago

Bark Damage on Nellie Stevens Holly

I've attached a picture of bark damage on a fairly mature Nellie Stevens Holly. There's a very interesting pattern to the damage, and it seems to be spreading to other parts of the plant, although the most extensively damaged area is what is shown. Any thoughts as to what could be the cause?



Baltimore MD about 4 years ago

Dying Blue Spruce

I have a blue spruce that has been dying off for the last few years and now is completely dead. It is about 50 ft tall. My concern is there is another I believe it is blue spruce that a landscaper said I should have it looked at. He said it is getting sparse from the trunk out towards the end of the branch and you can see through. He said you should not be able to see through this that it should be full of needles all the way back. I am worried we are going to lose this one also. is there some known disease or pest that is killing spruce trees?


Barry County MI trees and shrubs horticulture about 4 years ago

2013 Miller Moth Invasion

In your opinion, how bad do you estimate the miller moths to be this spring? I dread them every year. We live in a forested area and nothing seems to work. Last year they were the worse at our house in Franktown, CO in all the 15 yrs. we have lived here.


Douglas County CO insect issues about 4 years ago

What is this and how can I kill it?

This plant is taking over my flower garden. I pull and pull and can't get rid of it. I'm so desperate to kill it. Please help!!!! Thanks for your help, Marylee Ayers



Butler County PA weed management plant identification horticulture about 4 years ago

Where to Purchase Lingonberry plants?

Hi. Can you suggest where to purchase just a few (4-10?) young, lingonberry plants? From Penn State's Extension site, I was led to learn about Stemmrich's Blueberry Farm in Luzerne County. Is any nursery closer to Carlisle? Boyer's Fruit Nursery in Biglerville said no. I'll ask Stuaffer's of Kissel Hill as well as Highland Gardens in Camp Hill. If you don't know, I'll continue asking my usual nurseries around here. Thank you for your help. Marilyn Keener


Cumberland County PA master gardener horticulture about 4 years ago

Peeling Bark

I have a tree in the back yard that has long strips of bark peeling away and falling off (photo attached). Any idea what could cause this? Over the last few years we have seen (and killed) multiple Emerald Ash Borer in the back yard. Our back yard borders a forest in Accokeek, MD.



Prince George's County MD about 4 years ago

Damage to a Large Old Maple Tree

I have a large old maple tree in the front yard in the strip of land next to the street. This year the canopy is very slim, a few branches are dead and the base of the tree appears to have been eaten by insects. The bark is falling away and there are multiple holes and little piles of saw dust. The damage appears to be fatal. I have attached a photo to show some damage and burrows.



Prince George's County MD about 4 years ago

I have been pulling houttuynia out of my garden because it was taking over. I...

I have been pulling houttuynia out of my garden because it was taking over. I dispose of my plant debris by throwing it behind my house down the hill, which I believe has been designated as a protected marshland. Now I am worried, because the plant was so invasive in my garden, that I may disturb the balance of the eco system in the marshland. Please advise. Thank you so much.


Baltimore County MD about 4 years ago

Are nutshells harmful to tomato plants and pepper plants?

I have put a large quantity of nutshells (pistachio, walnut, almond, hazelnut, and so on) into my compost and then into my garden. I have a raised bed, and I also add Miracle Garden Soil to the raised bed garden in my backyard. You need a raised bed here is Houston, Texas, due to the large rains we get. I planted 14 pepper plants (various varieties: bell, banana, jalapeno, and so on) and they all died. The leaves just wilted. It looked like I did not give them any water. My tomato plants are growing and have tomatoes on them, but they are about half the size as prior years' plants. What do you think is happening?


Harris County TX composting horticulture about 4 years ago

position of adverb

"it was not until hearing your explanation today that i began to understand it" "it was not until today hearing your explanation that i began to understand it" The problem is position of "today". These are different? . I think they mean same. please answer. :)


OUTSIDEUS about 4 years ago

deodor cedar browing and sroping needles

I planted 20 each 6' tall deodor cedars along my property line two years ago this month. I have two that look sickly. They are turning brown and dropping needles rapidly. Any advise you could give me would be greatly appreciated.


Clackamas County OR trees and shrubs tree health horticulture about 4 years ago


One last question, why might the Magnesium be so high? We do use a lot of leaves as well as compost. Thank you.


Lenawee County MI about 4 years ago

Where to buy

My niece has requested a "blue dixie" rose plant for a house warming gift. Can you tell me where I can purchase one? I've tried a number of nurseries with no luck. Thank you. Thom Clapper


Chester County PA roses horticulture about 4 years ago

Possible Fungus Problem on Tomato Plants

In the spring of 2011, I planted tomato plants in the ground inside my tomato cage. I have been planting in this area for several years. It is clay soil augmented with humus and top soil, and covered with landscape fabric to keep out the weeds. I used a little bit of fertilizer but not much. The area gets about 6-8 hours of sunlight daily. They all were doing quite well until the summer, and then the stems and leaves suddenly started turning brown and dried up. Then the whole plant died. It wasn't for the lack of water, because I watered them every other day during the hot, dry spells. My brother told me it was fungus in the soil that causes the plants to turn brown. Is this true? If so, what kind of fungus would do that and how do you get rid of it? If not fungus, then what would cause a plant to do that? Do you know of any fungus problems in Calvert County for 2011? Sorry, I don't have any photos since this was two years ago.


Calvert County MD about 4 years ago

Unwanted grass

Can you take a look at the attached picture and let me know what this is and any strategies for elimination from my yard?



Scott County IA about 4 years ago

Sweet cherry tree

hello i have five sweet cherry trees however every year one of the trees Develops a mold on the cherries, should i cut down the tree? Or use captan spray More during the bloom period? Thanks


Kent County MI fruit trees about 4 years ago

Re-doing our flower beds around house. Any thoughts on the use of landscape...

Re-doing our flower beds around house. Any thoughts on the use of landscape fabrics for weed prevention?


Clinton County MI about 4 years ago

planting native grass seed in spring?

Just bought a home with a large back yard with no landscaping and want to do the back of this in native Colorado grasses and flowers, can I seed in the spring, through the end of May? What is the best way to prep the soil?

Best place to buy seed?


Jefferson County CO lawns and turf sustainable gardening and landscaping about 4 years ago

Long Stemmed Weeds in my Blackberries and Blueberries

I hired a landscaper to put leafgrow in the garden where I am growing blackberries and blueberries. He had put the leafgrow in the same area 3 years ago and I have been very pleased with how well the berries are growing and producing. On March 30th he applied the leafgrow again for me. Since that time I have these huge weeds growing. When I tried puling them up I noted they have a long stem. I did not get to the actual root. I am attaching pictures. I would like to know what the weed is and how can I get rid of it. It is taking over. I have never put any fertilizer or weed killer in the area with the berry plants. I am desperate. I plan to also email the landscaper who bought and applied the leafgrow for his thoughts. I am very interested in your professional advice. He had also applied mulch in the rest of my garden and I am thankful to this time I have not seen that weed. I am attaching px of the weeds.



Baltimore County MD noxious weeds canadian thistle about 4 years ago

ants in kitchen

I have little black ants on my kitchen counter. Have tried the Raid Ant Traps with no results. Is there a home remedy that I can try?


Jasper County IA about 4 years ago

Blueberries and strawberries

In March I planted blueberries in a raised bed. The bed 3 ' wide by 22' long and 16" high. I planted 6 bushes about 3'8" apart. I filled bed with a 4 way mix and then around the bushes I mixed in EB Stone's Azalea, Camellia, Gardenia, Planting Mix. I would like to plant strawberries between the blueberries at least for the first couple years until my blueberries fill in. I know that blueberries and strawberries have different acidity requirements so I was going to mix in some bumper crop around the strawberries. Is this a bad idea? My bed looks bear with just the blueberries in it.


Multnomah County OR fruits and vegetables blueberries strawberries fruits and berries horticulture about 4 years ago

Question on poultry genetics

Do you know which broiler breeder genetics company (Hubbard, Aviagen, Cobb, or another) is used by Pilgrim's Corporation, Sanderson Farms Inc., and Koch Foods, Inc.? I believe that Tyson relies on its subsidiary Cobb-Vantress and that Perdue relies on its subsidiary Heritage Breeders LLC, but if you have insight into this as well that would be very appreciated.


poultry about 4 years ago

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