Tomato plants died midsummer 2012

Last year (2011) we lost one tomato plant and pulled it up by the roots and disposed of it. This year on 4 plants the fruit set and then one by one the plants turned brown and had to be destroyed. We got no production this year in 2012. I suspect some kind of fungal disease is present in the soil. Do you have a suggestion?


Jefferson County CO fruits and vegetables over 4 years ago

Vegetable varieties

What varieties of corn, tomatoes, green beans, squash, peas and radishes grow best in Colorado Springs, CO?


El Paso County CO fruits and vegetables over 4 years ago

beef cattle artificial insemination

In the coming months, are there going to be any classes anywhere in Oregon on the artificial insemination of beef cattle?


Linn County OR beef cattle reproduction over 4 years ago

What would you recommend to get rid of bed bugs?

We just found out we have bed bugs. We cannot afford an exterminator as we are on a fixed income. We did get some spray for them called Bug Max by Enforcer. My sister stayed with us and the people she was staying with have them and now we do! Do you think the foggers for them would work? Would you recommend that? I would really appreciate it if you have any info for me and my husband.


Scioto County OH over 4 years ago

Special use mining permit

Does PA 113 supersede local townships special use criteria and regulations ?


Berrien County MI over 4 years ago

hanging spider plant watering

I just received a spider plant potted in a ball covered with moss which has
small plantlets inserted on the sides. It's BIG and I don't know how to water
it ... sit in a bucket? .....


Deschutes County OR indoor gardening horticulture over 4 years ago

Hardy Fuchsias for zone 6 in USA

Are there any Hardy Fuchsias that will over-winter in zone 6 in the USA. If yes, where is the best place to buy them. Thanks David Tucker.


Jefferson County KY horticulture over 4 years ago

apple orchard notifications from cornell

Does Cornell provide information on current insects and IPM techniques during the year either online or email? For instance, I'm from Massachusetts and Umass does in its IPM Berry Blast -- a periodic e-message that highlights specific pest issues (insect, disease or weed), on a timely basis through the growing season. These messages contain basic identification and life cycle information along with integrated management (IPM) recommendations for pests likely to be found at the time the message is issued. Recommendations are based on current information.


Onondaga County NY apples orchard horticulture over 4 years ago

Pruning fruit trees

What is the best time and method for pruning fruit trees, cherry and apple and concord grape vine?


Jackson County OR fruit trees horticulture over 4 years ago

breed of cat

On December 24, 2012, we found a cat inside our house. She seems different because she has two-color eyes (one green, one blue). What kind of cat is this?


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OUTSIDEUS companion animals over 4 years ago

Farm Animals

Can you just Have farm animals and get zoned agricultural?? My husband and I want to plant corn and Clover but most of all I want to raise some cows chickens and maybe a pig or two on 10 acres.


Genesee County MI over 4 years ago

Organic Gardening

My wife and I have decided to change our gardening technique to all organic. We are trying to find organic mulch, manure, soil, etc. for our garden beds but don't know where to look. Are there farms or other resources in our area where these are available?


Yamhill County OR soil and fertility issues organic gardening horticulture over 4 years ago

Frost Protection and Extending the Growing Season

in the article #722 CMG GardenNotes #722

"Frost Protection and Extending the Growing Season"

How did you protect the plastic from tearing on the edges of the reinforce concrete mesh wire? you had to fit them to size and what was use to cut the wire?


Denton County TX freeze protection over 4 years ago

lawn fertilizer

Based on test results which is the best fertilizer to use. ph 7.0,nitrogen medium,phosphorus medium,potassium high. Also what about growing a lawn under douglas fir trees not much success what do I need to know.


Clark County WA lawns and turf soil and fertility issues horticulture over 4 years ago

How do I plant my christmas poinsettia outdoors?

Is is possible for me to plant the Christmas poinsettias I received outdoors? If yes, how do I accomplish this?


Blanco County TX poinsettias horticulture over 4 years ago

Quick growth in pigs

What are some of the medications that enhance growth and body weight, and how many months can a pig have a live body weight of 100 kg?



OUTSIDEUS swine swine health swine nutrition over 4 years ago

Piglets healthiness

What medicine do i give a piglet i just weaned who is not healthy


OUTSIDEUS swine swine health over 4 years ago

it is about my diet

hi i m vinay from australia. i m playing cricket in australia and i m a all rounder i have to bowl 10 overs and batting and fielding i m doing a night job and i want to know what is a suitable diet for me. because i m struggling with my fittness tooo please reply me asap


OUTSIDEUS human nutrition families food fitness diet over 4 years ago

Apricot tree

When is the best time to prune apricot trees?


Curry County OR trees and shrubs fruit trees horticulture over 4 years ago

Norfolk Island pine

Is there a dormant season for Norfolk Island Pines? Is winter a good time during the growth year to prune them like with most woody plants?


Deschutes County OR trees and shrubs horticulture over 4 years ago

best method for removal of kline grass

I have found that kline grass is poisonus to I must remove it from
a one acre paddock. It is a fairly thick growth.
I can plow it under this January.... but, should I burn it first?
Or, is there a better method?
After removal, what do you suggest as a replacement grass?


Wise County TX horses pastures and grazing over 4 years ago

Hello, I had pressured canned quart sized chicken noodle soup and spaghetti...

Hello, I had pressured canned quart sized chicken noodle soup and spaghetti with elbow macaroni. I just found out that you cannot can noodles, rice or pasta. I took out the jars of soup and it looked fine. Should I throw it out? I certainly do not want to make my family sick.


Montgomery County OH over 4 years ago

pig farrowing

I just had a gilt give birth to 15 premature piglets born approximately on the 95th day. They were all stillborn. This was her first pregnancy. We AI'd her. What would cause her to not carry them full term? I am so sad and confused. Do you think the semen could have been bad? She seems so healthy. We have battled having an infestation of starlings in our barn. We have challenges keeping her water free of starling droppings. Could this have caused her to come into labor prematurely? She is a Yorkshire, 2 years old. She may be a little heavy but seems so healthy. Her mother had litters up to 21 piglets. Could you please shed some light on this unfortunate situation? We would like to breed her again soon.


Deschutes County OR swine swine reproduction over 4 years ago

If a Parcel was Platted in 1915, is it Subject to the Land Division Act of 1967?

The Michigan Vehicle Code says that the speed limit on a highway or part of highway on land platted under the Land Division Act of 1967 shall be 25 mph. There is a 25 mph sign in my community on land platted in 1915 - is it likely subject to the Land Division Act of 1967?


Wayne County MI over 4 years ago

Onion Seed Planting Depth

I have Milton planter with 1-1/2" depth bands that reportedly was used for onion seed. Many onion seed sources suggest 1/4"-3/4" planting depth. I read message 1808 and it suggests 1".
The quick question, should I feel confident the Milton planter with 1-1/2" depth bands will do the job in west central Iowa?
Thanks for the information in Message 1808.


Cass County IA fruits and vegetables horticulture over 4 years ago

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