Rescue the baby duck on my Ranch a couple of years ago I am his flock now and I would like to know w

I rescued a duck that was a little baby that came on the property my Ranch a couple of years back there were about 12 ducklings with their mother every couple of days the ducklings got fewer and fewer until one day there was just one little duckling that couldn't get out of the water his feathers were too wet I guess well now he's big I'm his flock from what I understand I thought I would be able to raise him and let him go at this beautiful pond in front of Baptist hospital here in Miami Florida where there are lots of other ducks he's very attached to me and I love him very much as well I am an animal person but it is very very difficult for me and he cannot be happy what I have to leave the house he's never in a cage unless I leave the house which fortunately I'm here most of the time but it's getting very hard and I want to know if there's anything I can do to get him used to the other ducks that he could have a better life even though I would probably miss him very much from what I've Been Told that it's too late I'm his flock now and he'll never adapt to other ducks and I'm praying somebody can tell me different please let me know at your earliest convenience my number is 305 776 6460 very best regards John T


Miami-Dade County FL human-wildlife issues waterfowl imprinting 3 days ago

Identify by picture a possible tree frog

Was in a conversation with another friend who had a picture of a supposed grey tree frog in his back yard. I remembered I had an earlier picture this summer of a similar, but it distinct, but very odd, yellow and black patterned markings on rear legs and would like to find out what I had by use of the photograph. Researching all Iowa frog photos on internet I couldn’t identify anything that was very similar...



Story County IA 3 days ago

Backyard brushpiles

I built a backyard brushpile for wildlife,can it be possibly be harmful to my dogs?


Frederick County MD miscellaneous brush piles 3 days ago


Will Rhododendrons grow and survive the winter in Chisago City, MN?


Chisago County MN 3 days ago

Shrub ID Help please

Seen in Silver Spring suburb, the following gorgeous 7 or 8' tall shrub: leaves are alternate, not toothed, nor aromatic when crushed.


Img_0089_300x300%2523 Img_2154_300x300%2523 Img_2155_300x300%2523

Montgomery County MD plant identification shrubs 3 days ago

To wrap or not wrap Techny Arbs for the winter

These five Techny Arbs were planted in April 2017. I watered the heck out of them all summer and fall, and we wrapped them in burlap for the winter of (2017-2018). They seem to be doing great and have grown. My question is, do we have to wrap them again for this winter or are they well-established enough to survive? They are growing together now so it will more challenging to wrap them. They are in the north-west corner of my lot if that matters.



Wayne County MI 3 days ago

What are the white spots on this maple. It dropped its leaves quite early...

What are the white spots on this maple. It dropped its leaves quite early this fall. Are these thing related ?



Livingston County MI 3 days ago

bread baking at 4,000 ft.

Lived at 250 altitude and bread recipe containing eggs,butter flavored crisco, and water was great but at my present 4,000 ft altitude it turns out on the dry side. Any suggestions?


Crook County OR home food preparation 4 days ago

Grub/caterpillar identification

Can you identify if this is a grub or caterpillar and which one it is? Is it native to OR?


Img_3073_300x300%2523 Img_3074_300x300%2523 Img_3076_300x300%2523

Multnomah County OR insect identification 4 days ago

Bacterial Gastroenteritis

I helped a friend shampoo/wash off two dogs and then I give them some pets. I did not wear gloves while washing. Afterwords friend's wife brings out sandwiches etc. which I ate without washing my hands (dumb). Next evening I have lot of gas and loose bowl movement. Next day I begin to have some stomach discomfort then I throw up. Two days later I develop severe pain in upper middle stomach.Could this be a case of Bacterial Gastroenteritis?


IA 4 days ago

Planting Pawpaw trees

Is it too late to plant Pawpaw trees in Berlin? They are small ones is plastic cups.


Worcester County MD fruit trees trees paw paw 4 days ago

Mushrooms! Invasion?

I've lived in Cottage City, MD for 30 years and have never seen a mushroom. I just cleared my back yard of leaves and they were every where - big ones, little ones, clumps of mushrooms, single mushrooms, on the ground, along the wooden fence, on the tree roots. Everywhere. I also have a puppy that chews on anything that doesn't chew back. Two questions: Any reason for the invasion? and, most important - Is June Bug safe? I've cleaned them all out, but I assume they'll be back. Thanks!


Prince George's County MD mushrooms lawns green june beetle 4 days ago

frozen squash

I have some squash that froze in the garden. Is there anything I can do to keep them?


Brown County MN 4 days ago

Hello. What is this plant?

This first plant I received from a friend and don’t the name or how it’s cared for. Next, I’ve had this plant for 25 years. First, what is the name of it? Second, I can no longer keep it safely upright in my LR. Can it be cut down and propagated. If so, what steps do I take? Or, do you know of any place or person who would want this?


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Ramsey County MN plant propagation zz plant dracena 4 days ago

Large mounds of dirt

I noticed the other morning one huge mound of dirt around my lilac bush and three smaller mounds nearby. No entry holes, they look like someone took a bucket of dirt and poured it there. I have looked around and can not find any tunnels. The soil is sandy.


Denver County CO dirt mounds 4 days ago

Pine needle mulch - seed germination

Hello, Does the use of dried -brown pine needles as mulch inhibit vegetable seeds from germinating?


Broomfield County CO 4 days ago

Hydrangea - replant

Hello, Thank you for your earlier answer about transplanting my hydrangeas. I ended up with 2 left over that did get dug out just last week and are sitting bare rooted, what to do? Will they survive if I leave them and plant in the ground as early as possible next spring or are they gonners being bare rooted for the most party? Any suggestion would be much appreciated. Thanks - Jeff


Ramsey County MN 4 days ago


This shrub is growing in. Cecil County. Please identify it for me. Thank you.



Cecil County MD plant identification shrubs 4 days ago

We just cut a tree down and it around our septic tank

We just cut down a few small trees around our septic tank and we do not know what kind of stuff to buy to kill the roots I have no clue what to buy and we need to know what to get a lot of people are telling us what to get but I would like to know what will work people told us to burn them but its close to the house please help me and my husband are helping an older couple out. So we don't have a lot of money it go's to them thank you for your help


Stephens County GA trees and shrubs 5 days ago

Lobo Marino vs Leon Marino (seawolf vs sealion)

Hi I was in Cabo Polonio, Uruguay this week. I watched the sea lions by the light house. Very interesting animal! Never saw them in the wild before. Really a great experience. I came across the sign there(attached picture), stating there was different species there: Lobo Marino and Leon Marino. Translation to sea wolf and sea lion respectively. It was hard for me to tell difference between animals as they seemed to be living together. I could see that some individuals seemed to have an upward pointing nose though. There is no wifi in Cabo Polonio, so now checking after getting back I find it hard to find any information about sea wolves? Can you clear it out for me: What is the difference and do they live together or what? Thank you in advance! Christoffer



OUTSIDEUS marine mammal ocean science 5 days ago

Natural Lawns

I'm trying to get the City of Oak Park to allow lawns made up of natural vegetation (planned natural landscaping) instead of unnatural grass. Do you have any materials in support of my argument I could include in my packet to the commissioners? 10110 Saratoga St. Oak Park, MI 48237


Oakland County MI 5 days ago

Controlling Japanese Beetles in my turf and in my garden

What is the current recommendation for controlling Japanese Beetles in my turf and in my garden? What is safe to use on flowering ornamentals that will not harm bees?


Arapahoe County CO lawns and turf 5 days ago

Winter composting and spring results

Mulched leaves this week into garden, what will this mean for this spring as you know there will be no heat or turning earth over? Will I need to add something to garden to make up for whatever action will take place in spring due to fall leaf shredding?


Bay County MI 5 days ago

A chicken without feathers.....

We have a hen that is without nearly all tail feathers and without feathers on her head. This has been a persistent issue for at least 6 months. I am pretty sure this is not a molt given the duration of time and lack of recovery. I have tried zip dust on her as well. Please see attached photo. Hopefully you can help me with a diagnosis and treatment. Thanks, -Don-


Img_1400_300x300%2523 Img_1404_300x300%2523

Deschutes County OR 5 days ago

ISU Extension and Outreach Account

Do I still need to keep my ISU Extension and Outreach Account open if I no longer need it? If not, how can I go about closing/deactivating it?


Black Hawk County IA 5 days ago

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