Yellowing rhododendron leaves

I have a 3 year old Rhody from Tsugawa nursery. I can't recall the variety but the flowers are creamy pale yellow and bloom in early May, see photo. In the past two years the leaves are yellowing and also something is eating the leaf margins, see other photo. There is a high percentage of compost in the soil. No soil analysis has been done - too expensive for me. The exposure is to the east and south east. Could it be nitrogen deficiency since it is in compost? Ask if you need more detailed info. Thx, Mike


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Clatsop County OR horticulture rhododendrons 6 days ago

Has flour changed?

For many, many years I have successfully made popovers using the recipe from my Betty Crocker Cook Book. Gold Medal unbleached flour. and the same cast iron muffin tin. Lately, though, my popovers have failed to puff. The same thing happened with my Yorkshire pudding at Christmas, which uses the same recipe. Is it possible the flour has changed somehow? Or do you have any suggestions as to what could be contributing to the problem?


Benton County OR home food preparation 6 days ago

Verticillium resistant shade tree

We just lost a magnolia to verticillium wilt, and we are looking for a resistant shade tree to replace it. We've considered apple, pear, fig, madrone, littleleaf linden, and rotundiloba sweet gum. The last two may grow too big for our backyard, though (30-40 feet would be more ideal). We also really wanted to do a mimosa tree, but have found conflicting info about their susceptibility. Do you have any recommendations on other plants we could consider for shade in our backyard?


Benton County OR horticulture 6 days ago

Tree planting after selective tree harvesting

What should be done to promote regrowth after selective cutting of old aspen and dead ash? Replant? Let it regenerate on its own? Type of trees that would take in roscommon area?


Roscommon County MI forestry trees and shrubs horticulture 6 days ago

Good apple tree from seed

I planted some apple seeds when I was a kid (late 80's early 90's). The seeds were probably from a granny smith or golden delicious. One of the trees is still at my parents home and it produces very tasty apples. I understand that this is quite unusual. The tree is quite hardy as my parents do not do anything special for it. It produces quite a lot of fruit. It is a pale green color, and similar to a golden delicious. I would love to give you a sample so this tree may live on.


Multnomah County OR 6 days ago

Black Roach-like Small Bugs with two horizontal Stripes

around a slop sink, around the faucets, there are small, less that 1/2 inch black bugs with two horizontal cream looking stripes on their bodies. there are no noticeable body segmentations, looks like a body that is 'one piece'. i could think they are some sort of roach but they are tiny and its unlikely and those stripes make me think they are something else


Wake County NC 6 days ago

Encouraging Grass and Fern Growth in a Wooded Area

I have been clearing a 4-acre woodlot (mostly Douglas fir) of brush and trimming trees. As the area opens up there are some grass and ferns growing but how can encourage more to grow?


Yamhill County OR native plants 6 days ago

Horse trail ground cover

Client has built a horse trail on property near Cross Village, Michigan where the soil is mostly sand and maybe loamy soil. She has removed the grass and wants a safe, effective ground cover option for the trail system that will not harm the horses or native habitat.


Emmet County MI horse exercise recommendations for horse pasture 6 days ago

Spotted Knapweed

What is the best way to remove spotted knapweed? Client has horses on property and is concerned about chemicals that may harm the animals.


Emmet County MI 6 days ago

4:1 rule

I recently went before my township zoning board to request a split of my 10 acre parcel. The parcel is 330 x 1340 and zoned A2. Several years ago the Township changed the ordinance to reduce the amount of road frontage required from 330ft to 165ft. I had a survey to split the front corner 2.5 acres thus having 2 parcels of 2.5 and 7.5 acres both with 165 ft of frontage. The zoning board denied my request for a split because the 7.5 acre parcel created violates the 4 : 1 rule in the Michigan Public Land Act.

My question is: Doesn't the zoning board exist to grant variances to The Public Land Act? They claimed that they are unable to go against this Law. Is this correct?

Thanks you.


Monroe County MI land division act community planning and zoning 6 days ago

Pruning apple tress after last year

How should apple trees be pruned this year, given last year's terrible winter effects? Last summer, a huge proportion of the wild apple trees looked dead, apparently from the extreme winter cold. It was generally thought that these trees would come back if the summer was not too hard. How should these trees be pruned, or should they not be pruned this year?


Windsor County VT trees and shrubs pruning trees 6 days ago

Transplanting A Issai Kiwi

I just purchased a Issai kiwi plant from a nursery. It was shipped in a 3” pot and appears to be a very small dormant stick. I currently live in zone 8A. When is the best time to plant the kiwi in the ground? If winter is not a good time to transplant, what is my best option for care until the spring? Should I continue to keep the plant dormant or should I wake it up?


Smith County TX 6 days ago

What is the best time for starting a vegetable garden at 1000 ft elevation?...

What is the best time for starting a vegetable garden at 1000 ft elevation? Should seeds be started first in the greenhouse or planted directly in the soil? We are trying to amend the soil. This will be year 3 that we are attempting a garden in this climate. What is the best way to balance the soil for maximum growth? It was easy when we had a small urban garden in containers and raised beds. Now we have more room and finding it difficult to get a good soil balance. Things we have done: rototiled the area, put grass clippings and leaves to compost on the garden area, black tarp covering the area thru the winter.


Douglas County OR vegetable gardening 6 days ago

Asparagus question

1. In my raised garden, about 10 years ago I planted three asparagus roots (with deep [15 inch] trench and cow manure on the bottom). Up until 2017, the asparagus grew with healthy and thick stalks (size of middle finger), sprouting over 3-4 weeks, and produced thick beautiful ferns, 6-7 feet tall, after the picking season was completed, usually in April. However, in 2018, the asparagus stalks grew up thin and "spindly," most to no greater than 1/2 inch in diameter, perhaps the diameter of my small finger. The stalks that were left produced thinner ferns with a height about 50% of previous years. Over all the years I have never added any extra fertilizer. Question: How can I get back the strong production of healthy thick asparagus this Spring and, later, get tall. strong, thick ferns into the late Spring, and the summer?


Frederick County MD vegetables aparagus abiotic problems 6 days ago

Controlling Japanese Beetles in my gardens

What is the best way to control Japanese Beetles? Every spring/summer, as soon as my flowering trees, grapes, flowers and shrubs begin to get flower buds, the Japanese Beetles completely cover the buds and eat the bud before the plant can flower. Is there a way for me to prepare the ground/soil to eliminate these infestations? I have used almost all the commercial pesticides, but the bugs are back within a day of application. I live in Mecosta county. Any advice to reduce or eliminate this problem is appreciated. Thank you, Irene Balowski


Mecosta County MI japanese beetles 6 days ago

Weed Control

Do any of the lawn care companies in the Lansing area use weed control applications that are entirely non-toxic to the environment? Do such applications exist? Thank you. Ray Thibeault, Lansing


Ingham County MI 6 days ago

Pest or Pathogen on Ficus Tree

Hi can you please help with id? Pest or pathogen? On a ficus tree in the house, which spent the summer outside.


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Montgomery County MD houseplants insect or spider id 6 days ago


I have found small white dropping’s (similar to rice) on my front porch. In the last three weeks my dog has started growling & barking at night., occasionally. Any body have any suggestions?


Orange County NY 7 days ago

Starting seeds indoors

Live near Pontiac Michigan. I’ll plant tomatoes, eggplant and a variety of squash. When should I start the seeds so plants are ready by May. And how do I keep the weeds down in the garden. Thanks, Joe


Oakland County MI indoor gardening vegetables horticulture vegetable gardening gardening 7 days ago

Bermuda grass

I have tried everything to get ri of it. what type of grass will grow fast and choke out Bermuda grass.


Cecil County MD weeds lawns and turf 7 days ago

Tamarack invades Spruce

I have a Tamarack and Black Hills Spruce that have grown very well and are now crowding each other (see attached photo). Should the side of the Tamarack crowding the Spruce be trimmed back or is it best to leave as is? Thanks, Don



Washington County MN tree problem tree pruning trees 7 days ago

Coffee Chaff carbon/nitrogen ratio

Is coffee chaff a green (nitrogen rich) or a brown (carbon rich) for use in compost?


OUTSIDEUS compost composting 7 days ago

Furlough gardening in January?

I'm a furloughed federal employee and suddenly find myself with free time that could end tomorrow, next week, next month, who knows. On top of that, it's sunny! What are things I could do now that will be a good investment of time (but not a lot of money)? I have a typical city lot with raised beds for vegetables, a lawn that needs help (I'd love to convert much of the grass to flower beds and reseed what remains), some young deciduous trees, flower beds along the house (trying to add more, especially to attract bees and hummingbirds), and a raspberry patch. The info I find says to focus on indoor plants this time of year (not my thing) and let outdoor gardens be until spring. Is there anything you'd recommend I do outdoors with this limited (I hope!) time I have now? Thank you!.


Multnomah County OR winter gardening 7 days ago

Winter grain mites

I believe the critters in the attached photos are Winter Grain Mites, penthuleus major. Do you agree? After reading your extension bulletin about these mites I have a couple of questions? In the unmagnified photo they grouped up floating on water. Why do they do this? Also, are these mites common in Jackson County or are they just showing up here? Perhaps one the authors of the bulletin would have a comment. They were Brain Tuck, Mylen Boyle, Amy Dreres and Glen Fisher.


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Jackson County OR insect issues 7 days ago

hemp cultivation

How do I get information about growing Hemp on my agricultural property?


Dorchester County MD 7 days ago

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