Climbing Rose Bush

I have a Zepherine Drune Rose I planted last year and despite the freezing weather we had around Christmas it is still completely leafed out. All my other rose bushes have lost their leaves. What should I do with this one?


Clark County WA 6 days ago

Pet corn snake

I have a pet corn snake that I caught in the wild when she was young I've had her about 5 months 3 weeks ago the day after I fed her 2 fuzzy mice she got out of her tank and was loose in my house for a week then I found her and the next day I tried to feed her and she wouldn't eat so I waited a few days then tried to feed her again and she still wouldn't eat a few more days past and she got out again and was out for a week and 3days when I found her I waited 2 days and just tried to feed her tonight and she still won't eat can anybody give me some advice please


Wyoming County WV reptile husbandry 6 days ago

Elm Roots

We have too many tree roots growing up thru our fence - we replaced the fence and dug them out - which seemed to make them grow more- how can I get rid of them? One neighbor said he got rid of bamboo by treating it with bleach and 24D? Help!


Broomfield County CO trees and shrubs 6 days ago

Dying plant

Any ideas on what is causing this plant to die?


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Jerauld County SD 6 days ago

Adapting a tested recipe to safely can "coleslaw"?

Hello. Could the recipe in this previous Ask An Expert post be safely adapted to make a safe canned coleslaw? Adaptations I have in mind are cold pack instead of hot (to retain more crisp texture), omit several spices, use green cabbage and carrots instead of red cabbage, replace sugar with Splenda.


Lane County OR home food preservation food safety 6 days ago

Vole eradication

What is the best way to rid your property of Voles and other burrowing pests? We have 35 acres in Peyton and have large areas of our field where there is a lot of burrowing going various places so don't want to use something that just moves them over a few feet. We need something that either kills them or makes them move over 1000' feet to get off our property.


El Paso County CO 6 days ago

What kind of spider is this?

Spider found in our unheated garage on 1--12-18, not sure what it is



Licking County OH insect identification spider identification 6 days ago

How long can a chich lay eggs to maxmum

How long can a chich lay eggs to maxmum


OUTSIDEUS poultry 6 days ago

One search data base question
May I get the contact information for person maintaining this web site to search extension publications?
Have some questions about best practices to phrase search,, etc.


Otsego County NY 6 days ago

Growing Avocados

When you start with seed of a avocado and you do the tooth pick and water technique, do you put the flat side down in water?


Clark County WA 6 days ago

Odd nutshell found in trail mix

My son found this odd gem while having snack and brought it home. Bag labeled peanuts, almonds, cashews, raisins, and M&M's. Also labeled as made in the US which based on my small googling baffles me as I think this is a bitter almond. I cracked open to try and unsolve, nut was in the bag whole. Please help if you can ID.


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Suffolk County NY almond 7 days ago

privet root system

Cheyenne privets line our backyard deck. As we replace the old deck, we plan to install a rabbit/rodent barrier between the privets and the deck. That will entail digging a small trench (18" to 24" deep) next to the privets. How much space from the trunk of each privet should we place the trench such that the root system is not hurt? This same question was addressed to my home County Extension in Jefferson County, but I received no reply. Would you be willing to help me, please?


Arapahoe County CO 7 days ago

malathion and wheevels

does malathion kill cold dormat grain wheevel


Calhoun County MI 7 days ago

asparagus fern

Not a question but material relevant to a question I asked earlier (Although that question was answered very satisfactorily) Dear Garden Information Center, This is not a question but new information (which I hope you might find interesting) related to a question I asked earlier and which, I was surprised to see, was featured in your GARDEN Q&A column that appeared in the Dec 31 issue of the Baltimore Sun. When I submitted the question, I attached photos of the asparagus fern (central to my query) but the photos were not very good at showing the unusual single long shoot arising from the plant. One reason for the poor presentation of the plant was the fact that it was sitting on a window sill and surrounded by other stuff so it was impossible to get the whole plant in one good shot. In addition, I did not want to move the plant because moving it with its long appendage -with “thorns”- would be difficult and might harm the plant. Anyway as Christmas approached, I got a crazy idea and because of it had to abandon my caution. I decided to make a Christmas fern and to photograph it to use as an image on a custom Christmas card to send to family and friends. I transferred (very, very carefully) the plant into the kitchen and set it against a bare wall. Then I started decorating it. I have attached two photos of the result, one a shot of the plant before decorating and one after. Notes: # The long shoot had to be taped to the wall to keep it from falling over -even before hanging the decorations # For purposes of scale the plant’s pot is 3 and a half inches tall # As much as I loved the Christmas fern, I really couldn’t keep it there in the kitchen, so as soon as I took the photograph of the adorned tree, I took it -minus decorations- back to its home on the living room sill. Very grateful for your help (“ECN” was the Q&A responding expert) in identifying the plant in the first place, Keith Young Baltimore P.S.X1 think the long shoot has finally stopped growing. Not that it didn’t want to, but growing next to -and in contact with- the window during the post Christmas cold wave the growing tip looks shriveled up and dead. (Maybe that’s saying something about my poor window insulation!) P.S.X2 Oddly, I didn’t see any asparagus fern images on Google that showed long shoots like mine. (There was one photo of a plant with two leafless shoots emerging from the plant, but in that image the two shoots go only a little ways above the main head of the plant before they exit the frame of the photo. So therefore one can’t determine how long they really are.)


Img_0280_300x300%2523 Img_0281_300x300%2523

Baltimore MD houseplants normal growth climbing asparagus stem as christmas tree 7 days ago

pruning problem hydrangea

For a couple of years, my large hydrangea has bloomed almost entirely around the bottom, with very few blooms in the upper parts. Individual heads are huge and weigh down the branches. How should I prune to encourage flowers at the top?


Jackson County OR hydrangea horticulture pruning shrubs 7 days ago

Apple tree/apple pest control

How to prevent apple pest " apple maggot"?


Washington County OR apple insects apple maggots 7 days ago

Indoor palm is dying

Hello, about six months ago I bought a medium sized palm from Home Depot for my office. I'm not sure what type it is. I potted it in a large pot and used transplanting fertilizer. I water it about once a week. I put enough water in it until I barely see it draining at the bottom. I don't think it's sitting in any water and currently the soil isn't that moist. It's been about a week since I watered. It's near a large south facing window and has a plan light directly above it about 2-3 feet away. It is turning brown on the ends. Even one of the new leaves that has not opened yet is brown on some parts. I don't know much about plants and I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong to kill it. I also notice there is a little spider living in the bottom and the leaves have some webs on them, which I try to dust and keep clean. My office stays around 70 degrees I think, though it can get colder. I have a very small humidifier across the room from the palm.



Washington County OR 7 days ago

yellow loblollys

My 2yo loblolly pines started from bare roots, are looking kind of yellow. should I do anything?


Somerset County MD normal growth trees yellowing needles on 2 year old pine 7 days ago

spruce disease

Would you please tell me the name of the disease on the spruce tree shown in the attached picture and how to treat it?

Thank you,
Mike Hess



El Paso County CO trees and shrubs 7 days ago

l--availability of lime sulfur for brown rot

how does home orchardist obtain lime sulfur spray???


Benton County OR horticulture 7 days ago

Ash tree

My ash tree limbs are turning down some are gradual but some a a few inches and tune down right away what could be the issue?


Jefferson County CO trees and shrubs 7 days ago

Interested in building a hoop house this spring - best orientation?


I'm looking into building a hoop house this spring, and so far my research has lead me to believe that orienting it from east to west (so the long sides face south and north) is the best option for my location. I live in Addison Township, MI, so I'm somewhere around ~42 degrees longitude.

Do you have any thoughts or input on best practices for my area on which way to orient a hoop house? Here is the kit I'm thinking of buying, if it helps:

I appreciate any assistance you can provide, and thank you in advance!



Oakland County MI 7 days ago

My garden

I live in an apartment with a deck. I want to grow some potted flowers that don't take full sun and do well in Minnesota. Can you tell me some?


Dakota County MN 7 days ago

Christmas Cactus Care

I take care of a Christmas cactus for a friend who is gone over the winter months. The plant is many years old and measures at least 2 feet wide and over a foot high. The house temperature is 55 degrees. What amount of water should it receive and how often should it be watered?


Brown County SD 7 days ago


Hello, I was reading up a bunch on vermicomposting, something I am hoping to set up at our home in the next couple of weeks. A site I had found said that maybe you guys would be able to help me find where to obtain red wriggler worms. If you have any advice on where I can purchase them that would be great. Thank you!


Washington County OR 7 days ago

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