If I trap the skunk under my house is there someone that could take it and release it for me? I don't have use of a truck. Thanks.


Clackamas County Oregon wildlife 4 days ago

Pruning table grapes

I noticed that after I cut my grapes back there was aLot of dripping water from the ends! What should I do. Do I need to worry?


Lane County Oregon grapes horticulture 4 days ago

Life span of our mature trees

What is the life span of a silver maple? A locust tree? We have one of each and are guessing they are at least 60 years old. (If you make it public, please don't share my e mail with the public). Thank you Ben Hennepin County


Hennepin County Minnesota shade trees silver maple honeylocust 4 days ago


How do I go about signing my daughter up for this club


Monroe County Michigan 4-h 4 days ago

Birch trees damaged by snow storm

We have several birch trees that were pretty severely damaged by the snow a few weeks ago. Several are bent over our neighbors fence and need to be trimmed back. Unfortunately, with our last week of warmer weather (spring really came in like a lion) they are starting to bud. What kind of trimming can we safely do?


Lane County Oregon trees and shrubs 4 days ago

Crabgrass Pre-Emergent Timing

Hi, When is it time to apply crabgrass pre-emergent in the spring, and do you have a recommended brand that would fit with the DE Livable Lawn’s ideals? I’m trying to be as organic as possible. Wow Supreme seems to be the leading candidate thus far. Thanks, Nathanael


New Castle County Delaware crabgrass pre-emergent herbicide crabgrass preemergent 4 days ago

Atlas cedar eroding at base

this Atlas cedar was planted in 1988 when it about 6ft . some years ago the cavity at the base of the tree started forming, otherwise the tree seems healthy . should I be concerned about thus cavity and if so what treatment do you recommend?


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Baltimore County Maryland bark damage trees heartwood decay structural integrity 4 days ago

What is a good shade tree for Lebanon OR

What is a good choice for a pest resistant tree that can tolerate wet feet in the winter and the dry summers we have here. This is for a 0.5 acre back yard with no nearby natural forrest. There is soon to be a residential area on the other side. We want to develop a natural privacy screen the breaks up the view to our yard but not one that is a complete wall-like hedge. Just some nice trees and some natural flowering shrubs.


Benton County Oregon trees and shrubs 4 days ago

Invasive Species

After reading my tree book written 10 years ago, I decided that a couple of Thornless honey locust would be great for a large backyard lawn of about .5 acres. Now I just read online that is an invasive species. Is it? How bad would that be for a yard that is in a developing urban area?


Benton County Oregon 4 days ago

Care of arborvitae

I have an arborvitae hedge approximately 20' in length and about 20' high. We have had it for about 30 years now and would definitely like to keep it healthy. The interior of the bushes are bare of foliage, is that normal for plants this old? Would it be beneficial to prune out the dead branches in the middle? Will the bushes ever fill back in? Also, when is the best time of year to fertilize it, I have heard both spring and fall. It does get full sun all day and I water it about once a week during the summer since it runs along the edge of our front lawn. What would be the better ground cover, compost or bark dust and would I spread it up to the base of the plants? I am also thinking of adding a few perennials for some color, any suggestions on plants that would be compatible? Something easy to care for and not too big. Thank you for your help.


Multnomah County Oregon arborvitae 4 days ago

Can I combine 2 parels into 1, if they're only separated by a road & nothing else?

My local assessor in Plainfield Twp is acting awfully suspicious, first telling me to fill out a Parcel Combination request form, and then after months of back-n-forth, he finally tells me this week at the 11th hour that suddenly it's NOT possible after all for him to combine the 2 APN's into 1! When I pressed him for a reason why, he finally vaguely claimed it's because of the state "Land Division Act" ....which really isn't a valid reason at all, mainly because this huge long document doesn't even CONTAIN the word "combine" anywhere in it! (I checked!)

My two parcels (one SFR, the other a small vacant lot) are contiguous, separated only by a small dirt road that is part of the plat, on the original subdvn map. I'm pretty sure this twp assessor is either purposely refusing to do this parcel-combination out of spite, or is just lazy and/or badly incompitent. I see dozens of examples in Kent and Montcalm county (one of which I uploaded the screen-shot here) where owners HAVE successfully combined 2 APN's together that aren't technically touching, but are separated by a road or ROW/easement strip. This is perfectly legal and standard practice, no?


5966_west_river_dr_ne_-_2nd_apn_aerial_map_300x300%2523 Mls_map_-_aerial_photo_-_both_apn's_300x300%2523 Parcel_combinations_-_contiguous_across_streets_300x300%2523

Kent County Michigan 4 days ago


In Delta County, does anybody offer free mulch to residents?


Delta County Colorado 4 days ago

Lawn Repair

Zoysia lawn is being overtaken by shady areas with zoysia dying. Would appreciate recommendation for a grass seed to plant this spring in those shady areas. Desire a grass that can be cut at a height fairly low (as the zoysia) so would not have to change the mower height. Greatly desirous of your recommendation!


Prince George's County Maryland lawns and turf plant selection 4 days ago

Budding emerald ash

After the bomb cyclone we noticed a considerable amount of debris falling from our ash trees. Prior to this we did not notice budding of these trees and hard to believe we have this amount of debris left over from the fall. My questions are: Does this appear as though the ash trees had an early bloom? And if so, what impact will that freeze and loss of the blooms have on these trees. Is there anything you would recommend that we do on a preventative basis at this point. Also do you know if the emerald ash bore as any closer to the Denver area? We are actually in Greenwood Village . Do you recommend the ash bore treatment at this time for our area.


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Arapahoe County Colorado 4 days ago

Will an arborvitae grow over the stump of another arborvitae?

I have two 12 foot high arborvitaes, each of which is growing in a brick planter. I want to replace them with two others that will grow no taller than 6 feet or 8 feet high. Although I can saw the existing arborvitaes down with a chain saw, I am not sure that I will be able to completely remove the stumps. I have uncovered the top of the root ball of one of the arborvitaes and it measures 17 inches in diameter. Since the Arborvitaes are in planters, the roots have grown down instead of out and will be very deep. Moreover, the branch roots that grow out of the root ball measure about 2 inches in diameter. I think that I will be able to uncover each of the top branches and cut them with a chain saw and then saw through the top of the root ball or chop through the top of the root ball with a hatchet. This will remove the top of the ball but the rest will remain in the ground. I estimate that I could cover the remaining portion with 6 inches - 8 inches of dirt. If I plant another lower growing arborvitae on the same spot, the bottom part of its root ball probably will almost touch the remaining stump. However, arborvitae is a very slow growing plant and the stump should decay as the new arborvitae grows. If I do this, will the new arborvitae grow or must the stump be completely removed?


Charles County Maryland stump removal planter tree arborvitae 4 days ago

Soil testing

How often do you recommend to soil testing for fertility on new ornamental planter per year?


Washington County Oregon soil testing 4 days ago

grass seed germination temperture

What should the ground temperature be to sow grass seed


Sussex County Delaware grass lawn care soil temperature grass seed lawn 4 days ago

aspen tree

I have a few aspen trees. Some are secreting a liquid like substance where the branches connect to the stem of the tree, what's us?


Jefferson County Colorado 4 days ago

Japanese beetles

I am trying to get some information on how to get rid of Japanese Beetles. I live in the Amish section of Charles county very close to the St. Mary’s line. We have a terrible time with the beetles every year. They seem to eat everything even when we pretreat with spray etc... they have been worse over the past 6 years. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Tgank you!


Maryland pest control japanese beetles 4 days ago

Lawn overseeding

Can I plant grass seed before the last freeze? Is the sprouting seed subject to freeze damage?


Arapahoe County Colorado lawns and turf 4 days ago

Manure on a field

How long can a farmer leave manure on a field.


Clinton County Michigan animal manure management 4 days ago

tree sales

does your county do a tree sale? Looking for Paw Paw seedlings ray ravary 231-392-4524


Osceola County Michigan 4 days ago

Olive trees

Can I grow olive trees in the Salem area? Which varieties do best in our climate?


Marion County Oregon olives 4 days ago

Use of Roundup

What is CSU's position on the use of this product? Thank you. Amy Flanagan


Douglas County Colorado 4 days ago

Home remedy for snow mold

Is there a soap or vinegar solution that will kill off the snow mold after we rake up the thatch that shows?


Benton County Washington fungi 4 days ago

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