Question regarding the status of butterflies and the Hercules beetle in MD....

I've noticed this year, there are hardly any butterflies....anywhere. I have an organic flower garden with flowers that attract butterflies, but I have only seen one Tiger Swallowtail, two Monarchs and a few white cabbage butterflies. Is this due to climate change, destruction of habitat, some peoples use of Roundup weed killer and neonics...or all of the above? Also, I know that Hercules beetles live off of the sap of Ash trees, but now that our Ash trees are disappearing due to the destructive Emerald Ash borer, will the Hercules beetle become extinct?


Montgomery County Maryland wildlife beneficial insects and pollinators butterflies 2 days ago

Do shrubs with shedding spotted foliage need water or insecticide?

Hi, We have a set of shurbs in the front of our home that were recently trimmed. They are now shedding leaves. The leaves left on the shrubs have brown spots and do not look healthy. The branches of the shrubs still look green and the trunks are not rotting. There do not appear to be any holes around the shrubs indicating vole activity. Do we need to increase watering frequency? Or do we need to spray these shrubs for insects? Thank you!



Montgomery County Maryland shrubs abiotic issues pest insects and mites 2 days ago


I t.v. 3yr old sage plants. My issue is they are lying nearly flat, then they head back up. They are against a South facing fence.


Champaign County Ohio 2 days ago

Common milkweed seeds

Does a common milkweed need blossoms pollinated to have pods? The JBS are eating all the blossoms.


Ramsey County Minnesota 2 days ago

What killed "Barre"?

Planted an autumn-blaze maple in 2001, named it after my late brother. Grew so fast and so tall (over 60 ft) my wife said Barre must be up above yanking it up! Big trunk, with 8-9 "extensions" (also thick) soaring upward. Thick canopy of leaves, good-looking tree. This spring, noticed canopy was not as thick as usual, then about a month and a-half ago the helicopter-seeds came raining down in large amounts, all dark brown. Two weeks or so ago the leaves suddenly turned brown and shriveled up and started dropping day and night. Barre is almost completely bare now. Called our lawn service - Agri-Lawn of Austin, Mn. - the boss came over, said to water for about an hour each dayl Did so, no improvement, called Monday. His secretary called Tuesday, said boss had stopped by on Monday, and has pronounced Barre deceased! Said the perpetrator was "Gall". Question: is this a logical scenario for a healthy, 17 yr-old maple, or is this unusual and mayhap someone from the U or Mower County Extension should look into the cause. Not going to take it down immediately, so samples of bark or limbs will be available for some time. Woody Vereide, Austin, Minnesota


Mower County Minnesota 2 days ago

Zucchini plant

My zucchini plant has one yellow zucchini on it the rest are green like they are supposed to be . Why is there a yellow one on the it? I sent pictures


Img_20180719_145342115_300x300%2523 Img_20180719_145220163_300x300%2523

Fayette County Pennsylvania 2 days ago

Paw Paw Tree Disease (?)

I have two established Paw Paws and I planted a seedling I got at Cylburn next to them. I water the seedling regularly, but it has developed brown spots and is dropping leaves and not doing well at all. The other trees are fine. I attached 2 photos. Can you give me an idea of what is wrong and what I need to do to saw the tree? Thank You -Gene Harryman


Paw_paw_1_300x300%2523 Paw_paw_2_300x300%2523

Baltimore County Maryland fruit abiotic issues 2 days ago

Can you identify this vine?

I noticed this vine growing in the vegetation/trees near our creek last year. I forgot about it and it now looks to be taking over everything. It grows large, spiked pods on it also. Can you identify it and tell me the best possible way to get rid of it? We are located near Grand Ronde.


Img_1502_300x300%2523 Img_1501_300x300%2523 Img_1504_300x300%2523

Polk County Oregon plant identification wildflowers and native plants 2 days ago

A freind found this is her house and was curious what it was

A friend of mine found this in her house and wasn't sure what it was. We tried to research but was having not much luck and thought id ask to see if you knew. Thanks for taking your time to check it out and read my message.


Bug_300x300%2523 Bug_2_300x300%2523

Martin County Minnesota horticulture insect identification 2 days ago

Is my willow tree dying?

I bought a Willow tree from a woman on CL a year ago. It had many stalks coming out from the bottom when I bought it. Now it is not looking well where I planted it. (Full-partial Sun, good drainage, water often.) Does it need pruning for 1 main tree trunk to grow? Can I save my tree???


Josephine County Oregon trees and shrubs horticulture 2 days ago

What is this vine and what safe chemical will kill it

Our client brought in this vine clipping. She said it is growing all over her fence-line, in bushes and up trees. Do you have any idea what it is and what product can be used to kill it that is environmentally friendly. Thanks in advance.


Vine1_300x300%2523 Vine2_300x300%2523 Vine3_300x300%2523

Alpena County Michigan 2 days ago

dead grass over leech field

The dry weather has brought us dried out grass over our septic, it is a very distinct rectangular shape. We bought the house last Nov and grass was fine. I spoke to previous owner and she said it has been happening every summer for the past several years. She thought it was because there was only one person in the house, since it used to be very lush when the family was there. There are only 2 of us living in house now. Is it because water is not going into leech field? Soil has eroded? Please help!


Boulder County Colorado 2 days ago

chicken hastrouble standing up and head bobbles

i have a 2 year old chicken that has slowly starting not being really orientated,, and able to stand up at times , she seems to just lay down and kinda falls over when trying to stand ,,here head seems to bob up and down also ,, it has been a slow process ,, but is now not looking good ,,any ideas
she stil trys to eat but only when laying down but isn't real hungry ,,ive separated her from the others ,, in a cage ,, but she has not stood up in that cage since yesterday ,,


La Plata County Colorado poultry 2 days ago

critter in lawn

What can I do to eliminate a critter who is tunneling in my lawn? The lawn is slightly raised above the tunnel and is soft and sponge-like. I've noticed a couple of different entry or exit holes approx. 1-2 inches in diameter.


Macomb County Michigan mole control 2 days ago

White spots and bug on my outdoor rosemary

My rosemary plant is outdoors in a raised bed. It develops yellowish - white spots I looked at it this morning and found a very small bug on the back of one leaf. What should I do


Mvimg_20180719_094424_300x300%2523 Img_20180719_094336_300x300%2523 Img_20180719_094319_300x300%2523

Clackamas County Oregon herbs leafhopper horticulture rosemary problem 2 days ago

Canning peaches

What peach is the best to use for canning purposes?


Washington County Oregon food safety home food preservation 2 days ago

Rudbeckia die-back

Never sure as to why some plants die when others don't... I have removed intermittent dead Rudbeckia from a large commercial bed bordering a parking lot and shared with an English columnar oak and boxwood. This bed was PROLIFIC with blooming Rudbeckia for years but we are having die back in areas. We have realized there is a heat and drought micro-climate created from the concrete and brick building. The beds were also organically treated for a mite problem.

I am wondering if the plants have just aged out or do we need to step up the irrigation schedule. But also, can we fill in the ever widening gaps left with new Rudbeckia (variety not sure at this point)? Thank you!


Baltimore County Maryland flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials disease issues 2 days ago

What the heck is happening to my Bleeding Heart?

Hi! I had some landscaping done last summer by (semi) professionals. I chose 3 Old Fashion Bleeding Heart plants for a sunny spot, pretty much by themselves. They are all still small, about 10 inces, but flowered nicely last year and this year as well, with sweet pink hearts. But then I noticed darker leaves mixed in one of the plants that I thought might be part of the post bloom phase, as they were done blooming earlier this month, and starting to go dormant. Every day a stalk in the middle of one got taller and taller and then started getting fuzzy purple blooms on it! It’s so big and heavy now, I’m using a garden ornament to hold it up, as it dwarfs all the other plants in my little garden! Did something else plant itself in my Bleeding Heart plant or is this some weird hybrid thing? Or a Jack and the Beanstalk thing? Any ideas? And what do you think I should I do?


D3a159d3-b139-4887-896c-f606b01286bb_300x300%2523 33e3e5db-63e7-452e-bf95-128335de2e70_300x300%2523 13859791-3495-494d-8c3c-ee3676458acf_300x300%2523

Rice County Minnesota horticulture astilbe 2 days ago

Need Beetle Identification

Had a client bring in this beetle that bit his wife. It has a copper body, Black Head and a shiny pearly green/black thorax. There are also two white spots on his rear tip. Any info you have and an ID is what they would like.



Clare County Michigan 2 days ago

Rose Rosette

I tend to roses (variety unknown, possibly Knock-Out) for a commercial customer - they are subject to leaf blowers from the mowers (since re-directed!). After a recent post-bloom prune, I noticed red tips and proliferation of thorns on some canes but don't see any deformity (like pictures in some older posts) and the roses have since re-bloomed brilliantly. Are the excessive thorns the beginning and the shrubs just haven't gone full blown RRD?

Pruners sprayed with rubbing alcohol (always sprayed if I move to a completely different plant). Roses are roughly 7 years old - cut back each March - I remove canes if centers appear crowded. Watered by irrigation and not fed because they're in a bed with culinary herbs. I read through previous RRD posts to try to ascertain an answer but nothing was definitive. Many thanks for your thoughts.


Img_9113_300x300%2523 Img_9115_300x300%2523 Img_9116_300x300%2523

Baltimore County Maryland shrubs roses normal growth 2 days ago

Can a dying Yew shrub be revived?

Hi, We have a dying Yew shrub. The needles are mostly brown and trunk seems to be starting to rot. It really took a turn for the worse after being trimmed last week. Are there any ways to attempt to revive it such as removing old mulch and spreading new soil on the roots? A picture is attached.



Montgomery County Maryland yew shrub decline 2 days ago

Problems with Sap Beetles

We have Sap Beetles that land on us and our food/drinks when out on the deck. Do you know how to get rid of them? Rick Albin 612-747-2008


Rice County Minnesota 2 days ago

dying basswood trees

I have about 15acres of hardwoods and various other trees.I have noticed that an alarming amount of basswoods trees are this due to some kind of disesies/


Saginaw County Michigan 2 days ago

Holes in the bark of two oak trees

Hi! I hope all is well. I have a couple of oak trees that have openings in the bark. I have sent pictures of two trees. The first is an older tree (about 111 inches diameter). The second is a younger tree (about 59 inches diameter). I measured about 4 foot up the tree. do you know what might be happening? How can I prevent this from worsening? Will it kill the trees? The first tree has a wet soil like substance inside the bark (a piece of which came off easily in my hand); there were millipedes in the soil-like substance. Thank you for giving me some clues about how to address this problem. Kate


First_tree_-_bark_opening_1_300x300%2523 Second_tree_-_bark_openings_300x300%2523 First_tree_-_leaf_300x300%2523

Baltimore County Maryland trees 2 days ago

Browned out bush with holes in leaves

I had cut some brown out of this bush recently, and within a week the whole bush turned brown. There are holes in all the leaves. What is the best method for removal and keeping it from spreading to the surrounding bushes?


Imag0653_300x300%2523 Imag0654_300x300%2523 Imag0655_300x300%2523

Montgomery County Maryland 2 days ago

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