are buttercups toxic to bees?

Are buttercups toxic to bees? creeping buttercups have invaded my property and I don't use any pesticides. I have a wild bee colony in a cedar tree at the back of my small acreage and lots of bumblebees visit my various gardens. I have let the buttercups go and they are blooming where I have not cut them I am worried that I may be harming my bees. I can mechanically chop down the buttercup flowers though nothing will rid me of the plants as they are everywhere, have taken over my garden and lawn and are in my forest as well. :( I was thinking the blossoms were good for the bees but am getting a different impression on line.


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Lily of the Valley: How Deep does it Go

Dear Master Gardner, We have a 12" strip of dirt the runs between our driveway and the neighbors fence. Once upon a time (roughly 2 decades ago) we planted Lily of the Valley there not knowing how invasive it was. It has even poked holes in our black top driveway. Determined it is! We have dug it out several times, but it has spread to our neighbors yard (they like it) and just when we think its gone, it comes back again under the fence from our neighbors. The lovely Lily of the Valley chokes out everything we have tried to plant in this strip. My last resort is try and put a barrier in the ground that will hopefully stop them from returning once they have been removed again. I am thinking some type of hard plastic should work, but I do not know how deep the roots of this cute but headache inducing plant go. Is there anyone there that knows how deep Lily of the Valley roots go? I have searched on Google but have not found an answer. I would appreciate any assistance in this matter that you can share. I would also be open to any suggestions you may have to discourage furture growth on this plants part. Thank you.


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Boxwood winter burn

The top few inches of the boxwood branches have golden tan colored leaves this spring. I assume winter burn or damage after awful -35 degree day in Feb. Uunderneath those few inches it is green but not sure if that is healthy. Various varieties and age. should I prune the dis colored tips off? I live in Savage MN zone 4


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Best way to get rid of chipmunks

Best way to get rid of chipmunks


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Yellow Wildflower Identification

Can you possibly identify, from a distance, these massed flowers in a wetland behind my house?i can’t in good conscience get closer. Thanks!



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Diseased Barberry Bushes - Verticillium Wilt? And what to Plant in Their Place?

I have about eight barberry bushes in my front garden. They have been there for 16 years and doing well until this spring. Now the leaves have fallen off several of them, and branches of some of them have dried up and fallen off. Only a few remain healthy. Near the ones that are in really bad shape, the brick on our house has a spring green-colored fungus growing on it, and the fungus appears on some of the barberry branches there. Assuming that the disease is verticillium wilt, what can be planted in place of the barberry bushes? I'm inclined to take out all of the barberry bushes and start over with new shrubbery in their place. Photographs are attached. Any advice? Thank you. Brian Renaud. Phone: 248-236-0133 or 248-496-1042


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Spruce tree damage/needle drop

What insect is causing needle drop on the tips of the spruce tree.


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Help identifying a weed plant in my Yard

I have this weed growing in a pot, I thought it was a flower seed I planted but it was not. I been growing it for 1 month and find it oddly interesting but have had no luck identifying it on internet searches. I just was wondering if you can tell me what it is. Since I have a little time invested in it I am now just letting it go to see what it turns into. I am curious as to what it is. Thanks for any info you can give me.


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Shade tolerant evergreens

Location romeo mi h Fast growing evergreens for priivacy border eventual height approx 10 ft / border in north south direction_/ existing trees west of border east of border is existing lawn with a few scattered trees Can you please advise best type of evergreen and spacing etc/tha k you


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Worm or what, number @


Just wondering if I "fell through the cracks" because I haven't seen an answer to my question. I sent a question, with pictures, on May 13 asking for an ID of the insect.

Please let me know if you need more information, etc.

Thank you for your time,
Mary Beth Hahn


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