infected roses

What is the cause of the leaf destruction on these drift roses? They have been in the ground for approx. 1.5 years. They had a similar problem last summer. Is there a remedy?


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Baltimore County MD trees and shrubs insect issues shrubs 1 day ago

Damage to my asparagus spears

I notice my asparagus patch has all the emerged spears bent over and looking poor today, the day after a commercial lawn treatment program. I assume they were damaged by overspray and should be discarded. Will the roots and future spears be okay?


Lehigh County PA 1 day ago

herb plants

my rosemary, oregano and sage all have spotted leaves. all plants are several years old and in different spots in my backyard. the spots are lighter than the leaves.


MD herbs 1 day ago

flowers and pests

What's eating my lily of the valley leaves? Every year something takes bites out of the edges of ALL the leaves, looks awful but doesn't kill the plants. I've used a snail repellant that looks like sawdust in the past, but it didn't stop them. Help!


Clackamas County OR 1 day ago

Honey crisp apple trees

I would like to find out if Bonide fruit and nut spray is harmful to honey crisp trees. I sprayed my trees and the leaves wilted up on them, from what I see sulfur is not good for them. I used 3 oz in 1/1/2 gallons of water, not to hot out the day I sprayed. If I can't use that spray,what spray can be used if i didn't kill the trees.



Barry County MI fruit trees 1 day ago

Home soil pH testing

Where can I get a MSU soil test mailer?


Livingston County MI 1 day ago

Are we potentially killing this curb-side tree

A year or two ago, our co-op planted ivy within the tree guards protecting the pictured, large, Ginkgo (I believe) tree. The ivy has grown up the tree's trunk, almost to the canopy. I recently read that English Ivy can actually kill a tree if it moves into the tree's canopy. So, a few Qs: (1). Is this English Ivy? (2). If so, is it likely to damage the tree? (3). If it is another variety of Ivy, is it also likely to damage the tree? (4). If the tree is at risk, what should we do?


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New York County NY 1 day ago

Red Maple blight

I have a small Red Maple planted about 4-5 years ago. It has been healthy and growing until this Spring when I noticed small numerous black spots on most of the leaves, and many of the new leaves at the tips of the branches now browning and falling. Doesn't appear to be tar disease. The tree still looks healthy overall. Affects the entire tree not just a portion. No issues with the trunk or branches. Black spots are not large and are on most leaves and entire tree. Should I be concerned or is this the result of a wet cool Spring? Should I treat?


Linn County IA 1 day ago

Ants in the house

How do I rid my house of ants?


Chittenden County VT 1 day ago


How oftten should I water newly planted garden seeds and tomato plants


Jackson County OR horticulture irrigation 1 day ago

I need help identifying larvae or bugs of some sort in my house.

I need help identifying larvae or bugs of some sort in my house.


Wayne County OH larvae or bugs 1 day ago

Help to ID this tree?

We have just purchased a new home and are trying to ID some of the small trees that seem to have "planted themselves" and were left to grow by the former owner. We've checked out several tree ID books, but we can not seem to figure out what this particular one is. The more mature ones have reddish/cinnamon color bark, and they don't seem to mind being pretty wet since a bunch of them have grown up right next to the lake. There are so many of them that are blocking light from other well-established trees- we are kind of wondering if it is some kind of semi-invasive species?


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Hennepin County MN tree identification 1 day ago

Soil and water testing

Where can I have my soil and spring water tested?


Lancaster County PA 1 day ago

Is this plant a weed?

Hi! I have this clump of tall stalky things growing in front of my peony. The leaves are not unpleasant, but it's growing really fast which makes me think it's a weed. I've let it go because I'm curious about it, but if it is a weed, I want to get rid of it. It doesn't look like it's developing any buds. Can you identify it? Thanks!


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Allegheny County PA horticulture 1 day ago

Is it a Bumble Flower Beetle?

Found this bug on my Goatsbeard May 24...a bit smaller than a Japanese Beetle. Mostly black with tan markings.


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Oakland County MI 1 day ago

Summer Programs for Children

Do you have any groups that visit childcare centers in the summer?


Story County IA 1 day ago

Dying Dogwood

My young Dogood tree bloomed very small flower this spring ,they suddenly wilted and the leaves are tiny to non existent. It looks to be dying ? Was it due to our horrible winter ? Moles ?



Clackamas County OR 2 days ago

Is my what I believe to be a snowball cactus rotting?

Hello. I've had this cactus for about a year. I used to keep it in my dorm room with sun from one window on the west. However I came home about 3 weeks ago and put the cactus infront of my bedroom window also on the west. The weather has been on and off but there has been a few days that have been 90 with strong sun. Anyways, I provided a picture and would like to know if this is rot and if I should cut and replant. I only watered it twice this month cause of the hotter weather but watered it once a month in the winter. I also noticed it has been slightly tilting. Please answer asap.


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NY 2 days ago

Ants and Toads

I have a bad ant problem ( possibly carpenter). The ants are so thick in my yard and on my patio that my yard/patio are hard to enjoy. My yard is about half an acre. I have noticed a few toads around. I really want to kill the ants but don't want to kill the toads. While some ants are to expected in a yard, this is to much. I think there is a large nest under my patio, but I can't get to it. I hate putting down poison because I am sure it kills that toads too. Is there an alternative?


Lucas County OH 2 days ago

Multiple uses on the same plot

I'm interested in growing 3 to 4 levels of food on same plot ? In other words >carrots and raidishes and ginseng way underneath >a next level above -Sweet potatoes garlic etc >and on top Sunflowers,onions,cucumbers,pumpkins ,melons tomatoes, peppers, grasses etc Can u suggest which plants may work the best together in this manner ?


Solano County CA 2 days ago

Recovering a yellow lawn?

My back lawn is about 4/5 yellow and doesn't look like it'll come back. We were using Swingle for lawn service but they didn't catch it in time and just said, "you had mites and it was a dry winter, you're out of luck." when we asked them what could be done. There's no sign of mites now, so I'm not sure where he came to that conclusion. Regardless, it looked similar a few Springs ago and the Castle Rock garden center (now closed) diagnosed a fungus and was able to treat. Between possible mites, fungus, etc, how can I diagnose what's going on and recover from it if possible?


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Douglas County CO lawns and turf 2 days ago

How to harden off seedlings in this rainy weather?

I am a newbie gardener and started a couple of plants from seed this year (2 tomatoes, 1 cucumber & 2 peppers). I barely had the chance last week to give them a couple hours in the evening last week for 2-3 days (it was on our deck where the sun isn't shining much on account of neighbor's tree). In any case, i was planning to plant them outside this weekend but am not sure about how to proceed since they have not spent any time outside due to the rainy weather. They are indoors under tubelight but one of the tomato plants is getting a little tall and the leaves at the bottom are not getting enough light. Please let me know about what i can do to get them planted outside.

Thank you.


Baltimore County MD fruits and vegetables vegetables 2 days ago

What is the name of these flowers?

They are growing in our rock garden.



Howard County MD plant identification 2 days ago


Hello, I have been gardening for a bit, but only indoor with vegetables and culinary herbs. I have recently moved into ornamental plants and flowers with the plan to go into ink making as well as just dress up my own yard. I grew an Orange California Poppy variety last season and have acquired other varities (I LOVE the blooms!) from various vendors here locally but was wondering who to contact about the legality of growing poppies outdoors considering the "epidemic" Kentuckiana has recently joined. Thank you so very much for your time and happy gardening!


Jefferson County KY poppy varieties 2 days ago

ID this perennial

Please see pictures What is this beautiful early blooming perennial?


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Becker County MN 2 days ago

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