What to amend soil with in West Linn

Hi, we live in West Linn and want to know what to put on our plants and trees, including rhodies, for our yard. We heard that a hardwood mulch is good, but if you have ideas on what will retain moisture, and help the plants become happy, please let me know. We know we need a lot of it.


Clackamas County Oregon horticulture mulch 1 day ago

Spiders in our house

We’ve lived in our current home for 6 years but this is the first year we’ve had too many spiders inside. We’ve been trying to avoid having professional treatments done but I’m tired of the big black house spiders and the little black jumpers that show up (13+ in the past 3 weeks). I have some questions that I hope you can answer.... 1). What is spider season in Oregon? 2). If we do nothing now, will we have a bigger problem in the future? 3). Are there other options beside hiring the pest control folks? I’d appreciate any information or advice you could give me. Thanks. Rebecca


Clackamas County Oregon spiders 2 days ago

Spider identification

What kinda spider is this? I found it in a glass of water that was sitting on my kitchen counter all day.


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St. Clair County Michigan 2 days ago

Poisonous weed?

When these sprouted in my yard I thought they were volunteer ground cherries but they are not-- what are they and are they poisonous



Multnomah County Oregon weeds 2 days ago

What is required to sell homemade pepper jam in Ohio

What is required to sell homemade pepper jam in Ohio


Butler County Ohio 2 days ago

Honey Crisp

We should be getting a frost next week, should I wait to pick my apples?


Itasca County Minnesota honeycrisp apple 2 days ago

What kind of spider is this

Found this on the floor along the floor board in the bathroom. It was pretty big.



Marion County Oregon spiders horticulture 2 days ago

Is this a native oak seedling?

I think a squirrel planted this for me. I feel confident enough to call it an oak, but not to wager on whether it’s the native one I’ve seen hiking in conservation areas. There are no oaks to be seen anywhere in sight my yard, where it sprouted. Is this photo enough for you to identify it for me, or narrow the options?



Multnomah County Oregon 2 days ago

cocoon or chrysalis?

I would really like to know what type of chrysalis or cocoon this is.



Suffolk County New York 2 days ago

are some of these milkweed plants dead?

Hello, I am the guy that had a question about what was attacking my Monarch chrysalises. You were right, the U of MN Monarch group was able to help me. Problem was small parasitoid wasps. Thank you. Along the same butterfly gardening issue: Background: I dug up and transplanted about 80 milkweed plants this past May and moved them into my back yard. They grew well and I lost only a couple. Spring transplanting was needed since I had no luck with seeds that I purchased and planted last fall. As a side note, it sounds like the best way to get milkweed is from seed so I am going to add more plants this fall by taking seeds from milkweed pods and use fresh/viable seeds this time. I will plant the seeds right before the ground freezes. If you have any thoughts about how to best grow milkweed from seed please let me know. Here is the question: I was out of town last week and my butterfly garden now looks like the pictures in the attached photos. There was no rain for the week and no watering done either. Before I left, the leaves were starting to yellow and began to lose their leaves - perhaps shutting down for fall? Are these plants dead? Some look black and lifeless while others look dormant and more typical of what I would think a 'shutdown' milkweed plant would look like. Please let me know if you think the plants have a chance of sprouting next spring. If they are dead, I will remove the dead plants and plant more seeds in their place. I just don't want to transplant again next year as that was a big chore. I also don't want to crowd the existing plants with more seeds either if there is a good chance these will regrow despite looking so dead. I promise not to hit you routinely with too many questions and the one from earlier this week and this one are the only issues I foresee asking you for quite some time. I really appreciate your expertise regarding what's' up with these milkweed plants in my butterfly garden.


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Anoka County Minnesota horticulture milkweed 2 days ago

What to feed the Colorado raintree?

Here is a picture of the tree I hope I can send



Adams County Colorado 2 days ago

wood borer?

splitting madrone firewood we discovered this delightful critter and larvae. I think the larvae belongs to the beetle just because of the markings, but who knows? the bug is about an inch long. we are hesitant about keeping it around for firewood this winter in case the larvae hatch and infest every other tree around. suggestions?



Douglas County Oregon insect identification forestry 2 days ago

Plant identification

This is growing in my mother's yard in Hyattsville, Md. Is it Hogweed or hemlock. What is the safest way to get rid of it?



Prince George's County Maryland weeds plant identification 2 days ago

Berry Bush Identification

I'm looking to safely identify berry bearing bushes on our property edges in Grant County Minnesota to determine if they are beneficial or not and if they are of any value for making edible goodies.


Berrybush_300x300%2523 Unripeberries_300x300%2523 Ripeningberries_300x300%2523

Grant County Minnesota shrub identification 2 days ago

What is this spider

What are these spiders outside my house



New Haven County Connecticut 2 days ago


Is it ok to transplant Yews and Emerald Mound honeysuckle yet this season?


Olmsted County Minnesota 2 days ago

Controlling Annual Bluegrass in Bluegrass Sod

Last summer I had a lot of Annual Bluegrass pop up in my Bluegrass sodded yard. During the August heat most of it died out on its own. Should I treat my yard this fall to head-off another round of Annual Bluegrass next summer? What’s the best and proper way to control this annual pest?


Douglas County Colorado 2 days ago

Unfamiliar bug all over my house

In the last 4 weeks I have noticed a very small black bug, about the size of an ant, crawling all over my kitchen (ceilings, walls, countertops). It does not fly. I've never seen this bug before and I'd like to know what it is and how to get rid of it. I'm now finding it everywhere. I've included a picture.



Howard County Maryland pest control pantry pest weevil 2 days ago

Bacterial Leaf Scorch

I was told today, by a tree expert, that my Pin Oak (about 50 yrs. old) has Bacterial Leaf Scorch. He also mention I should check with your office about this problem. Within the past year it has been loosing leaves at a rapid rate and I have many dead branches that will need to be trimmed. Is this common with Pin Oaks and can my tree, in my front yard, be saved? The tree expert mentioned that the tree could be injected with a product but that wouldn't necessarily kept me from loosing the tree. I would just hate to have it cut down. Also, some of my neighbors are experiencing the same situation. Could this problem be from too my drought or rain? I hope you can give me an answer and a solution to keep this beautiful tree. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanking you in advance.


Prince George's County Maryland disease issues trees bacterial leaf scorch 2 days ago

pruning of Japanese Holly and nandina

Can you tell me the best time to prune the Japanese holly and nandina. The Japanese holly just need to be trimmed back a little, nothing to major. The nandina has several long shoots which if I understand correctlt then should be cut back just above the ground for the long ones


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Anne Arundel County Maryland pruning shrubs japanese holly nandina 2 days ago

Can I change the old soil of potted bougenvellea ?

My bougenvellea are 5 years old and have no much I think to change the old soil of the potted bougenvellea.Is it possible?



Outside United States potted plants 2 days ago

What kind of bugs are these?

They are en mass on my fence and migrating to my yard...? they are very tiny, and when you squash them, they leave a red/burgundy splotch all over.

The lighter marks on their tail end look to be tiny horns or something that sticks up, not just a flat mark..? We just moved here, and the pest control guys have no idea what they are.


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Douglas County Colorado 2 days ago

Concord Grape vine care

I have one vine that was cut back two years ago in order to paint my house. This year I’ve had the best crop ever. I’m wondering if I’m supposed to routinely cut it back, and if so when and at what point in the vine. Any other useful tips are appreciated!



Hennepin County Minnesota horticulture pruning grapes 2 days ago

Bur Oak leaves falling

One of our mature Bur Oaks is already dropping its leaves. It does catch the wind but it still seems early . Is there some disease it might have? We would hate to have any problems spread. Thanks. Paul


Waseca County Minnesota tree health bur oak leaf disease 2 days ago

Raised beds

What is the best soil for my raised beds? The water from my drip system and soaker hoses goes right through my soil and runs out the bottom without saturating the beds. I have the same problem with my pots. It doesn’t matter if the bed/container is filled with miracle grow or topsoil. On the bright side, I have good drainage..... Diane Esteb


Clackamas County Oregon sustainable gardening and landscaping horticulture raised bed gardening 2 days ago

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