Northland Blueberry and Northblue Blueberry

Good Afternoon, I have two plants, one a northland the other a northblue and one of them is completely full of flowers and the other one doesn't have any. They were both planted the same time just a few feet apart. Does one of these blossom later? They both look green and healthy. Thanks! Heather


Ramsey County MN horticulture blueberries 1 day ago

Japanese Lilac

Our Japanese lilac has not developed flower buds yet this year, so I'm concerned that something happened over the winter. The leaves are healthy and the tree itself looks great. This is its fourth year; the first year there were some flowers when it came from the nursery, the second year there were none. Last year there were many flowers--we thought we were on our way to annual blooming. Thank you for any thoughts you might have. Karen


Hennepin County MN horticulture japanese lilac trees 1 day ago

Is this a tick?

Our daughter, already being treated for Lyme Disease, found this poppy seed size (slightly smaller than that, really) on her leg. It felt to her as though it had but her (this is why her attention was brought to it), thigh it did not dig in like ticks ordinarily do. It may not have had the time. In any event, and given that she’s presently under treatment for Lyme, we’re pretty anxious to identify this little fellow. Thank you so much. We eagerly await your answer. And, if he pics are inadequate, I am happy to bring him to you.


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Montgomery County MD insect identification 1 day ago


Is it OK to plant basil in the same deck planter as a tomato plant???


McLeod County MN 1 day ago

I want to substitute Stevia for sugar in a refrigerator jam recipe. Your...

I want to substitute Stevia for sugar in a refrigerator jam recipe. Your thought/suggestions?


Franklin County OH 1 day ago

Community Garden question about visitation from a gardner. This is Twinsburg...

Community Garden question about visitation from a gardner. This is Twinsburg Community Garden. The email address sent previously was incorrect. It is:


Summit County OH 1 day ago

Would a gardener be interested in coming to our community garden, where a...

Would a gardener be interested in coming to our community garden, where a low-income housing unit will be planting a garden. "If you give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day; but if you teach him to fish, he'll eat for a lifetime." And we want that for Summit County and the world. Please help!!


Summit County OH 1 day ago

european Crane fly grub

we have been told we might have this situation in our subdivision. Is it too late to do something about it? I read the MSU coverage of it from 2017. Can it be treated with Sevin as is used for ordinary grubs?


Oakland County MI european crane fly 1 day ago

Mint Plant Attracts Ants

Can you tell me why a mint plant would attract ants? This is your standard mint julep and planted recently in a 12 inch diameter container. I had the same problem last year and would water the plant to drown the ants and also keep water in a pan to keep them from crawling into the pot. Are these sugar ants? Will they destroy the roots?


Anne Arundel County MD pest control mint ants in containers 1 day ago

planting time

It is now near the end of May. Is it too late to set out strawberry plants in Takoma Park, Maryland? Same question regarding catawba grape plants?


Montgomery County MD grapes fruit strawberry planting 1 day ago

Tree growing

Good morning I have a question in relation to trees. We have a male in our back yard and it’s mostly dead on the top and the leaves that are coming though are tiny and not filling in well. Around the base of he tree the grass is all yellow and dead. My thinking is that the tree is dieing or dead because of disease or poorly drained soil and not enough sun. Our back yard is mostly shady where the tree roots are. Our neighbors installed a fence that inhibits sun and have many tall trees. I think it should be removed but I’m unsure. I’d like to plant a tree where that will grow quickly and thrive . We have a 120 length by 80 wide lot and a 2200 sq ft home on the property. Our address is748 101st Ln NE Blaine MN 55434 United States if you are interested in looking. We also have a tile system under our house. The back grass line about 18 inches or a little more from our neighbors rear fence is nearly always shaded and soppy. I’m open to any advice and just looking for some guidance in all aspects of the aforementioned items. Thank you kindly for your one and energy. Have a great day Allison strand


Anoka County MN horticulture trees 1 day ago

Does this hydrangea have a disease?

I have three Baby Lace Hydrangeas in the front of my house I planted about 4 years ago and they grew into beautiful plants that bloomed beautifully and were very striking. These pictures are from last year. Last year I noticed 1 stopped growing and the leaves on 2 main branches starts drying up and dying. All 3 have had the same care and I use pine mulch not wood mulch. I see no signs of insects or mildew This year only about 1/5th of the plant is leafing out. I did order a replacement bush but am wondering if I should have this declining plant tested first before planting a healthy bush in the same hole? Any advice or ideas of what the problem is would be appreciated. Thank you, Karen


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Clinton County MI hydrangea flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials 1 day ago

Young fruit trees that didn't survive the winter

I have 2 apple trees and 1 cherry tree in a young orchard that have apparently not survived the winter although I can see some new growth near the base of each of them. The trees in question are about 2-3 years old. They are Fuji, Grand Gala, and Hendelfingen respectively. Other trees in my 26-tree orchard appear to be doing fine. Is this percentage of loss from winter kill to be expected or is this an abnormal situation? Our planting zone is considered 5b. I see no other obvious reason for why these trees may not have survived.


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Emmet County MI fruit trees 1 day ago

Grass seed stored in unheated garage

I mistakenly left a bag of grass seed in my garage over winter. Is it still viable?


Ramsey County MN 1 day ago

Ants in house

We see solitary ants in our house in Wrenshall, MN, every few days or once a week or so. We have a log home. Should we be concerned that these could be carpenter ants? Thank you, David


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Carlton County MN ants horticulture carpenter ants 1 day ago

What tree has long, cylindrical clusters of small white flowers?

We have a few trees at the North edge of our Oak woods that are covered in long, cylindrical clusters of small white flowers. I have not been able to identify them and thought that you might be able to tell me what they are; pictures attached (a bit blurry, sorry). Russ


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Anoka County MN horticulture tree identification 1 day ago

Pretty Plant

Another pop-up in a new bed that I dug up last fall. It’s just 8 inches tall so far. I need to know if it is friend or foe.


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Baltimore County MD plant identification trees 1 day ago

Lawn - dead

Lawn - 15X25 - all dead with some patches of open soil with probable ant infestation. Don't like chemical cures. Suggestions?
It looks exactly like some of the photos you show, with bare spots, then dried up old grass, with an occasional green sprig.


Hennepin County MN 1 day ago

Growth on leaf

What is the growth on the leaf and what’s he tree, elm? Thanks


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Montgomery County MD elm tree leaf gall 1 day ago

What is this plant called?

Thought this had died but sprung up and no idea what it is



OUTSIDEUS plant identification 1 day ago

Tar paper used to line a garden box

Can I use tar paper to line a garden box in which I want to grow vegetables?


MN 1 day ago

Grub control

Greetings! My 10,000 sf lawn has turned into Stalag 13 with so many mole tunnels. I believe the lawn requires Milky Spore treatment to stop the grubs? Is this correct? If so I have a few questions I hope you can answer: 1) With 10,000 sf of grass would you recommend the powder or granule, and why? The granules are getting poor reviews. 2) Since Milky Spore (MS) takes 2-3 years to become fully effective can I put down a product like Bayer 24 hour Grub Killer Plus to take care of the problem until the MS spreads and becomes effective? 3) Will the Bayer product interfere with the MS spores reproducing and spreading? 4) If I cannot put down both at the same time, what is the time frame to wait after I spread the Bayer product before I can apply the MS? 5) St. Gabriels Organics MS appears to be the most popular product available. Do you recommend this, or is there a better product? Thank you in advance,


Charles County MD moles lawns possible grubs 2 days ago

Sargentina Crabapple turns yellow

I have 2 sargentina crabapple trees. Both were new when hail killed them 3 summers ago. I was able to nurture a sucker from each tree to make new trees. The first year they were great. Last summer, however, the green leaves turned lime green to yellowish with brown tips on each of the leaves. It's happening again this year. Should I cut them down and plant new trees


Jefferson County CO trees and shrubs 2 days ago

cucumber seedling damage

I was hoping you could help me identify what's damaging my cucumber seedlings (and what the best solution would be). I wasn't able to find any insects in the vicinity. Thank you!


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Polk County OR 2 days ago

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