Which genus and species chrysalis is this please?

Three days ago I found this chrysalis on my Miss Kim Lilac bush. One friend identified it as Euphydryas phaeton (Baltimore Checker spot) and another said it was a Euptoieta Claudia (Variegated Frilillary). They both look like options. I do not have turtle head plants (the primary food source for Checker spots) but I do have a penstemon ( a secondary food source for the Baltimore Checker spot) that I picked up from Herring Run this summer and I also have Passiflora incarnata as well as Portulaca (Mexican moss rose) in the yard, which are food sources for the Variegated Frilillary. Can you set me straight on what this is? I thank you.



Maryland insect or spider id 2 days ago

Returning cleared areas to woods.

I am going to be building a new house on a wooded lot. (Zone 6a, 3000 feet elevation) Except for the septic field, I want to let the disturbed areas from the excavating return to woods. What cover can I plant in the mean time that I do not have to mow?


Maryland native forest trees natural secession the woods in your backyard native red fescue returning to forest plant selection 2 days ago

Divots in lawn

Have small (2-4 in. Across) and 1-2 in deep with grass swirled around edge divots in yard. They are increasing in number nightly, first noticed a few starting in early August. Any idea what is causing these? Thank you, Skip and Margaret Whitcomb


Larimer County Colorado 2 days ago

Beech tree bark

I have a mature grafted patio beech tree approx 5' tall with foliage diameter is 7' to 8', with trunck approx. 6" to 7". Above the graft there is an approx. 15" long, 1/8" to 3/16" wide verticle split in the bark. The tree appears to be healthy but I am concerned about this condition, can you give me any advice


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St. Clair County Michigan trees and shrubs 2 days ago

Caterpillar on proudberry/ coralberry

We have Symphoricarpos “Sophie” that grew and flowered beautifully this year and was frequented by cabbage white butterfly, and many other insects. It is now almost completely defoliated ( although the berries are looking great) and we found these caterpillars on a few branches. I thought it might be the cabbage butterfly caterpillar, but after searching more, think it could be clearwing hummingbird moth? I know the plant will be fine, but is there anything I should do?


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Anne Arundel County Maryland insect identification snowberry clearwing 2 days ago

Tree frog

Love this guy/gal! Full sun on my annual castor bean leaves. Regularly! What is my new buddy and does he prefer any other plants?



Carroll County Maryland wildlife frogs green treefrog frog identification native 2 days ago

Wild vine

My neighbor has a wild vine growing aggressively across his shrubs. It is a very aggressive growing plant. He is wondering if it is poisonous and will need special precautions in removing it. Besides cutting it to the ground, what can be done to prevent it from coming back?



Howard County Maryland plant identification vines normal growth wild grape vines natives 2 days ago

Spots on parsley

There were 2 reasons why there are small whitish spots on my garden parsley 1. Type of mold 2. Type of weather and aging How do I know the difference, the pictures people have posted look the same


Denver County Colorado parsley problem 2 days ago

broken branch

I have a plumeria growing in my yard, during one of our monsoon rain and wind storms one of my branches broke off from the trunk, about 3 feet long, It is wooded and I was wondering if I can plant it and will it grow new roots and live



Maricopa County Arizona 2 days ago

Unwrapped frozen ham

Store packaging came open on a frozen ham. Can I still cook it if I cut off the exposed section


Milwaukee County Wisconsin 2 days ago

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