My raspberry plants are dying

This happened last year too. They first get yellowish orange spots on them and now the leaves are dying even though the buds appeared and there is fruit developing. Last year the plants died before we could harvest them and the plants broke off at the base of the plant. I have sprayed them with copper sulfate twice but it has been hard to do because there has been so much rain. Can I save them somehow his year? Do I need to take out the crop and start over?


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Clackamas County OR about 22 hours ago

What kind of spider is this?

This spider is one of many that creep around inside my house. I cannot seem to find out what type it is. I live in Eastern Kentucky, my house is built of concrete with a wooden attic, and in there is many of them.



Elliott County KY agriculture elliott county kentucky spider identification about 23 hours ago

Large spider on porch

Found this last fall still havnt figured it out. Was about the side of a softball



Warren County OH about 23 hours ago

What kind of weed is this

this plant is spreading all over the place, flower beds, in lawn. weed b gone and other weed killers have not worked.



Chisago County MN about 23 hours ago

Dutchman pipe

I would like to plant some Dutchman pipe next to my trellis/arbor, but am having a hard time finding a garden center that has it. Any suggestions how I can find some? Thank you.


MN about 24 hours ago

Testing hosta for Anthracnose

Hi! I have some hostas that have had brown leaf edges every year for the last 3 years (since we've lived here). While the plants are in a partially sunny area, the plants have been getting progressively browner and dead on the edges only for the past 2 weeks (Early May). I'm concerned that this is caused by something more than sunburn and would like to have the plants tested for a fungus. Do you test for these at your location? If not, how do I go about finding a place to test them? If you do, how do I submit a sample to have tested?


Bucks County PA 1 day ago

flower bed over grown with crabgrass

Help! I have several flowerbed which are being consumed by crabgrass. I have tried everything short of digging up the whole bed or killing off all vegetation and re-planting Any suggestions you have on how to get the crabgrass under control with out killing off the rest of the plants would be greatly appreciated.


Douglas County CO 1 day ago

Arborvitae damage question

Have lost three arborvitaes in a row in a long hedge, with evidence of boring insect damage. Don't see holes or cankers on trunks of existing trees, but some stripped bark, not sure if that is evidence of a problem. Most of hedge looks healthy, one small section of top has a little damage and browning. No sawdust at base of trees, no signs of fungus, bagmoths or anything like that. How to tell what insect is causing the damage, what to do to prevent further damage, and when to do it?


2017-05-23_arborvitae_stump_boring_insect_damage__2_300x300%2523 2017-05-24_arborvitae_bark_peeling_300x300%2523 2017-05-24_arborvitae_some_browning_in_top_center_300x300%2523

Multnomah County OR 1 day ago

Pine Wilt Nematode

Hi there

We have a tree that has started turning brown at the top. One arborist insists that it is from Pine Wilt Nematode, One says it might be, and one says probably not. The two that say maybe, are trying to sell us on topping the tree and trying to save it with spraying and fertilizer. We're trying to figure out if thats only going to end in removing the tree anyway. We do not know when it started, as we noticed it the first time we sat on our deck this spring. Thoughts?


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Douglas County CO trees and shrubs 1 day ago

blossom drop

I've had a successful plot in my community garden for 5 years. Last year my tomatoes started out beautifully, but some time early in July I noticed the blossoms falling off. They never recovered. The rest of my plants also failed to thrive. There were no real temp. extremes, and I didn't notice this problem in other gardens. I guess last year was a rainy one. Could I have over watered?


Hennepin County MN 1 day ago

My ash tree and EAB

Hello. The EAB has destroyed my magnificent ash tree. Until last week I never heard of EAB. The tree does have sporadic branches this year. Tree guy said it's too late for saving. I believe it is a white ash. I have two questions. 1 - can I clip one or two of the branches and try to root them. If so, how would I go about this. OR 2. Will the tree drop seeds this year in its condition ? If so, how do plant them ? (I don't know how often these trees drop seeds). I don't want my tree to die in vain. I am hoping there is something I can do . Please offer me any assistance possible. I am desperate for an answer. I have emailed the dept of agriculture and also Rutgers. Nobody has responded.


Middlesex County NJ ash trees emerald ash borer 1 day ago

Garden planting question

We have an area that will not have a sprinkler system and is currently bare dirt. I will be landscaping it with some berms and xeriscaping it with a few boulders and plants (hand watering them to get started for the first year or so). My question is since most of it will not be planted at all, how should I cover the area? What material? Mushroom compost, my usual go-to dirt, seems like a waste since over half of it will simply be bare and I want to minimize weeds, not feed them. Do I put a soil down of some sort, make the berms, plant the plants and then cover it all with bark dust?


Deschutes County OR horticulture 1 day ago

Roots growing up above the lawn area

Roots growing up above the lawn from large old trees. Central Lakewood area.


Jefferson County CO 1 day ago

Identifying plant.

This has been growing in my garden for a few years. I was thinking it was a flower or maybe it's just a common weed?



Iowa County IA 1 day ago

Is crepping jasmin invasive for Pdx area?

Thinking of planting the creeping jasmin to cover my chainlink fence, but concerned that it might be an invasive species. Where can I find such info?


Multnomah County OR 1 day ago

Weed elimination

Hello. I have been trying to eliminate the weed I have attached photos of for many years but no matter what I apply, they always return. If you able to identify what weed this is and how best to get rid of it I would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you. Russell Gontar Medfield, MA


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Norfolk County MA 1 day ago


My pachysandra leaves have brown spots, brown leaf ends, yellow leaves (then they die), but I see new growth in the dying areas. We have had a sprinkling system two years now--too wet? See photos. Thanks for your help!


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Kent County MI plant disease gardening flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials 1 day ago

Seed processing

I was told that you have a seed extraction/processing facility. I see that you have seed testing services, does the seed need to be cleaned before it is sent to you, or do you handle that part? For example, if someone collected a large amount of seed for a restoration project, could they then send it to you for both processing and testing?


Multnomah County OR seeds 1 day ago


what is a good garden mix for planting in a 4'x8' area?


Douglas County CO 1 day ago

Elusive pest

Years ago my ex had a large, beautiful garden and then at one end of it even the zucchini wouldn't grow one year, but and he couldn't see any culprit bugs. Something just kind of moved down the whole garden, eating the roots over a couple of seasons. He shut the garden down for years, after he and friends with similar problem finally identified it as sinflids, microscopic critters and big eaters that travel in big animal manure, which they had all used a lot on their gardens.
Hoping to re-establish his garden, I did a lot of research and got a booklet I think from you folks that had info in it about sinflids...that was the only source of information I could ever find, and still can't find anything online. Do you have an


Jackson County OR insect issues horticulture vegetable gardening 1 day ago


We have a slug problem in our vegetable garden, besides picking them off the plants, what organic measures work best to get rid of them? (i.e. Beer? Hazelnut shells, etc?) Thank You! Tom


Marion County OR slugs horticulture integrated pest management 1 day ago


When should I cut back my mums for the fall bloom? How far down should I cut them?


Somerset County MD flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials 1 day ago

Eastern Oregon Greenhouse

My name is Jennifer Franks, I am the site coordinator for our STEM Academy of Umatilla Afterschool Program. I work with middle school and high school students. We just recently purchased a greenhouse! I was wondering if you had any contacts that would be interested in donating some time to come help us and the kids set it up or give some advice or feedback?


Umatilla County OR master gardener program horticulture 1 day ago

Wolf Spider Infestation

At the beginning of spring, I noticed a lot of tiny movement in our yard. Upon closer inspection, there were hundreds of tiny, brown spiders, which I believe are wolf spiders, crawling and jumping through the grass. I have a two-fold question: Should we be concerned, and do they serve a utilitarian purpose? I'm only slightly concerned about our young puppy being out in the back yard with them present. But, if they serve some purpose that would help our vegetable garden, then I don't want to exterminate them.



El Paso County CO spiders 1 day ago

Container blueberries

I would like to grow blueberry bushes in containers. How do I overwinter them? I have a garage I could move the containers into however the garage is heated to about 45 degrees in the winter (is that too warm?). Would I be better off moving the containers along the north side of my house? I do not have a place to bury the pots unfortunately. Thank you!


Steele County MN 1 day ago

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