getting started in 4H

I have a 9 year old daughter I would like to get started in 4H. We live in West Linn, Clackamas County. She loves animals so I would think that would be her choice area. How do I get started? thank you Brooke Call 5038916670


Clackamas County OR 4-h 5 days ago

Evergreen branches dying

Hi, I have a spruce tree which has been losing branches from the bottom up . I cut off lower third that had lost needles. Now it looks like the middle third has also lost needles. I'd like to figure out what the problem is and how to treat or save it.


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Baltimore County MD disease issues trees spruce dying 5 days ago

New growth curl

I have a house plant that was on the interior with low lighting until I noticed this weird growth. I moved it into a sunny room hoping it would release the curled section. After 1 week. Little results. What caused this?



NV houseplants 5 days ago

Pruning asters

Should I cut back my asters in the winter after each growing season? If so, how hard to prune? Thanks


Jefferson County CO 5 days ago

Best Care for Fig Tree

Good morning! Can you please give me some tips about pruning a fig tree --best time of year, how much pruning, best protective netting cover, etc.? There is pine needle mulch on it now. Thank you and Happy Holidays!


Baltimore MD fruit figs plant care 5 days ago

Small green house

What vegetables can i start in a small greenhouse in december


Hernando County FL greenhouse gardening 6 days ago

Artist Signature

Trying to identify this signature I have notbeen able to come upwith anything

Thank you


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KY 6 days ago

Tree Jacaranda

Bark is peeling around trunk. Worms are invading the gap. Large mushrooms around tree.


Santa Clara County CA trees and shrubs 6 days ago

growing walnuts - southwest Oregon

Hi, We're farming/homesteading down in Powers. Our land is mostly flat, we have 1/4 mile of river frontage, and the soil, according to the USDA's Soil Survey Map, is "Eilertsen Silt Loam." We'd love to pimp out our land with nut trees, and are curious what the experts say about growing walnuts in this soil type, and in this region. Since this is a remote area, and in a unique micro-ecosystem, we've come to believe our weather is more akin to the Eugene area/southern Willamette Valley (we don't have coast weather, but we don't have such a hot/dry summer as Roseburg). To get a better idea of our realities, we got a weather station that reports to Would growing walnuts be productive, and if so, what varieties do you suggest? Thanks so much, Eleanor


Coos County OR small farms walnut trees orchard 6 days ago

After a loss of half of my small egg laying flock I took a hen in to submit...

After a loss of half of my small egg laying flock I took a hen in to submit samples to the state lab. (I have attached their findings) They didn't seem to have many answers for me as to how or why my one breeding pen was affected by this reovirus and why such a high mortality rate. Was this due to a the reovirus and the high G. Anatis/ Lwoffi. I have done a lot of online research and it seems reovirus doesn't carry such a high death rate. Will this virus be passed on through hatching eggs to the chicks? I see there are vaccines available is it too late for those in that coop that survived to be given it? Can I breed for resistance against this virus (it seems a lot of flocks get it and are ok) Most my hens became lame and then passed. I keep my areas very clean with proper ventilation, no outside birds or visitors ever go in, and they are not over crowded. I just do not want to be selling or breeding birds that are ill to infect others. Any help is appreciated as I am a small breeder who took a big hit with the loss of over now 10 of my specialty breeds.



Geauga County OH 6 days ago

Poisonous poinsettas?

Are poinsettas poisonous to cats?


Iowa County IA 6 days ago

planting or hilling in red and yellow twig dogwood

I have a very wet area that I bought some red and yellow twig dogwoods for. Unfortunately when I planted the holes they filled with water from all of this recent rain, soggy clay soil. So, my husband just put them in a hole, pot and all and placed mulch over them since we thought it was too wet and too late to plant them. Today the water is gone from the hole, though the ground is still saturated. I am wondering if I should plant them instead of leaving in the pot over the winter. Can you please advise me? I have had a terrible problem with the heavy clay soil and even with some drainage work, I have a lake and many small ones in the back of my yard. Thanks!


Baltimore County MD shrubs stormwater management planting red twig dogwood 6 days ago

Amaryllis not producing any blooms

We buy amaryllis plants each in November from commercial outlets like Ace Hardware or Target. Reports from the people that we give them is that most, but not all get blooms. The plants that we've kept for ourselves have not produced any blossoms for about 3 years running. On this year's version, the plant is now about 8" tall: 3 leaves, no blossom. The plant is on a ledge on a ledge next to a window with a western exposure. This is in an apartment that is relatively new and has a good heating system. We keep the temperature at 67 at night and about 72 during the day. Where the plant is ceiling vent pushes warm air down in the direction of the plant when the blower is on. So the question that I have is the quality of these commercially bought plants variable or is the something wrong about our placement of the plant that gives us such bad results? I've attached a picture of the current plant



Olmsted County MN 6 days ago

Larvae on clothes that don't eat them

I have found some worms, many dead larvae all around my apartment. They catch on to clothes but when you find them they have not eaten the cloth.

There are no moths, one exterminator over the phone said I have carpet beetles. Haven't seen a beetle.

Any idea what I have here?


New York County NY 6 days ago

Arborvitae dying on fence side

My arborvitae keep dying! Plant them in hopes of their growing up to help to provide privacy over my fence. As you can see, the side facing the fence (the side that gets very little sun) dies and eventually the entire plant dies. Is there a solution? It doesn’t seem to help if I shake off the dead half. If not, is here another fast growing option that doesn’t mind its backside in the shade?



Clackamas County OR trees and shrubs 6 days ago

Too cold for my yew in outdoor planter?

Hi - I've never wrapped or brought my yew indoors before, but as I've watched all the needles turn brown over the last cold weeks--in it's new and more exposed location--I'm worried. Should I worry? I think it's a non-native, and from research some time back I guessed it was a Taxus x Media ‘Hicksii’, but I will attach a photo of it (from a few months back when it looked healthy). Thanks for any advice. - Oliver in Portland, (where it's forecasted to drop to 28 degrees Fahrenheit tonight)


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Multnomah County OR trees and shrubs horticulture container gardening 7 days ago

creek flooding over banks

What deep rooted annuals, perennials,shrubs and trees should I be planting near the edge of the creek to try and hold the water back and keep the banks from eroding ? Would building up the vulnerable areas of the creek with hugelkultur mounds help ? Thank you.


Carroll County MD stormwater management soil 7 days ago

Growing belgian endive for profit

I have a small urban farm. Do you have any information about growing belgian endive ? I know it is a two step process. I have found good information about how to harvest the roots in the fall and how to force the roots But I am lacking information about starting the plants from seed in the most efficient way. I know that they can be direct seeded. Then you have to thin them out later. But can the seedlings be started indoors and then transplanted?


Ingham County MI belgian endive 7 days ago


How do I tell the age of my ball python? She a foot long



Mecklenburg County NC reptile growth 7 days ago

Spider Identification

What kind of spider is this. They just started popping up recently around my garage. They get pretty big and seem somewhat hairy. Thank you!



Butte County CA spider identification california spiders 7 days ago

well water testing

does extension service offer well water testing for contaminants other than nitrates? Thinking about pesticide residue, heavy metals, etc.


Benton County OR well water water testing 7 days ago

Moss control

Is there a good and cost effective way to remove and prevent moss growth on sidewalks and driveways (other than move to Arizona)?


Benton County OR moss removal horticulture home integrated pest management 7 days ago

English walnut still has nuts in December

Last year I noticed a few walnuts on my tree that never fell off and this year in December it still has half of them on the tree. The shells didn’t open, just blackened and stayed on the tree. Many shells didn’t produce a nut last year. Should I be concerned?


Utah County UT walnut trees 7 days ago

I live inSherwood Oregon and would like to know when and how short I should...

I live inSherwood Oregon and would like to know when and how short I should cut my marionberry bushes


Washington County OR berries 7 days ago

Help identifying brown blobs growing in my garden

I noticed cracks in the surface of a berm that has about 4 inches of mulch covering it. At first I thought it might be a bulb pushing up or some vermin digging underground, but instead I found this (see attached image). Do you have any idea what it is? The blob is fairly light weight, about 2 inches across and resembles an ordinary dirt covered rock but it is a little bit spongy in texture--not hard like a rock. The berm where I found it has a medium sized lace leaf maple growing on it, and a variety of small Oregon native plants around it. However, the entire berm is directly under a very large (70+ year old) Douglas Fir tree. The "blobs did not appear to be attached to a tree root (otherwise I might think these were truffles--wouldn't that be nice!) but I rather doubt that is the case. I am mystified as is my neighbor who is a master gardener. What do you think it might be?



Multnomah County OR urban forestry forestry 8 days ago

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