soil testing

Hello I was wondering if you do soil analyses?


Baltimore County MD soil testing 1 day ago

Insect identification

Do you identify insects? See attached. Or can you referr me to another site?



Eaton County MI 1 day ago

How long to grow to 2' - 2 1/2'?

My garden book says that oregano will grow to 2' - 2 1/2' high when fully grown. If it is grown from seed, how long should this take?


Charles County MD herbs oregano normal growth 1 day ago

Shady Side Yard

I have a side yard 40' X 14' shaded by a large locust. I have been fiddling with this space for 16 years. First there was sod, then flagstone, then sod. There is some dog traffic. The sod looks good for about a month, then dies. I over seeded with deep shade grass seed and mini-clover, but that didn't help. I want something green in the space, but it seems to be too shady and damp to support sod. I need advice on what ground cover might work. Blue Star Creeper? Are there natural grasses that could survive the conditions? Thank you.


Img_2857_300x300%2523 Img_2858_300x300%2523 Img_2860_300x300%2523

Boulder County CO 1 day ago

Cutting back perennials in the fall

Peonies, butterfly, iris, hostas, bee balm, coneflowers, etc


Anoka County MN perennials 1 day ago

Manure garden amendment

What is the best manure to cover my 1700sq/ft garden? I have heard horse manure contains Botulism. If I have the choice between cow and horse manure which should I choose?


Marion County OR manure compost horticulture fertilizer 2 days ago

What’s kind of spider is this that found on my bed?

What kind of spider is this it was still when felt movement and was hard to squish and kill was small but not to small not to see and it looks creepy. It was found in between my husband and little one on the bed under our comforter. I’m scared


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Albany County NY 2 days ago

aphids vs hydroponics

i run a small (32sq ft) hydroponic garden. tomatoes in one room, peppers and lettuce in the other (the living room). aphids are attacking my peppers. tried mixture of dawn and water spray. helped but not a lot. would like a systemic you can put in hydroponic solution. i will be eating the tomatoes, peppers, and lettuce if they survive. what do you suggest. i have also thought about sealing the gardens in plastic and letting off a raid fumigator for about 6 hours. i grew up in nw iowa


Citrus County FL hydroponics 2 days ago

I'm pretty new to canning. I'm not sure what's happened this year, maybe it's...

I'm pretty new to canning. I'm not sure what's happened this year, maybe it's the lids I purchased, but I made salsa and the water bath (hot water canning) has a reddish tint. there was salsa visible on the outsides of most of the jars in the first batch even though the lids appeared to have sealed OK. Into the freezer with that batch. Second batch, and the water has a reddish tint but I'm not seeing any salsa on the outside of the jars. If the lids look to be sealed, are they OK?


Lorain County OH home canning 2 days ago

Capsaicin effective as a root drench?

Is capsaicin effective as a root drench to repell/kill root aphids? Would this pose any detrimental effect to the plant?


OR horticulture aphids 2 days ago

clivia winter care

I have clivia in a pot in my kitchen not too far from a window. I have heard of another option to keep it in the basement that is dark. I know not to water it until December. Can you recommend the best care?


Anne Arundel County MD houseplants clivia plant care 2 days ago

Are there disease free Azaleas and Rhododendroms for my back yard

I want low maintenance! Can I get Lace resistant varieties to plant? Do they need special dirt?


San Francisco County CA trees and shrubs 2 days ago

Unicorn rabbit

My MoMA rabbit has had a small growth near her nose for over a year. Started off looking like a skin tag. It would get a little larger, then shrink back down. It's quite large now and very hard like a fingernail. It does not seem to bother her or get in the way of accessing food & water. I've read a bit about what it is on the interwebs-- rabbit papilloma is my best guess- but I'd like another opinion:)


Img_20180919_122319935_300x300%2523 Img_20180919_122316723_300x300%2523

Union County OR rabbits veterinary 2 days ago


An un-named variety of buddleia was planted late spring '17, bloomed well, cut down this spring, bloomed well (and quite full foliage) and now 4x4. Residual Hurr Michael winds uprooted it. Staked and watered, but now uprooted again. When uprighted this time, the root ball could not be compressed back to ground level. It would be possible to dig around it to resettle the rootball if i cut it back, which would also stabilize it vs. future winds. Am concerned that if frost is late, there could be new growth that is zapped, and don't know if would cause residual damage. However, since will cut back anyway in spring, and frost will probably come soon, it seems best to cut back now to about 2' which will avoid further wind movement, and allow resettling the roots to proper soil level. Then in spring cut back as usual. Do you suggest a different strategy?


Anne Arundel County MD invasive abiotic issues butterfly bush 2 days ago

Do you do soil testing?

Do you do soil testing? If not, where can I have it done?


Multnomah County OR soil testing 2 days ago

Chill hours for Tropical tree plant

Hi, How do I determine what 100 chill hours are? This is for my potted Lychee house tree. I plan to put it in the garage for the 100 chill hours. When should I do that? The tree is from Florida. What month(s) and how many days should I put the tree in the garage?


Prince George's County MD chill hours tropical houseplant lychee 2 days ago

box elder bugs and lady beetles

Our home always has a problem in the fall and spring with box elder bugs crawling all over the windows and screens. This year seems to be even worse than other years. We are also experiencing an influx of lady beetles thatcare getting inside this year. I can presently see 8 to 10 crawling around on the walls above my computer! I've tried vacuuming and while I do catch some---they just keep coming in droves. As soon as I vacuum there are more and more. Help!


Lane County OR 2 days ago

Broken limbs on apple and pear trees

I have apple and pear trees with broken limbs. What is the best way to care for these trees?


Deschutes County OR trees and shrubs 2 days ago

need soil tested

I live in Howard county. I plan to establish a rebuild my lawn. Where can I get my soil tested.


Howard County MD soil testing lawns and turf 2 days ago

Crape Myrtle Growth Problems

We have two crape myrtles, almost two years old. One is flourishing, with leaves and blooms until recently on top and on the lower branches. But the second one has lost the leaves on top (for about a month), even though the new branches (or suckers ?) on the bottom are doing great. We need to know if this is OK or if we should cut back the lower branches or some of them to make sure there is adequate growth on top in the spring. What could have caused the "denuding" of the upper branches, and is there something we should be doing about that? Also, should we fertilize these trees before winter?


Crape_myrtle_1_300x300%2523 Crape_myrtle_2_300x300%2523

Montgomery County MD plant care crapemyrtle dieback trees abiotic issues 2 days ago

treating broadleaf weeds

is this a good time to treat broadleaf weeds esp. creeping charlie and wild violet? also insecticide treatment timing for sod web worms


Hennepin County MN 2 days ago

Pruning Indian Magic crabapple

I have an Indian Magic crabapple perhaps 10 years old. Modest pruning happens every year in late winter. The tree has exploded with growth and I now have a situation where low limbs are blocking a walkway and the tree really needs to be "sized down" overall.
I understand there are risks involved in pruning a tree at times other than those recommended but wonder if I'm running a risk by doing some aggressive pruning perhaps in November when, hopefully, most of the leaves will have dropped and fruit begins to dry and harden.



La Plata County CO 2 days ago

Lirula fungus & Black Hills spruce

Hi, It appears my black hills spruces have Lirula. Do the needles grow back after dropping? Or worse yet does Lirula kill the Spruce?


Genesee County MI trees and shrubs gardening spruce horticulture 2 days ago

Tuff turf question

I live in Clark Co, WA just East of Vancouver. I’m putting in a small turf lawn, what blend of grass will do well. I plan on letting it go dormant in summer, maybe water for a while to extend the season a bit. Can you recommend one?


Clark County WA 2 days ago

Fleas in my house

Greetings: We do NOT have any pets, nor any visiting animals/pets recently. Somehow fleas traveled back with me from Florida this past weekend and I am trying to get rid of the, Please help. I am vacuuming constantly and wearing white socks around so I can see them instantly when they get on my feet or ankles. I have picking them off me and washing them down the drain or sucking them into the vacuum. Is there any non-toxic substance I can apply inside the house? I prefer NOT to use, or have someone come in and set off "bombs" to de-flea us. I do not want to breathe it or have residue all over everything. Please HELP!!! Many thanks.


Montgomery County MD pest control pest insects and mites fleas with no pets 2 days ago

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