Home made cheddar cheese question

I made some cheddar which, after aging, smells wonderful. But when I taste it, the first sensation is delicious but then I get a distinctly bitter after taste. PH is about 5-5.5. I used low temperature pasteurized milk. Using C101 cultures from New England Cheesemaking Supply. Made with rennet tablets. Am I using too much rennet? Dipped in 2-3 layers of cheese wax. Aged at around 55 degrees in a wine cooler that has trouble in the hottest days main tannin g it temp. Could get temp up to 70 for a few hours. Happens with cheeses aged between 2 and up to 20 months.


Yamhill County Oregon cheese food safety 4 days ago

How to remove Tall Fescue

We just bought forested property with a house and meadow. Our priority is to make the house liveable but my concern is that our meadow is entirely of a bunch grass, probably TallFescue. I want to get rid of it and plant pollinators (buckwheat, red clover, alfalfa, sages, etc). Please advise how to proceed. PS: deer do not browse on it.Thank you.


New Castle County Delaware 4 days ago

Spring bush hogging timing

To minimize disturbance to grassland wildlife, we would like to bush hog our grasslands after winter and before the wildlife nesting season. Therefore, it seems as if March is the best time for bush hogging to balance grassland management and wildlife habitat (here in Northern Virginia). However, March is a notoriously wet month and driving heavy equipment through wet soils can have serious negative consequences. Is there a good way to balance bush hogging timing to benefit wildlife while not causing soil damage?


Loudoun County Virginia 4 days ago

The best type of evergreen hedge bushes for zone 7 (Hermiston OR area)

Hi, I have been told that planting arborvidae is not a good hedge to plant here in the Hermiston, OR area due to the dry extreme heat that we get in the summers. The main problem being the spider mite that infests the bush after they have withstood a long dry season. But, I also came across an article where a gentleman discovered how to combat this problem. He also pointed out that it isn't just a problem related to one type of tree, that this can happen to other species of trees. I was also told by a local nursery that I could invest (each tree is rather costly) in a different type of evergreen for a hedge. (I don't remember if they said it was the juniper or what specific name they gave it). I would like to plant a very large amount of these for wind barrier and privacy, so a really expensive tree is not an option. I have also been told that there are better drought hardy hedges (other than evergreen), but I really want the look of evergreen as opposed to other bushes that have been suggested. I am also trying to write a research paper regarding this matter. Can you please point me in the right direction for better information on this subject? Sincerely, Sarah


Umatilla County Oregon horticulture trees and shrubs 4 days ago

Sad Aloe

Hello, everybody. I am in desperate need of help.

I actually live in Huntington, but this web page would not let me ask the question then due to no agents available to help.

This past summer, I bought my first aloe vera and potted it. It did amazing.. it bloomed twice before bringing in it for the winter.

Well, the mother had 3 aloe pups... and we may have waited too long to propagate it... because the mother aloe was so root bound and the leaves were turning and dying..

They all were repotted.. with succulent soil and gravel, so it was much better than the soil the mother had to begin with, because it was just regular dirt for flowers outside..

Anyways, I brought one of the pups to my apartment in hope to find it better sunlight. The sunlight at my mother's was not adequate. The mother got taken to my boyfriend's, because he has a great window for lots of sun light.. and I thought maybe that would help it.

The pup I have now looks like a full grown plant, and it seemed healthy until a few days after I brought it over. All the leaves are drooped down, bad brown spots on it.. like mushy.. and some leaves are turning brown... most of all the tips are brown and wilted, too. The plant still has a lot of green, but in the center of the plant, it is as if the fat, green leaves are going to fall off any second if breathed on. One of the healthy leaves did fall off.. but around the center of where the main part of the leaves is, at the bottom it seems to be some purple goo that the plant is producing. Is that normal?

I thought about taking this pup over to my boyfriend's too, to get the sun light that it does not have here yet. I want to try to save it before I lose it...

But other then sunlight, I'm not sure what is wrong. It is not root bound or rotted because it was just replanted. It is not over watered or eveunderwater.


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West Virginia aloe vera 4 days ago

How mitigate yard mites and protect pollinators?

Hi. I work at Neighborhood Services in the City. Recently a neighbor asked if we were aware of a way to mitigate for mites-- in a large open, grassy space -- and yet protect pollinators. Could you suggest any green alternatives to spraying with pesticides? One resource has suggested cedar oil. We would value your expertise. Thank you!


Larimer County Colorado 4 days ago

Frozen Geranium

Dear Extension Center, My geranium was outside and got really cold. I'm curious if it dies because the roots freeze or the top freezes? If one but not both freeze can it still survive? Thank you for your help. Sincerely, Jennifer Lekisch


King County Washington geraniums flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials 4 days ago

Organic Tree Sprays?

Hi! I was wondering if arborists can use less harsh and harmful sprays on my blue spruce, ash, and red oak. I don't mind direct root or bark injections, but I am planning to start an organic vegetable garden and don't want any chemicals to go on the crops from the drift of spraying huge trees on the property. Thank you!


Denver County Colorado organic pesticides 4 days ago

Sod over Bark Dust

We have small backyard in our townhouse where they put down bark dust but we have two dogs and they track in the bark dust whenever we let them out, could we lay sod over the bark dust?


Washington County Oregon lawns and turf 4 days ago

Fruit trees in Fountain CO

I live in Fountain CO. I want to plant fruit trees in my backyard this coming spring. I have a small plum tree that gets hit with wind every year and it hasn't produced fruit ever. I am planning on using a cover for it this year in hopes that I may get some fruit. I do want to plant other fruit trees as well. What kinds do you think may do well in Fountain? I have clay soil that I attempt to amend each year with little success. my veg garden is terrible every year but,I keep trying! I also had fire blight kill a crab apple tree as well as attack the plum that I have. The plum came back but, I will be cutting down and burning the crab apple in the spring. I'm going to buy new yard tools and dispose of the old ones once I cut down the diseased crab apple.


El Paso County Colorado 4 days ago

Holding food in a thermos

How long is hot food safe in a thermos. If I send something hot in the morning with my child's for lunch, is it still okay if it gets eaten after school. It would be hot for more than 4 hours.


Oakland County Michigan food safety 4 days ago

We found this insect in our home

I noticed flies, lacewings and other insects have been active in our home lately. Perhaps a sign of spring awakening. But we live in the high foothills in Conifer about 8500 feet and are wondering about this early seasonal activity. Attached are two photos of an insect found on our steps inside our home. We have an indoor vegetable herb garden and would like to know if this insect could be a pest with these plants.


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Jefferson County Colorado 5 days ago

Sick blue spruce

I have 2 blue spruce trees that are losing needles. One is very bare except at the top. I realize they are sick and have been trying to find out what is wrong and what to do about it. What is really puzzling to me is that the bare one is showing new growth that looks to be healthy from the trunk. The new growth is from about 5 feet off the ground and up the tree. What should I do? I love these trees.


Lancaster County Pennsylvania 5 days ago

low water, little maintenance lawns in xeriscape design

We are buying a new house in Fort Collins that has an 11,000 square feet lot (this number includes the footprint of the house). We want to xeriscape the large backyard. We'll need to do it on a tight budget. We'd like to put in some low maintenance, low water lawn for part of the yard. What plant(s) do you recommend for this? Also, what bushes, tall grasses, etc. would fit in with our xeriscape design?
Thanks so much. It's wonderful to have access to experts to consult. Sue E.


Larimer County Colorado 5 days ago

Cutting down buckthorn

I have two large buckthorn trees in my backyard that I would like to cut down. When is the best time to cut them and what do I treat the stumps with to keep them from rebounding?


St. Louis County Minnesota buckthorn 5 days ago

What is this?

What kind of spider is this? I’ve found a couple in my new home and I don’t know if I should be worried


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El Paso County Colorado 5 days ago

Wanting to pair my lone egg laying geese with a new gander to get fertized eggs.

I had 2 female geese for about 3-4 years . I just used to collect their eggs to eat as I didn't had any gander to fertilize them . About 2 months ago one of my geese died . Which left the other alone . Yesterday it started laying eggs so I thought of buying a new gander to fertilize new eggs for hatching . So I bought a new gander yesterday . These two seem like they are not going together well . They walk seperately and when food is given they peck each other , though the male is not very aggressive . Still the female leaves and go to other place .

So thinking can I get fertized eggs from this new pair in this season . As it started laying new eggs from yesterday .



Img_20190213_150720_300x300%2523 Img_20190213_150715_300x300%2523

Outside United States poultry geese 5 days ago

Building a water feature pond

Is a permit required to build a pond in Oregon, Deschutes County?


Deschutes County Oregon ponds pond management 5 days ago

Coco coir for composting and soil amendment

I have a large compost pile, 180 bags of leaves, 12 yards of alpaca waste with prairie hay, 5-6 yards fresh horse manure, 10 -12 yards of 20 year old prairie hay from old barn. Rotated and after 4 try’s of getting pile moist, have finally got it cooking. (Steaming when rotating) Question, I’m concerned of high salt levels and just found access to coco coir from hydro marijuana root/coco coir. They state no pesticides. Would this help with my animal salts and add value to my compost, and moisture value. Will not use compost for 6-8 months.


Arapahoe County Colorado 5 days ago

Jack in the pulpit seedlings

Hi, I harvested jack in the pulpit seeds this past fall. I planted about a dozen of them which all sprouted. I have lost them one at a time over the past month. I am down to three and one of those is dying. They are about 5 inches tall with one leaf. They look healthy, then turn pale, then brownish then while it seems they don’t even wilt, they die from the top down. I have varied the water with the same result no matter more or less water. They are on a warming mat. The indoor temp varies between 60-70. They receive light from a west facing window. I know another direction would be preferable, but this is the only place I can have them and doesn’t seem to be the issue since they die one at a time. I have more seeds but would like to get more info before I plant them. Any advise would be helpful.



Ramsey County Minnesota jack in the pulpit 5 days ago

Japanese beetles and Jan cold snap

Will there be substantial winter killed this year of Japanese beetles because of the lack of snow cover during the cold period?


Washington County Minnesota horticulture japanese beetles 5 days ago

Japanese Stiltgrass Invasion--Maryland Lawn

Can you recommend a pre-emergent herbicide that will prevent Japanese stiltgrass from germinating? Stiltgrass has invaded over 50% of my quarter-acre residential lawn, so we're beyond spot-treatments and weed pulling. I've tried crabgrass preventers in previous years without success. Stiltgrass appears to be a significant problem here in southern Montgomery county lawns. Thanks for any recommendations you can offer.


Montgomery County Maryland invasive japanese stiltgrass lawns and turf 5 days ago

Can you top blue berry bushes and how much?

Can you top blue berry bushes and by how much?


Washington County Maryland fruit plant care pruning blueberries 5 days ago

Annual ant invasion.

Once again tiny ants are coming out from behind door and window trim by the dozens. They don't seem attracted to moisture or any foods. They are attracted to the liquid bait traps (Terro} where they soon die..I have dusted ant power along all foundation areas, inside and outside the house, but this has had no effect. The only attraction seems to be from the lite. Thank you for your response. Art Dietz


Lane County Oregon insect issues 5 days ago

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