Orange Funghi?

Hi, Do you know what this might be? It appears to be some type of mushroom. It is orange, the size of a lentil, and growing in clusters around the roots of a dead flowering sage. Thank you.


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Multnomah County OR mushroom identification 1 day ago

Tour of Dairy Farm(s) in Central Maryland

April 22, 2017 I studied at the University of Maryland a while ago. I am interested in bovine colostrum for human consumption. My interest was peaked by researching information at my neighborhood at NIH. Is there an adult tour available to people interested in supernutrient information? Since I am interested in personal nutrition and health, how would I participate in non-commercial dairy farm tour(s)? Terri Hastings 9814 Parkwood Drive Bethesda, MD 20814


Montgomery County MD 1 day ago

strange plant in water trough

Not moss. It has a relatively thick stem and opposing leaves. I took about 200 lbs of it out of the trough.


Grant County OR plant id 1 day ago

Bovine Colostrum for human consumption

April 22, 2017 I would like to know about the average amounts of protein, carbohydrates, fat, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals in bovine colostrum plus any other good information. Good. What I would like to know too is what kind of products can I purchase in my county Montgomery. Terri A. Hastings 9814 Parkwood Drive Bethesda, MD 20814


Montgomery County MD dairy cattle 1 day ago

Fruit tree galls

Hi; We are at 18621 Sweet Valley Pa. My semi-dwarf plum has acquired two branches with galls. How shall we treat this ? Thank You; Dave J Kovalik


Luzerne County PA 1 day ago

Please identify this ground cover

What is this perennial ground cover? Pretty much keeps its form and color throughout MN winter. Very neat. Doesn't spread really but this plant is at least 12 years old. I moved it from town to home in woods.



Becker County MN 1 day ago

Is there a simple vegetable planting calendar available for the Portland area?

I am looking for a very simple vegetable planting calendar for the Portland area so I can plant our my garden all at once. I can see that OSU extension does these monthly guides but they are very general and include more activities than planting and are for all of Oregon and very tedious to use. I just want to know which vegetable get planted in each month of the year in my area - Portland. This seems like something the extension service would publish - maybe? Thank you for your help, Jeanie Golino


Multnomah County OR vegetable gardening 2 days ago


Bought sugar snap peas and they have tiny bumps with something dark inside on outside of pea pod. Do you know what this is? Also some white patches. I had eaten some before I noticed it on them. Thank you, Deb


Calhoun County MI vegetable gardening 2 days ago

Critters eating starts in the garden

Johns Community Garden.
We have some heavy damage to some plants. Some large kale (overwintered) plants are half eaten down, (over 15 inches tall) and a set of broccoli starts was demolished, leaving only the base stems. Later in the season, when the plants are bigger, we can tolerate some damage, but this is worse than we have had before. Sluggo has been used in the areas, and the damage does just not look like slug damage.

One of the gardeners has trapped 2 mice, and rabbits have been seen in the area. Ground squirrels were seen last year..

The WEB suggests some solutions to spray on the plants that have cayenne and/or soap. Also they suggest just spriinkling cayenne. Sprinkling cayenne has not worked for me in the past. Someone is trying to live trap the rabbit.

Do you have any suggestions?


Multnomah County OR pests rodents in raised beds garden pests 2 days ago

Is this a weed or is it supposed to be here?

Moved here and last summer I thought maybe this was supposed to be ground cover, but it never flowered and I wonder if I should just pull it out. Thanks!


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Hennepin County MN plant identification horticulture 2 days ago

Hibiscus plants

When is it safe to put Hibiscus plant outdoors in Minneapolis area?


Hennepin County MN 2 days ago


squirrels eating the new growth on my big elm tree. little branches are falling off covering my lawn???????


Jefferson County CO wildlife damage management 2 days ago

Year off -Inground garden BMPs?

Good Morning, My dad has a local in-ground garden plot he has gardened for the last 20 years. West duluth approximately 50x 40 feet (1/2 a block). This winter he had a knee & hip replacement, unforchunatly the recovery has been long and it appears he will need to take a year off from gardening. I am looking for advise on the best approach to take. Should all visible weeds be removed? Should we till? Mulch? Apply 2-4-D? Cover with thick black plastic? And if so which practices and in what order? He has had some issues with a persistent weed...I think it's a mustard variety? Therefore I am looking for guidance on how best to prepare and cover the garden this spring until next year when we "take it over". Thanks, Jennifer Ondrik


St. Louis County MN weed control horticulture soil solarization 2 days ago

Whats wrong with my Prairifire Crabapple tree?

Hello, In its first spring at our home in Isanti, my prairifire crabapple tree has branches that aren't budding on the ends? Can you help me with the problem and possible remedy? I did see a couple "spider webs" hanging off a branch or two. I've attached a few photos! Thank you for your help!


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Isanti County MN crabapple trees 2 days ago

Disease on spirea (I think)

About half the shrub has died off. We have located two particularly odd spots and are wondering what the disease is and what the remedy might be. The white one seems to be a mould/mildew. But the other is more strange. Below are photos. These plants are in landscaped areas at Medina Ridge Condominium in Medina, MN. Please answer to Lois Marek at Thank you.


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Hennepin County MN 2 days ago

Plant identification

If this plant is invasive then how do we get rid of it?


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Stearns County MN elderberry 2 days ago

Beech trees

Hi i live in Holland Mi. and I have heard there is a Beech tree disease that is coming or here. I have some old beech trees that I would love to protect is there anything to do that thanks Alicia


Allegan County MI 2 days ago

Bentgrass, getting rid of

We have large spots of bentgrass growing under a catalpa tree, above its roots. I understand that the tree roots will uptake glyphosate released by the bentgrass into the soil. What is your recommendation for getting rid of the bentgrass or at the very least prevent it from spreading into the rest of the lawn (cover it with newspaper then mulch)? Just let it grow?


Stearns County MN 2 days ago

Garden Soil Lab Test

Do you test garden soil? I live in West Chester, PA and just built raised beds and filled them with a mix of (what I was told was) clean topsoil and mushroom compost. I would like to have it tested for any impurities. Please let me know if you offer this service and if not, can you direct me to someone who does.


Chester County PA 2 days ago

Ticks in yard

Is there anything safe to spray in the yard and around the house for ticks? Our dog is picking them up, I am getting them on me. We have a 14 month old daughter that I don't want any on her. Or should we hire someone to spray?
After asking this question, it showed suggested topics. Tick control was one of them. I think I have my answer.


Northampton County PA 2 days ago

What is name of this wild flower

A few of these are growing in several areas around my yard. I assume that is a native flower and would like to plant more of them, if I know their name I could buy seeds.



Lane County OR 2 days ago

Black Hill Spruce needles

I have white spots on the needles of my Black Hills Spruce Trees, are they eggs,? I can send a picture if you want.


Jerauld County SD 3 days ago

What is this growing where my grass should be?

Hello! I recently bought a house, and the lawn is going to be rough. My front yard is full of the attached. It's a mostly sunny area, and the ground is pretty hard.



Calvert County MD weed plant id sticky chickweed cerastium glomeratum 3 days ago

Toads trapped!?! I don't want them to die!

I just found two toads in a window well, and I am afraid they won't be able to climb out. The window well has about 16 inch vertical aluminium sides. The two toads are both quite active (they fled quickly when I removed some trash from the well). I do not want to pick them up and put them elsewhere if its still to early for them to leave their hibernation home, but I don't want them to be trapped. Should I move them or is there something I can use, a board or branch, that they can climb up and out when they are ready? What can and would they climb up like a ramp? THANK YOU!!!


MD toads 3 days ago

bulbs in raised bed garden

Hi. I planted many tulip,muscari, crocus and narssisus bulbs in a 6X4 raised bed last fall. When they're done blooming, I'd like to plant a vegetable garden in the same bed. Should I take the bulbs out, and if yes how do I store, or leave them in the bed and plant the vegetables around them. I neatly arranged the garden by bulb and height and would like to keep the same configuration for growing next spring. Thanks for your help.


Ramsey County MN 3 days ago

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