Species Native to the Colorado Front Range

Hello! Could you confirm that all of these species are native to the Colorado Front Range?

Arrowleaf Balsamroot, Bigelow’s Aster, Black-Eyed Susan, Blue Columbine, Dwarf Godetia, Aspen Daisy, Lewis Flax, Mountain Lupine, Palmer Penstemon, Rocky Mountain Penstemon, Showy Goldeneye, Sticky Purple Geranium, Utah Sweetvetch, Western Larkspur and Yellow Gaillardia


Boulder County Colorado 1 day ago

How to start a Housing Co-Op

My friends and I want to start a housing co-op. We have already picked out a property and have enough money between us for a loan. How would we go about the rest?


Washtenaw County Michigan 1 day ago

Arborvidia roots disturbance

I am going to be digging a trench next to Emerald Arborvidia that are 10-15 feet tall and would like to know how close I can get cutting the roots? i would like to dig about two to three feet away from the main trunks.


Clackamas County Oregon tree protection trees and shrubs 1 day ago

Lawn weed

What weed is this? Its currently showing up all over the lawn. Thanks for your help.


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Kent County Michigan weed identification 1 day ago

weed management

Do you have any suggestions about weed management in lawns driveways and veggie/flower gardens. I am an older gardener and cannot bend down to remove each weed. Some one suggested vinegar. Do you have any ideas to kill the weed but not the earth. Thank you. Sheila


Boulder County Colorado 1 day ago

Identify Plant/Weed

Hi, We've noticed this plant/weed on our farm for many years. It normally grows in our creek beds and where an old ice pond use to be years ago. It looks a bit like lettuce. It's now invading our horse fields and we need to rid ourselves of it in this area. Can you identify the plant/weed in question and offer any solution to treatments to remove/kill this plant? I believe it took over in this particular field because of the nearby stream. Thank you Delina Howard Richfield Farms Phoenix MD Baltimore Cty



Maryland plant identification 1 day ago

Oystershell scale on aspen trees

Aspen tree trunks and branches have what appears to be oystershell scale (looked on internet to ID). The trees are in our yard as ornamentals, are about 8 years old and up to 25' tall. What is the best control method at this time of year? The trees are just barely starting to bud at this time. Can send pictures if necessary.


Goshen County Wyoming 1 day ago

Are these springtails? I have them in my carpets in my car, in my home and in myself!

Hi, could you please help me identify what is in my car and my carpets as well as the same insect I got infested with from living down the Florida keys in a home with alot of mold For 3 plus years I have been treating myself for springtails (exterminators in the Keys identified as Springtails) I have found no help from medical community so i have been following protocols from the internet using meds made for farm animals (ivermectin for horses, fen ben for goats and Doxy for fish along with Diamatous Earth, oregano oil, neem oil, pumpkin seeds, collidial silver etc. My infestation has gotten much better since but after using vinegar,ozone gen. And de in car weird organisms are coming up through carpets in car and home as well as my bowel movements.


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Barnstable County Massachusetts 1 day ago

Lilac blooms

Hi I have lilac bushes in my side yard. They were planted in 2013. They bloomed beautifully the first two years. Now they hardly bloom at all. I read it may be too much fertilizer. So I haven’t fertilized them. And have added bone meal. What can I do to help them bloom again? One of my favorite fragrances is lilac.

other ideas


Baltimore County Maryland shrubs plant care failure to bloom 1 day ago

Japanese Beetle larvae extermination

I want to get rid of the larvae I assume are creating deal grass in my yard as well as the regular occurrence of Beetles on my grape vines. I also have small animals in the yard and want to avoid any toxic materials. I also have read that this is the time of year to administer something to the lawn to prevent the beetles from hatching later in the summer. Can you advise on any safe products to get rid of the larvae?


Denver County Colorado 1 day ago

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