Norway 'Cupressina' Spruce

My 4 year old Cupressina spruce trees do not look columnar anymore. Some branches have opened up. I just noticed this a few days ago after we had gusty winds here in Brunswick, MD, and I thought that maybe the winds had broken some branches. But upon closer look, it seems that some branches splayed open because they were too long and heavy. What do you think is going on? Do you think that I should prune these 'too long' branches. Are my trees lacking in nutrients causing them to have spindly branches? Thank you.


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Frederick County Maryland spruce cupressina spruce norway spruce cupressina columnar spruce branches leaning spruce branches splaying tree 1 day ago

Planning and Installing a Bog Garden

We are looking to put in a bog garden. We have a shady, wet spot that would seem perfect. We're looking to feature native plants. It would be part of or downstream of a rain garden. Any recommendations? Much thanks. r/ John


Howard County Maryland native plants natives rain garden bog garden wet shady spot in lawn 1 day ago

Peach trees

I've been growing peaches in the Mohawk Valley, north of Springfield for over 30 years, with varying success. I haven't run into this problem before. I planted 30 Veterans trees a few months ago and all seemed to be doing well. Many had blossoms and new leaves. However, today I observed most are dying. Not only the new plantings but several trees that are six and seven years old. I sprayed during the dormant period with Lime sulfur, copper and, most recently, with Daconil. All seem to be at one side of the orchard, so I'm wondering if the water table is higher this year. I can send pictures if it will help. Any advice?


Lane County Oregon fruit trees 1 day ago

Wild flowers

We have a few groups of these in our gardens...mostly white in little towers and one spot with the rich blue and different flower shape but same leaves..can we transplant them? They seem to be growing around tree bases or rocks



Sheridan County Wyoming 1 day ago

Vacant land value

My church owns vacant land that has been planted and harvested since the 1970s. We are looking for a new lessee to continue this use, and need to know the current value to base rental cost on. I'm not sure where to begin research on this issue.


Prince George's County Maryland 1 day ago

Spindly tomatoes

I started my tomatoes about 5 weeks ago. Spring is not coming to MN very fast. I am concerned that by the time the weather is ready my tomatoes will be very tall and spindly. I have them under lights etc but was wondering if I cut the very tip of the top growth off, will this hurt them or will it make them thicken up and not grow so tall so fast? Does keeping them cool slow down the growth? Thanks


McLeod County Minnesota horticulture tomatoes 1 day ago


is it ok to eat red dewberries?


Galveston County Texas 1 day ago

Hawk predation and backyard poultry safety

I'm curious whether you might have some resources to look at or suggestions about how to deter hawks from attacking backyard poultry...medium weight ducks, specifically. For about a year, our two ducks would roam the yard freely and our main concern was nighttime predators. However, in January, we came back home to find that one of them had been attacked and was being eaten by a hawk. We recently found out that neighbors have had similar issues with small-ish poultry. Our neighborhood is older and surrounded by well established (huge) conifers and we have seen hawks in the area for years. We moved our remaining duck into a 15 x 40 temporary enclosure, but she tends to escape and does not like being confined. We let her roam when we are also outdoors (she is never more than 10 feet from us), but are hesitant to do even this since a hawk swooped at her (within 2 feet) a couple of weeks ago. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Benton County Oregon poultry 1 day ago

Tea Leaf Problem

How do I deal with these blemishes on my tea leaves? Also, should I be seeing some new growth by now?


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Marion County Oregon plant disease 1 day ago

New Vegetable Bed

Greetings Thank you so much for your service!! My soil tests were returned telling me that my soil was contaminated with lead -- 380 ppm. So I've discarded the old soil and now need to resupply. Can you please advice me regarding the ideal soil mix for growing vegetables? The beds are roughly 10 x 4. Should I use only Leafgro? Or Leafgro + topsoil? Sand? Thanks for any direction you can lend. Kind Regards


Baltimore Maryland vegetables lead lead in soil vegetable garden soil soil test new soil for vegetable garden soil test showed lead raised bed soil 1 day ago

lawn fertilization

I just read your article about grass fertilizing and it says it's best to wait till May, but what type of fertilizer should I use for spring application?

I've always heard you should fertilize Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day. Is this true? And what types of fertilizers should I use each time?



Macomb County Michigan 1 day ago

Loss of nutrients in processing tomatoes

When I process tomatoes in the fall, I often let them drain before canning them. What nutrients are lost in the clear liquid? How does that compare with the nutrients left in the pulp? Thank you.


Chisago County Minnesota 1 day ago

Threatened Tree Species?

Hello, We are landscaping our yard and would like to plant a few native species of trees and bushes that are considered threatened or endangered. What trees might you recommend that don't produce too much litter? We plan on having a garden with some berry bushes so if there are trees that would help the soil or require a similar soil, that would be ideal. Thanks,


Prince George's County Maryland native trees natives trees native shrubs endangered plants in maryland threatened plants in maryland shrubs 1 day ago

apartment move- in

I'm wanting to move into an apartment. Birth certificate is lost; having trouble obtaining duplicate. Assistant manager says, you can have a self- affidavit. Don't know anything about it, don't know if it needs to be signed, notarized etc.


Cumberland County North Carolina 1 day ago

lawn repair

Hello Maybe you can advise on the best course of action to remedy the disaster my poor backyard has turned into (I've attached some pics). In the spring or fall of '16 I applied some fertilizer: in spite of my following the manufacturer's instructions, it burned the grass in large spots. I tried to reseed, but the seeds didn't take. Now moss is growing where the grass used to be. Also, the soil seems to be always wet, taking a long time to dry after it rains. I'm considering to have the lawn renewed, or do you think that maybe a professionally done overseeding could be enough? Thank you for your help.


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Frederick County Maryland moss in lawn lawn has become weak and thin wet lawn standing water in lawn renovating poor lawn lawns and turf 1 day ago

Best Cukes

Last year we had a bumper crop of cucumbers from our garden - however, most were extremely bitter. So bitter, that we ended up composting most of them. I did look online for tips and learned that irregular watering could cause this but also some types of cukes are more prone to becoming bitter than others. So now I’m wondering which cukes are best for flavor and sturdiness here in our Boulder Colorado garden. Thanks so much!


Boulder County Colorado 1 day ago

Natural Landscaping

We have about two acres and we want out flower bed to be native plants and vegatation. Home Depot and Garden shops seem to only sale annual and perennials, Where can you get seeds and starts for native plants and where can we can landscaping assistance for making our two acres as native and natural as possible?


Crook County Oregon sustainable gardening and landscaping 1 day ago

? Knotgrass?

What is the best way to eliminate this weed in my lawn



Howard County Maryland weeds hairy bittercress 1 day ago

Sugar maple

My 10’ maple tree is bare at the top. Probably 4 years old


Shelby County Alabama 1 day ago

Treating cedar planter boxes for organic gardening

I have purchased raised cedar planter boxes for vegetable gardening. I am treating the inside with vegetable oil. However, I would like a product that gives more protection to the box for weathering on the outside. Can you recommend a product that is natural and will not leach through to the soil inside the box or is safe for the vegetables?


Larimer County Colorado 1 day ago

Bare branches

Why does my linden have some bare branches (no bark)



Oakland County Michigan 1 day ago

What kind of flowers are these?

Hello I went to dinner with a few ladies that I graduated high school with. One of the ladies gave us cut flowers as a gift. I don't know what kind of flowers they are and would love to plant some in my backyard. My husband placed them within a plant that was already in our backyard. Thank you!



Baltimore Maryland plant identification flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials chrysanthemum 1 day ago

Wild Black Raspberry

Hi. I have a 20 acre CRP that was recently burned to control weeds and volunteer cedar trees. The acreage has about 6 patches of wild black raspberry bushes that have been very productive. Unfortunately the bushes were within the fire perimeter, but don't appear to be badly burned. My question is, will they grow back on their own, or should I mow them to regenerate? Thanks.


Cass County Iowa 1 day ago

Another unknown plant. Need help to identify.

It grows in my vegetable garden. Looks very healthy. Please help to identify. Thanks a lot in advance!


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Duval County Florida 1 day ago

skeleton systems of duck and fowl

Please answer me,
what are the difference between the skeleton system of duck and fowl


Indiana poultry 1 day ago

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