When to plant Blue Grass Seed?

Late last Fall I dug over several bare spots in my lawn and planted Scotts Blue Grass Seed. I watered daily for four weeks. None of the seed germinated. Was the ground temperature too cold perhaps? How warm should the nights be in Fort Collins, CO this Spring before I re-seed these areas?
Thanks, Ray Haithwaite


Larimer County Colorado lawns and turf about 6 years ago

i'm from fla. and want to plant veggies and herbs in emmet county(alanson)...

i'm from fla. and want to plant veggies and herbs in emmet county(alanson) where can i get help on everything connected with this?


Emmet County Michigan fruits and vegetables gardening horticulture about 6 years ago

Gardening with Fiber

They tout this fiber from the digester here in Tillamook as the greatest thing since sliced bread, but give no specifics. Is it used as a planting medium, soil enricher, amender, or something else? After I put it in the garden, do I plant right into it or mix it in, or should I add it over the row after I plant? If so, how thick should I spread it? I'm so confused.


Tillamook County Oregon soil compost soil amendments dairy manure digester and digestion about 6 years ago

Waist high gardens

I'd like to build a waist high garden bed for my father do you know we're I could get building plans and related info. ?


Johnson County Iowa about 6 years ago

I recently started collecting our family's food scraps - ALL fruit and...

I recently started collecting our family's food scraps - ALL fruit and veggies - we are recently vegan. I have several bags of scraps and am looking for the best way to compost them. I have two gardens and buried several bags of scraps in them, but am ready to plant the gardens now and I read its not wise to plant directly on top of the scraps until they are decomposed. I've also read that to compost effectively you have to mix both green and brown matter. We have no leaves to use as brown and using food, there has to be a lid to avoid animals getting to it (I have one of the county's large round bins but there is no lid and it is too large). I would like to have several smaller bins going consecutively - fill one go to the next so I have compost at different stages. I have a few plastic bins 3'x2'x1' that used to store toys that we could use, but they may be too small? I have looked online but haven't seen anything that works for us and would love some suggestions. Any information, suggestions, etc would be much appreciated!


Montgomery County Maryland composting brown matter composting bins composting bin lids about 6 years ago

Honey Locust

We have a honey locust in our back yard that has been boxed in with RR ties about 20" high. I would like to reduce the elevation of of dirt around the tree to about 6" high with the same RR ties. The tree is probably 30 years old and seems very healthy, just had it trimmed last Fall. Will reducing the elevation of dirt around the trunk of the tree hurt the tree?


Arapahoe County Colorado trees and shrubs horticulture about 6 years ago

Drought Tolerant Planting for LEED for Homes

Greetings from Boulder:
We are completing work on a small, 140-year-old home in Boulder where we have applied for LEED for Homes Platinum Status. We sure could use help in planting the property (a very small lot - maybe 1,800 square feet needs to be planted) with drought tolerant trees, bushes, plants, ground cover and turf. We have the veggie garden going already with lettuce, spinach, kale, chard, so we are good there.
Can you point me to any information listing Colorado drought tolerant plants, especially that which will help us maintain our LEED Platinum status?
Thank you,


Boulder County Colorado sustainable gardening and landscaping about 6 years ago

Mulch Bed

Hi there... I'm having a hard time keeping arborvitae's alive and need to get my soil tested. They are located in a bed that I have a couple inches of black mulch. Can I still do a soil sample with you guys if I rake the mulch and sphagnum peat out of the bed and then dig down 8 inches or so?


Macomb County Michigan about 6 years ago

Chicken problem

I am having lot of problems with my chickens. They have gotten in the habit of eating the eggs. I have tried separating them, but I then I will find another one doing the same thing. I feed oyster shell and 20 percent protein laying crumble and let them free-range. I don't know how to stop this problem. Someone told me to feed bone meal, but I don't know where I can find it. Can we still eat the eggs if the hens are fed bone meal?


Kinney County Texas poultry about 6 years ago

Windward chewing fescue, (tested as Pick FRC A-93)

Where can I buy or get some of this seed? Windward, (tested as Pick FRC A-93) is an elite new variety of chewings fescue developed at the Pickseed research facility. Windward was thoroughly tested in the 1999-2002 fine fescue NTEP turf trial with excellent results. Thanks! Roy Goodlaxson, Email: Altoona Iowa


Polk County Iowa trees and shrubs lawns and turf horticulture about 6 years ago

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