2nd year Kale

I left the stalks of last years kale in the garden and they are sprouting leaves again at the bottom 2 inches of stalk. Should I cut the top of the 2 foot tall stalk off or just leave it and harvest from the bottom?


El Paso County Colorado fruits and vegetables almost 6 years ago

Hello, My name is Therese Forbes from Berwyn Heights, MD. I am the outreach...

Hello, My name is Therese Forbes from Berwyn Heights, MD. I am the outreach coordinator for the Berwyn Heights Green Team and we are trying to get out town certified through One of the things we are very interested in is offering some classes to our residents starting with food preservation. I was wondering if you offered classes such as this? If so, I would greatly appreciate any information you can send me. If you do not and know of an organization or someone that does that information would be very helpful in our search. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.


Prince George's County Maryland home food preservation almost 6 years ago

Frost killed covered tomatoes

Two nights ago temperatures were predicted to go down into the 20's overnight so I covered my planted tomato plants with garden fabric which is supposed to protect down to around 20 degrees. I use this at the end of the season every year and it works great.This is the first time I planted early and thus had reason to use it in the spring. I also had potted tomatoes in a cold frame (plastic walls) which was closed and sitting in a raised bed. I was shocked the next morning to see that all the tomato plants were dead! Why did this happen? Why did the frost get to them through the cold frame or fabric?


Washtenaw County Michigan fruits and vegetables almost 6 years ago

pine scale on mugo pine

Dear expert, We have a newly purchased property in Sunriver. We have mugo pine that has entire branches of needles turning brown and dying. Some of the needles have very small white scales. I think it is probably pine scale. Here are my questions: 1. is there an over-the-counter pesticide that works on this problem that a home owner can use? 2. is there risk that it will spread to ponderosa and lodgepole pines? 3. If I need a pest applicator, can you recommend one and what they should use? 4. Am I likely to need a spray every year, or is this typically just a one-time thing? Thanks so much.


Deschutes County Oregon almost 6 years ago

Quackgrass elimination in lawn

I have the envy of my neighbors because my lawn is always so nice and green. I live in Westland mi, my grass is Kentucky Bluegrass. I cut high and let it lie. I now have been invaded with Quackgrass, How do i get rid of it without hurting my existing lawn.


Wayne County Michigan lawns and turf almost 6 years ago

milk expiration

I just purchased a half gallon of organic 2% milk from King sooper. It was their brand name product and it was labeled ultra-pasturized. At the time of purchase I noticed that the sell by date was July 5th which is about almost two months beyond the purchase date. I do not recall ever seeing such a long time frame on the "sell by" date. Can you provide me with some explanation as how a fresh product such as milk with nothing added to it can last refrdigerated (unopened of course) for such a long time?


Denver County Colorado food safety almost 6 years ago

1st time pruning of 5 year old Pear tree

Does OSU have some literature on pruning Pear trees? At some point I really need to do some pruning. I've heard early spring is the right time (past and gone now). I also need information on spraying as our fruit gets wormy (probably too late now for that as well. What does Oregon extention service have to help me?


Washington County Oregon almost 6 years ago

Old Apple Tree

I have an old apple tree that was slated to be cut down. It is full of blossoms. As to ask for a reprive. Only been in this house a few months so I don't know what variaty of apples. It is full of bees right now so I know I should not spray it.
So: Waht should I do?
What should I use to spray it?
When Should I spray it?
Thanks for any help.
Take Care, Allen Russell


Monroe County Michigan apples pesticides almost 6 years ago

eco lawn

I planted the seeds from Tom Cook's eco lawn in Sept. in Albany. My question is that when I look closely at the individual plants I can't tell what is old grass, unwanted weeds, 'weeds' that are part of the lawn. I took photos of all the plants in question and took them down to Nichol's Nursury to see if I should be pulling any of those particulars out and they said every single one was needed to be pulled out (which is basically 90% of what is growing). I am wondering if they made a mistake. Is there someone there that can help me with this as I don't want to 'weed' my entire lawn. Thank you so much for your time and help!


Oregon lawns and turf almost 6 years ago

Invasive vine

What is this invasive vine? No thorns, evergreen in central Texas, single heart-shaped leaf about 2 to 3 inches in diameter, alternating on stem. Spreads by deep root system. Covers ground in a dense mat and will smother bushes. Looks similar to English ivy but no rootlets or adhesive feet. Very drought tolerant and seems to come up in flower beds. Resistant to Round-Up.



Williamson County Texas almost 6 years ago

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