blueberry scorch or shock

hello, i'm a home gardener in portland with 3 blueberry bushes (berkley, earliblue, blueray) that have either scorch or shock. they had it last year too and haven't produced any berries the past 2 years. i've read that commercial growers are supposed to get their bushes tested and destroy bushes with scorch - but haven't found info for the home gardener. advice? destroy? test? treat? Is it safe to plant new bushes in the same location?



Multnomah County Oregon blueberries horticulture almost 6 years ago

This is an odd insect question. There is a flying insect that I cannot id. It...

This is an odd insect question. There is a flying insect that I cannot id. It is about 2" long. It has a yellow and black abdomen which ends in a point (rather than blunt or square ended.) The wings fold over the back much like a bee when it is at rest. And the wings look alot like bee wings - not patterned or colorful. The legs are long, strong looking and extend outwards to the sides from the body making the insect footprint 2" x 2" when it is at rest. The thorax is topped with what looks like black (or very dark brown) fur. The "fur" also appears on the leg segment closest to the body. This is a very weird looking creature - it actually looks like a mixture of different insects - part bee, part fly. I have not had a look at its head so no information there.


Frederick County Maryland insect identification scoliid wasp almost 6 years ago

unknown squash

What kind of squash is this and how large should we let them grow? The squash plant is spreading rapidly.



Multnomah County Oregon fruits and vegetables horticulture almost 6 years ago

Daphne pruning

Can I prune and propagate a Daphne?


Crook County Oregon horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials almost 6 years ago

White Spots in Soil

I have a small rose garden in front of my house (facing south). Yesterday as I dug up some soil in the garden, I noticed that the soil contained many white particles about 1/8" in diameter. In checking other areas in the garden, I found the white spots everywhere. I am wondering if the white spots are mold, soil chemicals, or insect larvae. The soil is quite hard and not very porous.


Douglas County Colorado soil and fertility issues horticulture almost 6 years ago

Feral cats, ragweed

I am the administrator for Ross Township in Butler County. We are experiencing a problem with an exploding cat population in one of our neighborhoods. Are you aware of any programs available to deal with that issue? I am also trying to find out what we might be able to do to make farmers deal with a bumper crop of ragweed in fields that are not being farmed. Please let me know what you have on these two issues.


Butler County Ohio field crop pest management cats almost 6 years ago

problem with chicken eggs

Is some predator eating these eggs? My neighbor found these eggs in the chicken coop yesterday, and the shells were soft and quite thin. They appeared to be opened in a spiral pattern, and my neighbor wanted to know what was eating them.



Coos County Oregon wildlife damage management poultry almost 6 years ago

Pinching Watermelon/Canteloupe Vines

As we were very wet until July st we didn't get into the garden to plant until July 4th-5th. The watermelon are just starting to vine ; would it hurt to pinch the ends of the plants/OR leave less flowers to grow into melons,( before long), to produce less fruit but more regular size ones?
I should add that the Watermelon we plant is "Bush Sugar Baby" which the maturity date is 65 days.
The Cantaloupe we planted is either Ambrosia (approx. 88 days) and "Moneyloupe (which is 72 days).

Thank You very much for your input and for trying to answer my question!


Howard County Iowa fruits and vegetables horticulture almost 6 years ago

good afternoon, After being away for a week, the leaves on my tomato plants...

good afternoon, After being away for a week, the leaves on my tomato plants were completely dried up or spotted with a fungus. The fruit has not been affected. I removed (and discarded in the garbage) all the dried and most of the affected leaves. What is the fungus? Can it be treated? My concerns are that the plant will not have enough leaves for photosynthesis and that the fruit will get sunburned. Thanks.


Anne Arundel County Maryland tomatoes vegetables early blight almost 6 years ago

Maple Tree Problems

In the past week, 3 different people have contacted the office about Maple Trees in our city.
- they are losing their leaves and some are bare
- leaves are turning dry and brittle and falling off
- trees are dying
Any idea what the problem might be?


Chippewa County Michigan trees and shrubs horticulture almost 6 years ago

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