What is the sticky substance dripping down my oak tree?

A sticky substance is dripping from my 75-year-old oak tree in southeast Minneapolis. I don't recall this happening before. It seems like sap, but that doesn't make sense, right? Do you know what this is, and if so, is there anything to be done about it? I don't want to lose the tree!


Hennepin County Minnesota oak trees tree sap almost 6 years ago

Is fall webworm sometimes found on softwood trees, e.g. spruce? I believe...

Is fall webworm sometimes found on softwood trees, e.g. spruce? I believe that's what I have.


Baltimore County Maryland trees and shrubs spruce fall webworm almost 6 years ago

This spring I planted wildflowers. Not much has grown that I recognize, but...

This spring I planted wildflowers. Not much has grown that I recognize, but there is plenty of the attached. Do you know what this is? The plants are 6 - 12" high. The wildflowers I planted were white yarrow, golden wave annual, lanceleaf, purple prairie clover, blanket flower, firewheel, Texas bluebonnet and black-eyed susan. Thanks, John Graves



Carroll County Maryland wildflowers plant id lanceleaf coreopsis almost 6 years ago

Freezing in canning jars

I've just moved and can't find my big canning pot yet! I would like to preserve some of the wonderful local fruits. Can I freeze foods in my Ball canning jars? Thanks!


Marion County Oregon home food preservation almost 6 years ago

stink bugs

Stink bugs are distroying my popcorn. They are eating the husk off the top of the ears.


Lancaster County Pennsylvania corn integrated pest management insect issues insect management stink bugs almost 6 years ago

Pressure Cooking

I recently purchased a Fagor Duo 8 quart pressure cooker. I live in Falcon, at 7,000 feet. Being aware of my altitude and the recommended adjustments for cooking time, I'm seeing "opposite" effects. For instance, beef ribs are recommended for cooking at 30 mins, but the results are severe overcooking. If cooked at 15 mins the results are fine. Grains (brown rice) are recommeded for cooking at 15 mins, but require much longer and with 25% less water.
My question is this: Can you assist me with actual testing of the pressure cooker to determine what the actual temperature and pressure is during operation?
Also, if you know of any pressure cooking experts, may I please be put in contact with them. I like the pressure cooker and will continue to use it, but I would like to speak with more experienced people in this area.
Thank you,
Mark Fannin
Falcon, CO


Eagle County Colorado food safety almost 6 years ago

what kind of spider?

hi I live in Augusta Georgia. I came home from work to see this huge spider hanging across my driveway. i have no ideal if its dangerous or not



Richmond County Georgia entomology insect identification spider identification almost 6 years ago

impatient plants

i have always had beautiful thriving inpatients that last through September but this year the stems are getting leggy,turning pale green and just losing their luster overall. I have researched on line and am not sure what the problem is. I spread fresh compost every year and fertilize initially with Al's Nursery slow release fertilizer at planting and a few times a month use Jacks(used to be Peters)topically. i know there has been a specific virus or disease noted the last few years; could it be a fungus, don't see signs of mildew but will check again today. For next year what kind of preventative should I use and how often? I am contemplating not using new compost next year and tilling the beds and adding Excelerite (sp) instead and see what happens. Just looking to you for success next year and will sadly start pulling the sad looking plants as the go this year:(


Multnomah County Oregon horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials almost 6 years ago

adding liquid to a recipe

I have a brownie recipe that uses melted chocolate with butter as the base and eggs are the only liquid ingredients besides a small amount of vanilla. I want to make a Chocolate Stout Brownie using a local stour beer. How can I add this ingredient without changing the textural qualities of the brownie which I love? I wonder if it would be best for me to reduce the stout to a small amount to intensify flavor and be able to use less. was thinking of starting with 1/4-1/2 c. of beer. Thanks for your ideas and assistance!


Larimer County Colorado food preparation almost 6 years ago

Protecting newly sodded yard

Hello, I have a yard that was sodded in the Spring and in the sloped areas near the street I have lost dirt. The grass has thinned out and doesn't look as good as it did. Should I seek to replace the dirt so I don't lose the grass there? If so, what is the best choice?


Harris County Texas lawns and turf horticulture almost 6 years ago

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