worms in pecan wood

I was cutting down some dead pecan trees and it was full of these worms. The largest was a little under 2 inches. I have looked all over the internet and can't seem to find out what they are. I would love some help to ID them. Thank you in advance.



Victoria County Texas tree health almost 6 years ago

Orphan Colt

Had a colt Saturday night onto Sunday morning. It was past due. Sunday morning we found the colt standing in the pasture and found the mare dead. The colt was cleaned up and we are pretty positive that it nursed and got some Colostum from the mare. Fed it Colostrum replacer all day Sunday and into Monday morning. Have been feeding it milk replacer since at 1 pint every 4 hours. It is eating and doing well. It is now three days old. Is it ok to stop the middle of the night feedings and let it go from 10 pm- 5 am now?


Cedar County Iowa almost 6 years ago

Ok, had a friend drop this off on my porch this morning while I was gone. She...

Ok, had a friend drop this off on my porch this morning while I was gone. She says it is from her Mother's yard in Baltimore. Her Mother is freaked out and wants to call Orkin. It is an oddly solid (like an old mashmallow), yet fuzzy spherical growth (?) from her oak tree. The tree does have some grape vines wrapped through out, so I suppose the oak branch could be hosting a grape pest. It really is very white with cute pinkish red polka dots. I can tear it open, but the last garden oddity she brough me gave me a rash so I would rather get your opinion before I try that again! If you need more photos I can take some in better light tomorrow morning.



Anne Arundel County Maryland trees and shrubs oak oak gall almost 6 years ago

Growing an avacado

Can you grow avacados in iowa


Johnson County Iowa almost 6 years ago

Can you identify the species of Japanese maple shown in the photograph? . It...

Can you identify the species of Japanese maple shown in the photograph? . It came from a seed from a 30-40 foot tall 'mother' tree 20 feet away and is almost 2years old. Thanks.



Montgomery County Maryland trees and shrubs tree identification japanese maple hybrids almost 6 years ago

Some of my tomato plants have a number of leaves exhibiting the...

Some of my tomato plants have a number of leaves exhibiting the bleached/whitefish patches as in the attached photo. This damage appeared sometime over the last couple of days. Is this a disease or maybe cold damage? Thanks.


Prince George's County Maryland tomatoes vegetables tomato leaf spots almost 6 years ago

Planting a new tree where a black walnut stood

One of our ancient black walnut trees is dead and will soon be removed. We would like to plant a large fast-growing tree (maybe a sequoia) in its place. Will we have to worry about residual black walnut (juglone) toxicity and if so is there anything that can be done to make the site less toxic to a new tree or is there a type of tree that will be more resistant to the toxin?


Lane County Oregon almost 6 years ago

apple blossoms

I have three apple trees that have been planted for about four years. Last year all three bore a few apples. This spring only one of the trees has blossoms. Two of the trees are macintosh. I'm not sure what the other is. Do they only produce fruit every other year.


Campbell County Wyoming almost 6 years ago

Catalpa tree - planting underneath

I have what I assume is a common Catalpa tree. It is approximately 7' around at the base and in the area of 30' tall. The tree appears to be in excellent condition. Over the past several years many roots have become exposed - or worked their way up through the soil. Most of these exposed roots are large - several inches in diameter and are within several feet of the trunk. If I am correct, this is not an issue for concern and a natural occurrence for the tree. Can hostas be planted underneath this tree without injuring it? I have roughly 50 hostas to move that are currently located underneath a dying maple tree. My ideal would be to create a bed underneath this tree - or slightly off to one side. Will it harm the tree to have a depth of dirt placed over the roots? If I built a bed around the tree - should I have a well around the trunk where no dirt would touch it? Would the introduction of boulders (small - 6-10") 5 feet or so the perimeter (as bed border) of the tree cause damage? Thank you for any assistance you can provide!


Hennepin County Minnesota trees and shrubs exposed tree roots almost 6 years ago

Baby turkey leg problems

I got 10 baby turkeys. One died shortly after I got them home and a second one developed leg problems. From it's knees down his legs don't work. He can move his talons, but he can't walk so he tries to walk on his knees and uses his wings. I just thought it was a freak thing so I bring him in with one other baby every night to make sure he is eating and drinking and in the morning I take them back out to be with everyone during the day. I just went out to check on him and the second baby is starting to have the same issues. What is happening with them. Do they need something extra in their diet or is it a disease? Thank you, Lora


Washington County Oregon raising turkeys poultry chickens turkeys almost 6 years ago

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