Best tomato varieties for hot, dry conditions


Are you able to recommend 3 - 4 tomato varieties that do well in hot, dry conditions? I live in Denver, the last few summers here have been tough on tomatoes.

Thanks, Nick


Denver County Colorado fruits and vegetables almost 6 years ago

Thuja green giant fence

I'm very interested in purchasing the thuja green giant as a privacy hedge for my nosey neighbors.. I do have one question.. Does this form a wall? As in can a person still successfully walk through the trees even when they are planted 5feet apart? Will I still need to put a fence up? Thank you for your assistance.


Prince George's County Maryland trees and shrubs green giant privacy hedge thuja privacy hedge hedge to prevent entry almost 6 years ago


My rhodies' leaves have holes in them--what to do how to treat it??


Clackamas County Oregon almost 6 years ago

Land lease value

I live in the Boring area. I am leasing about 2 acres for nursery stock for $200 per year. Is this the going rate or should it be higher?


Clackamas County Oregon nurseries almost 6 years ago

shaded area seeding

We have a great amount of shade in our back yard living next to a forest, and we have not been able to find a seed type that will grow. The ph of the soil is almost neutral, but we have added lime, but still the seed types we can buy at the stores do not grow. Have you at MSU created a see variety that will grow in low light areas? Even if you haven't, what can we do to try further to grow grass in this situation? Thank you


Grand Traverse County Michigan lawns and turf almost 6 years ago

Can you make chickens be quiet?

Two years ago a "farmer" bought the 1/2 acre of empty field behind my house. He is raising 67 Fighting cocks. Yes, it is illegal, but that does not stop these guys. (At $10,000 a fight ... on occasion?) Anyway, they crow (all of them) from about 4 in the morning to late at night. I can hardly hear the sweet songs of the other birds. My wife has taken to wearing ear plugs at night.
My Question: Is there any device or sound or ? that will make them be quiet?


Kauai County Hawaii almost 6 years ago

I have moss in my flower bed which is only partly shaded how can I eliminate...

I have moss in my flower bed which is only partly shaded how can I eliminate this problem. If I use lime will this harm my Iris flowers??


Hennepin County Minnesota almost 6 years ago

What companion plant(s) will help my veggies?

I have a small vegetable garden. Tomatos, bell peppers, cucumbers, onions (basically salad fixins). They do not seem to thrive. Is there a specifc order I need to plant them in or any companion plant to help?


Jefferson County Tennessee fruits and vegetables sustainable gardening and landscaping horticulture almost 6 years ago

4-5 Year Old Japanese Weeping Red Maple Not Getting Leaves on Most Branches

Why did my 4-5 year old japanese weeping red maple suddenly this spring not get leaves on most of the branches. The tree is about 4 feet wide and about 4 feet tall. One small section of branches have healthy leaves right under the very top branches. The rest of the branches look reddish and healthy but only have a few tiny dried up leaves on them. We and our neighbors do not use pesticides. Nothing around the tree has changed that we are aware of - The tree gets about 6 hours of morning sun. I water when there is a hot dry spell. I have let water get on the trunk of the tree sometimes but I did not know that was a NO NO. The soil is good and we mulch and sometimes use miracle grow. Please help and let me know if you got the picture that I tried to attach. Thanks much!!



Howard County Maryland trees and shrubs japanese maples japanese weeping maple japanese weeping maple dead branches almost 6 years ago

Re-potting a fig tree

I have a fig tree that is about 6 years old. I have it in a large container. I want to re-pot it but don't want to harm it. It is in full leaf and doing nicely. Last year I got 60 figs. Should I wait until fall to transplant it or can I do it safely now without losing my crop this summer?


Allegheny County Pennsylvania transplanting fig trees tree fruits horticulture almost 6 years ago

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