Flowering trees

I live in Layton and am required to plant a flowering tree on the parkway that grows at least 15 feet tall. Is there a tree that does not grow very tall, roots won't break up the sidewalk, does not cause hayfever from blossoms, and easy to care for?
Please help.
I was wondering if a Golden Chain Tree would meet these requirements?


Davis County Utah almost 6 years ago

hybrid burmuda grass

is this a good grass for a west texas yard and how to plant it does it come in the sod how do i prepaer the soil for planting it and where can i get it and a approx cost per pallet


Nolan County Texas lawns and turf landscape design horticulture almost 6 years ago

Mold or disease, crispy leaves on squash, pea, radish

Something is going wrong in my garden. The plants seem healthy overall, not wilting from lack of water. Some leaves brown. Young and older leaves brown on the edges. Overnight some leaves will turn pale whitish in coloring,, maybe a mold? But the leaves are dry and crispy when they are whitish. They are discolored, not a powdery coating, so maybe not mold. This is primarily on my spaghetti squash, but is also impacting peas and maybe radish leaves. I don't see bugs. This is my first garden, so I really need guideance.


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Utah County Utah master gardener program almost 6 years ago

blooming shade bush 3ft or taller

We are trying to find a flowering bush for the North side of our house. It gets morning sun.


Pueblo County Colorado trees and shrubs almost 6 years ago

Rootworm control

How do you control sweet corn Rootworm in garden.


Tuscola County Michigan insect issues almost 6 years ago

Grasshopper Gourmands

Last year, my tomatoes were ruined by large grasshoppers. This year, I have very small grasshoppers (babies?) damaging my ornamental plants. I am concerned that they will grow and eventually devour my vegetables as well. I had wanted to be completely organic, but am willing to try more serious pesticides this year, since my previous efforts had failed.


Bernalillo County New Mexico integrated pest management insect issues organic gardening horticulture almost 6 years ago

My tomato garden has white grubs. What is a safe product to use to kill grubs...

My tomato garden has white grubs. What is a safe product to use to kill grubs in this garden? The grub population in the tomato garden is 1-2 grubs per square foot. (We have white grubs in our lawn and in our foundation gardens as well. The Bayer product I am using in these areas says it isn't to be used with plants used for food.) Thank you for your input.


Howard County Maryland tomatoes vegetables grubs almost 6 years ago

Tree Health Assesment

I have a large oak tree on my lot. I have recently notice a large numbers of leaves that appear to have died and are fallingl How does one get an evalaution of the potential condition?


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Virginia Beach Virginia almost 6 years ago

Pine, fir trees to plant

We want to plant pine trees on our property in Sundance Wyoming. I would like to get general information on planting, growth rates and pine beetle resistance.


Crook County Wyoming almost 6 years ago

Transplanting small native firs and ponderosa pines

Hi. I would like to move and transplant a handful of small doug firs and ponderosa pines (below 3' height) on my Nederland property. The soil is rock and dirt, lots of sun. Can someone help me with fertilizer suggestions for the dirt in which I replant or relocate those firs and pines? Also needs tips on planting Aspens, when, where, how to care for recently planted young Aspens through 4 seasons. Is there a Nederland resource who can help us identify the trees on our property?


Boulder County Colorado trees and shrubs almost 6 years ago

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