Salmonella from eggshells in composting?

Given the pervasive level of salmonella in our egg supply, is there a concern about composting the shells of uncooked eggs in our gardens? We have a turnable compost bin that "cooks" the food waste. Does this help or even matter?


Wayne County Michigan compost composting almost 6 years ago

Pork Handbook

I am starting a 50 sow pig farm in the Bahamas. I am trying to purchase a pork industry handbook. How do I send the money who to send the money to. Thank You


Outside United States almost 6 years ago

pruning grapes

Wayne wants to know how to prune and train grapes after years of neglect


Umatilla County Oregon almost 6 years ago

Weed ID

Can you ID this weed for me? When mature it has stickers/burrs.



Deschutes County Oregon weed issues almost 6 years ago

Penn State Center for Green Infrastructure and Stormwater Management Conference

Good afternoon. I am managing a Green Stormwater Infrastructure Industry Partnership in Philadelphia. The Partnership is in response to the Philadelphia Water Department's innovative Green Cities Clean Waters policy and the growth in the local economy that research indicates will result from PWD's 25-year $2.4 bil investment. We have convened a focus group of small business leaders that represent the various sectors that make up the GSI Industry. One of the topics we are addressing are the barriers to small businesses and to industry growth. I also participate on a committee of Philadelphia area developers and large landowners that are talking about similar topics relevant to these larger firms and large landholders. I'd love to connect and pool/share resources so we can better tackle these issues and grow the green stormwater infrastructure industry. Please let me know when someone from this department/committee/center has 30 minutes for a phone call. Thanks! Looking forward to connecting! Anna Anna Shipp Project Manager Green Stormwater Infrastructure Industry Partnership Sustainable Business Network One Penn Center at Suburban Station 1617 JFK Blvd, Suite 1855 Philadelphia, PA 19103 215.922.7400 ext. 107


Philadelphia County Pennsylvania green industry safety stormwater almost 6 years ago

my question is regarding a forsythia that has not returned to grow this...

my question is regarding a forsythia that has not returned to grow this spring and is quite dead - it is one of three and one that has been replaced for three years - this was a group of three, all planted at the same time and within only a few feet of each other. last year, I replaced as much of the planting area soil as possible and still the results are the same.


Montgomery County Maryland shrubs forsythia almost 6 years ago

Beets My beet leaves are turning brown and dying. It starts on the edge and...

Beets My beet leaves are turning brown and dying. It starts on the edge and works toward the center. I don't see any spots that look like fungus.



Prince George's County Maryland almost 6 years ago

Will we see the cicadas this year in Montgomery and Frederick counties in...

Will we see the cicadas this year in Montgomery and Frederick counties in Maryland?


Montgomery County Maryland pest control cicadas almost 6 years ago


I planted several varieties of tomatoes purchased from two different vendors. The plants look healthy, but the new leaves in the top on several, but not all, of the plants are shriveled and twisted. This has happened from plants from both vendors. Attached are pictures of three of the plants. What has caused this? Will it kill or damage the plants or the fruit? And what should I do for the plants?



Cherokee County Georgia almost 6 years ago

Choosing sod

Hi, I'd like to lay new sod in my backyard, but need help choosing which type would be best. I know I want something that requires less water than Kentucky bluegrass does, but I've found in the past that some more drought-tolerant grasses are very "pokey" and therefore not very comfortable to sit on, etc. Can you recommend a grass that requires less water and is the least rigid? Thank you!


Denver County Colorado lawns and turf horticulture almost 6 years ago

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