Blue Spruce

25year old Blue Spruce situated in a row of three, with others nearby, looks like it's dying from the ground up. Needles have gone from the bottom branches and the strange thing is I have only just noticed although I am in the yard constantly. HELP I am sick to think I might lose my little forest.


Livingston County Michigan trees and shrubs over 5 years ago

I have a long-needles pine in my backyard that is losing needles at an...

I have a long-needles pine in my backyard that is losing needles at an alarming rate. It started at the base branches and seems to be spreading to the top. I notice this trend also in other pines in our community. On some it appears that all the needles have turned brown. Any idea what this is and what I can pick up at Gerten's to remedy the affliction? My short needled pines appear to be unaffected by the way. Signed Dean Peterson (763) 742-4747./cell


Washington County Minnesota pines over 5 years ago

How can filamentous algae be contolled in ponds?

How can I control or eliminate filamentous green algae in my stock ponds?


Wallowa County Oregon pond management pond and water gardens over 5 years ago

Emerald Ash Borer

I live in a condo in Bettendorf. We have seven mature ash trees. We need to know what plans to make. Are ther effective and economical preventative treatments or should we just make plans to replace these thes when they die.


Scott County Iowa over 5 years ago

How dry does corn need to be to save the seeds?

Saving corn for seed. I planted a non-hybrid corn this year thinking I would save seed for next year. The cobs are drying in a barn, but are not completely dry, with the onset of freezing weather I am wondering if the cobs should be brought inside to finish drying, and just how dry should the kernels be? Does corn have to stratified to germinate? Thank you.


St. Louis County Minnesota fruits and vegetables vegetables seed saving horticulture over 5 years ago

My sister just moved into a house in Soddy Daisy and we are noticing many...

My sister just moved into a house in Soddy Daisy and we are noticing many bees around the second floor and attic area outside the house. Nothing inside attic. What is the best and safest thing to do to get rid of the bees?


Hamilton County Tennessee urban integrated pest management over 5 years ago

how to entice a horse to eat

My 23 yr old very active TB mare just tested positive for Cushings. She normally gets a smart pak with her supplements (pro-biotic, joint supplement, pass thru wormer), on top of her food once a day. She hates them, and it takes her overnite to eat. Now, we have added pergolide pill (the generic version) and she will not eat. I have tried topping her food with molasses, good for the first day, but not past that. We are now stopping the supplements, hoping that she will eat. Any ideas???


Anne Arundel County Maryland horses horse health cushings over 5 years ago

How do you eradicate Canada thistle in midst of perennials?

In our town home association, we have a pond area that serves as a kind of rain garden for water run-off from the entire area plus the neighboring condo building. The area is fenced off. Within the pond area the ground slopes fairly steeply toward the pond area at the bottom. Along the sides there are various plantings, including high bush cranberry, birch clusters, lilacs, dogwoods, and other shrubs. There is also a good number of native flowers (bergamot, rudbeckia, aster, etc.) that grow around the sides.

Along one of the sides we are noticing a growing encroachment by Canada thistle. It is fairly widespread along the one side. We want to control it, but hesitate to use an herbicide, because it could easily wash down or infiltrate into the pond itself. Also, we don't want to do a general broadleaf herbicide application because it would also kill the perennials and natives that we want to grow there. Thus far we have "controlled" the thistle by cutting it down in June before it blooms, or by pulling out those we can.

Our question: Is there some way (up to and including use of chemicals) to eradicate the thistle, or at least a way to keep it under control, without having to slog our way through the growth to cut or pull it? I have read that applications of 2-4-D can control Canada thistle, but I am not sure how specific that chemical is; that is, what effect it would have on desirable perennials. We would be grateful for your advice.


Ramsey County Minnesota weed issues canadian thistle over 5 years ago

cracks in autumn blaze maple tree

How do I seal the cracks in the trunk of my 3 year old autumn blaze maple tree? or is this necessary? The tree looks very healthy otherwise but is growing rapidly.


Auglaize County Ohio trees and shrubs horticulture over 5 years ago

PA tobacco leaves

I am Mel Moench and we are a group of cigar rollers who are trying to perfect an ALL-AMERICAN handrolled all-leaf cigar. (the filler is the big issue for the US). We are trying to locate a Pennsylvania source for (whole leaf) PA filler that could be used for cigar filler. Can you help us locate a supply? We only need a small sample to try at this point, but may lead to much higher quantities at some point. Note that the whole leaf (stem intact) is classified as an agricultural product and not subject to tobacco tax/control. There are many websites selling whole leaves to the public, but we are unable to source suitable US-grown filler tobacco. We would appreciate referring us to anyone that might be able to help us out........thanks.................Mel PS Since we are rolling and testing ourselves, we could use unsorted, seconds, rejects, and under cured/under processed leaves to use.


Wright County Minnesota tobacco over 5 years ago

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