Why have tomatoes lost their flavor?

My friend and I were talking about our gardens and how our tomatoes just don't have the flavor they used to. Do you know the reason or have a suggestion for a variety that is delicious?


Montgomery County Texas fruits and vegetables gardening horticulture over 5 years ago

how to locate tile lines?

Is there a way to locate tile lines in a field without having to dig for them? For example using the type of equipment used for detecting electric and water lines? thanks!


Story County Iowa over 5 years ago

Diseased Lilac Bush

Since purchasing our house in July the Lilac bush in the attached photos has been in steady decline. What is the disease,can it be treated and if it can what would the treatment be? There is an adjacent Lilac bush, should we pull this diseased bush to protect the adjacent healthy bush?


Img_0992_300x300%2523 Img_0995_300x300%2523 Img_0993_300x300%2523

Essex County Massachusetts trees and shrubs disease issues horticulture over 5 years ago

Can you identify this spider

The spider in the file created a large web in a few hours. Looks kind of scary but I don't know what it is.



Middlesex County Massachusetts insect issues insects urban integrated pest management spiders over 5 years ago

green beetle grubs

Why would I all of a sudden (the last 2 months) be getting hundreds of grubs in my pool? I vaccum them out and more come back. I have had the pool for 5 years and have never seen one grub. The grubs were verified to be green beetle grubs. I live in a neighborhood with 3 acre lots. My house is on the border of the neighborhood & behind me is someone that has 4 horses; a huge hedge row separates us. I saw an old article from the NC State Extension's website on Forages & Pastures but it doesn't make me understand why I would all of a sudden be seeing the exorbinant about of grubs. My neighbors have seen more grubs than normal but they don't have a pool to see the actual numbers.



Stafford County Virginia insect issues insects over 5 years ago

What are the best blueberries to plant in NE Oregon?

What are the best blueberries for NE Bend's Semi Arid Desert Climate? I'm planning on planting a semi large patch in a strip of 10'x 100'.


Deschutes County Oregon blueberries fruits and berries horticulture over 5 years ago

Planning a small orchard.

What are the best fruit tree varieties for NE Bend's Semi Arid Desert Climate. I have irrigation rights and will put in a drip irrigation system. What else do I need to know before I put in a mini orchard. 46'x 125'.


Deschutes County Oregon trees and shrubs horticulture over 5 years ago

Climbing roses

Can I spray climbing roses for black spot all year or should I stop when I stop spraying my hybrid teas?


Coos County Oregon trees and shrubs disease issues horticulture over 5 years ago

Can you identify these large mussels found in Utah?

I found some large mussels in Cutler Reservoir.
I am wondering what they are.



Cache County Utah freshwater aquaculture mussel over 5 years ago

What is this spider?

I ran across this little fellow in eastern Boxelder County. I was wondering what it is.



Box Elder County Utah insect issues over 5 years ago

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