Red Oak dropping leaves


My Red Oak tree has started dropping clumps of dead leaves. The problem started in the crown about 8 weeks ago, and was dropping clumps of green leaves, now it is dropping clumps of brown leaves as well as green. It is also dropping sap from the places where the leaves drop. The tree is starting to look really thin, and the problem is definitely getting worse. Swingle said it had kermes scale, and treated it, but I think this is a different problem, and I fear we will lose this tree. Any help you can give in diagnosis and / or treatment is greatly appreciated.

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How I can clean/sanitize a pickling crock that was kept outside?

I recently purchased a pickling crock that was kept outside and exposed to the weather and other exposures. I was wondering how I can clean/sanitize the crock? Also, there were weights (kept indoors). How should I clean/sanitize them to prevent them from absorbing a cleaner?


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Identity of this plant

Hi, We started noticing this plant becoming more pervasive over the past 3 years in the forest around our cabin in Pine Grove, Schuylkill County. It has thorns and a very thin stem. This year it is climbing around grape vines. This is the first year I'm seeing berries on the plants. What is this thorny plant?


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I have a what. Believe to be a pin oak. About 6" dia at the base. Prob...

I have a what. Believe to be a pin oak. About 6" dia at the base. Prob plan tented in 1998. I'm guessing chlorosis? Leave in lower branches started reddish in the spring some matured to deep green and other are yellowish with green veins. Maybe 15% of tree is effected in this fashion. Mostly lower branches non at the crown. This spring the tree was very thin. I simply thought it was the harsh winter. Tree has filled out decently with the exception of the lighter leaves in areas. My questions. 1. What typ of soil Ted should I have done? Is there an effective treatment I can do myself.


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mixing plnt food for 50 gallons

mixin plant nutrients how many cups at two table spoons,per gallon to nsure accuracy


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Sudden death of oak tree

I have a large oak tree in my front yard that was doing just fine up until the middle of June. Then about 90% of the leaves turned brown and they now look completely dead (but have not fallen). Can you tell me what caused this and if there is a chance that it will recover or if it needs to be taken out? --- Thanks, Chris Allen - Midlothian


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Hello! I have noticed my crab apple tree leaves are really suffering this...

Hello! I have noticed my crab apple tree leaves are really suffering this year. I've had spots on the leaves and a lot of early leaf dropping. My husband read about juniper's effect on the leaves of flowering trees, especially apple and crap apple trees, and he thinks we should rip out the low-spreading juniper bushes in the front of our house and replace them with something else. However, I'd rather get a second opinion from you, just to be sure that this is really necessary, as I don't want to go through the work and expense if the juniper isn't actually the cause of our tree's condition. We have three crab apple trees in our yard. Two of them aren't doing as poorly as the one that is closest to the juniper, so perhaps the juniper bush is the culprit. Any thoughts? Thank you, -Mary Simmons


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My neighbor has a flowering crabapple tree with many, many tiny red apples...

My neighbor has a flowering crabapple tree with many, many tiny red apples (8/14) and very few red apples with some kind of fuzz on these apples. In Indiana I had a crabapple tree that grew apples the size of large dark purple cherries with which I made marvelous clear jelly and some apple sauce. Can the apples with the fuzz be cooked? Can the apples without the fuzz be cooked? I am/was planning to help her make crabapple jelly. If necessary I would be able to send a photo is requested.


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planning a co-housing garden

Greetings! What tips or resources might you offer as we plan our community vegetable garden to feed 40 people two meals a week for one year, including both fresh produce and preserved or stored produce in the winter? Currently we grow lots of fruit (hard to estimate this) and for veggies we grow are primarily beans, tomatoes, potatoes, hard and soft squash, cukes, kale and swiss chard, salad greens, and a small smattering of more exotic veggies in a kitchen garden (eggplant/arugula) etc. We don't have a scientific system for planning or preserving and find that too much produce, especially fruit, is going to waste. What tools can we use to make reasonable estimates for next year? Also, do you have creative suggestions for mobilizing 50 adults who live in this community to help with preservation? Cynthia Dettman, Meals Coordinator, Columbia Ecovillage, Portland.


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I just bought a new home and found grapes growing on our fence. I want to...

I just bought a new home and found grapes growing on our fence. I want to know what kind they are and if they are edible. They seem to be turning purple right now.



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