Job/Apprenticeship Listings?

Hello! I will be moving from St Louis to the San Diego area next month. I've made several life changes over the past couple of years and have been working/apprenticing this season on an organic vegetable farm and a conventional fruit orchard and I want to make sure I can continue this work or something similar when we move! I'm wondering if extension has any listings of farm jobs or apprenticeships (other than attra or Thanks so much!! Emily Jones


San Diego County CA over 4 years ago

What are the risks associated with feeding high level of potassium in hay to bred heifers?

Are there any special precautions I should take or anything to watch out for when feeding hay this winter that has a 2.5-3% potassium content other than switching to a high magnesium mineral? I had planned to feed this hay to bred heifers and have it account for 95-100% of their daily DM intake.


Newberry County SC beef cattle nutrition over 4 years ago

Active only?

Are your camps for active military or veterans also?


Cumberland County PA military families over 4 years ago

What is causing my blue spruce to have brown needles on its inner branches?

My Colorado blue spruce tree is about 14 years old and this year I noticed a lot of dry brown needles on its inner branches. It did send out new growth, but it isn't as lush as previous years. Could this be a disease or nutrient deficiency?


Hennepin County MN colorado blue spruce over 4 years ago

Tan Beige 'Hopping' Seeds or Eggs ?

June 17th, residential yard, SE Salem, next to an oak and brush thicket, shaded and irrigated location, we noticed hopping specs on the ground. They were tan/beige in color, about the size of coarse ground pepper, distributed along the watered garden path, distribution quite similar to when someone sprinkles casoron or other granular material. This material was absolutely "natural" though. Individual granules would intermittently HOP an inch or two into the air and land. We didn't have time to take further study. What was it, bug eggs?! Oregon Jumping Seeds?


Marion County OR horticulture over 4 years ago

Biting ants in our wood chip pile can we get rid of ants ?

How can we get rid of the small biting ants in our wood chip pile so we can put the woodchips on our gardens. Wood chips are from silver maple we had cut down last year. Should we spread these chips on our gardens ...will we just be spreading the ants around?


Ramsey County MN entomology ants over 4 years ago

Clover lawn

We planted a white dutch clover lawn last summer. Rototilled the whole back yard and planted from seed. It came in very well and strong-too much actually. We mowed it once and it is already about 8 inches tall. I am not sure what our best option is? Also many other weeds are coming especially Mallow. It is hard to control the weeds since we dont want to kill the clover. Thinking of Microclover? But I am unsure we will have the same problem with big weeds coming in and not being able to control them without killing the clover.

I wanted to avoid grass- to reduce watering and mowing the area. I would like very low maintenance green ground cover.

Do you think I will need to rototill the whole yard and start over?


Denver County CO lawns and turf over 4 years ago

We have small biting ants in our wood hip can we get rid of them?...

We have small biting ants in our wood hip can we get rid of them? The pile is the remains of our silver maple tree cut down a year ago


Ramsey County MN over 4 years ago

Eastern Red Bud trees

A friend of mine has a red bud tree that is over five years old and never blossomed. Have you ever heard of this and if so, what do you think the problem is? The tree is healthy other wise and seems to be growing fine.


Charles County MD trees and shrubs redbud not blooming over 4 years ago

snow crown cauliflower


I just cut a head of cauliflower and the stems of the florets have a purple color to them.

This is the first time I have tried to grow this type of plant in my home garden. I was wondering is this head of cauliflower ok to use and if not what did I do wrong?

Thank You

Glenn d Kelchner


Carbon County PA fruits and vegetables horticulture over 4 years ago

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