Mole control

How does a homeowner control moles in one's lawn?


Denton County Texas wildlife damage management rodents lawns and turf horticulture over 4 years ago

Mulching Norwegian Maple Leaves

How much mulch can my minimal fescue space tolerate under 60+ year old Norwegian Maples. Need info for committee meetings early next week. I am a K-Club 4 H er. We are in an urban environment. While I support composting and mulching, we will need to cut down our trees if they enforce mulching here. We have mulched grass for some time. Please send me any research you have for this situation and when steep slopes are the property as well. Mulching info is being misapplied.


Westchester County New York turfgrass mulch problem mulching and turfgrass over 4 years ago

What is this worm

I found this thing curled up on the floor of my living room. I've never seen anything like this before and am so grossed out. Please tell me what this worm thing is.


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Vernon Parish Louisiana over 4 years ago

I live in Portage County. This summer I started getting 2-pronged bites on my...

I live in Portage County. This summer I started getting 2-pronged bites on my hands, arms and face while a slept. Exterminators came and sprayed for spiders and carpet beetles. A specially trained bed-bug-sniffing dog went though the house, too. Nothing was found. The problem went away for a few months, but I am starting to get bit again. No one - not even the exterminators - really know what this is. Do you know what this may be and how to completely exterminate it from my house?



Ohio insect issues bed bugs over 4 years ago

Specific plant search

I am looking for the following to plant in the Spring and need some help since most of my landscape experience is from Vermont. Any help is much appreciated.

1. Evergreen vine (need a vine 8-30' feet long, never losses it's foliage so that it is a privacy barrier all year round, if not possible for evergreen then a summer flowering vine, 4' fence to wire extender = trellis)

2. Flowering bush part-full shade (would be planted on the north side of a Siberian Elm, 4-8' high and 4-5' in width, Rhododendron?)

3. Flowering bush part sun - part shade, mid day - afternoon sun (planted on the west side of the house, 5-10' high and 5-8' in width, summer/fall flowering)

4. Flowering bush full sun - part sun, mid morning - afternoon sun (planted on the south west side of the house, LARGE bush, 6 - 12' high and 4-8' in width, summer or fall flowering)

5. Small accent plants to place in between Spring bulbs and larger flowering bushes could be foliage only, grasses, evergreens, etc.


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posible sick cow

We slaughtered a beef and when we skinned it there were little blood blisters all over. Not in the meat but on the under side of the skin. My dad said they looked like blue berries. Can you help me.


Weber County Utah beef cattle small meat processors meat processing over 4 years ago

what is mean when buyer of tree says they are leaving laps and top on the...

what is mean when buyer of tree says they are leaving laps and top on the property when removing tree


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My crop of potatoes has frozen in the to use????


Marshall County Iowa over 4 years ago

Raising last Christmas's poinsettias (one white, one red) inside after they...

Raising last Christmas's poinsettias (one white, one red) inside after they spent the summer flourishing outside. (We've been covering them the last few weeks for 16 hours per day with black garbage bags to help them bloom). Leaves are showing signs of new insect damage (see picture) and we're seeing a few small, green leggy bugs on the leaves (sorry, none available for photo). Any suggestions on controlling these? Would putting the plants back outside on above-freezing cold days kill the bugs off without damaging the plants?



Frederick County Maryland poinsettia flower over 4 years ago

Strange Growth on Holly Tree

Can someone identify the strange growth on this Holly tree? Is it cause for concern? Thank you.



Virginia Beach Virginia over 4 years ago

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