Fungus flies

I have fungus flies in the area and soil of my house plant. I need a safe way to get rid of them.


Salt Lake County Utah urban integrated pest management over 4 years ago

Question/Concern #1 I would like to add some color, variety and interest...

Question/Concern #1 I would like to add some color, variety and interest along a small section of our lake shoreline (between a path and the shoreline) and along one small section of a pond...yet still trying to keep it looking natural and keeping some of the wildflowers....and not munched by deer. What plants would be best suited for that project? For "height" on the sides by the trees, would swamp milkweed and Joe Pye weed be good choices? I do not know much about false indigo/baptisia.. could that be a possibility too? the A neighbor was suggesting to possibly use grasses...but I feel grasses are better suited for drier areas and achieving a "prairie look" or "commercial landscaped look"...not a wetland look. Besides, there are already cattails in the pond that will eventually spread - that is enough "grasses" for me. Plus I want a "lower section" to still see the pond....and want no more than 2-3 feet plant height by the lake. QUESTION #2 What can be done to limit the floating pond weed that covers the water surface....and make it less "scummy" looking? Thank you! Sue


Cass County Minnesota lakeshore plantings over 4 years ago

spots on dogwood leaves

Please see the attached picture of leaves from a dogwood. The spots are dark, brownish red. They do not appear to have bugs. Can you tell us what this is and how to treat it?



Michigan over 4 years ago

cresoted ties affect on fruit trees and several bee hives

I am concerned that the railroad ties around my brick patio might be affecting flower bed and fruit trees in my back yard. my neighbor has several bee hives and hope I'm not killing them since he's asked that I not use any pesticides on my trees or yard . Many of my railroad ties are really rotten and I'm thinking of replacing them with "new" ones due to their odd size so I don't have to redo the brick . Can I cut up the old ties and bring them to the county dump


Fairfax County Virginia trees and shrubs bee health horticulture over 4 years ago

window problem

i download window xp sp3 from internet my question how instal this window


Clark County Nevada over 4 years ago

Farm pond

I have a sixty two acre parcel I am building a road into to build a home. I need to cross a small ravine that has a seasonal drainage ditch that dries up most of the summer which us actually man made by the county roads. I want to create a small damn to use as a source of water for irrigation. The permit process is expensive and time consuming. Do I even need a permit for an agriculture pond?


Houghton County Michigan over 4 years ago

Weed identification

We have a weed taking over one flower bed. Reedlike cylinder with blackish brown areas encircling every 2-3 inches. Pulling and Roundup not working


Minnesota weed issues horticulture over 4 years ago

any body?

What spider is this



Salt Lake County Utah spider identification spider id over 4 years ago

Lawn care

Hi, our lawn was put in as sod in July 2008. We have watered and fed it for 5 years but now it looks terrible with weeds and brown spots in the middle and dark green around the edges. I know it is perennial rye with something else. I have been researching thatching and aeration and leaning towards de thatching but not sure what should be done after that. Re-seed, re-plug, weed n feed? Thank you in advance. Karen Webster



Lincoln County Oregon lawns and turf horticulture over 4 years ago

Can you suggest some resources on the care and maintenance of ponds and waterfalls?

I have a small pond and waterfall and koi but don't know much about its care and maintenance. Are there any booklets or classes to help?


Boulder County Colorado pond and water gardens lrk over 4 years ago

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