fruit tree pollination planting

We bought the following fruit trees and were wondering who needs to plant by whom for pollination purposes.
Hale Haven peach, Reliance Peach, Red Globe peach, Red Haven Peach, Nectarine, Bartlett Pear, Flemish Beauty Pear, Ranier Cherry, Bing Cherry, Black Tart Cherry, Lambert Cherry


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new to Bend

I am from Alaska an we moved permanently to Bend. I am looking for help with summer flower planting, what works what doesn't. Unfortunately we will be in Whistler BC for the 4.18.15 gardening seminar. I am hoping you can suggest some other venues I might attend to learn moreā€¦ thank you, Peggy Spittler


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Orange, Aloe and Lemon plants have black marking.

Client has an orange, lemon and aloe plant growing indoors. Plants are approximately 5' tall and about 6 years old. They are kept in a sunroom. Noticed problem 2 months ago. Has not had problem in the past. On the stem of each of these plants is a tiny black knot. Pictures attached are of the orange tree.


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Dogs and plants

Hi! I have been reading about companion planting (i.e. basil for tomatoes, marigolds for gardens) but know that marigolds can be poisonous to dogs. I'm curious if there are good companion plants - as well as bee and butterfly friendly plants - that can be used around dogs?

Thank you!



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I recently moved into a high rise apartment that sadly does not have an...

I recently moved into a high rise apartment that sadly does not have an outdoor space to plant flowers. My apartment faces north so it isn't super sunny all the time. But could I plant bulbs indoors? If so, which ones would you advise? Many thanks! Elizabeth


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Mosquito Control

I have a (small) body of standing water just off my property, but on HOA property. Our HOA has historically treated for mosquito control but says that it is too early in the year to start. It has been so warm lately that I am concerned that it is already too late and there will be a problem. Who is correct?

Thanks for your time and assistance.


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horticulture therapy

I am looking for an undergraduate course "Intro to Horticulture Therapy" and was hopeful that UDEl offers this course; as well as at a time I can participate either summer or fall of 2015. Thank you for considering this question. Thank you for


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I am trying to identify a snake

This snake was near my home. I am trying to identify it. It appears to me like some sort of Black Snake or Rat snake. It likes to climb.


Img950193_300x300%2523 Img950194_300x300%2523

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Garden Planning

Hi, I am planning my garden for this spring. For the first time, I have drawn out my plans. I was looking for a little bit of advice on companion planting for my vegetable/herb gardens and plant selection for some native plant butterfly planters I am planning. I have 2 4x4 raised timber beds which are new. One currently has garlic and onions sprouting up that I planted in the fall. I also have a 4x8 cinder block raised bed. My goal is to plant veggies/some herbs in the bed and flowers, some herbs in the cinder block spaces. Here are the veggies/herbs I would like to plant between these 3 beds: tomatoes, peppers, pineapple sage, basil, zucchini, eggplant, kale, Swiss chard. I usually plant the tomatoes and basil in the same bed. Are there any of those plants which pair well together and which I should keep together? My other question is in regards to the native planters to attract butterflies I am hoping to create in some very large planters I have. I was planning to do sunflowers behind the planters, but in the planters I was hoping to do both host and nectar plants. I have a list of ideas-- fennel, hollyhocks, borage, daisies, chrysanthemums, aster. Do you all have any recommendations for which plants would be best in PG county? That's all for now. Thank you for any help you can give!


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What ornamental evergreens would you suggest for the Southern exposure of the...

What ornamental evergreens would you suggest for the Southern exposure of the house in Northern Minnesota. Our evergreens turned brown from the winter sun.



St. Louis County Minnesota evergreens winter damage over 4 years ago

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