Verticillium Wilt

I have an Emerald Queen Norway Maple and a Catalpa in my back yard, and grew them both from very small trees over the past 16 years. Recently, I've noticed curling of the leaves on the Maple and it concerns me that it may be infected with Verticillium Wilt or some other disastrous disease. Both trees are very beautiful and I fear if the Maple is infected the Catalpa is soon behind. If I send a photo would that be help for diagnosis? Thank you


Douglas County Colorado trees and shrubs over 4 years ago

1) I'm having trouble with my tomatoes splitting right as they ripen. Do you...

1) I'm having trouble with my tomatoes splitting right as they ripen. Do you think it is a soil deficiency? 2) My apple tree died suddenly but we noticed that the trunk had split and cracked. What is a kind of apple tree we could buy that has crisp, sweet, not grainy apples that grows well in MN? Any recommendations? 3) Lastly, we have pine trees along one side of our house and no grass will grow there. What are some good ground cover plants we could grow in a garden space under those trees? We are planning on putting edging and trying to grow hastas or something. Thank you so much! Samantha


Anoka County Minnesota over 4 years ago

pecan seedlings

To whom it may concern,

I have some questions about container grown pecan seedlings. A few of the seedlings have developed black edges on the leaves that progressively gets worse. The leaf ends up dying. Some seedlings develop new leaves, some seedlings die, and some die but start new shoots at the trunk. I have treated for root rot with no results. The seedlings are potted in a mixture of 2 parts sand, 3 parts pine bark, and two parts potting soil. I sterilized the mixture before planting. Do you have any suggestions? I am at a loss.


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We have large stinging insects that are visiting both our front and back...

We have large stinging insects that are visiting both our front and back porches in the dark when the lights are on. We first noticed one when my daughter stepped on one when she took our dog out on the front porch at 5:30am a couple weeks ago. It was over an inch long & had a large whitish patch or band on its abdomen. Although she treated the sting appropriately, she ended up with a very red, painful, swollen foot and ankle, needed medical attention, & was unable to go to work for a couple days. This morning I was on the front porch at 5:30am & saw a large number of what must be the same insects clustered between the light outside the door, & the upper corner of the door itself. One that I saw more closely was also large (1 1/2 inches+) & it looked like it's abdomen was primarily white or pale in color. This evening I turned on the back porch light & they showed up quite promptly - 1 1/2-2" long (they're getting bigger)...not as easy to see details of their markings with multiple panes of glass between us. I'm wondering what they are & where we should look for their nest. I'm not a bug-killer, but these ones have me scared to death for my family, myself, & others who might come to our door in the dark. I thought there was an entry hole into the siding of the house above the front door, but my husband is doubtful because he sprayed it & elicited no activity. Now that I've seen them on both sides of the house, it seems like the nest could be anywhere… Any thoughts?


Anne Arundel County Maryland pest control night flying hornets over 4 years ago

peaches not put in hot water bath

A friend of mine does not do the hot water bath. She has everything extremely hot, jars lids rings, simple syrup. Puts a vitamin C in the bottom of hot jar then peaches, gets the air out and seal with hot lids and rings. The tops pop she finished. Is this okay?


Washington County Oregon food safety home food preservation over 4 years ago

Broadcast seeding 2 acres

I'm planning to broadcast seed 2 acres. 1 acre at a mix ratio of 90% Perennial Ryegrass, 10% White Clover. The other 1 acre 50% Orchard Grass, 40% Tall Fescue, and 10% White Clover. I will prepared the seed bed, plow, disk, and harrow. What is the best method after broadcast seeding to cover the seed? I.e. i have a ring roller, packer, would this be adequate to cover(set) the seed in the seed bed? Thanks


Clackamas County Oregon small farm issues pasture over 4 years ago

Renovation of turf (sod) fields with crop rotation

We are concerned about the productivity of our sod farm after 35 years of shipping topsoil away with each roll of sod. Soil compaction, poor drainage, lack of organic matter, and minerals/nutrients below the root zone are some of our concerns. We are looking for a 1-2 year crop rotation that would help rehabilitate the fields and make the production of sod more sustainable. Our soils are from windblown and alluvial sources, as well as weathered basalt (volcanic) rock. The ph runs around 7.5 and the water we irrigate with has a ph of 7.2. We are considering diakon radish and balansa clover. We might cut the clover for hay. Our altitude is 7000 feet so the growing season is short. First frost in Autumn usually occurs in mid Sept. Green-up in the spring is usually mid April.


Garfield County Colorado soil and fertility issues over 4 years ago

mouse droppings and food surfaces

A repairman worked on our dishwasher today. He did some work underneath, then worked on the interior. Afterwards, he put dishes back into the sink. Then he told me that there were lots of mouse droppings under the dishwasher, and they were in the towel he had used while working, which he put on the kitchen floor. After he left, I wiped the interior and found a dropping, and there may now be residue from droppings on our dishes.
I don't have pure bleach, but I have a clorox bleach spray, which I used on the floor, I don't know how concentrated it is. I had some hibistat cloths, which I used to wipe the control board and other exterior surfaces. I wiped out the dishwasher interior and ran a cycle with detergent but no dishes, at the highest temperature setting,145F wash, 155F final rinse. I plan to run the dishes he handled through the same cycle. Should these steps be enough?


Philadelphia County Pennsylvania food safety over 4 years ago

What ails my tree?

My sour pie cherry tree had white maggots in the fruit. Even the birds and squirrels wouldn't eat them. They have dried on the tree and the leaves look dead.


Jefferson County Colorado trees and shrubs over 4 years ago

Ground Cherries?

What is wrong with these plants?



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