I am looking to start a program at Lakeland College in Plymouth, Wi. How has...

I am looking to start a program at Lakeland College in Plymouth, Wi. How has this college has benefited from growing their own food economically, promotion of good health, and socially (bringing the college and community together)?


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Argonomic rate / capacity of Willamette Valley Grass Hay Mixture

I am working on a DEQ Water Pollution Control Facilities Permit 1400-B for a new Hard Cider Production Facility to be built on my land. I plan on land applying all of my PW (Process Wastewater) using traditional irrigation techniques, K-Line sprinklers, drip etc. Part of the requirements of the DEQ Permit is to identify the maximum agronomic capacity of the vegetation that will be irrigated with the PW in order to make sure the nitrogen uptake levels in the vegetation being irrigated are not being exceeded. From what I understand the nitrogen and ammonia load for hard cider PW is negligible. The three types of crops that will be irrigated with PW will be typical mixed grass hay, hops and apple trees. I would appreciate any help or guidance regarding this subject. Thank you very much.


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Future Girdling Root(s)

After removing about 5 inches of soil (4 at planting in the fall of 2013 and the other inch last summer), I discovered this very strange circling root. This was a B&B tree but appears to have the same circling issues as a tree grown in a pot (as it most likely was at some point in its life).

I am looking for any suggestions on what I should do. I didn't want to do anything this first growing season, and was thinking this Spring might be a good time to act. I have a few pics with roots that appear to be circling. I marked it up with letters to make it easier to comment on, but I think "B" is the biggest problem and I think that has to go. How likely is this tree to survive and should i remove, leave it alone or dig it up and plant something without these issues.

I am not entirely sure where to cut and when (should I wait until it gets more established). I am willing to try something severe now that may result in it dying if that improves its long term function.

Thanks for the help!



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Worm Composting


I live in Brighton, Michigan. I recently built myself a worm composter using plans that I found on an extension website. I also ordered some "red wrigglers". I was wondering if I could add the earthworms that I find in my garden or in puddles to my worm bin. Or are they the wrong type of earthworm for this? I tried googling earthworm types, but didn't come up with much by way of being able to identify the different types and to know if they are good for use in vermiculture composting. Can you recommend a resource? Thank you!


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water table

How can I found out what depth the water table is at 14030 Old China Spring rd in China Spring Tx?


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Guidelines for growing hay


My wife and I just bought a 40 acre farm north of Boulder in Hygiene Colorado. We are going to continue haying the field for at least a couple/three years until I cash in my high tech job. :-) Any papers on general good practices for managing a hayfield? The field is grasses, a bit of alfalfa. How much water and how often with flood irrigation? We had cows grazing just for one month to add manure, but previous owners did not do that. We intend to do more grazing next winter. Is over-seeding ever needed? Or how often? Only in thin areas?

Many thanks, Jim in Boulder



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bee hive protection

I live in Alsea and was told bears will destroy my bee hive. What sort of protection do i need to provide? If electric fencing how much charge is necessary to deter bear? voltage or joules


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Fargesia scabrida, we chose this type for a screen that we r creating. We...

Fargesia scabrida, we chose this type for a screen that we r creating. We live in Sparks, Maryland. Is this the best one. Also what soil type does it need? We also r purchasing Aucuba Roxiannia so what soil type does it need?


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thankyou for your quick reply and,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

In your reply you mentioned that canadian hemlocks are difficult to grow in Iowa. After looking at five or six nursery catalogs they all say we are in the right zone. None of them say anything about hot/dry conditions. The nursery we ordered from was Inter-State Nurseries out of Bloomington, IL. Would it be possible to recommend a nursery or nurseries that are reliable to order from?


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Grass seed for San Antonio

What is the best grass seed or combination of seeds for use in San Antonio lawns? Thank you.


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