Is there any use for overly large cucumbers besides eating?


Mecosta County Michigan cucumbers over 4 years ago

We have squirrels in the tree next door

Over the last 2 wks we have seen portions of the bark on the trunk+branches of our maple trees ( Autumn Blaze, Sugar,+Silver) stripped with chunks left on the ground at the base. What's the cause + how do I fix it? D Peterfeso


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I bought two mn cultivar blueberry plants about 3 weeks ago...still in the...

I bought two mn cultivar blueberry plants about 3 weeks ago...still in the pots....when is it too late to plant? And what happens if I miss the deadline? i live in st.paul,mn on the west side bluffs. I assume that i will need to amend soil but haven't had it tested.


Ramsey County Minnesota blueberries over 4 years ago

potato rot

planted some red Pontiac potatoes and they all developed some type of pitting/fungus. Same type of potatoes planted 60 feet away were fine. Would you guess it is some type of disease in the soil?



Marion County Oregon fruits and vegetables over 4 years ago

Dogwood Tree Distress, Portland

Hello, This dogwood, Cornus florida, var unknown, was planted three months ago and has crispy, curling leaves, and some discoloration. The tree is 5' high, 1-1/2" caliper. It receives early to late morning sun-full eastern exposure. Additionally, it is planted just off the side walk, and has a 20 yr old spruce, immediately west of it.
Is this transplant stress, sunscald, or possibly anthracnose? What is the best way to treat for this especially since it is mid August. If pathogen, should the leaf be tested? Thank you, and thank you for the wonderful service provided by the Extension Service at OSU.


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Sabal Palm mold, fungus, scale??

I have been looking for the past day for several hours for what this is on my sabal palm, I also know a friend of mine a mile away has it too. You can see it both on the open fronds i spots, but it really can form in a large area between the frongs of un-opened fronds. Ive also check websites in Florida and master gardeners there. I found one other similiar photo, but the website is gone, Dormant oil helps control the spread and kills existing areas, but it doesnt seem to keep it from re-appearing. Im curious if systemic pesticides would help.



Collin County Texas over 4 years ago

raised beds

My husband has built a greenhouse to store our potted plants and hanging baskets over the winter. Once they are placed back outside in the spring, we'd like to maybe grow a few things in the greenhouse before it gets too hot. He has built 3 boxed areas in the house and needs to know the best kind of mix to put in those boxes. The internet says: 1/3 compost, 1/3 peat moss, and 1/3 vermiculite. Is this correct or could you recommend something better?


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Lynda, also sending a picture of the wilted leaves on the branch I cut off....

Lynda, also sending a picture of the wilted leaves on the branch I cut off. (The program doesn't seem to allow more than one picture at a time.)



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Salinity Management for Watermelon Cultivation

I have been growing watermelons in NE Karnes County, Texas (near Gillett). The soil is a red, sandy loam typical of Yegua formation. The irrigation water is high in Sodium and Bicarbonate. The estimated SAR is about 50 and Salinity Hazard is 1,100 mg/L. I am getting soil damage resulting in black soils. Irrigation is by LEPA. I have read that management of the hazards is by application gypsum and leaching. Can you suggest any more specifics on management of these hazards?


Karnes County Texas over 4 years ago

What kind of snake is this?

I found this snake living in a hole right by our front door and am curious what kind of snake it is


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