Best pottin soil for tomatoes planted in containers

Hello! I'm going to plant tomatoes in large containers this year. Could you recommend a particular brand/type of potting soil to use.......Thanks!

Judy Chapman


Multnomah County Oregon soil and fertility issues container gardening horticulture about 4 years ago

ornamental care

how much and when can I prune back greenspire euonymous now 8 feet tall


Howard County Maryland shrubs japanese euonymus about 4 years ago

Steaming Smoked sausage

Hi Folks,
Question, can you steam deer sausage that has been smoked, say for 6-10 minutes, in a large 64 qt stock pot, with a steamer basket, and not ruin the flavor? I want to make sure the sausage is cooked to a safe temp, but I want to cold smoke it for flavor purposes. Any help? I plan on doing it next week to see how it turns out. Thanks for your help.


Escambia County Florida food safety food preparation about 4 years ago


Is there a definition for "curriculum" that is used for K-12 education that is different from colleges and universities? In other words, what is the definition for curriculum and does it mean the same thing in the venues mentioned above? Please provide examples if possible. Thanks for your time! Gerald Reiffers


Dane County Wisconsin education about 4 years ago

I purchased Myclotect to treat a crabapple tree for fungus. The tree is 14...

I purchased Myclotect to treat a crabapple tree for fungus. The tree is 14 years old and stands about 17-18 feet high. My question relates to the amount of Myclotect to use in a 2 gallon Roundup sprayer. I believe the amount is small, perhaps in mls. Since the weather has been dry, I plan to spray three times with 10 days between applications. How long must the Myclotect be on the leaves before it rains? I have also been told that spraying the tree with Dawn dish detergent prior to applying the Myclotect will help it better adhere to the leaves. Is that correct? Last, I have a power sprayer that has a very low pressure nozzle (for soap). Would it be OK to use the power sprayer since it has a longer reach that the Roundup pump tank. Thanks in advance for your assistance


Hennepin County Minnesota trees and shrubs horticulture about 4 years ago

Does Malt O Meal kill fire ants?

Some people in our community garden think that Malt O Meal may kill fire ants. I don't believe it does, but I am looking for substantiation for that. Can you help me find good information on that issue? Thank you.


Tarrant County Texas fire ants integrated pest management about 4 years ago

Sego palm fruit


My 20 year old sego palm seems to be setting fruit for the first time. I assume I can just pull it off. Is there any value to using the seeds? Would anyone want them?

Thanks Rick


Pima County Arizona trees and shrubs horticulture about 4 years ago

Small peaches falling off tree

Peach tree bloomed. Small peaches falling off tree. Peaches about size of a nickel. What is wrong? Tree did the same thing last year.


Harris County Texas trees and shrubs horticulture about 4 years ago

Getting rid of yellow lawn caused by dog urine

What is the best way to get rid of yellow grass from dog urine? I've heard of alot of things: corn syrup, left over soda, juice, beer, sugar and even adding tomato juice to the dog food. I've also heard that you can add lime to some soil & reseed the area. Please provide any suggestions you're aware of. Thank you, in advance.


Linn County Iowa about 4 years ago

5-10-5 fertilizer

Where can I buy 5-10-5 fertilizer which you recommended for perennial beds? My local nurseries do not have it. Southern States in Mt. Airy has 5-10-10. Where can I find what you recommended? Thanks.


Montgomery County Maryland fertilizer perennials about 4 years ago

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