How do I get rid of Phallus ravenelii (stinkhorn mushrooms)?

I found one stinkhorn mushroom in my flower bed. Now I have 3! 1) are the poisonous to pets? 2) is it bad for my plants/trees? and 3)should I get rid of them & how do I get rid of them?


Dallas County Texas horticulture over 4 years ago

turning Home canned pears into sauce

A couple of months(September) ago I canned a batch of Bartlett Pears that I got on from a local produce source. I'm not happy with the finished product. I chopped the pears (approx. 1") and raw packed them. Processed 20 minutes in water canner. I don't like the texture of pears plus my light syrup is too light. Can you recommend how I can reprocess these pears to make a pear sauce (like applesauce)? Thank you! Pat


Marion County Oregon food safety home food preservation over 4 years ago

Feral Hog managment

We are a small HOA located just north of Fischer Texas. We are starting to have feral hogs show up on some of the peripheral properties. Do you have anyone who could come out and give us come advice on what we are up against? I am most interested if it is possible to keep out hogs with our high peripheral fencing, and how important it would be to maintain this fence line by the owners.
Jim Powell '71


Comal County Texas wildlife damage management feral hogs over 4 years ago

The photo is an apple branch, unknown variety, from a 10 year old tree. The...

The photo is an apple branch, unknown variety, from a 10 year old tree. The are 8 to 10 branches like this, The tree does bloom but never fruits. The loops in the branch is almost flat. There is new growth at the tips. The graft union looks almost like a canker. What is going on with this apple tree?



Maricopa County Arizona trees and shrubs horticulture over 4 years ago

My brussel sprouts grew beautiful plants this year. The small...

My brussel sprouts grew beautiful plants this year. The small "cabbages" never formed however. The "cabbage" leaves are there -- plenty of them, but they do not form the typical tight "cabbage" ball. My sister in law in Appleton had the same problem. Any ideas?


Juneau County Wisconsin fruits and vegetables brussels sprouts problem horticulture over 4 years ago

Plum Tree Trunk is covered with Sap

My plum tree is covered with sap on the trunk. I peeled the sap back and did not see any bores or bugs. I heard it might be a fungus. I wanted to know if I should treat or just replace. If I replace should I treat that area before I replant.



Wise County Texas trees and shrubs sap plum trees horticulture over 4 years ago

Every year, the day after the first frost, ALL the leaves from my walnut tree...

Every year, the day after the first frost, ALL the leaves from my walnut tree come sailing down on my patio over the course of a few hours. The tree goes from nearly full leaf to bare over the course of the day. We are always amazed because it doesn't act like any other tree in our yard. We wait for "the day"every year.Is this normal behavior for a walnut tree? And does it help me to know what kind of walnut tree it is?


Fairfield County Connecticut trees and shrubs horticulture over 4 years ago

planting tulips in Michigan

Hello, I've been so busy lately. I was wondering if I could still plant tulips and dafs this coming week? Thank you.


Alpena County Michigan flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials over 4 years ago

Poisonous weeds/plants common to PNW

I am childcare provider in Benton County. This summer a friend came over to visit and informed me I had poison hemlock growing in my garden. I had no idea!! In addition to daycare children I also have two little boys of my own and my heart almost stopped when I realized what could have happened because I had no idea what that plant was. Though I have researched on the internet, there does not seem to be any comprehensive chart or guide that lists and identifies these plants/weeds. Is there any publication or pamphlet etc that I could get that would help? I want to make sure that I know these plants are not in my yard as a potential threat to my children and those I care for.


Benton County Oregon plant identification poisonous plants horticulture over 4 years ago

Colorado Spruce

I have several 4ft Colorado Spruce trees in 15" plastic pots. I'm not able to plant them until spring thaw. I live in Ontario Canada so we do get some snow. What is the best way to store them this winter?
Thank You


Outside United States trees and shrubs canada overwintering over 4 years ago

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