Ants in the garden

I have a small raised garden that I use for growing herbs. I noticed an army of small red ants, stinging variety, that have invaded my garden. What can I use to rid them from the garden yet not harm my herbs since I use them for cooking (human consumption)? Thanks for your help.


Montgomery County Texas insect issues gardening ants horticulture over 4 years ago

We live in Severna Park and again this year our outdoor life and our trees...

We live in Severna Park and again this year our outdoor life and our trees are being ruined by millions of green dangling worms which are devastating tress, lilac bushes and many many other plants and leaving zillions of tiny black poop balls all overhear walks, paths, decks, furniture, cars and our heads. We cannot be out side for more than a few minutes but then have black coarsely ground black pepper sized worm poop all over our shoulders and hats....... we would not dare go out bare headed. We can hear the stuff falling like rain. I truly cannot stand this year after year. What is the solution? We are worried about the damage and disgusted by the mess.


Anne Arundel County Maryland trees and shrubs canker worm over 4 years ago

Peach tree 'burn' blister

My red haven peach is about 4 years old. We just noticed these blistered type problems showing up on the tree leaves. I cannot find any insects. What do I need to do? The tree is full of peaches. Some have been nibbled on.



Greene County Virginia trees and shrubs disease issues horticulture over 4 years ago

Weed or flowering plants ?

Hi, I want to identify some plants, not sure it's a weed or flowering plant. Here with I attached the image of the plant.
I have planted Aster and Portulaca from seed packets but not sure if it's the same.


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Baltimore County Maryland plant id over 4 years ago

rhododendon issues

have 4 rhododendrons around deck. They are now about 18 years old.The two most exposed haverolled up brown leaves this spring, is it possible they did not survive the winter or is it diease. It envolvies about 75 percent of plant that is 8feet tall. does not look like it has gotten any better in last 3weeks, maybe worst.


Harford County Maryland shrubs rhododendron over 4 years ago

Peach Bore Eradication

Two years ago I planted two peach trees about 15 feet apart. Last year both were healthy green. This spring one of the trees is dead. Its trunk is covered with sticky substance that looks similar to pine gum. I am told the problem is likely peach bore infestation. I intend to replace the dead tree with another peach tree. My question is: Do I need to do something before planting new tree to kill off peach bores that might still be in the soil or surrounding mulch?


Douglas County Colorado fruits and vegetables disease issues horticulture over 4 years ago

Can I plant Basil, Parsley and Thai Basil in the same planter?

Can I plant Basil, Parsley and Thai Basil in the same planter? The planter is three feet long, I already planted them by seed with Parsley in the middle. My a friend told me that Parsley and Basil don't get along because Parsley is a trap plant for Aphids, which Basil is very susceptible to. Is this true?


Hennepin County Minnesota over 4 years ago

I have an infestation of ground boring bees. They are in the ground cover,...

I have an infestation of ground boring bees. They are in the ground cover, under the shrubs and trees - some even in the brick walks. There are so many around the house that there is a humming noise. They also sting. How do I get rid of these bees - there has to be thousands of them. This problem has existed for the last 2 or 3 springs - they are around for a few weeks and then disappear.


Howard County Maryland pest control mining bees over 4 years ago

Powdery white mold on giant white pine

I have two beautiful and huge white pines beginning to age. I just noticed a powdery white coating on the under side of many of the branches on one side of the tree. What can I do to save the tree - or is this a problem? Also I am thinking I need to plant two more younger trees of the same type nearby so they will be larger when these two die. are there different species of the white pine? Do dome grow faster than others. Thanks so much. I think these trees are why I bought and keep the property - very attached to them (30 ft tall +).


Linn County Iowa over 4 years ago

Tomato Diseases

Last summer, my tomato plants experienced (what I believe to be) Fusarium and Verticillium wilt. I understand that the soil cannot be used for growing tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, or peppers for a period of 4-6 years. Is there any other vegetables which should not be planted in this ground? For instance cucumbers or squash. Your help would be appreciated. Thank you.


Livingston County Michigan over 4 years ago

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