Geranium Tea

I read about the medicinal benefits of geranium tea. What variety(ies) of Geranium is used to make geranium tea? Are there any varieties of geranium that are toxic if used to make tea?


Ventura County CA human health families food fitness about 4 years ago

I read your article on how to get rid of ivy from trees but what is the best...

I read your article on how to get rid of ivy from trees but what is the best way to eradicate if from a lawn without widespread use of chemicals or is there any?


Harford County MD lawns and turf weeds ivy about 4 years ago

Easement Question

Can a person buy property that I inherited and have used for a lifetime and block access to my property when there are no other accesses to my property; in essence, land locking my property? I want to sell my property but I am being told I am "land locked" which makes the 160 acres virtually unmarketable. The person who has purchased the property between me and the highway says I am trespassing when I cross his property. . .he has offered to purchase my property at price considerably below the fair market value. Thank you for your consideration to my question which applies to a situation I am now currently facing. Patricia.


Palo Pinto County TX ag law about 4 years ago

Moss Prevention

We have had a lot of problems in the past year or two with moss clogging the screens at the head of our irrigation system. Have you heard of any ways to prevent this from happening?
Marty Wright


Summit County UT about 4 years ago

can I save this tree?

I've had this tree for prob 4 years and it's branches have been slowly breaking and bending for the past year. Now all the branches are wilted down, but the leaves are still green. A few questions: Can you tell me what kind of tree it is? Can it be salvaged through some TLC? How? Thank you for your help!!



Washington County OR potted plants horticulture about 4 years ago

HI, might you have a list of tree buyers for Mercer County area? My mother...

HI, might you have a list of tree buyers for Mercer County area? My mother owns 40 acres and wants to sell 5 acres of trees. Thanks for any help!


Mercer County OH selling timber about 4 years ago


We have a row of marionberries and a row of raspberries. There is rust on the marion and rust in the raspberry row on marion or blackberries that have moved on. We are trying to be organic. Help!



Washington County OR plant disease raspberries blackberries about 4 years ago

What are the three best Blueberry plants to plant?

Hello! I am going to plant three blueberry plants in three large containers. Would you advise me as to which three of the many blueberry varieties would be best to plant. Since i like all blueberries I'm not too concerned about size, flavor but I am thinking that some are better planted near one another in terms of pollination? Thanks so much, Judy Chapman 503-380-6859


Multnomah County OR blueberries container gardening horticulture about 4 years ago

Honey bee removal

Hello, my name is Jackie Lichliter I live in Mt.Crawford Va. I would like to recieve information about being on your swarm removal list.


Rockingham County VA about 4 years ago

refreezing meats

Is there a safety issue with refreezing meats like chicken breasts or thighs, whole chickens and beef roasts? sometimes those items have already been frozen at the grocery store and thawed to sell; can you safely mix the thawed pieces with other ingredients and then refreeze to be cooked later, or do you need to cook that meat first before freezing? Thanks for any help you can offer.


Bremer County IA about 4 years ago

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