I am a park manager for ODNR in Guernsey County. I have noticed an inordinate...

I am a park manager for ODNR in Guernsey County. I have noticed an inordinate amount of Blue Spruce trees dying in the area. Do you believe that it is an environmental factor such as weather or are we dealing with an insect or fungus? Any input would be appreciated.


Guernsey County Ohio about 4 years ago

Fall Harvest for Sweet Potatoes

Hi - I am beginning to harvest my red norland and yukon gold potatoes, and have room in my garden I was wondering if I have time to plant sweet potatoes for a fall harvest? If I have time, how do sweet potatoes do in containers (garden sacks)? Any particular varieties of sweet potatoes that do well in Maryland? Thank You.


Montgomery County Maryland vegetables sweet potatoes fall crop about 4 years ago

tree roots

our front yard tree roots are uprooting the yard and sidewalk. We need to evaluate our choices. It is a large maple that is showing its age, at least 50 years old. Arborists in the area are quite expensive even for the evalution and if the tree has to come down, very expensive. We need some guidance please. I can submit pictures later if that will help.


Collin County Texas trees and shrubs about 4 years ago


I have a rose bush that sent out a shoot which was distinctly different in color from the rest of the bush. I read on-line that these are called cheats and should be pulled out and discarded. I left the first cheat on the bush because I was not certain I should really pull it out. Could you tell me if this is correct that I have to pull out the cheats and why? The first cheat had a lot of buds and flowers on it. I have the same bush send the second cheat out and I am not sure if I should pull it or not. I am sure it will have lots of buds. And the rest of the bush now does not have any buds (the non-cheat brunches bloomed earlier, but do not have any buds now). So I am hesitant to pull the second cheat out because then I may not have any more roses on the bush at all. Please advise. Thank you! Valentina


Benton County Oregon roses horticulture about 4 years ago

A new lawn was started last summer. It was seeded with a commercial type of...

A new lawn was started last summer. It was seeded with a commercial type of lawn seed. Most of the lawn had good germination but there are areas where nothing grew, not even weed type grasses like dandelions or quack grasses. The soil in the areas was loosened and reseeded with blue grass seed but that didn't grow either. The areas also had some lawn fertilizer added for newly seeded lawns. What is causing these areas to not have any growth of any type?


Winona County Minnesota turf about 4 years ago

Pepper Damage

Greetings, I noticed this damage on one of my pepper plants after yesterday's rain. I have not sprayed anything in the yard, but do feed my plants with a slow-release fertilizer and epsom salt twice per month. I've seen herbicide damage before, but this doesn't look like the same herbicide damage I've seen in the past. Would love any perspectives or ideas. It should be noted that this seems to be the only plant that is damage in this area (NE) rear side of the house. I specifically move it to this side to try to avoid any type of overspray from neighbors, commercial lawn people, etc. Simeon Simeon


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Baltimore County Maryland vegetables pepper posssible bacterial leaf spot about 4 years ago

weed identification and control

we had a landscape place round up a large area last fall. they planted a grass seed and put some kind of covering on it which is still there. Grass came up which was a special grass that only grows 12" high or less. A lot of regular grass came up along with the grass. There is a week that has yellow flowers on it, comes from a main stem and has many stems coming from the main one. This is all through the grass and we think is smothering the good grass. The landscape place said don't spray any weeds or even step on the grass. This doesn't sound right. The weed seed must have been in the grass seed to begin with. We don't know what to do. Could you give me some advice so we don't have a bank yard bank just full of weeds. I don't think the landscape realizes how bad it is but won't come and look. Thank you. Jan Holm 605-334-1036


Minnehaha County South Dakota about 4 years ago

Recent Willow tree deaths

I understand a huge contributing factor of stressed trees dying this winter was the November freeze.
Common dead or almost dead trees (few branches leafing) were ornamental, oak and pines, but we have two 25yr willows that were alive last year, but no green this spring. Other willows varieties in the area (South Aurora), like corkscrew are dead as well.
I understand how root damage, girdling and other serious root damage will condemn the canopy, but these trees all vary in sun and water exposure. They showed no signs of canopy die back last year.

Is there a general answer, considering the November frost?


Adams County Colorado trees and shrubs about 4 years ago

what pests eat basil?

My basil is being destroyed by something, but I check it all the time, and never see any bugs on it, except the occasional “long legged fly” (Dolichopodidae). There are loads of large holes in the leaves, and many of the leaf margins are devoured too. Some hot pepper plants in the pot next to it have holes also, but nowhere near as bad as the basil. There is also a pot of Italian parsley nearby, with no damage at all.

I'm very familiar with flea beetles, and there is no sign of them there at all. They aren't even bothering my tomato plants much this year. Have seen no sign of slugs there either. It's quite a dry environment here, except when I water the pots.

Do you have any idea what could be causing this damage and how I can stop it?


Basil_damage_1_300x300%2523 Basil_damage_2_300x300%2523 Pepper_damage_300x300%2523

Boulder County Colorado herbs about 4 years ago

Identify grass

I'd like to identify the broad-bladed, lime green grass growing among the tall fescue. when i googled that description i came up with St. Augustine grass. Can you'all confirm or correct that?



Anne Arundel County Maryland lawns and turf weeds plant id about 4 years ago

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