Can you provide information on vertical grow walls?

I am starting to get very interested in grow walls. Who can help? I am going organic, and want to use coffee grounds as a base.


Denver County CO fruits and vegetables indoor vertical gardening about 4 years ago

Green Spruce dying

We have a customer with a 35-40 year old 'Green Spruce' that is dropping branches. The branches are about 6-7 inches long and are still green when they come down. She said it looks like a thick green carpet under her tree.
What could be happening to it and what can be done about it.
Appreciate your insight.
Barry County MSU Extension


MI trees and shrubs about 4 years ago

Waste Plant Compost

I have two small areas that I have been growing my vegetables. I want to use the processed waste compost from the waste plant here in Gillette, Wyoming. What would you recommend to use in my two areas? One is around 20' x 25', and the other is 5' x 25'. Each year I have added some Miracle-Gro garden soil to the area, and that gets fairly expensive. I wanted your suggestion on using it and the amount to use for my gardening area.


Campbell County WY compost about 4 years ago

I am trying to raise native tube dwelling bees. I have opened my tubes from...

I am trying to raise native tube dwelling bees. I have opened my tubes from last fall and found probably mason bee cocoons. They are silky fiber sacks, lots of frass and pollen remnants, mud plugs and dividers. The tubes are Phragmites reeds about 5-7mm diameter. In 2 tubes there was something different. These cocoons looked like shiny, dark wooden pegs with slightly wider, rounded tops. The plugs looked like muddy sawdust, lighter than the mason mud plugs. There was not much frass. I hope these are also beneficial pollinators? thank you



Montgomery County PA identification mason bees cocoons about 4 years ago

when to start irrigating

I'm wondering when I should start up my irrigation system here in Pendleton. We have a lawn and a flower/vegetable garden. It seem like it has been a very dry spring.


Umatilla County OR irrigation and water management horticulture about 4 years ago

I brought a Amaryllis kit. I followed all the instruction on the box. However...

I brought a Amaryllis kit. I followed all the instruction on the box. However all that came up were leaves, no bulb. I now have two large leaves over hanging and two smaller leaves in the middle. Why didn't my Amaryllis not come up and bloomed?


Oakland County MI master gardener amaryllis about 4 years ago

What is causing the bark on my Manitoba maple trees to peel?

I have three 50-year-old Manitoba maple trees which seem to be losing their bark. It is peeling off in thin strips. This has been happening all winter but has become worse in the last few weeks. Where the bark is missing, there are little holes. Are they dying? I live in Canada, in southern Ontario, 30kms from Niagara Falls.


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OUTSIDEUS trees and shrubs tree health maple trees lrk about 4 years ago

coastal Bermuda fertilizer

In very sandy soil, along the Brazos River, What is the best fertilizer and amounts per acre? Well established coastal Bermuda. Full sun, irrigation possible. Weed control is also an issue.


McLennan County TX pastures and grazing pastures and forages about 4 years ago

our grapes

Is it to late in the season to prune our grape plants?


Multnomah County OR grapes pruning horticulture about 4 years ago

Attracting Hummingbirds

Are there any plants/flowers that may attract Hummingbirds?


Ingham County MI about 4 years ago

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