we have an older Red Maple that is leaking sap at large limp on north side of...

we have an older Red Maple that is leaking sap at large limp on north side of tree limb was remover a few years ago that had died now there are other limbs that have died near this limb large limb that is leaking is also dying bark has broken open at base of large limb and above large limb should I remove limb or treat it with a fungicide thank you


Carroll County Maryland red maple limb dying tree about 3 hours ago

Grass will not grow

I have a small yard in front of my townhouse and several spots will not grow grass. The is a tree near by and a few surface roots. I have applied top soil and reseeded every year. The grass come up then dies off quickly. One of the spots gets a lot of sun and the other sports are more shady. I going to take a sample. Do you have any suggestions?


Montgomery County Maryland grass seed turf wont grow turf in shade dead patches in turf lawn renovation about 4 hours ago

Pls identify this tree

Hi, Pls help me identify this tree. Every Christmas we cut some berries for our homemade Bûche de Noël (the berries on the Log in the last photo). Thanks in advance. --


Img_7091_300x300%2523 Img_7092_300x300%2523 Img_4209_300x300%2523

Montgomery County Maryland tree identification buche de noel holly identification foster holly about 4 hours ago

Birdnest Spruce Needle Die Back

My mature birdnest spruce is showing interior needle die back, which is spreading. I noticed a spider web, which may be nothing. The spruce is situated on the north side of the house, about 15 feet from the structure. Surrounding plant material includes a Bosnian pine and day lilies. The site is at 6300 ft elevation.


Boulder County Colorado trees and shrubs about 4 hours ago

I have removed an elm tree from my backyard including the stump. I have read...

I have removed an elm tree from my backyard including the stump. I have read somewhere that the roots of this tree will regenerate. If that is true, what herbicide and or rock salt should I use to prevent "baby" trees fromerupting all over my back yard? Thanks


Douglas County Colorado trees and shrubs about 5 hours ago

Mushroom identification

My family found these tiny red mushrooms in our woods in moss. Please tell us what these are?


Img_0444_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523

Harford County Maryland mushrooms about 5 hours ago

Brown leaves on hydrangea

I have 3 hydrangea bushes I planted last fall and one bush is now getting burnt looking edges around some of the leaves. I spread aluminum sulfate around the bushes and wondering if I might have gotten some on the leaves. What else would cause this problem.can I cut off brown leaves? Another question...any idea what this plant is (2nd photo) tall stems of delicate pink flowers coming from green plants. Hoping it's not a weed since I like it! Thank you Kathy Mathews


Img_1060_300x300%2523 Img_1068_300x300%2523

Washington County Minnesota about 5 hours ago

Pruning a Chinese Lilac Tree

My lilac tree has gotten too large from lack of pruning. How far back can I prune it? When is the best time to prune? I believe one time to prune is after the flowers have bloomed and died (mid June)? I did prune some around July 10 this year, but want to cut it back even more.


Kandiyohi County Minnesota about 6 hours ago

terrible invasive grass

The below grass has taken hold of my lawn in the past month and a half. it is very quick growing and spreads faster than you can keep up with pulling it. It is lighter than normal grass and has thicker leaves. It grows taller and faster than the rest of the lawn, I had used a grass seed for infill that I purchased from home depot and think it may have been included in that seed. I need the best and strongest thing to kill it before it spreads to my neighbors yards


Img_0684_300x300%2523 Img_0685_300x300%2523

Douglas County Colorado lawns and turf about 7 hours ago

Spider can't idintify

Wat kind of spider is this???



Wilson County Tennessee about 14 hours ago

Plant identification

Hello. Can you help me identify this plant/ bush/ weed/ tree? There are plenty of them popping in next to my driveway. Thank you.


Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523

Baltimore County Maryland plant identification sycamore sycamore seedling tree about 16 hours ago

Preparing an area for planting blueberries

We have an area on the south side of our house with slightly raised beds (about 5 to 6 inches above ground level); soil in the beds is more silty/sandy and drains well. I planted a cover crop of red clover in the beds last fall, and it survived the winter. After I turned it under in the spring, I planted annual flowers in the beds; they do not need any fertilizer. How should I amend the soil this fall if I want to plant 3 smaller variety blueberry bushes next spring? The space would be suitable for bushes that get no larger than 3 feet in any direction.


Multnomah County Oregon blueberries about 17 hours ago

Yard overrun by weeds

my sons new house has neglected yard overrun with weeds. What is the best way to reestablish the lawn? thanks ansar


Hennepin County Minnesota about 17 hours ago

Sugar Maple losing leaves

My sugar maple is about 20 years old and has for the last 2to 3 years has been dropping leaves in the summer. It is like it's early fall and the leaves turn yellow...dry up and fall off. It also looks like there are still seeds on the tree. The "helicopter" dried up but now looks like the seed pod is green and still on the tree. I have attached pictures.


Img_0159_300x300%2523 Img_0161_300x300%2523 Img_0160_300x300%2523

Scott County Minnesota about 18 hours ago

Poster questions

I have a garden at elkhorn in Columbia md and I wanted to know do you know where I can get some garden information posters for the bulletin boards they need some help. Thank you!


Maryland posters posters for community garden miscellaneous about 18 hours ago

peach goo

what is the jelly like stuff coming out of my peaches?


Portsmouth Virginia fruits and vegetables about 20 hours ago

Aspen tree leaf discoloration

We are located in north Boulder. Around this time of year our aspen trees leaves lose their green coloration and turn yellow at the tips. Eventually turning black and falling off prior to normal senescence. Is this a fungus or mold? What can we do about it?


Boulder County Colorado trees and shrubs about 21 hours ago

Plant ID help needed.

This plant is growing in a small (10' x 15') section of my yard that I recently cleared of tall grass. I live in Palmer Lake at 7200'. Any ideas as to what it is?


Wide_angle_plant_view_300x300%2523 Plant_detsil_300x300%2523 Flower_detail_300x300%2523

El Paso County Colorado about 21 hours ago

Service Berry Disease

My service berry flowers, forms berries and they then get a disease, dry up and never ripen. Before getting dry the berries are covered with a fuzz-like growth which is orange-ish. What can I do to get the berries to ripen? This has been a perennial problem. Can i cure it?


Anne Arundel County Maryland serviceberry native tree amelanchier amelanchier rust rust on serviceberry disease on serviceberry about 22 hours ago

Magnolia white flower tree for Minneapolis/ strange growth on some branches

My Magnolia is only 1 1/2 years old. Last year it had a fungus & all the leaves turned brown & YELLOW IN Sept & October & all the leaves fell off. So I only ended up with 7 flowers in the spring. I have been giving a fertilizer around the base of the tree to kill any fungus. So far so good. Now I notice a strange growth bulging out of some of the branches & they have a kinda while powder on the outside. Can you help me figure this out? I have not sprayed the tree with anything yet. Thank you Diane


Dakota County Minnesota magnolia trees about 22 hours ago

No Idea

Can you tell me what kind of hot pepper I planted, I seemed to have lost the stick that had it's name on it.



York County Maine about 22 hours ago

healthy Ash, seeds or sprouts (cont'd)

attached is a pic of the "j" hook sprout found throughout lawn



Ramsey County Minnesota about 22 hours ago

Ridding property of hogweed

How do you get rid of hogweed without using chemicals?


Tillamook County Oregon horticulture weed issues about 22 hours ago

very resistant yard weed

found in my shaded back yard, this plant has a 10" deep root! I've tried several weed killers, not fully effective. what might this be?



Ramsey County Minnesota horticulture weed identification about 23 hours ago

Black Growth on Bark of Apple Trees - How to Treat?

See photos below. I have a small home apple orchard and 2 of the trees have developed a black growth on the bark or lower trunk, now moving up. What is this and can I treat against it?


Tree_1_300x300%2523 Tree-1-close_300x300%2523 Tree-2_300x300%2523

Lane County Oregon fruit trees horticulture diagnosis of plant problems about 23 hours ago

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