I have mushrooms taking over the front yard. There are no trees but use to be years ago. How can I get rid of them??


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Genesee County MI about 3 hours ago

Identifying a tree

Around 2008 April I took the photos of this flower and tree in Visvabharati University in Shantiniketan in the West Bengal state of India. I could not identify the tree through my internet search. Could you identify it?


Unknown_flower-1_300x300%2523 Unknown_flower-2_300x300%2523 Unknown_flower-3_300x300%2523

OUTSIDEUS about 3 hours ago

Ground Cover and soil

Good Morning, Our garden area use to be either an alfalfa or hay field. It was recommended to spray round up and then plan rye for a ground cover which we did. The previous year we planted a garden and the area was overtaken by growth and we could not keep up with weeding. We tilled once but the weeds and grass are coming back. Should we till again or try something else? Our soil test number is DD8457. Thank you very much! Lia


Van Buren County MI about 4 hours ago

Trying to identify this perennial in my garden.

I would love to know which perennial this is in my current garden so that I can get more!! It has started coming out of the ground now and gets bigger every year (currently about 3" tall). It produces hardy flowers throughout the late spring until late October. I cut it to the ground after it completely wilts around the first hard frost. Thanks in advance!!!


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Kent County MI about 13 hours ago

bird and linden tree

small bird pecking a 1" x 1" x 7" hole in tree, 5" in diam. What can I do to stop it. I put pruning paint on gash, and wraped the area with duck tape for now


Isanti County MN about 14 hours ago

Is there a web site where soil temperatures are posted?

Is there a web site where soil temperatures are posted?


Stearns County MN about 14 hours ago

White Pine

I have a small grove of 20 White Pines, they are around 30 ft tall. One of the pines's needles turned brown, and it died last year. I noticed these holes all along the trunk (everywhere along the trunk), and am wondering if they are from insects, to perhaps woodpeckers looking for insects? I don't see any holes in the pines next to this one, are they at risk for the same thing happening? Thanks for your help.



Washtenaw County MI trees and shrubs about 15 hours ago

Fruit trees problem

Hi, I've been having this problem for the past several years on my fruit trees. This photo is from a pear tree but it affects my apple trees also. They end up all weird shaped and never seem to ripen. Any ideas on what it is? Can i take more photos to help? Thanks very much for your time and any help!


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Caroline County MD fruit fruit damage apple pear possible plum curculio about 15 hours ago

Blossom End Rot Prevention and Treatment

What can I do to prevent and/or treat blossom end rot in my vegetables, especially my tomatoes? What fertilizer is best for tomatoes?



Davidson County NC about 18 hours ago

What is this perennial plant that smells like spinach Or lettuce

Growing in my yard every year an in increased patches.


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Oakland County MI plant identification about 19 hours ago

Tree identification

There is a tree on the campus of the Heron Point retirement community that we can't identify. I will attach a couple of photos. If you can identify the tree I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.


0602_unknown_tree_branch_300x300%2523 0603_unknown_tree_under_branch_300x300%2523 0604_unknown_tree__seed_300x300%2523

Kent County MD invasive shrub plant id eleagnus about 19 hours ago

tough grasses for driveway erosion control

Hi, I read an article years ago about a type of grass that was used on parking areas. We have a driveway at the cabin that our neighbor shares. He drives on it with his pickup truck. It is about 60 feet in length and is on an incline. I'd like to lay some grass seed that will help stop erosion. The cabin is in Cook Co. so is up near the Canadian border. West-facing slope. Thank you, Laurie


Washington County MN about 19 hours ago

Yellow leafs on tomato starters

We started out tomatoes out from seed for the first time this year and so far it's looking good. Next week we were thinking of starting the hardening process but we are seeing the leafs getting yellow. The internet hasn't been helpful so far so I thought I'd ask before planting it int garden so I can add any amendments that might be missing. Many thanks!



Clackamas County OR tomatoes yellow tomato leaves about 19 hours ago

laying sod over existing lawn when applying a layer of black dirt between.

I plan on changing the grade of my lawn approximately 10 inches higher ....the elevation change is in an area of 6 ft from current grade to reach the 10 inches ...can I apply black dirt on top of my existing grass to reach the grade and put new sod on top ???

thank, Jim


IN about 20 hours ago

Promotion of barn cats

We are trying to locate 4H members to promote advertising for our "barn cats" that we are trying to adopt out for free.


Northampton County PA about 20 hours ago

Mulch around trees

When using mulch around trees to protect roots from damage when mowing grass how deep should the mulch be and how much space should be left free of mulch around the tree trunk?


MN trees mulching trees about 20 hours ago

Wild violets

I now have wild violets - everywhere! I had my yard core aerated a year ago - thinking it was a good decision - but perhaps not. I've never liked using any weed killer - but thinking i have to do something.. Any suggestions for me? Is this something I can do myself? Is now a good time? Thank you.


Hennepin County MN about 20 hours ago

Tomato Seedling Problem

I received some tomato seedlings from a friend which had some unusual coloring on the leaves. After that I started 5 tomato varieties from seed and kept them together with the gift seedlings; under lights and acclimating outside on warm days. They are now developing mottled colored leaves, as well. The first 2 photos are my seedlings. The third photo shows my friend's plants. I would appreciate any advice you can offer. Could it be tobacco virus? I realize now I should have discarded the friend's plants or at least isolated them. I started mine with new soilless mix, in new pots. Thank you


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Montgomery County MD vegetable tomatoes seedlings about 21 hours ago

Weed or perennial

What is this plant?



Calhoun County MI about 21 hours ago

protecting tomatoes from cold

Tomatoes planted in rasied bed - how do i protect from cold temps?


Washington County OR tomato protection about 21 hours ago

Composting material

Can I use all kind of fruit peels and pine needles in my compostor?


Multnomah County OR composting about 22 hours ago

Shrub Identification

Can you identify this? May I send more? Thanks.
i am asking since I just moved to the area from Chicago.
Can you provide any other reference for plant IDs, so I won't bother you folks so much?



Clackamas County OR plant id about 23 hours ago

Improving drainage in the yard

I have two bare spots in my lawn. I think that it is due to poor drainage underneath these locations. I thought that I might mix some sand into the soil underneath these areas to improve the drainage. Do you have any other ideas to improve the drainage?


Win_20170423_09_04_04_pro_300x300%2523 Win_20170423_09_04_19_pro_300x300%2523

Clackamas County OR drainage about 23 hours ago

Tree give away in Central Park Ashland

I would love to have some of the saplings that were left over from Saturdays giveaway. I had to work and could no attend. What to I need to do in order to get some? Thank you


Boyd County KY boyd county kentucky horticulture trees 1 day ago

What will grow back after hail damage

We had quite the hail storm in Upper Marlboro Friday night. The upper story trees (oaks, maples, poplars), azaleas and the ground cover (may apples and trilliums) seem to have taken the worst hit. I have two questions: 1. What will grow back? 2. Can I use the green shredded leaves as mulch now or should I stock pile them and use them next year?
Also I'm assuming that the daffodils & alliums and any other bulbs will grow back next year along with the hosta - please verify my assumption. thank you


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Prince George's County MD hail damage 1 day ago

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