Financial Counseling

How to chose a financial counselor.


Ingham County MI about 4 hours ago


do you have dates for the 2019 county fair


Marion County IA about 4 hours ago

Pest Management as a model for cancer treatments

Dear ISU Extension, I am a writer and the Scientific Research Curator for the Arizona Cancer and Evolution Center. I am born and bred in Iowa and I am working on a short film that presents our latest cancer research and how it is based on lessons learned from farmers and their pest management techniques. I am looking for a professor who could educate me about the latest thinking as well as the history of pest management. I would also love to be connected with farmers who are suffering from cancer. Can you help me? You can find me at pamela.l.winfrey@asu. edu. Thanks, Pamela


Maricopa County AZ about 5 hours ago

Bald Cypress Leafing in November in SE NC

I am a student at NC State University, and I recently went on a field trip to the Black River in Southeast NC near Three Sisters Swamp, home to many bald cypress trees. We noticed that many trees were actually leafing out new green growth. Do you know why that is, or what temperature, water height conditions are necessary for cypresses to break dormancy? The Black River did experience drastic flooding weeks ago due to Hurricane Michael, and there have been periods of warmth and cool weather. I'd appreciate any information you could provide!


Wake County NC trees and shrubs bald cypress horticulture about 7 hours ago

Weed that spreads on our lawn

Hi We have been struggling to remove this type of weed that has been showing up on our lawn this year. It's very difficult to hand pull them because they get tangled up and it spreads very quickly. please advise how to keep these under control. We are located in Derwood area near Rock Creek park



Montgomery County MD lawns and turf weed identification clover about 7 hours ago

Mexican plum

Do baby Mexican plum trees in San Antonio TX need to be covered in cold weather?


Bexar County TX about 18 hours ago




Yamhill County OR home landscapes planting dates about 24 hours ago


Hi. I purchased some False Hollies (Goshiki Osmanthus) that are sold as Christmas plants by Lowes and Home Depot. After the holidays, I would like to have these things grow into shrubs in the ground. My question is what to do with them and when. Is the ground too cold to plant them in December or early January? If I leave them in their pots, how should I protect the pots?


Montgomery County MD trees and shrubs plant care winter care goshiki osmanthus about 24 hours ago

Poisones plant

I have a monkshood in my yard. I know it is do i get rid of it?


Montgomery County MD poisonous plants monkshood flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials 1 day ago

Adding Powdered Spices to Chutney and Pickles

Hello, I am going to make Cranberry Orange Chutney. The recipe calls for cinnamon sticks that are discarded before canning. Will it change the pH of the chutney or make it unsafe to eat if I add cinnamon powder to the chutney instead of using and discarding the cinnamon sticks? Similarly, is mustard powder a safe substitute for mustard seeds when making pickles? Thank you!


Stephens County GA 1 day ago

New invasive "grass?" in 50 year old lawn.

A new invader in our lawn. Two 3 foot diameter patches of this stuff.
Chokes out everything in its path.
Does not take to mowing well. see attached photo: burned tops.
We started to see it in the lawn about April 2018.
We did not seed our lawn in the fall of 2017.
Zoysia was growing fairly well in the photographed area.
We would like to get rid of it: dig up and replant grass, use an herbicide, ...?

As always, we greatly appreciate your advise.


Lawn_weed_patch_300x300%2523 Lawn_weed_closeup_small_300x300%2523

Charles County MD lawns and turf weed identification possible dwarf mondo grass zoysia 1 day ago

Styrax japonica November green leaf drop

We planted three Japanese snowbell trees last winter. They were bare root with a good root system. They seemed slow to leaf out but then they really took off and probably grew two feet over the summer. We kept the soil adequately moist throughout the summer and stopped watering when the weather cooled. They've been looking very healthy until this past weekend. They hadn't started changing color but Sunday morning, after a light frost here in Jefferson, two of the three trees started rapidly dropping their green leaves. We watched many leaves fall within a couple of minutes. At the time, all the leaves were perfectly green. The leaf drop then slowed way down and about half the leaves are still on the tree two days later, although they look wilted and are developing blotches of yellow (see the picture). I see no signs of borers or Abrosia beetle (that I can tell). The third tree hasn't dropped but a handful of leaves and still looks pretty normal. It was also the tree that was the slowest to leaf out in the spring. Any thoughts?


Jap_snowbell_planting_300x300%2523 Jap_snowbell_leaf_wither_300x300%2523 Jap_snowbell_leaf_300x300%2523

Marion County OR 1 day ago

when to plant

I just bought a potted spruce tree for a table top Christmas tree. When should I plant it and what care should I give it over the winter to keep it alive, especially if I have to keep it indoors?



Ingham County MI planting christmas trees tree planting 1 day ago


We want to plant various vines which gives fruit we live in Camp Maui on Lilikoi Rd we have planted Pippinolas and it’s not doing so well please help


Maui County HI 1 day ago

New countertop canners

Are the counter top "InstaPot" style canners safe? I have heard that they don't reach a high enough temperature to safely can.


Larimer County CO 1 day ago

Spruce needles turned brown

Hello, A few days ago, after those 1st really cold nights, we noticed that some of the needles on our Colorado Blue Spruce had turned brown. The brown needles are near the bottom of the tree, closer to the trunk than to the tips of the branches. See 2 photos attached. Is this a temporary response to the cold, or something we need to have treated? Thanks for your help, Takoma Park


Spruce_tree_1_img_2796_300x300%2523 Spruce_2_img_2795_300x300%2523 Spruce_tree_1_img_2796_300x300%2523

Montgomery County MD 1 day ago

cacti and temperature regulation

how do cacti survive in the various harsh habitats they reside in?


Monroe County NY 1 day ago

Centipede-like worms in soil around gardenia

I have these approximately 1 inch centipede-like worms in the soil around my potted gardenia. First, are they harmful to the plant (I have read opposing views). Second, should I kill them or otherwise eradicate them and if so, what pesticide or other method should I use? Thanks in advance.



District of Columbia County DC houseplants pest insects millipedes 1 day ago

overseeding bare spots in lawn

I've been meaning to try to over-seed some bad spots in my lawn, but I think it's a tad late to do that now. Am I right about that. Do the seeds have to sprout and get settled before it gets too cold? For some reason I was under that impression that Fall is better than Spring for over-seeding, but does it really matter? If I decide to try it in the Spring, how do I pick the right time? Seems like too late and they'll get toasted, too soon they could catch a late freeze. If I wait til next Fall, what is the best time if now is too late?


Denver County CO lawn overseeding 1 day ago

Repairing Hostas and Fall Grape Treatment

1. I have a large hosta that was chomped on by deer. What should I do to bring it back to the best possible condition/shape? 2 . I have a small grape arbor that I haven't done anything with since some pruning in mid-summer because it was so overgrown. Is there anything I should do at this time of year? Prune? Fertilize? Or just wait until spring. Thank you Gaithersburg 20878


Montgomery County MD grapes groundcovers deer damage small fruits plant care 1 day ago

Mushrooms that grow under white pine trees

We have thousands and thousands of these mushrooms that grow under our white pine trees every year. I think they are edible and are called Russula. I tried a small piece and it seems ok but before I give to my family I would like to make sure. Would you have any idea about this mushroom. The cap is a light brownish leathery look to it and the gills are a white to very light tan with no veil the mushroom when squeezed falls apart in pieces.


Img_7379_300x300%2523 Img_7380_300x300%2523 Img_7377_300x300%2523

Shiawassee County MI mushrooms mushroom identification 1 day ago

Home canned salsa

I home canned salsa, and salsa Verde, and pasta sauce. I sent several jars home with my daughter, and she forgot them in her trunk. Temperature dropped and they froze. Are they safe to eat ? Can she store them on a self in pantry after they thaw?


Le Sueur County MN 1 day ago

Bug ID

Looking for a ID on this bug please



Hancock County OH 1 day ago

Meyer Lemon Tree problem

My friend has a Meyer Lemon Tree in a pot. He puts it outside in the summer, and inside in the winter. He's had it a couple of years I think. This Fall, when he brought it in, he noticed this mottling/holes on the leaves. Please advise. Thank you.



Howard County MD citrus houseplants lemon problems 1 day ago

Frozen Honey Baked Ham

I purchased a frozen Ham, from HoneyBaked Hams LLC . When should I take my Frozen 8 lb ham out of the freezer and put it in the refrigerator for Thanksgiving.


Hendricks County IN 1 day ago

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