New raspberry plants

I just put 8 - 4 foot raspberry plants in an old 4' X 8' raised garden and want to mulch on top of the dirt. I had a large Maple tree cut down and the trunk chipped up about 18 mo ago. The chips are mixed with lots of dirt. Can I use that to mulch the raspberry plants? Some of the chips have been removed from the tree site but I think I have enough left to get about 1-2 inches in the raspberry patch. Thanks Rosemary Prudhomme 763-439-8060 Monticello MN


Wright County MN about 5 hours ago

Pls identify this ground cover

Pls identify this very slow growing ground cover. I’d like to plant them in between those flagstones in my patio where has full morning sun til 3-4pm. Does it handle a little heavy traffic? I also have Elfin Thyme, but don’t know which one is better. Elfin Thym is also very slow growing. Thanks in advance.


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Montgomery County MD plant identification groundcovers about 7 hours ago

Black spots, curling, dying leaves

Is this tar spot, or some kind of parasite?


Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523

Anne Arundel County MD disease issues trees anthracnose about 7 hours ago

Choosing trees that will not harm retaining wall

A student housing coop lost many trees to replace a retaining wall with 2x 40" tall lifts at the location of maximum height that have ~40" terrace gap between them that we seek to plant in. We want to establish a new wind break to protect our yard & home from NW Winter winds. Trouble is the boulder wall installer simply gave a blanket statement that trees should not be planted within 4 feet of the wall. We like to knowledgeably push boundaries to to expand what we see as possible to accommodate people & wildlife, but our attention to gardens is cyclical so whatever we establish must cause no harm during periods of neglect. Some shrubs like lyloc clearly can be a problem at the top of retaining walls. Lyloc shrubs damage 2 retaining walls and driveway asphalt on property of our coop, and I wonder about foundations. Maybe shrubs are harmless if they can't grow to a size to lift a sidewalk or boulder. I read that many small orchard trees can be planted at the base of a retaining wall with no trouble, but is this true if the apple tree grows to 30'high? This suggests we can plant within 1 foot of the base of the boulder to be 3ft in from the lower boulder ledge. This would be great to start deflecting wind, and help wildlife with Standing Ovation Serviceberry..., so that 2 rows of trees in from the top terrace edge we may plant a tall Black Cherry tree for shade --knowing that its base can be protected enough that it will not readily be blown down. I see general 3' to 8' rules of thumbs, but believe that MNDOT and other sources surely have more specific direct experience regarding trees with roots that undermine the base or prop up the top of a boulder wall. Our soil is extremely sandy if that makes a difference. We can amend with pockets of loamier top soil for some plants, in so far as we don't dig into the supporting cone of sand holding up the boulder. I believe the black geotextile is polypropylene behind each rise of boulders. — Brian Ashman 651-603-0325



Ramsey County MN about 7 hours ago




Haywood County NC blue spruce horticulture fungicides about 7 hours ago

Aronia melanocarpa problem

I planted A. melanocarpa "Autumn Magic" about a month ago. I had removed a holly stump and amended the clay soil with peat moss and Leafgro before planting so it's a raised bed. The site gets full sun. It can get damp since I have run a drain from the gutter out to that area. I had read the plant can tolerate boggy conditions so I assumed this characteristic and the combination of raised bed and amended soil would be ok with all the rain we've had. You can see from the attached picture that the plant looks stressed, with colored, dying leaves. I'd appreciate your thoughts on the potential problem and a solution. thank you



Montgomery County MD natives aronia melanocarpa native shrubs photinia melanocarpa aronia leaves dying photinia leaves turning brown about 8 hours ago

Unknown apple tree

I planted an apple tree about 35 years ago. That first year a deer ran right through it and broke off the center stem. Now it has 5 trunks. It never bloomed. One day last week, I said we should cut it down as it is useless. The next day it was full of blossoms. The problem is this, what kind of an apple tree is it? When I try to upload a picture, the question won't go through. Is there another place I can upload a picture?


Otter Tail County MN about 8 hours ago

Lawn fungus from too much rain?

After all the rain, my lawn has lots of brown spots. They do not form a circle, but rather are just random spots over the lawn. Is there anything I can do to help it?


Montgomery County MD lawns and turf about 9 hours ago

Autumn Blaze Maple trees have black leaves, are wilting, and gone to seed

All three of my established Autumn Blaze maples are exhibiting black edges/spots on the leaves, the leaves are wilting, and all three trees have gone to seed. Nothing has changed with our soil, except a massive amount of rain this month (6+"). Any ideas on what this is and/or how to save them?


20180523_191200_300x300%2523 20180523_191124_300x300%2523 20180523_191242_300x300%2523

Wayne County MI tree health anthracnose about 9 hours ago

Wildflower Identification

Trying to identify wildflower in attached photo img 0163 JPG. Growing in a site that also includes Prairie Smoke. Thank you. Dan Reilly



Brown County MN horticulture plant identification about 9 hours ago

Pest identification

Attacking a photo of the little green caterpillars running rampant in my roses for the first time this year. And one of the eating damage presumedly caused by them. Thanks!


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Washington County OR syrphid fly rose aphids about 9 hours ago

Knock out roses going round 2

What is causing the leaves of my knock out roses to loose chlorifil ( as if something is sucking it out) and be eaten and how do I get rid of them?


Rose_bush_leaf_damage_300x300%2523 Rose_leaves_300x300%2523

Caroline County MD shrubs roses pest insect and mites about 9 hours ago

Austrian Pines dying along roadside

A significant number of mature Austrian Pines planted along a roadside greenbelt behind my house are dying. The area is located between a subdivision and a 40 mph roadway. In 2012, my subdivision cleared the variety of growth under the trees and also bottom cut the branches of most all the fir trees to a bottom height of about six feet. Last year, three (3) dead Austrian pines were removed from behind my property (12"+ diameter) and another one fell over a few houses down). Many more have brown needles and appear dead. My question is whether there is a disease currently affecting Austrian Pines, or if the clearing/tree trimming done in 2012 may have contributed to this situation.


Oakland County MI about 11 hours ago

Wanting bats at home

Hi, about 8-10 years ago we had a nice bat population. We live partly open/wooded and ponds/marsh land, in Rural Duxbury ( VT ).
I would love it to bring them back, I have a bat house, and could feed a very large population.
Do you know who to turn to for further information, and how I could entice getting them.
I am aware of this White Nose Syndrome, but heard they were making a comeback.


Washington County VT about 11 hours ago

What kind of spider is this??

Plz tell me it's name



OUTSIDEUS about 12 hours ago

What is this

measures 2 inch length by 3/4 an inch wide and depth. Not sure what it is, can you please help?


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Deschutes County OR about 18 hours ago

Cucumber /squash

Planted cucumbers by plant , in a mound in community garden and several plants including one spaghetti squash have stems that are splitting and turning/ dying ( yellowish) I am in south St . Paul . Help ? Why is this happening?


Ramsey County MN cucumbers squash horticulture diagnosis of plant problems about 19 hours ago

Japanese maple tree - peeling bark

Hello, Our Japanese maple tree’s bark is peeling but otherwise seems healthy with leaves coming in nicely. My husband noticed ants crawling near the site where the bark was peeled off yesterday but I did not see the ants today. I have read that this could be caused by a harsh winter, trauma to the tree (we did have new siding put on our house this winter so could have been hit potentially) or perhaps a squirrel or other not sure of the cause but wondering what I should do. Cover the bark? Use an insecticide? I have attached 2 pictures as well. Thanks for your help! Melissa


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Dakota County MN about 20 hours ago

Blueberry scorch?

Hello, I’m wondering if this is scorch. Photo taken 5/23. This plant did not flower.


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OR blueberry scorch about 20 hours ago

Aspen tree roots

I live in castle rock Colorado with an elevation of 6200ft. I moved into a place with some aspen trees in the backyard. They have however died. The backyard is all lumpy presumably from all the roots. If these trees are dead will another type of tree be able to survive with all the roots taking over the yard?


Douglas County CO trees and shrubs about 21 hours ago

Ashes for potassium?

Soil Test (#4BB92E) Report for Debra Mersnick - Garden (crop: Vegetable Garden)

Can I use hardwood ashes for the potassium my garden needs? If so, how much would get me the 4lbs needed?

At Menards, I found a lawn slow release fertilizer 28-0-3. It has a bit of iron too. (See picture) Will this work for veggie garden? Plus if I add my hardwood ashes?

I have looked in Marquette and cannot find big bags of fertilizer. Where do farmers get it?---even looked at Tractor Supply. I have a good sized area. I will take a measurement today on how much square footage I have to plant----it's approx. 2245 square ft, but all rows may not be planted this year either.
My garden row sizes are:
4-55'x4' rows
3-50'x4' rows
2-30'x4' rows
7-21'x4' rows

Thank you for your time.



Img_20180524_114529_300x300%2523 Img_20180524_114542_300x300%2523 Img_20180524_114357_300x300%2523

Luce County MI about 21 hours ago


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Baltimore County MD bonsai miscellaneous houseplants about 22 hours ago

Unidentified Elderberry Disease or Infection

I'm an elderberry winemaker, and trimmed my crop back last year because it wilted and died off. It has come back stronger than ever, but some newer leaves are now curled up and swollen bright green. It starts like a white crystalized powder on the bottom of the leaf and quickly swells resembling a green bean with a white fluffy inside. I cut one open in the attached picture. What is it?



Ramsey County MN about 22 hours ago

holes in bean plants under row covers

About two weeks ago, I planted several green bean seeds through landscape fabric (which I use throughout the garden) and immediately covered them with floating row covers. I anchored the row covers with long boards and bricks. The plants sprouted fine, but now they have holes in the leaves. Some leaves are bitten on the edge, some have holes in the middl. The damagei s extensive. What is eatingt he plants, and how can I control them? I prefer organic controls. I have Bt and spinosad and DE available.


Charles County MD vegetables green beans string beans beans under rowcover have holes row cover about 22 hours ago

What is this?

Hi, I was in my garden digging a small hole for a plant and came across a stringy substance. I initially thought it was an old weed barrier but as I dug further, I saw a white stringy, almost fibrous, root(?). The odor almost knocked me on my feet. When I pushed on it with the shovel it bubbled and the dirt around it was sloppy mud. I eventually was able to remove some pieces. One large piece was smooth, grayish, slender and cylindrical. The rest was whitish. No mushrooms or fungus plants have ever grown in the garden above the soil, just “ordinary” weeds. There is more I need to remove but I am airing out the area I dug up today! Any thoughts? Thank you!!


219718ed-aa4c-48c7-908a-ab41dc3bdbdf_300x300%2523 D0b771d6-b404-49b3-bbe1-77913e3e2654_300x300%2523

Butler County PA about 22 hours ago

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