Amending soul

We have removed some pine trees. How do we amend the soul


Stearns County Minnesota about 5 hours ago

Germinating Nasturtiums

Will soaking seed overnight produce results compatible to rubbing seed with a nail file as suggested on the seed packet.


Clackamas County Oregon about 12 hours ago

Planting potatoes

Is it too early to plant potatoes? Given that is going to only 37 on the first day of Spring ne, I’m a bit wary.


Prince George's County Maryland potato about 16 hours ago


Do my precious hellebores need to be removed and destroyed? Stacey


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Washington County Oregon horticulture about 19 hours ago

Buds of Maple trees

The buds on our silver maple tree have all fallen off. There are no braches attached to the buds that have fallen off. The buds look like they have been cut off at a slight angle. What would cause this?


Iowa about 22 hours ago

Rhododendron disease

I have a several rhododendrons, (I Believe variety Cilepanese sp?) that have yellowing leaves. They appear to be mottled with many spots. On the leaf underside, there are small black spots that come off when rubbed. They are mature plants and have worsened over the years. Is there a remedy?


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Clackamas County Oregon about 23 hours ago

Vines that Japanese beetles do not like

We have Virginia creeper vines that are stripped every year by Japanese beetles. What kind of vine will grow on a fence and not be eaten by these beetles?


Iowa County Iowa about 23 hours ago


explain the categories of pest base on occurrence with examples.


Outside United States 1 day ago

Maple tree is dripping a LOT!

Should I be concerned about my maple tree? It is "raining" sap! It is a well established tree about 18-24" in diameter. We have not done any maintenance since we moved in 3 years ago. Im not sure what species it is. Red, orange and yellow autumn foliage, held its leaves well into November


Dakota County Minnesota 1 day ago

ID and problem

Hello there! Could you please help? What kind of plant is this and why is there discoloration in the leaves? Thank you very much!


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Marion County Oregon viburnum leaf spots 1 day ago

Rhododendrons Question

Hello there! I have several establish rhododendrons displaying discoloration in the leaves. I have some photos attached to demonstrate. Any idea what might be going on here? Thank you!


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Marion County Oregon rhododendrons abiotic issues 1 day ago

dog waste

I would like to put pet waste disposal system in flower bed. I have two Siberian huskies. I do have sprinkler system, it get full sun, the flower bed will be 3 feet tall. what type of flower would grow in that soil.


Scott County Minnesota pet waste 1 day ago

Horse ticks

Hello, I have a problem with my horses always having ticks on them. I have tried dusting them and also pour on repellant, neither has prevented all the ticks but I was wondering what the best thing to use for them is? I am located in southern Ok.


Murray County Oklahoma 1 day ago

Oak Wilt stop cutting date

What is the date to stop cutting red oaks in the Brethren area of Manistee County this year? I have heard and read conflicting dates, one being April 1, and a newer publication being April 15.,4669,7-192-47796-409559--,00.html

I would like to get some oaks down this spring, but want to know when to stop and get the oaks transported out of the woods.


Manistee County Michigan trees and shrubs oak wilt 1 day ago

Apple tree pollination

This will be our second spring in our new house Previous owner planted 4 Candy Crisp apple trees in the yard. Since they are not self-pollinating, is there a variety that you can recommend for Central Oregon? It is a flowering season 4.


Crook County Oregon 2 days ago

Tastiest variety of starwberry

In France the berriers are small longer and sweeter. What is is the tastiest here in Oregon?


Washington County Oregon 2 days ago

clover instead of grass

hope my location (palm desert, ca) won't disqualify my question. we're famously in a drought, have stopped watering backyard lawn. would clover (white) succeed in summer temps of 110+ for months, and use less water? and if 'yes', would it creep into neighbor's lawns? thanx for your consideration? j a race


Riverside County California 2 days ago

Soil mixtures

I'm about to fill my compact VegTrug raised garden with soil (requires 210 liters of soil). I was recommended to use 1 (3 cu ft.) bag of Fox-Farms Soil conditioner; 1/2 of 1.5 cu. ft. bag of MotherEarth Biochar; and 1/2 of 1.5 cu. ft. bag of MotherEarth Worm casings. To that I was told to add my left over soil of (1) 1.5 cu. ft. bag of Fox-Farms Ocean Forest Potting soil and 1/2 of 1.5 cu. ft. bag of Roots Organic Original soil. It seems like I am still missing something in this mix formula. Does this sound like an acceptable mix to fill the raised garden with? Grow Scenario: Location: So. Ca. Herbs: Basil, Sage, Thyme Vegetables: Green Onions, Peppers, Cherry Tomatoes, Leaf Lettuces, Kale Thank you...


Los Angeles County California 2 days ago

keeping raccoons and squirrels out of feeders

I like to watch the birds from my living room window so I hang a bird feeder and suet feeder outside my window on a branch of a tree that is over a small metal shed. I like the convenience of filling the feeders from the inside when it is winter. Both feeders are approximately 4 to 5 feet from the top of the shed roof to the tree branch. Lately I have had squirrels and raccoons getting in my suet and bird feeders. The raccoons have completely dumped the feeder and have taken the suet feeder off the branch. I have heard that the raccoons can jump to get to the feeders. I really don't want to go out in the yard in the winter to fill the feeders on the poles. Is there any way that I can either make a raccoon proof and squirrel proof feeder or hang it in a way that I can fill them from inside the house?


Livingston County Michigan 2 days ago


See attached photos of my plant. Not sure what I need to do with it to get it to grow straight. Thank you .


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Cuyahoga County Ohio 2 days ago

Lily bulbs

I recently received a number of lily bulbs. Is it possible to leave them in the package until it is time to plant since they are bulbs?


Hennepin County Minnesota lilies 2 days ago

Peony Bare Root, Daylily Bare Root and Hollyhock Bare Root

I recently received an order of Peony Bare Root, Daylily Bare Root and Hollyhock Bare Root plants. I had ordered them online and thought they would not send them until later in the spring when it was closer to being able to plant in MN. Regardless they are here and I am not sure what to do with them for the next 2 months before I can plant them. Some of the Peonies have green leaves starting to show and are packed in clear plastic bags. The dallies and the hollyhocks are in white plastic bags with small holes in them. They arrived yesterday and currently are still in the box in my garage. Can I leave them there? Do I need to plant them in planters in the house until I can plant them in the ground outside? What do I do? Help!! Thank you.


Hennepin County Minnesota 2 days ago

fertilizing apple trees, cherry trees and blueberries

I have a few of each of the above. I think the timing of fertilizing these should be around bloom time. Can I use the same fertilizer for apple, cherry and blueberries? Will 16-16-16 work, or do you recommend another?


Washington County Oregon horticulture fruit trees 2 days ago

Poultry diseases that cause chicken paralysis

What are the poultry diseases that causes leg or legs paralysis


Outside United States poultry 2 days ago


I want to get rid of weeds in my vegetable garden. Does fabric sheeting do a good job? What is the best mulch to use?


McPherson County South Dakota 2 days ago

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