DRP Webinar from May 17

Good morning. I was curious if the Dairy Revenue Protection webinar from May 17 was recorded? If it was, what would be the best way to view that? Thanks in advance. Nick


Johnson County KS about 2 hours ago

Testing Pressure Canner Gauge

Hello, I have an older 23 qt. Presto pressure canner that I just replaced the dial gauge, sealing ring and overpressure plug with new ones ( I ordered the replacement parts from Presto and they are specific to my canner model). Should I have the canner tested to make sure the new gauge is reading accurately? Thank you - Mary Perez Eagle Point, OR


Jackson County OR pressure canning about 11 hours ago

Type of groundcover?

Dear Master gardeners, Attached is a photo of a groundcover plant i got at a community plant sale. I could not find out what is. They thought it is a type of ground cover It has yellow flowers with thin leaves



Hennepin County MN about 12 hours ago

40 year old jade plant

Hi there. I was just gifted a very old jade plant. Right now I am on the bay front in Newport where it will get great light but may be moving soon. I know it needs "full sun" but I am wondering when I move if a big window is enough sun here on the coast? Also, if/when I should re-pot it? How big a pot should I go to? Anything I should prune or do to fix/change it? Thank you!


Lincoln County OR jade plant about 12 hours ago

Colorado Blue Spruce Needles

Hello, Our 4 yr. old Colorado Blue Spruce tree looked wonderful up until 2017 then I noticed the inner limbs from trunk out 2 feet or so began to turn brown and then fell off the limbs. This occured in one side of the tree. The rest are turning brown or not turning at all. Our beloved Spruce is in our back yard. Gets great sun, water and is professionally fertilized every Feburary. Do we have a desease? Our aborbist stated it may be lacking acid. Please help up save our tree!


Cook County IL about 13 hours ago

carpenter ant?

is this a carpenter ant or a different kind of black ant. I've been finding one at a time inside my home about one a day lately. most of them are on the 2nd floor. but some on the main and basement. mostly on the east side of the house. I haven't found any in my kitchen as of yet. we didn't see a nest in the attic but possibly 1 flying ant that looked like a black hornet. please let me know what kind of ant you think it is and what's the best way to get rid of them?


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Stearns County MN about 14 hours ago

My wife thinks this is flat leaf parsley

But I do not. I didn't plant it. There was parsley planted years ago in that spot - but I have turned it into a raised bed garden and there is 12 inches of new topsoil over where there used to be parsley. I doubt if it could replenish itself through that. I think it is a weed. If you do too, I'd gladly plant some parsley in its place. Thanks.



Baltimore County MD herbs about 15 hours ago

Backyard fruit tree scrape

Hello, We just planted a backyard orchard as a memorial for our dad who passed last year. One of the trees was damaged moving it here. It got a scrape wound. It is a honeycrisp apple tree. See the attached photo. What can we do to help support this tree from disease or insects? Thank you!


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Deschutes County OR about 16 hours ago

Has my lawn died? Part 2

Hello. Trying to figure out if my lawn is on course or additional work is needed. I had a lawn service de-thatch, aerate and overseed two weeks ago. Some of the green that you see in the picture is from areas that I seeded before the lawn service came (which were bare dirt). They were doing this Spring time work because last fall they left the ash leaves on my lawn for 2 months which might have killed the grass. Not sure how the cooler weather affects the grass. One thing I heard is that grass has runners underneath the top that produce more grass. I looked that up and that is true for certain types of grass. Other grass has crowns that blossom into grass. And if the lawn mower cuts too closely and nips off the crown, grass won't come up. Anyhow, I know that Spring is the best time to establish a lawn, and once it starts getting hot that gets harder so I thought I'd ask what to do next. Thank you, Rick McComb


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Ramsey County MN about 16 hours ago

are buttercups toxic to bees?

Are buttercups toxic to bees? creeping buttercups have invaded my property and I don't use any pesticides. I have a wild bee colony in a cedar tree at the back of my small acreage and lots of bumblebees visit my various gardens. I have let the buttercups go and they are blooming where I have not cut them I am worried that I may be harming my bees. I can mechanically chop down the buttercup flowers though nothing will rid me of the plants as they are everywhere, have taken over my garden and lawn and are in my forest as well. :( I was thinking the blossoms were good for the bees but am getting a different impression on line.


Columbia County OR buttercups bees about 17 hours ago

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