Strange growth on my eggplant

Hello Can you please try to identify this strange growth on my eggplant? Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help with the process. -tom caliendo


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Montgomery County Maryland insect or spider id praying mantis egg case about 2 hours ago

Timing for Green Manure Cover Crop

Is it too late to put down a green manure cover crop in my raised garden beds? If still time, any suggestions on what I should sow? Intend to turn it over in the spring and plant vegetables in the beds. I am here in Ramsey Co afew miles south of the U of M.


Ramsey County Minnesota green manures cover crops about 2 hours ago

Yellow caterpillar with black dots

Hello, it is September and I am finding yellow caterpillars with black dots crawling up the screens on my gazebo. Can someone identify this caterpillar? Is it poisonous? Will it bite/sting? Can you touch it without a problem? Do I need to call an expert in to spray to get rid of them? Thank you!!



Lackawanna County Pennsylvania butterflies about 5 hours ago

Winter fertilizer

Should the lawn be wet before I apply the winter fertilizer.


Larimer County Colorado about 5 hours ago

Winter hardy?

We live in Bellvue (not up Rist Canyon). We move our HUGH Artichoke Agave outside in the summer and bring it in about now. Can it survive here outside in the winter?


Larimer County Colorado about 5 hours ago

What kind of fungus is this

This fungus/mushroom is currently growing in my backyard. I've never seen anything like it. I posted in on Facebook and asked friends and neighbors and no one has any idea what it is.

Can you identify it?


Janet Heeter


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Denver County Colorado mushroom identification about 6 hours ago

Pagoda Dogwood leaf damage | what is affecting and how to treat?

hi, we live in South East Ft Collins. Our pagoda dogwood is planted on the east side on a slope between houses and is about 14+ yrs old, gets some water from a drip line but not much and has done well without much water over the years. There's a 4x4' raised bed with veges about 4' away which has been there 5+ years.
This is the 1st time we've ever had any issues. Last winter we pruned several 1" branches (with a clean sterilized tool) and it was later in the summer we started seeing this leaf problem.
What is affecting it?
How can we treat it?
Can it be saved?
What are your suggestions?
Thank you!


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Larimer County Colorado about 7 hours ago

Yellowing azalea

My azalea grows very little and has small, yellow leaves. What can I feed it either now or in the spring?



Cecil County Maryland shrubs azalea yellow azalea abiotic issues about 7 hours ago

I'm having trouble identifying this plant. I believe the plant is a kind of...

I'm having trouble identifying this plant. I believe the plant is a kind of sedum?



Shelby County Ohio about 8 hours ago

Does MSU Extension Service have an arborist on staff?

I have a Silver Maple and Serviceberry Tree on different parts of my property that are showing signs of distress. Rather than simply pruning out the dead sections and branches which have the leaves turning earlier than the rest of the tree, I'm interested in determination what is causing this. Does MSU Extension have an arborist on staff who could come to my property and help to diagnose the issue(s)?


Eaton County Michigan about 9 hours ago

Can you identify this

I found this on my arm. It is very tiny; like a spec of dirt. Would you know what this is? I also have a Quaker parrot and a cat.


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Michigan insect issues ticks about 16 hours ago

What kind?

Found this guy in my shed while I was putting up my lawn mower. Didn't want to mess with it not knowing what kind it was. There is a ditch behind my property with standing water in it. Could it be some kind of water snake?



Dorchester County South Carolina about 17 hours ago

blossom end rot

although i've never experienced or heard of it, are peppers susceptible to blossom end rot as are their nightshade cousins tomatoes? this month i began having many peppers with bottom rot. any other possibilities?


Anne Arundel County Maryland vegetables peppers pepper blossom end rot abiotic issues blossom end rt about 18 hours ago

Aspen tree with black trunk

My aspen tree has a black trunk but the leaves look pretty full and alive. The HOA asked me to cut it down, but I’m not sure it’s dying. Can you please look at my pictures and let me know if cutting it down is the only option? Thank you!


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Douglas County Colorado about 19 hours ago

Little Black Bugs that Fly

We have seen these bugs mostly in our kitchen and bathroom areas. What are they and how can we get rid of them???



Tulsa County Oklahoma about 19 hours ago

Clover Lawn

A local landscaper (Longmont) is suggesting I replace my regular lawn (which I hate having to water, mow and maintain) with an all clover lawn. Are there any examples of this along the front range I could see? Will it spread into the rock around it? Will it stay looking nice and lush year after year?
Any info appreciated!


Boulder County Colorado about 19 hours ago

Tiny bug problem

I have had these super tiny bugs in various places of our home for the last month or so. I have attached a picture of the bug. They are about the size of the comma on your cell phone. Can you tell me what it is and how to get rid of them. My wife gardens and has many succulents in the house if that gives you a clue. Thanks a lot for your reply and advise on how to get rid of them.


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Washington County Minnesota about 19 hours ago

New crop for previous cranberry bog

My husband and I purchased a home on 40 acres, containing 9 acres of cranberry bogs. The bogs had been neglected for 5 years. We have been told it would cost at least $10,000 per acre to replant them. The cranberry market is at a low point. What other crops would grow well in the sandy soil of the bogs in Bandon, Oregon?


Coos County Oregon small farms about 20 hours ago

Best safe, organic insecticides for Box Elders and Stink Bugs.

Can you recommend a safe, organic insecticide for use against box elders and stink bugs?


Washington County Oregon about 22 hours ago


What are the best plants or shrubs to help with erosion from hard rain and living on a high hill? Good grass seed planted and gutters have helped. FYI - this erosion has shifted my retaining wall a bit and the earth wall on one side of an old single car garage in alley.


Hennepin County Minnesota about 24 hours ago

Sand Cherry

I wish to plant western sand cherry shrubs in my yard, since I live just east of Brighton my well water tends to be salty. Will prunus besseyi tolerate the salt.


Adams County Colorado 1 day ago

Request assistance identifying a weed

What the name of the attached weed and how do yo recommend getting rid of it in my lawn? They abundantly near the edge of my lawn and shrubs bed. Thanks



Charles County Maryland plant identification weeds 1 day ago

Strange hangings

What are these things hanging from my shrubs?


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Baltimore County Maryland shrubs pest insects and mites bagworms 1 day ago

What are these things hanging on branches of my shrubs?

What are these things hanging on branches of my shrubs?


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Baltimore County Maryland bagworms pest insects and mites shrubs 1 day ago

Is there a way to tell if an animal has Cl or has just been vaccinate for the disease?

Could you tell me if there is a way to tell if a goat has been vaccinated for CL or currently has the disease if the health history is unknown and there are no current signs of the disease? I understand that both ways will produce a positive result and the breeder stock I am looking to purchase claims to be vaccinates. I would like to be as sure as possible, that I am not bring a sick animal into an unvaccinated herd that is clear of CL.


Somerset County Pennsylvania 1 day ago

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