What kind of plastic "paper" did you print the small invasive insect identification flipcards on?

I have a wonderful set of U of MD Extension flipcards showing 8 invasive insect species. Each card is quite small, about 2 x 4 inches or so, and each insect's info is printed front and back on a special plastic card. So the set of 8 cards is on a metal ring, and can be easily put in your pocket and used to identify insects in the field. I am wondering what kind of plastic card you used for the flipcards? Is it Terraslate polyester card for example? And if so what thickness? Perhaps 7 mm or 10 mm? I look forward to hearing what specification is for the card. I ask as I think these identification cards are a useful tool to have. PS I got my cards from Extension at your booth at the Smithsonian Gardens perhaps a couple of summers ago...I am an educator and am making a set of mammal flipcards for the preschool where I work. And I would like to print my cards onto the same plastic paper if I can (ie not laminated). This finish would be nice and robust for the children and adults I work with. Many thanks, look forward to hearing about the product...


Fairfax VA about 20 hours ago

Home pest question--need expert referral

Hello, I have a farmhouse built in 1850 and it's all wood. I have some renovation starting soon and we think we have evidence of powder post beetles, as well as some old termite activity in another newer part of the house. I don't mind calling Orkin or something like that for termite treatment, but would like to know if there is an expert I could be referred to who could come out and look at the wood beams and determine if treatment is needed, and if so, perform that treatment. Thank you!


Howard County MD pest control insect identification powder post beetles wood boring insects pest insects and mites selecting pest control company about 21 hours ago

soil testing

Do you do soil testing at the Talbot County extension? If not is there a particular kit you recommend?


Talbot County MD soil testing soil tests in extension offices plant care about 23 hours ago

Starting seeds indoors

We live in the city of Sioux Falls. For the past two years, we have started seeds indoors in February or March. Our plants were about four inches tall when we transplanted them to our backyard in mid April or early May. Both years, the starts (all of them) died within a week of transplant. This is farther north than we have lived before, and we don't know if we are not preparing them properly for the roots to transfer or for hardiness in outdoor conditions. We tried adding nutrients and extra soil to our garden plots last year, too. We are experienced gardeners who moved from Missouri/Iowa (earlier stages of our family life). We have had success with seed starts and transplanting, so we wonder if there are different climate/soil conditions in South Dakota that we aren't addressing. This year, I want to just buy plants from a nursery (which is expensive). My husband wants to try starting from seeds again. I just don't want our efforts to fail if we start with seeds. Thank you! Laura Cruse


Minnehaha County SD about 23 hours ago

Can anyone help identify this soil borne pathogen/s

I had recycled soil in my home and I have a horrible infestation now with no money to clean it professionally and I’m allergic to mold so I’d like to identify what it is so I can figure out my options. Thank you In advance for any help


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Iron County MI 1 day ago

Spider Identification Needed Please!

Good Morning,

I live in Tampa, FL and was wondering if you could help me identify this spider. My son noticed yesterday that he has a lot of bites on his left outer thigh. I took him to the doctor yesterday and they prescribed him a steroid cream. Then this morning he found this guy walking in his bathroom. I want to make sure it isn't a brown recluse or anything bad that I need to take him to the doctor's again for.


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Hillsborough County FL spiders 1 day ago

sainfoin regrowth after seed harvest

I was reviewing the sainfoin : an alternative forage and in it was mentioned that there is good regrowth after seed harvest. I am looking for more information on this - if it could be grazed, if there is time for blooming (this is for honeybees) as well as the control of lygus bugs mentioned in the slide show. Thank you Heather Stegman


Richland County ND 1 day ago

Blue Berries

Over the years I've had good success with my blue berry plants. However, in the last couple of years the plants form many flowers in the spring and the berries start to develop well then, for some reason they wither up and drop off. Totally no crop, just like a blight of some sort. What can I do to control this problem?


Clackamas County OR blueberries horticulture diagnosis of plant problems 1 day ago

Plant identification

Can you identify this plant, please? It came up in the middle of my yard this summer and has survived through this cold weather and snow. I would like to dig it up if it is ok to do so.



Talbot County MD plant identification invasives invasive plant italian arum italian arum coming up in lawn 2 days ago

What is this?

It’s coming up all over a hill in my garden. How should I get rid of it?


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Multnomah County OR weed identification weed control 2 days ago

Black Rot


Last year my grapevines and roses both devoloped black rot. I was wondering how do I get rid of this come spring time. How often and when should I start using something? I prefer to go organic if possible. But will do what it takes to elimate this so that I can enjoy a grape harvest and look at my once beautiful roses.

Thank You



Kent County MI grape diseases rose black spot 2 days ago

Composting and Japanese stilt grass

The leaves that I am considering putting in my tumbler compost bin are on top of a bed of (dormant or dead) Japanese stilt grass. If I compost those leaves, am I just spreading the grass seed?


Calvert County MD compost dead stiltgrass leaves 2 days ago

Robins nest

We moved into a new townhouse last spring and a robin had a nest on the top of the garage outside lights. We did not disturb the nest until the nesting was competed. Apparently a nest is build there every year. How can we discourage the robin from building a nest this coming spring. We do have a problem with bird nest fungi in the area of the nest.


Hennepin County MN bird nests birds nest fungus nuisance wildlife 2 days ago

Oregon State's Agriculture department farm

I have been accepted into Oregon State University as a Vet Science major. I was wondering if there is a school farm and if there is farm dorms. I was also wondering if there would be a place for a sheep I have. Thank you for your time, I hope to hear nack soon! -Alexa Koontz


Lake County CA animal science 2 days ago

privacy hedge

hi i am wondering which bush or shrub to plant in the spring. i would like one to use instead of a fence. any help would be appriciated. i live in south east owatonna in town


Steele County MN privacy hedge 2 days ago

Pruning roses that are growing from a base that is about 2 feet tall.

We have 3 roses growing from these trunks. I want to prune them. Do I do it now or wait for early spring? We have had them a couple of years. The first year they were loaded with roses. They seem to be having less blooms each year. They were called Knock out roses that don't have to be cut off after they bloom, but I always cut them off instead of waiting for them to fall off. Is that wrong to do? I feed them with rose food from a local nursery in the summer.


Brunswick County NC horticulture roses 2 days ago

Pressure canner

Where in Denver can I have my pressure canner gauge tested? Thanks, Carla Harlan


Arapahoe County CO 2 days ago

orchid leaves disease

What do you suggest my orchid ?



OUTSIDEUS houseplants 2 days ago


Hello I am new to this website. I'm so sorry if i post to the wrong page. Anyone know what kind of spider is this? Thank you



MI 2 days ago


I have a Ponderosa Pine Bonsai that seems to have lost it's vigor. The needles have taken on a brown hue to them, but have not fallen off nor do they fall off when lightly pulled on. I'm afraid it's not going to make it through the winter. Would anyone have a suggestion? I was thinking it might have been from over watering during the fall but that is really a guess.


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Deschutes County OR trees and shrubs 3 days ago

Cost for Soil Testing

Hello, a number of years ago, soil samples were analyzed FREE through the MD Coop Extension Office - is this still the case? How many samples per property are FREE, if not FREE, please list the soil test price. Thank you,


Anne Arundel County MD soil test 3 days ago

Rodent identification

Is it possible that we have some type of pinion mouse living in the coastal area?


Lincoln County OR 3 days ago

rfid tags

there was some questions raised last year from our vet? he said we needed our own RFID tags. the pigs we bought had RFID tags from the farm we bought them from? it was our understanding as long as they have the tags from the farm they originated from, they are clear so they can be traced back if there is a problem> Does each 4_H child need to get their own RFID tags associated with their farm? or is it fine like we have always done it??thank you for your time?


Caroline County MD 3 days ago

How to prune apple trees

I have apple trees that are 35-40 years old and I have pruned them every year by taking off the straight-up suckers and branches that are crossing each other. After so many years, there are lots of "lumps" along the branches where suckers have been pruned every year. Is it okay to level out these "lumps" by sawing them to leave a level branch, or will that hurt the tree?


Washington County OR apple trees pruning apple trees 3 days ago

Prunus laurocerasus guestion

I have several Otto Luyken shrubs that are suffering some kind of disease. I think it might be anthracnose but am not sure. The leaves are turning brown almost as though they are sun scorched. They get full sun most of the day. Do you know what the cause might be? Is there a treatment available? Thank you.


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Frederick County MD cherry laurel shrub winter injury 3 days ago

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