maple tree leave black spots

Maple tree has this on its leaves. There are a couple different fungal disease .can you help me out with information


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Hennepin County MN about 2 hours ago

fireplace ashes

I have saved the ashes from my winter fires in the fireplace. I heard they are good for the garden.
Are they good for flowers? vegetables? What do you recommend I do with them?
Thank you


Hennepin County MN about 2 hours ago

Hostas and pine needles

Would hostas thrive, not directly under a row of white pines but near them? It is shady and grass does not grow there. It does get some pine needles dropping in the area. And, can hostas be split at anytime or do we need to wait til fall? Thank you!


Washington County MN about 3 hours ago

Starting a new plant from an existing one

I have a Smoke Bush that is giving off shoots. Is it possible to cut the shoot and plant it. I think the shoots are coming from the growing bush, rather than independently from the ground with roots. Is it possible that the cut shoot, if put in water, will develop roots. Thank you. Julia


Lane County OR horticulture plant propagation about 4 hours ago

Pear Tree & Maple Tree Problem

Both these trees are only 1 year old. Any ideas what is going on and how can it be treated?


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Isabella County MI fruit trees about 6 hours ago

Residential Soil testing

I have had difficulties growing grass in various locations in my suburban lawn. Where can I get my soil tested to determine what the deficiencies and over abundant chemicals are in my lawn?



Arapahoe County CO about 8 hours ago

Lawn weed identification and control

Can you identify these 2 flowering plants (photos attached) that are quite abundant in my lawn this Spring? What would be suitable control measures? Thank you.


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Barry County MI plant identification about 8 hours ago

Moss in landscaping shrub and flower beds.

I need to barkdust my landscaping beds where various shrubs and perennials exist. This year moss has grown in all of them. I want to barkdust these areas. My lot is .28 of an acre and there are a lot of beds and barkdust areas. Should I treat them with something before putting down the barkdust? Is there a non-chemical homemade solution I can apply if so? Thank you so much for your help!


Marion County OR barkdust moss about 8 hours ago

Red maple tree

My Red Maple tree leaves seem to be shriveling around the edges just wondering if it has some sort of disease going on. Please get back to me Thanks


Carver County MN about 8 hours ago

Best fescue for Lexington/Midway area

Can you recommend a fescue? Or, something else that establishes quickly? Just bought a house and need some quick erosion control.


Davidson County NC about 9 hours ago

Mystery Malus

I am seeking to identify 2 different "wild" apple trees. They are not grafted but both have wonderful fruits. I understand that identification by observation is next to impossible...especially in this situation. Do you have a resource for a person or place that will/can do genetic testing, that may be able to identify if it is a recognized cultivar ?


Jackson County MI fruit trees about 9 hours ago

Skimmia: white specks on leaves with no sign of infestation

After the really hot weather our skimmia has developed white specks on new growth leaves. Appears on the top side of the leaves, nothing underneath. No sign of mites or other pests. Plants in the front yard and back yard show the specks. Otherwise they are growing well, seem healthy, plenty of new berries.

Are the specks a cause for worry? If so, what should I do?

Also, these plants haven't been fed in several years. Would it be safe to top dress with Black Forest Organic soil conditioner to feed and hold moisture during the summer months?



Multnomah County OR skimmia skimmia japonica about 9 hours ago

Cottonwood tree versus cement.

A sixty foot healthy cottonwood tree roots is breaking up concrete in the driveway. Rather than remove the whole tree i would like cut a lateral root that is on the side of the tree that faces the house to control the damage. Would this work ? Is trimming a root like trimming a branch?


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Wright County MN about 10 hours ago

How do I get rid of tiny black/brownish hard shell flying insect-(looks like carpet) beetle in car

My son came home from school locked his car, got up the next morning to go to school and had tons of these insects in the car some dead some not. We have no idea what they are, they resemble carpet beetles we vacuum only to have more an hour or so later. We sprayed home defense and it killed several but they come back. There's nothing in the car that we can see that they are feeding on my son said when he sprayed under the dash they seemed to swarm out but cannot find a source. Strangest thing I've ever seen. It's been in the high 80's so left the car shut and locked thinking we could kill them that way but they just keep coming back.


Marion County IN insect issues about 10 hours ago

Looking for a Paleozoic fish expert

Recently found a fossil in Mazon Creek Area need expert in Field to look at it.


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Cook County IL about 10 hours ago

We have 20 acres in Fairfield County and would like advice on planting a...

We have 20 acres in Fairfield County and would like advice on planting a unique specialty crop like hops, lavender or some other crop that would give us some additional income.


Fairfield County OH about 10 hours ago

Brown Recluse?

This is the second one I have found near my bed. I don't want to end up in the hospital over a spider bite. I have a phobia of these things.


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PA spiders insect identification about 11 hours ago

Lawn weeds

could you tell me what weed this is and what to use to eliminate it..thanks dave



Hennepin County MN about 11 hours ago

Norway Maples losing bark on trunks and some branches and having some dead branches

I have two 15 year old Norway Maples. Both are losing bark & have branches dying from the top & south side. This has occurred for about 3 years or so.

One tree still has about 1 foot of growth on most branches but the bark has come off about half of the lower to mid trunk (equally on both sides, East & West) and on about 1/3 of the branches. About 10% of the branches mostly on the top middle & south have dried up & died (the recent snowstorm & freeze may have been a factor. On the other tree, half of the bark on the lower to mid trunk (all on the South side). The top 1/3 of the tree has or is losing branches and bark. It has about 6 inches of growth on most good branches.

What are the likely causes? A tree expert 2 years ago suspected root girdling and winter sun scald with the freeze of 3 years ago also a major factor. I am wrapping the trunks each winter now. We did have metal around both trunks from about 8 to 4 years ago to keep the squirrels off the branches but removed them. I do feed them spring and fall with ross root feeder pellets. The nursery said to trim off dead branches.


Good_norway_maple_tree_300x300%2523 Bark_of_good_norway_maple_tree_300x300%2523 Not_so_good_norway_maple_tree_300x300%2523

Douglas County CO trees and shrubs about 11 hours ago

Mugo Pine Shrub- Worm Investation

Good morning, My 5 year old mugo pine shrub was invested with light green worms approx. 3/4 " in length. Each worm emerged from a shiny black round speck about the size of a pin head or a bit larger. I've attached a photo of the little critters. We decided to remove the shrub fearing that the critters would spread to other plants and shrubs in our yard. What is this? What caused it? How harmful and was it treatable?
Diane, Minneapolis,MN- Seward neighborhood.



Hennepin County MN about 11 hours ago

low mow grass

Hi, We have low-mow grass at our newer home on Como and Valentine. This grass was sod, installed Sept. of 2015. Last year the grass came in nicely, with a few dead spots which I re-seeded. This year, the grass has been spotty, with areas of what may be dead grass. I've been waiting for these areas to "perk up," but last night bought a thatching rake to remove some of the brown spots. I think the spring has been "late," and the grass not coming in as early as last year. Any thoughts? Will these brown spots eventually turn green and grow? I also had this thought: this grass, as you know (I've seen plots on the St. Paul campus), gets long, and I don't mow it. Perhaps I should have mowed it once last fall, so that it wasn't so long and thus became "matted down" over the winter. Your insight would be appreciated. Thanks. Pete S.



Ramsey County MN about 12 hours ago

pale leaves after planting

I started tomatoes and peppers inside with grow lights. After planting them in raised beds, the leaves became more pale green over the next week. The weather was cool and wet with minimal sun. Prior to planting, I amended the soil with compost (compost I generated from last year's yard waste) and organic fertilizer and mulched with fresh grass clippings. The causes of pale green that I considered was low nitrogen or no sun. I was concerned that the grass clipping mulch was pulling nitrogen out of the soil to decompose, so I added liquid fertilizer. The leaves do not have spots, so I don't see any evidence of fungal infection. What do you think is the most likely cause of this sudden change in color?


Washington County MN tomato plants pale about 12 hours ago

Braburn apple tree

Why are the leaves curling on my apple tree. I am quite sure it is not a water problem


Fremont County CO trees and shrubs about 13 hours ago


Is this?can I email a picture ?


VA about 13 hours ago

Unknown bugs

Do you know what kind of bug/parasites leave black like shaving on skin and glitter substance? I feel like something is crawling on me.


Kenton County KY kenton county kentucky insect identification about 20 hours ago

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