Asian long horn beetle in MN?

Hi I found what I think might be an asian long horn beetle in Bloomington today. I didnt think that these beetles had made it to MN. Can you identify the species of this beetle? Attached is a picture Thanks Matt


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Hennepin County Minnesota about 5 hours ago

Large gray larva

What are they doing in my compost ? I'm careful about what foods go in compost, no meats, no milk, limit sugars. What have I done wrong? I will go to next compost class I find. I've put off going because I've making dirt and learning as I go. These critters are too much for me . Have I created a Frankenstine?


Lane County Oregon compost insect identification insect issues about 5 hours ago

Wisteria not blooming

My wisteria is growing well but not blooming. It’s at most 2 years old.


Wright County Minnesota wisteria not blooming about 6 hours ago

advice on large red oak

I have a very large red oak (5.5' at shoulder level and 16.5' circ.). It has some large cavities (up to 5' deep). Do you know of any foams or such that could be used to strenghten or stabilize the tree, as we would like to save it if possible? Any other suggestions would be appreciated as well. Pics of the tree are attached. Thanks, Brian.


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Eaton County Michigan about 7 hours ago

Yellow Spots on Leaves

I am wondering what is wrong with our willow tree. Every year it looks great in the spring/early summer, but then as the summer progresses the leaves turn yellow with black spots and fall off. The tree is pretty bare by the time fall comes around. The tree continues to grow every year what seems like normal. I just noticed the bottom of the trunk is splitting. What is wrong and how can we fix this? Thanks, Becky


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Sherburne County Minnesota leaf spot willow frost cracks about 7 hours ago

Caterpillar on False Indigo

I have a 3 year old False Indigo. I noticed that it has caterpillars and webs on the leaves. I read that the caterpillars will eat the plant. Will it kill the plant? What can I do to get rid of the caterpillars and will they be a problem every year? Thank you Deb


Ramsey County Minnesota about 8 hours ago

Mystery Plant

This plant sprouted near my summer squash patch. It has certain squash-like characteristics but I suspect it is a "weed". It is producing fruit covered in spines, as the pictures show. What is this visitor?


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Mecosta County Michigan about 12 hours ago

When to add fertilizer

My soil test came back saying to add 10# of 24 24 2 fertilizer per 1000sq ft of garden. Should I add the fertilizer in the fall or the spring?


Alpena County Michigan about 14 hours ago

How to start wisteria

Hi, I'm moving into a house with a sturdy arbor facing south in Minneapolis, MN. It's bare currently. What is the first step for getting wisteria started? I'd have to plant it on the west side. If not wisteria, what may work well? How soon might I see some results? Please find attached images of the area I'm wishing to cultivate a healthy, happy vine to add interest in all seasons. Advance thanks for your thoughts.


Screen_shot_2018-07-21_at_1.16.19_am_300x300%2523 Screen_shot_2018-07-21_at_1.16.38_am_300x300%2523

Hennepin County Minnesota vines about 20 hours ago

Leaves of green beans

Leaves on my Climbing green beans are small and cup shaped. I ee no aphids, bugs, or mildew on them. The leaves are still green with no yellowing.


Brown County South Dakota 1 day ago

Brown Patches in lawn

Every year at about this same time I get brown patches that are 4-6 inches in diameter in certain areas of my lawn. What is the cause and how can I prevent/address?


Dakota County Minnesota 1 day ago

Wildflower or weed?

Is this perennial wildflower a weed? Bees and butterflies enjoy it. It’s growing along the roadside with tiger lilies and common milkweed. The milkweed is spreading and I’m happy about that. We’ve had a Monarch caterpillar and Monarch butterflies visit.


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Ramsey County Minnesota 1 day ago


Do you know what is going on with the top of this arborvite?
It is one of 13 ... but the only one with brown on top.


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Wayne County Michigan 1 day ago

moved my trailer and found a chickadee nest w/4 eggs in it

should I move it from where it is on the ground (which was beside one of the tires of my trailer)
there are 4 eggs in it
if I move it to a tree - will she find it?


Outside United States 1 day ago

Limelight Hydrangea TREE

How do I prevent the branches from drooping so badly? I appreciate any suggestions!



Hennepin County Minnesota 1 day ago

My very old (30 plus years) Bradford Pear tree has been diagnosed with Fire...

My very old (30 plus years) Bradford Pear tree has been diagnosed with Fire Blight. One lawn person said - it's fatal tree must come down. Today a certified arborist told me its not fatal - its due to the wet spring we had and will likely come back fine next year. We would hate to loose this tree. What's your recommendation.


Franklin County Ohio 1 day ago

Sugar maple leaf

Black "stuff" on the leaves.


Dsc00516_300x300%2523 Dsc00517_300x300%2523

Carver County Minnesota 1 day ago

Bagworms identification and plants to check

I have seen the response to the question regarding treatment but I am wondering if there is a fact sheet or other resource you recommend to learn how to IID bagworms and what trees and shrubs to check. It would be nice if all: ID, plants and treatment were on one source. Thanks for your help


Sussex County Delaware pest identification bagworms bagworm trees shrubs 1 day ago


we have about 30 little caterpillars munching away at our milkweed leaves, Could this be monarchs? The head and tail are both black...middle tannish.



Hennepin County Minnesota 1 day ago

Dark looking seed?

I have a two large River Birch over my driveway in Roseville. I'm seeing many of these dark brown droppings in the driveway. When wet in rain they stain a purple. Are they from the River Birch? I've experienced all of the other seed processes in spring and early summer. Just don't recall seeing these dark pellets.


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Ramsey County Minnesota horticulture river birch 1 day ago

What is this tree?


This grew from the tree stump at the edge of a pond. It was dormant when the pond was partly empty and came to life when we added water. What is it? Any idea what its disease is?

Thank you


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Lane County Oregon trees and shrubs horticulture willow 1 day ago


I've had a raspberry plant for three years now. The first year I didn't expect it to fruit. But that winter I foolishly cut all the canes down to the ground and so I didn't expect it to fruit the following summer either. Then the rabbits got to it this past winter, and so it didn't fruit this summer. Besides leaving the canes alone and keeping rabbits away this winter, is there anything else I can do to ensure fruit next summer? I don't know pH of this area, and I can't remember what exact type of raspberries I bought (from a local farmer). Thanks for any help!!



Hennepin County Minnesota soil testing raspberries 1 day ago

How critical is wood chip mulch at the base of our trees?

We have been fortunate enough to win twice in the Minneapolis Lottery for trees for $25. We now have a White Swamp Oak and a Kentucky Espresso Coffee tree. Weeds keep infringing on the circle of chips, we pile more on, repeat. I see most boulevard trees do not have a ring of chips around their base. What is your recommendation on treatment for the base of trees? Does it vary tree by tree? Is grass or plants (like hastas) around the base an ok option? Thank you so much for your help. I love our trees and are thrilled to have them, and want to keep them at their best!!!


Hennepin County Minnesota 1 day ago

Crab apple trees

My crab apple trees have been destroyed by fire blight despite everyone’s best efforts. Are there any varietals of crab apples known to be resistant. Thank you, Jean London


Dakota County Minnesota 1 day ago

Linden Tree Abnormal Growth this Year

My Linden Tree is about 5yrs old and has been growing fine each year except for this year. As you can see from the picture one side of the tree has leaves and the other side barely does. What could be the cause?


Linden_tree_abnormal_growth_300x300%2523 Img_20180720_184702211_300x300%2523 Img_20180720_184450263_hdr_300x300%2523

Scott County Minnesota 1 day ago

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